ARRL DX Bulletin 048: October 24, 1996

DX Bulletin 48 ARLD048
From ARRL Headquarters
Newington CT October 24, 1996
To all radio amateurs

ARLD048 DX news

This week's bulletin was made possible with info provided by Tedd, KB8NW, the OPDX Bulletin, the DX News Sheet, The 599 Report, and Contest Coral from QST. Thanks to all.

EQUATORIAL GUINEA, 3C. Teo, EA6BH, and others will be active as 3C1DX in the CQ WW contest. They also plan to be active until October 31.

NIGERIA, 5N. Pat, 5N0T, will be signing 5N36T as a Single Operator all band entry in the contest. The special prefix will be used until October 31 to celebrate the 36th Anniversary of Independence of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. QSL via F2YT.

LESOTHO, 7P. Wolf, OE2VEL, will be active as 7P8EL in the contest, also before and after with CW on the new bands. QSL via OE2DYL direct or via the bureau.

OMAN, A4. Tony, A45ZN, will be active as a Single Operator in the contest. He states 6 and 30 meters operation is not allowed in Oman, but thinks there is a chance of some limited 6 meters operation soon. QSL direct.

ZAMBIA, 9J. Ely, 9J2CE, will be QRV from Lusaka October 26 to November 15. QSL via IN3VZE.

NEW CALEDONIA, FK. Look for the special contest call FK5DX in the contest. Operators Eric, FK8GM, and Franck, FK8HC, will operate on all bands as conditions allow. QSL via WB2RAJ.

GALAPAGOS ISLANDS, HC8. Look for HC8N to be a Multi/Single entry activated by WN4KKN, WX3N, VE3EJ and HC1OT. They suggest looking for them on 1840 kHz calling CQ on the half hour between 0600 and 1100z and on 75 meters anytime during the night. For JA they will make special attempts to listen split, especially around 3752 kHz. QSL via AA5BT.

ENGLAND, M6. The G0KPW gang decided to make use of the new UK contest call sign and will be signing M6T this year as a Multi/Multi entry.

GUAM, KH2. Gary, NH2G, in CQ Zone 27, will participate as a Single Operator, All Band entry in the contest. QSL via WF5T.

CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC, TL. Stefan, TL8MS, in Baboua, will take part in the contest as Single Operator with activity mostly on 40, 20 and 15 meters. QSL direct to DL6NW or via the bureau.

ANGUILLA, VP2E. Robert, WB5CRG, will use the call sign VP2E for a 20 meter single band effort in the contest. QSL via WB5CRG CBA for the contest only.

MACAU, XX9. Martti, OH2BH, indicates there will be a Multi/Multi effort by XX9X in the CQ WW contest. The operators are OH1KAG, OH2BH, OH2BVF, OH2PM, OH6DO, XX9AL, XX9AS, XX9KC and XX9MD. QSL direct to Martti Laine, OH2BH, Nuottaniementie 3 D 20, FIN 02230, Espoo, Finland, Europe.

MARION ISLAND, ZS8. Chris, ZS8IR, has announced that he will be active in the CQ WW SSB contest as an all band entry. He will put up his Battle Creek Special antenna for that extra help on the low bands for this rare multiplier.

THIS WEEKEND ON THE RADIO. Start off your contest season with the CQ WW SSB Contest. Also look for 10 meter activity with the Ten Ten International Net Fall CW contest. See October QST page 101 for details.