ARRL DX Bulletin 050
December 9, 1999

DX Bulletin 50 ARLD050
From ARRL Headquarters
Newington CT December 9, 1999
To all radio amateurs

ARLD050 DX news

This week's bulletin was made possible with information provided by Tedd, KB8NW, the OPDX Bulletin, 425DXnews, The Daily DX, QRZ DX, DXNL and Contest Corral from QST. Thanks to all.

TUNISIA, 3V. Giovanni, I5JHW, will participate in the ARRL 10 Meter Contest from club station 3V8BB.

VIETNAM, 3W. 3W6KM is usually active on 20 meter SSB between 1600 and 1800z. QSL via ES1AKM.

MAURITANIA, 5T. Eight members of the International Amateur Radio Volunteers are building a net for emergency medical assistance and are QRV December 13 to 20 as 5T5U, especially on the newer bands, 29260 khz FM and on 6 meters. They have a beacon on 50.115 MHz. QSL via JA1UT.

GHANA, 9G. Zdeno, OK2ZW, is active as 9G5ZW for three years. QSL via OM3LZ.

ANGOLA, D2. D2/EA1BF is usually QRV around 1100z below 21200 khz. QSL to home call.

MARTINIQUE, FM. Ralph, K2PF, and Steve, KU9C, will be QRV as FM5DN in the ARRL 10 Meter Contest. Before and after the contest they will sign FM5DN or FM/K2PF. QSL FM5DN via KU9C. QSL FM/K2PF to home call.

GUERNSEY, GU. Jim, G0OFE, is active as GU0OFE, IOTA EU-114, until December 13. He will participate in the ARRL 10 Meter Contest as MU0C. QSL both calls via G0OFE.

U.S. VIRGIN ISLANDS, KP2. Dave, AG8L, and Mike, KC8NJA, are active from the Windwood contest station until December 15. AG8L will be QRV as WP2Z as a Single Op entry in the ARRL 10 Meter Contest. KC8NJA will be active on 10 meters SSB before and after the contest. QSL KP2/AG8L and KP2/KC8NJA via NN6C. QSL WP2Z via KU9C.

ALAND ISLANDS, OH0. Look for OH0Z to be a Multi/Single entry in the ARRL 10 Meter Contest. QSL via OH1EH.

ANTIGUA, V2. Tom, K8CX, is active as V26X until December 13 on all HF bands. He will also be an entry in the ARRL 10 Meter Contest. QSL to home call.

TURKS AND CAICOS ISLANDS, VP5. Fred, K4LQ, is active as VP5/K4LQ from Providenciales until December 15. He and Bruce, W4OV, will be active in the ARRL 10 Meter Contest as VP5W. QSL via K4LQ.

SYRIA, YK. Omar, SYRIA, is usually QRV near 1828 khz just before his sunrise.

CAYMAN ISLANDS, ZF. Glenn, W0GJ, is QRV as ZF2RT until December 14. This includes an entry in the ARRL 10 meter Contest. Outside the contest, look for him on all bands and modes. QSL to home call.

THIS WEEKEND ON THE RADIO. The ARRL 10 Meter Contest is scheduled for this weekend. Please see November QST, page 105 for details.