Marion Island (ZS8) Active Again

I will be accompanying the 53rd Marion Island Relief Expedition as Medical Officer. Marion Island is a small (290km2) island approximately halfway between Cape Town and Antarctica. It must have one of the environments least interfered with by man. This island only has a population of about ten people, each of whom is there on a fourteen month contract. The team usually consists of a diesel generator mechanic, three meteorolgists, a radio technician, and a medical officer. The other team members are made up of researchers who are interrested in the wildlife (Penguins, elephant seals, albatrosses and other bird life) or plants on the island.

On the amateur radio front, I will be active from the beginning of May 1996 until we leave the island in June or July 1997. I will NOT be using the usual ZS8MI callsign, but have been given a special unique callsign ZS8IR. Marion Island is IOTA AF-021. The base camp's Gridsquare locator is KE83WC.

I will be QRV on all bands (160 to 6 meters) on SSB, CW and RTTY. At the moment the station will consist of an Icom IC-735, Yaesu FL-2100Z Amplifier, AEA PK-232 MBX multimode data controller (for RTTY). I will be using mostly wire antennas (rhombics & V beams) due to very strong winds (gusts of up to 200 km/h!!!) and lack of funds for beam antennas that will stand up to such winds.

All QSL requests to go via my manager, Chris R Burger ZS6EZ (ex ZS6BCR). I will be sending logs to him every two weeks.

I hope to be active during most large contests.

I would like to thank the NCDXF who provided finanacial assistance for the amplifier and QSL cards.

Please E-mail any enquiries to me:

73 es cu in the pile-ups!!


Contact: C.J. de Beer
Phone: (+27) 82 449 2338

ZS6EZ Route:

Chris R. Burger ZS6EZ
P.O. Box 4485
0001 Republic of South Africa