DX Newsletter 1019: November 4, 1996

DX-NL 1019 - 04/11/1996
DX News Letter
Editor: Uwe, DL9GOA


translated into English by Bob, DL7VOA
(Internet: robert@wirtschaft.tu-ilmenau.de)
(packet radio: DB0ERF.DEU.EU)


C21 - NAURU Martti, OH2BH, will share his 50th birthday with some close friends on Nauru. Therefore Martti, C21RK, DU3YL, DU9RG, JP1NWZ, SM7PKK, KJ4VH, K8YSE, JA1BK, OH1RY, OH2BC and OH2BE will be on the air as C21BH using four FT1000MP radios (plus amplifiers) and Cushcraft antennas from November 20-27. They will also participate in the WWDX CW Contest. It is obvious that Martti will not take part in the XZ1N activity (QRGs and more information will follow later).


4K - AZERBAIJAN Axel, DL6KVA (ex Y42DA), will be active once again from the QTH of Vlad, 4K9W. His flight, visa and also the callsign were all con- firmed. Axel is working CW only and is a very reliable QSL manager.

9M2 - WESTERN MALAYSIA Don, G3OZF, shall be QRV as 9M2/G3OZF from Pangkor Island (AS-072) in CW/SSB on 80m-10m from November 7-10. QSL via homecall.

HS - THAILAND Jack, WA0RJY, intends to work as HS0/WA0RJY (including the WWDX CW) between November 16 and December 1.

XU - CAMBODIA After their XX9X activity during the WWDX SSB Contest (contest QSLs via OH2BH, all other QSLs via KU9C) Martti and friends are on the air as XU6WV now. QSL as usual via K0TLM.


J6 - ST. LUCIA Members of the South West Ohio DX Association will take part in the WWDX CW Contest signing J6DX. Outside of the contest the operators are QRV with own J6 calls from November 19 until December 1.


TIME          CALL           DX-NL

Oct/96-Apr/97 D25L           1013/1016
30.10.-12.11. J38GU          1016
30.10.-16.11. OX3IPA         1018
31.10.- 8.11. HB0   (HA's)   1018
 2.11.-Apr/96 ZK1DI          1013
 3.11.-10.11. KH4   (W7VWR)  1018
 until 5.11.  3B8   (EA's)   1011
  from 6.11.  5T    (JA's)   1018
 6.11.-12.11. FR    (EA's)   1011
 7.11.-10.11. 9M2/G3OZF      1019
 9.11.-27.11. FH/F6HWU       1018
12.11.-25.11. J87GU          1016
  from 15.11. FO    (F5CCO)  1017
15.11. 25.11. V47WD/V47VJ    1019
16.11.-25.11. XZ1N           1013
16.11.-26.11. J3    (W's)    1019
16.11.- 1.12. HS0/WA0RJY     1019
19.11.- 1.12. J6    (W's)    1019
20.11.-24.11. 5V             1019
20.11.-27.11. D44BC (DL's)   1010/1013
20.11.-27.11. 3V8BB (DL2HBX) 1013
20.11.-27.11. C21BH          1019
20.11.-29.11. JY8BY          1015
 1.12.-14.12. 4K0CW          1019
 13.1.- 27.1. VK0IR          1016

Bandspots of the last 7 days

   5X1P        1825  0012 via G3MRC
   J6/KD6WW    1829  0402 via KD6WW
   NH2G        1831  1959 via WF5T
   V8ATG       1824  2026 via JH3GAH

   3B8/EA3ELM  3799  1802 via EA3ELM
   K1VWL/BY1   3506  2132 via K1VWL
   JD1BJP      3799  1729
   XY1HT       3793  2114 via LA7JO

   3B8/EA3ELM  7050  1952
   3C1DX       7005  0511 via EA6BH
   9M8HIM      7007  1727 via JH3GAH
   DU3/AH8F    7002  2025 via G4ZVJ
   FW2EH       7003  0438 via DJ2EH
   HC4/F5LGQ   7007  0320 via F5LGQ
   KH0/JA4DND  7007  2058 via JA4DND
   OX3IPA      7006  1835 via OZ5AAH
   TL8/F5JKK   7001  1926 via F6FNU
   XU6WV       7001  1520 via K0TLM
   XY1HT       7045  1728 via LA7JO

   5X1P       10108  1847
   9L1KA      10101  0721 via W0HSC
   K1VWL/BY   11010  3153
   HC4/F6AUS  10103  0804 via F6AUS
   J38GU      10103  2112 via DL7VOG
   OX3IPA     10103  1753
   XU6WV      10101  1419

   9G1YR      14290  1911 via G4XTA
   A35DM      14195  0643
   AP2JZB     14226  1523
   WA4DAN/CY0 14199  1210 via WA4DAN
   FK8GM      14189  0710
   FW2OI      14195  0346 via DJ4OI
   HC4/F6AUS  14025  1236
   AH8A       14243  0716
   V63AO      14187  1210

   9L1KA      18075  1648
   AP2N       18123  1148 via DF8WS
   DU3/AH8F   18077  1136
   HC4/F9IE   18072  1800 via F9IE
   VK9NS      18071  1005
   XY1HT      18077  1024

   7P8/G4FUI  21019  1359 via G4FUI
   9U5DX      21295  0929 via F2VX
   BY7KH      21014  0916
   V73C/CY0   21025  1434 via WA4DAN
   FT5WF      21260  0849 via F5SZK
   J52AK      21225  1800 via IV3TIQ
   P29VR      21200  0852
   XX9TEL     21001  0916 via JH2KAG

   5N0MVE     24950  1218
   7Z5OO      24900  1228

   FY5GF      28495  1643


3B8/3B9 Xavier, EA3BHK, Jon, EA2KL, and Luis, EA3ELM, are active as 3B8/ homecall now. Since they received their licences later than planned the whole operation has been delayed. Unfortunately it was not possible for them to obtain a licence for Rodriguez Island (3B9).

5V This year the Voodoo Contest Group (ex TY5A, 9G5AA) will take part in the WWDX CW Contest signing 5V7A (not 5V5A like announced ear- lier). Following calls will hit the airwaves from November 20-24: 5V7MB (AA7NO), 5V7A (G3SXW), 5V7PN (WB7SRW), 5V7RF (GM3YTS), 5V7FA (G4FAM), 5V7VT (K5VT), 5V7JL (K7GE), 5V7MF (KC7V) and 5V7BG (N7BG). All QSLs via homecall, except 5V7A via GM4AGL.

A35DM This station is active in SSB from OC-064. QSL via ON4QM.

J3 Members of the Yankee Clipper Contest Club want to be on the air from Grenada from November 16-26. WA1S, K1XM, W1FJ, KM1P, KQ1F and K2WR will use the calls J38AA-J38AF (same order like above). All QSLs via homecall except contest QSOs (J38AA?) via KQ1F.

SV8 Ben, SV8/DL2VBN/p, made 2055 QSOs (mostly in CW) from Skiathos Isl. (EU-072) from September 3-15. All direct QSLs were answered already.

V4 Andy, G4ZVJ, now active as DU3/AH8F and Ken, G4RWD (V47WD), will also take part in the WWDX CW putting V47VJ on the air from 80m-10m from November 15-25. QSL via homecall.

VP5 Dave, WD5N, will be active as VP5EA during the WWDX and outside of the contest as VP5/WD5N. QSL via CBA 1997 or via the W5 bureau.

Pacific Ed, K8VIR, plans to become active from FW, VK9, YJ, ZK2 and ZL7 in the next few months. Exact dates are not sure yet. (TDXB)


arrived directly: FT5WE, T30BH, 3DA0CA, 5R8EE, FG5HR, HR1JPT, FR5ZQ/T

arrived via buro: E27DX, 9M6AG, 9U/EA1FH, V5/DL5AWI, Z2/DL5AWI, 9K2/YO9HP, PY0FM, 8Q7CW, VP2EFF, KL7/DL8WEM, DL2GGA/HI3, W5BOS/KL0, XU95HA, CP/LU5VC, 9G1AA, CN2NI, JY8XY

ZS8IR: QSLs are printed now and will be mailed by ZS6EZ in the next days.