DX Newsletter 1017: October 21, 1996

DX-NL 1017 - 21/10/1996
DX News Letter
Editor: Uwe, DL9GOA


translated into English by Bob, DL7VOA
(Internet: robert@wirtschaft.tu-ilmenau.de)
(packet radio: DB0ERF.DEU.EU)


FO - FRENCH POLYNESIA Eric, F5CCO, will start his four week business trip to Tahiti (OC-046) on November 15. He will try to be QRV as often as possible during his spare time and will then activate especially 80 and 40m. The call will be allocated upon his arrival on Tahiti. QSL via homecall.

KH8 - AMERICAN SAMOA John, AA5BL, planned to be active either as KH8/AA5BL or using the call of his brother as KH8/N5OLS from October 18 until November 1.


9N - NEPAL Jack, W4OSN, is on the air on 80m-15m signing 9N1OSN from Kathmandu until November 28.


V3 - BELIZE Jerry, K0BCN, will work as V31MX from Caye Cauker (NA-073) from October 23-28. He will also take part in the WWDX SSB Contest.


7P - LESOTHO Wolf, OE2VEL, wants to be on the air as 7P8EL during the WWDX SSB. He will work also in CW (WARC) before and after the contest. QSL via OE2DYL.

WWDX SSB CONTEST (October 26/27, 1996)

These calls were announced for the upcoming contest:

3B8   (EA's)   C91BO          KC6  (LX2AA)  3C1DX        AA4NC/CY0
T88T           3DA0CQ (WJ2O)  EY2Q          TK1A (DL's)  3DA0DX
D25L           P49I (K4PI)    3E1DX         DU3/AH8F     PJ9T
3V8BB (YT1AD)  FG/KI6FE       V26B          4U50VIC      FS   (WX9E)
V31MX          5N     (W's)   FW   (DL's)   V59T         5R8EN
HS50A          V85HG          5X1T          J3A          VP5DX
7P8EL          J38AA          VP5T          8P9Z         J38AH
YB9BV          8Q7AI          J6DX          ZM2K         9G5BQ
J80F           ZS8IR          9M8R          JW8GV        A35SQ
JX7DFA         C40M           KH8AL
(QSL information after the contest)


TIME           CALL           DX-NL

Oct/96-Apr/97  D25L           1013/1016
 8.10.-28.10.  J80F           1014
 9.10.-19.10.  FO0SUC         1007
 from Oct 12   KC6/T88T       1014/1017
13.10.-28.10.  8Q    (DL's)   1014
15.10.-24.10.  CN    (DL2GGA) 1013
16.10.-28.10.  A35SQ          1015
18.10.- 1.11.  KH8/AA5BL      1017
22.10.-29.10.  WA4DAN/CY0     1008
22.10.-31.10.  8Q7BT/8Q7OK    1009
22.10.- 4.11.  FW    (DL's)   1014
23.10.-28.10.  C91CO          1014
23.10.-28.10.  V31MX          1017
23.10.-30.10.  3B8   (EA's)   1011
24.10.-31.10.  3C1DX          1009/1017
25.10.-28.10.  3DA0           1008
26.10.-27.10.  3E1DX          1016
31.10.- 5.11.  3B9 ? (EA's)   1011
 2.11.-Apr/97  ZK1DI          1013
 6.11 -12.11.  FR    (EA's)   1011
 from Oct 15   FO    (F5CCO)  1017
16.11.-25.11.  XZ1N           1013
20.11.-27.11.  D44BC (DL's)   1010/1013
20.11.-27.11.  3V8BB (DL2HBX) 1013
20.11.-29.11.  JY8BY          1015

Bandspots of the last 7 days

   ZS6UT       1826  0320

   5N3/SP5XAR  3512  0322 via SP5CPR
   A71BY       3790  2012 via F5PYI
   DS5RNM      3797  2021
   JY8XY       3502  0332 via WB9YXY

   8Q7AI       7012  1957 via DL9LAI
   FO0SUC      7060  0724
   T88T        7002  1806 via LX2AA
   KH0T        7004  2030 via JA1SGU
   TL8/F5JKK   7003  1944 via F6FNU
   TT8AM       7045  1950 via IK7JTF
   EM1U        7002  0310 via JA2JPA

   5X1P       10103  1932 via G3MRC
   9V1ZB      10102  1521 via JL3MSL
   FT5WE      10104  1934 via F5GTW
   V63AS      10104  2047

   5X1T       14198  1939 via ON5NT
   8Q7AI      14002  1947
   CN2GA      14190  1141 via DL2GGA
   FO0SUC     14260  0751
   N7QXQ/HR6  14260  1227
   J38AI      14242  1801 via IV3TMV
   T88T       14024  0903
   KH0V       14027  1027 via JA1QNV
   KH4/N1VXT  14025  0745 via N1VXT
   V31JU      14082  1223
   V73EX      14245  0837
   VK9NS      14260  0656
   N4BP/VP9   14058  1231 via N4BP
   ZF8BS      14024  1159 via AA6KX

   5X1P       18078  1418
   CN2GA      18073  1005
   4F3CV      18071  1245 via HB9CXZ
   J52AK      18154  1809 via IV3TIQ
   J80F       18144  1819 via DL3MIB
   KH0T       18081  1010
   ZS8IR      18145  1429 via ZS6EZ

   5R8EN      21007  0916 via F6AJA
   7P8/G4FUI  21019  1119 via G4FUI
   HP1/DL5RBW 21250  1559
   KH0I       21219  1021
   VQ9IE      21225  1528 via WY8Q
   YS1RRD     21255  1322
   ZS23I      21260  1150 via ZS1FJ
   ZS8IR      21275  1430

   5N0MVE     24935  1604 via ON7LX
   5R8EN      24950  1013
   CN2GA      24892  1030
   HP1/DL5RBW 24945  1639

   HP1/DL5RBW 28495  1815
   TZ6FIC     28470  1141
   ZD8DEZ     28023  1605


3C1DX EA6BH had to postpone his activity for one week due to flight pro- blems. He plans to take part in the WWDX SSB. QSL via homecall.

5X1P is the actual call of Joe (9Q5MRC, G3MRC). QSL via G3MRC.

A45ZZ OP Tony who was very active on the lowbands returned home. All QSLs will be answered via his homecall G3LNP (via bureau or direct).

CN2GA OP Andy, DL2GGA, stated on the band that due to a police decree there are no licenses issued to aliens in Morocco. He was an excep- tion since he already stayed in the country by the time the decree was published. Special thanks go to CN8MK who helped him to get the call CN2GA. Andy is very active on all bands. QSL via homecall.

GJ DK7SU and friends had no chance to work on 160m and on the other bands they could run their stations only with 100 watts since they released the fire alarm as soon as they turned on their amplifiers. Nevertheless they made 5500 QSOs and the QSLs are available soon.

IOTA Seal Island (IOTA new AF-077) has been activated for the first time by ZS23I. The team worked mostly in SSB on the IOTA frequencies. Those who were at the right time on the right band had also the chance to work ZS23I in CW on 20m. Unfortunately CW is neglected by most IOTA activities. The guys who are chasing islands in CW are handicapped since there exists no mixed mode IOTA award. The QSLs of ZS23I are managed by Barry, ZS1FJ. - Baldur, IC8/DJ6SI, is QRV in the moment from EU-031. QSL via DJ6SI, also via bureau.


arrived directly: 3W5RS, V85KX, JW0I, AP2MY

arrived via buro: 6V6U (via K3IPK), CR3P (via DF4SA), V5/DL5AWI, FG/DL9XAT, SU3AM (via DL5ZBV), V73C (via N4GAK), V51HK (via DL6OBS), C33JI, TL8GR, OY/ON7PC, 7Q7A, TL8MS (via DL6NW)

N5OK confused some people since he is using the new prefix for Palau (KC6) T88T for the first time. QSL for KC6/N5OK and T88T via: Palau DXpedition, PO Box 88, Morris, OK 74445, USA.