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Submitting a non-contest related operation? Please use the ADXO submission form.

Please: No single operator submissions from common entities; see below

Use the form below to submit your own contest DXpedition operation. If you prefer, send the equivalent information by E-mail to: Please submit your operations as early as possible, but no later than the last Wednesday before the contest.

Some things you can do to help me: Use normal upper/lower case conventions (e.g. give callsigns in all upper case); provide the name of the DXCC entity, not the prefix; in the QSL field, give a QSL route callsign (don't just say "" or "direct"); if you mean "Club Log", say Club Log, not "OQRS" (which is a generic term); give the callsigns of the operators in the "Operators' callsign" field and be sure to give the full callsign of each operator. If you plan to upload your logs to the Logbook of the World, please enter LotW in the QSL route field and indicate any alternative QSL routes in the Notes field.

Sorry, but for the most part I can't include SO operations from the more common entities except in the case of rarer zones (e.g. CQ zones 02, 19, 23, 29) or other factors likely, in my judgment, to be of interest to the Contest/DX community. To do so would overwhelm the lists with items of little interest to most users and would make list maintenance too time consuming for me. I hope you will understand.

For non-contest submissions, please use the ADXO submission form.

Select Contest: 
Submitter's callsign:   
Submitter's e-mail:     
Contest callsign:       
DXCC or CQ WW entity:   
Entry category:         
CQ zone:                
QSL route callsign:     
Operators' callsigns:   


           For the RSGB IOTA Contest, please provide:
              1. The specific island name (not the group name)
              2. The IOTA reference no. for the island or group
           We only list island operations for this contest.


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