DX Newsletter 1027: January 6, 1997

DX-MB 1027 - 6/1/1997
DX News Letter
Editor: Michael, DJ5AV


translated into English by Bob, DL7VOA
(Internet: robert@wirtschaft.tu-ilmenau.de)
(packet radio: DB0ERF.#THR.DEU.EU)

Dear reader of the DX-NL,

it was exactly two years ago when Uwe, DL9GOA, started his new career as the editor of the DX-NL. Editing this weekly published DX Newsletter requires somebody who is always well informed concerning all DX activities going on and coming up. The collection and analysis of all the information from the packet radio network and internet, mails from active DXpeditioners and last not least all the information picked up on the air from the editor are necessary presuppositions for the work of the editor. Uwe did this job always with great enthusiasm and accuracy. It is nice to see that the co- operation with German DXers has come to a point where most of the planned German DXpeditions are first announced in the DX Newsletter. This and the circumstance that the DX-NL - translated into English by Bob, DL7VOA - is posted in the internet and the packet radio network are the reasons for the worldwide acceptance of the DX-NL as an DX information bulletin. A special culmination in 1996 was the DX Newsletter no. 1000 which was published in advance of the HAM RADIO fair in Friedrichshafen. After two years of much activity Uwe decided to spend more time with his family and his job. This decision was not easy since he really enjoyed his work as the editor of the DX-NL. We all like to thank Uwe for his great job and we wish him for the future all the best and much fun with our common hobby. Starting on January 1, 1997 Michael Oerter, DJ5AV, is the new editor of the DX Newsletter. He is 58 years old, retired and a wellknown and active DXer. We are glad that Michael agreed to be the new editor of the DX Newsletter and we wish him all the best while doing this new job.

Dr.-Ing. Lothar Wilke, DL3TD, chairman of the DARC committee for DX and HF contests


9G - GHANA PA3GBQ will be on vacation in Ghana and signs 9G5BQ from February 2 until March 8. He will be QRV during the morning and the evening hours and hopes to get a special permission for 160 meters. He will take part in the ARRL CW Contest during the whole 48 hours. QSL via PA3GBQ, Box 85090, NL-3009 MB Rotterdam, Netherlands or via bureau.

FR - REUNION The Heard team was QRV as TO0R with good signals even on 160m. Since January 5 they are active as TO0R/mm.

VK0H - HEARD ISLAND The vessel left Reunion Island on January 5 and they need about 7 days to get to Heard Island. Due to the delay of 2 days they will not stop on Crozet Island.

V5 - NAMIBIA KY0A will be active as V5/ZS6YG in February. He will put his emphasis on the lowbands and on 10m/12m. During the contest he will be QRV as V59T and only for this period the QSL route is via KY0A.


C6 - BAHAMAS Rick, NE8Z, is on the air from Treasure Cay using the call NE8Z/C6A from January 13-20. QSL via NE8Z or K8LJG.

P4 - ARUBA Mike, K4PI, will hit the airwaves as P49I on the lowbands and WARC in CW from January 22-28. They plan to take part in the WWDX 160m Contest. QSL via Homecall.

PJ2 - NETHERLAND ANTILLES John, W1BIH, is on Curacao and his call PJ9JT will be active in CW on 160m-10m between January 8 and March 30. QSL via W1AX.

PJ5 - ST. MAARTEN/EUSTATIUS 7Z5OO/K3UOC is QRV in CW only including 160m from January 24-28. QSL via W1AF.

TI9 - COCOS ISLAND TI9CF is on the air since January 5. QSL via the CBA of TI2CF. Perhaps it's true that Carlos receives not only "registered" mail.


8Q7 - MALDIVES HB9DIF and DL8NBE will be on the Maldives again in March. They hope to get the calls 8Q7BV and 8Q7BE again. QSL via homecalls, ONLY via bureau!

9M8 - EASTERN MALAYSIA PB0ALK is QRV from Sarawak signing 9M8CC from April 19 till June 6. AMTOR/RTTY/SSB 80m-10m.


DATE            CALL          DX-NL

 12.1.-22.1.    3D2UK         1026
29.12.-12.1.    6Y    (I5JHW) 1024
   Mar/97       8Q7BE/8Q7BV   1027 *
  2.2.- 8.3.    9G5BQ         1027 *
 14.1.-24.1.    9H    (LX1PS) 1026
 19.4.-16.6.    9M8CC         1027 *
 13.1.-20.1.    NE8Z/C6A      1027 *
 13.1.-19.1.    CU2/DL3KUD    1021
30.12.-12.1.    CU8/DL3KUD    1021
25.12.-15.2.    FR5GM         1026
from Feb/97     FT5ZG         1020
Feb/97-Mar/97   H44MS         1026
Nov/96-Apr/97   HP    (F2JD)  1020
  8.1.-15.1.    HR/K9BG       1026
 17.1.-17.2.    HS0/DL2FDK    1024
a few months    KH2D          1026
  8.1.-Mar/97   PJ9JT         1027 *
 24.1.-28.1.    PJ5AA         1027 *
Nov/96-12.1.    PZ5HP         1020
27.12.-Jan/97   T31BB         1024
 14.1.-21.1.    T32HA         1023
Jan/97-2 weeks  TI9CF         1023/1027 *
  1996/1997     V5/WA1JBB     1026
   Feb/97       V5/ZS6YG      1027 *
 12.2.-19.2.    V2/NM9H etc.  1026
 14.1.-27.1.    VK0IR         1016/1027 *

1027 * marks "NEW"

Bandspots of the last 7 days

   N7JW        1834  0721 Utah
   S92SS       1835  2332 POB 522
   TF3KM       1845  2233
   TI9CF       1838  0724 SSB
   TO0R        1827  2255 via W4FRU
   ZL2JR       1840  0802

   3W5FM       3799  1517
   6Y6Y        3793  2331 via I5JHW
   7X4AN       3501  2353
   BV4RH       3795  1446
   DS5RMN      3795  1936
   J39JS       3799  0616
   JT1BG       3800  2320
   OY1CQQ      3793  2017 OP Ceren,OZ1CQQ
   OY1CT       3512  0540 Op Caen, via buro
   T31BB       3793  0505 via DF6FK
   TI9CF       3794  0724 via TI2CF, CBA
   TN7A        3799  0003 via JH1NBN
   YC0LOW      3796  1946

   6Y6Y        7064  2250 via I5JHW
   8B8KB       7002  1314 via YB8KAR
   9X5HF       7009  2012 via LA2HFA CBA
   D25L        7001  2250 via PA3DMH
   HK7DSZ      7019  2355
   HP2ECP      7054  0705
   J3K         7062  0025 via WB8GEX
   V51CM       7083  2338
   VQ9KH       7045  1528

   BV3/JA1JKG 10102  2326
   D25L       10102  2155 via PA3DMH
   FM/F5NBX   10101  2353
   S92SS      10114  1833 POB 522
   TR8BAR     10107  2326 Box 177, Libreville
   VS96BG     10104  2339 via VS6BG
   ZL1MH      10104  0559

   4L1BR      14080  1035 RTTY
   8P9EM      14016  1710 via G3VBL
   FR5DX      14083  1406 RTTY
   PY0TI      14002  1234 via PY1UP
   TZ6FIC     14120  0957 JEAN, via F6KEQ
   VK9NS      14265  0954
   XX9GD      14257  0957
   ZD7HI      14179  1005 via N2AU

   5N0T       18130  1345 via W4FRU
   FM/F5NBX   18123  1349
   FR/ON5NT   18115  1423
   J3K        18114  1516 via WB8GEX
   J41AG      18152  1436
   JD1BIY     18078  0903 via buro
   PJ8AD      18150  1325 via KV4AD
   TN7A       18120  0852 via JH1NBN
   TO0R       18118  1448 via W4FRU

   A41LZ      21210  1027
   Z21CS      21086  1029

   TN7A       24940  1213 via JH1NBN

   J41AG      28486  0953 via SV1CIB
   TN7A       28395  1139 via JH1NBN


W6/G0AZT, Eddie, is the QSL manager of 3V8BB (RTTY only Oct 8-13, 1996), P40RY, TY1RY, 8R1TT, VK9LX and VK9NM (Lord Howe, Sep 20-29, 95), ZF1RY, VK9LZ, VP5/, P4/, C6A/, VP9/, V2/ and VP2M/G0AZT. QSL via PO Box 5194, Richmond, CA 94805, USA.

F6AJA and F6CYV have the logs and QSLs of FS9TI (NA-199), FJ0A, TW4O, TW5E, TW6A, 6O1YD, J20RAD (AF-053), 6O89YD, T5YD, 6O1YD/JI (AF-052),FV1O, 6T2YD/SA (AF-062), 6T2YD, ST2YD, FK/F1HQY, FK0BP, TK5C, TK5A, TK6A, ST0YD, FK5C (OC-176), EL2YD, 5V7YD, FK8KAB/P (OC-176), 4J0FR, FK5M. F6AJA: Jean Michel Duthilleul, 515 Rue du Petit hem, F-59870 Bouvignies (also via bureau); F6CYV: Yves Verbeke, 52 Rue de la Constituante, F-59650 Villeneuve d'Ascq (also via bureau).

8R1K Marko, OH6DO (AB6NJ/5), asks everybody to send the cards for WWDX contest QSOs of 8R1K to his new address: OH6DO, Marko Myllymaki, Mehtokuja 10 B 3, SF-63700 Ahtari, Finland.

A7 Tom, DL9FCQ, confirms ONLY his own QSOs of the A71AN/DL9FCQ and A71BI/DL9FCQ-DXpeditions from Jan/95 and Dec/95-Jan/96. He is NOT the QSL-manager and not able anymore to send all other QSL requests back to their sender.

This is the time for new MOST WANTED LISTS. In Portugal 66% of the participating DXers miss P5, VK0h, KH5, VK9W, VK0/m, ZL9, T33, 3Y/b, KH5k, VU4, T31 and KH9.

TNX for information to INSIDE DX, 599 DXReport, DJ8WL, ARRL-DX-Bull, EA9AZ, DL1SBF, DL7VOA, DL8FBH, DL9FCQ, EA1BOI, HB9AMO, HS1JQP, LX1KQ, WA3GBQ, SM4EMO, WD4PDZ and others.