ARRL DX Bulletin 042: September 12, 1996

DX Bulletin 42 ARLD042
From ARRL Headquarters
Newington CT September 12, 1996
To all radio amateurs

ARLD042 DX news

This weeks bulletin was made possible with info provided by Mauro, I1JQJ, the 425 DX News, Chris, G4BUE, the DX News Sheet, the Yankee Clipper Contest Club PacketCluster network and Contest Corral from QST. Thanks to all.

TUNISIA, 3V. From September 11 to 17, Hans, DF2UU and Win, DK9IP will be active from club station 3V8BB. Hans and Win will participate in WAE SSB Contest, but before and after the Contest they will be on low bands giving particular attention to North America and Asia on 80 and 160 meters. All contacts will be automatically confirmed via bureau by DK9IP.

Hranek, YT1AD will participate in the CQWW SSB Contest October 26 and 27 from 3V8AA on 10 through 160 meters. Before and after the contest he will be active on CW on the newer bands. QSL via YT1AD.

UGANDA, 5X. Peter, ON6TT will be active again, including 160 and 80 meters, as 5X1T, starting September 7. QSL via ON5NT.

BARBADOS, 8P. From November 15 to 22, John, K4BAI will be active as 8P9HT.

REUNION ISLAND, FR. Jon, EA2KL, and Luis, EA3ELM, will be on the air from November 6 to 12, signing FR/ their home calls.

JORDAN, JY. Look for Bob, WB9YXY, as JY8XY from October 1 to 20. Operations will take place mainly on CW, from 10 to 80 meters. QSL via home call.

MARTIM VAZ ISLAND, PY0. PT2NP, PT2GTI and PT2HF will begin operations after the first week of October using the calls ZV0MB and ZV0MV. QSL via PT2DX, ABRA-DX Brazilian Association, P.O. Box 09647, Brasilia (DF), 70001-970, Brazil, or PT2GTI.

CENTRAL AFRICA, TL. TL8MS is active again. QSL via DL6NW.

ANTIGUA, V2. Steve, WF2S, will be active September 22 to 28 as V26Z. Operations will take place mainly on 20 and 17 meters CW. QSL via home call.

NIGERIA, 5N. Alfred, DJ0KN/5N3ALE is QRV until the end of September as 5N4ALE from Bonny Island. He likes nets and is often on the Brazilian YL DX Net between 1930 and 2100z Wednesdays on 14248 kHz. QSL to home call.

MALTA, 9H. 9H3WD and 9H3WM will be QRV September 21 to 28 from Comino Island. Look for their CW on 1825 kHz and 3 kHz up from the band edge and SSB on 1845, 3780, 7060, 14260, 21260 and 28480. QSL via OK1AD.

URUGUAY, CX. Claudio, LU7DW, is trying to obtain permission to be QRV as CX/LU7DW from Timoteo Dominguez Island at the end of September or beginning of October.

COMOROS, D6. Maike, DL4XS, Mirko, DL6ET and Dieter, DL3KDV will be QRV for another week as D68XS, D68ET and D68DV after cancelling their FH operation. QSL via DL4XS.

SOUTHERN COOK ISLANDS, ZK1. Dan, N6PEQ, will be QRV September 12 to 24 from Rarotonga, using CW and SSB. No call sign was given. QSL to home call.

THIS WEEKEND ON THE RADIO. For information on the Worked All Europe Contest, phone, see August QST, page 96. The Second Annual American and Canadian Islands Contest runs from 1700Z September 14 to 2300Z September 15. See September QST, page 104 for details.