ARRL DX Bulletin 051
December 16, 1999

DX Bulletin 51 ARLD051
From ARRL Headquarters
Newington CT December 16, 1999
To all radio amateurs

ARLD051 DX news

This week's bulletin was made possible with information provided by Tedd, KB8NW, the OPDX Bulletin, The 599Rpt, 425DXnews, The Daily DX, QRZ DX and Contest Corral from QST. Thanks to all.

SWAZILAND, 3DA0. Andre, ZS5WPX, is QRV as 3DA0WPX. He can be found on 20, 15 and 10 meters SSB. QSL to home call.

TANZANIA, 5H. John, IN3GNV, is QRV as 5H3MG until January 15 using SSB and RTTY. QSL via IN3YYQ.

NEPAL, 9N. Lawrence, W8NRB, is QRV as 9N7RB mainly on 20 to 10 meters SSB. QSL to home call.

TONGA, A3. Paul, A35RK, is currently QRV on 30 to 10 meters. He hopes to be active soon on 6 meters and the low bands.

MOLDOVA, ER. Special Event station ER2000A is active until January 20 to celebrate the new millennium. QSL via ER1DA.

GUADELOUPE, FG. Phil, ON4LCE, will be active on 80 to 80 meters including the newer bands, using SSB, RTTY and PSK31 as TO2000 between December 20 and January 3. QSL to home call.

AUSTRAL ISLANDS, FO. Einar, LA1EE, is QRV as FO0EEN, and has been found on 40 meter CW.

SOUTH KOREA, HL. Choi, HL3IUA, has been QRV on 1824 khz at his sunrise and sunset.

FINLAND, OH. Look for ''Santa,'' OH9SCL, to be QRV from December 17 to 19 on all bands and modes. QSL via OH9HNP.

FERNANDO DE NORONHA ISLAND, PY0. Iwao, PY7FT, and Nori, JA1WSK, will be QRV as PY0FT from December 21 to 28. Nori will concentrate on 20, 15 and 10 meters using RTTY and PSK31. Iwao will use SSB and SSTV. QSL via JA1ELY.

TURKEY, TA. Nilay, TA3YJ, and Berkin, TA3J, will be QRV from December 21 to January 21 as special event station YM2ITA. Look for their SSB on 160 to 10 meters, including 2 meters and 70 cm. QSL via TA3YJ.

MACQUARIE ISLAND, VK0. Alan, VK0LD, is QRV on all bands. He will be active during the year 2000.

HONG KONG, VR2. The Hong Kong Amateur Radio DX Association will sign VR2K until January 31 on all HF bands. QSL via VR2XRW.

MACAO, XX9. Moto, JK2PNY, is QRV as XX9TSS on 40 to 6 meters using CW and SSB until December 26. Meanwhile, the callsign XX9SAR will be used by all Macao stations to celebrate the restoration of Macao. QSL via operator's instructions.

THIS WEEKEND ON THE RADIO. The OK DX RTTY Contest, Croatian CW Contest, Stew Perry Top Band Distance Challenge, RAC Winter Contest and the International Naval Contest are all scheduled for this weekend. Please see December QST, page 88 for details.