DX Newsletter 1030: January 27, 1997

DX-MB 1030 - 27/1/1997
DX News Letter
Editor: Michael, DJ5AV


translated into English by Bob, DL7VOA
(Internet: robert@wirtschaft.tu-ilmenau.de)
(packet radio: DB0ERF.#THR.DEU.EU)


P2 - PAPUA NEW GUINEA JA3IG will be active from Manus Island signing P29VIG in CW/SSB on 10m-40m from February 8-11. QSL via homecall.

VK0 - MACQUARIE ISLAND HB9TL as VK0TL was a surprising announcement for January 24-26. Unfortunately he could work only from aboard the ship. QSL via home-call, also via bureau.


VK0IR - HEARD ISLAND Until the morning of January 27 the VK0IR team logged more than 80.000 QSOs with more than 25.000 unique calls. In the end they set up a new world record for DXpeditions. Before they decided to disassemble the antennas many "little pistols" had the chance to log a new one on several bands.

TN - CONGO Baldur, DJ6SI, is now active in SSB and CW until February 4. QSL via homecall, direct only.


8P - BARBADOS AA4NC and K4MA will be active in CW/SSB/RTTY from the station of 8P9Z from February 27 until March 4 including the ARRL SSB Contest. The calls are not sure yet but all QSLs will be managed by K4MA. - Bob (AA1M), Jim (W1HL), Mike (W1USN) and Tim (KA1MID) will be QRV from Barbados in CW and SSB from February 17-24. They don't know their calls, too. QSLs via bureau or direct to the homecalls.

CY0 - SABLE ISLAND Wayne, VE1CBK, goes to Sable on a business trip from January 27-31. He intends to be active as CY0SAB around 1200Z and after 2000Z. He plans to be QRV on the usual DX frequencies on 160, 80, 40m and perhaps he will also activate RTTY or RS-12. QSL to Wayne E King, 63 Brook St, Lake Fletcher, NS, B2T 1A5 Canada.

FG - GUADELOUPE Hiro, FG/JE2YRD, is QRV in SSB and CW every morning at 0630 UTC on 7001 and 7090 kHz. He will stay in the Caribbean for about 1 month and plans to visit and work also from FM, FS, VP2E, KP4 and VP2V. Please QSL via: Box 2659, Vientiane, Laos. His own call is JA2EZD but his QSL cards do not arrive when addressed to JA2EZD since he will return to Laos afterwards and tries also to become active from XZ and XV.

KG4 - GUANTANAMO BAY Bill (WT4K), Jan (K4QD) and Rusty (KG4AU) will participate in the WPX RTTY Contest signing KG4GC on February 8/9. QSL via WT4K, via bureau ok. Jan and Bill will be active also as KG4QD and KG4GC in CW/SSB from February 10-14.

P4 - ARUBA Andy, K2LE, will be active as P4/K2LE by the end of January or the beginning of February. QSL via the CBA of K2LE.

V2 - ANTIGUA Walter, V2/DL2SDS, will be QRV in CW from February 1-20. QSL via homecall.

V3 - BELIZE John (WC0W/V31TP), Alan (NS0B/V31EV) and perhaps Bob (WG9L/V31RC) will take part in the ARRL CW Contest signing V31TP from Feb 12-18. Before and after the contest they will work also in SSB on 160m-10m without the WARC bands. QSL via homecalls.

VP8 - SOUTH SHETLAND ISLANDS Mark, SP3GVX, is active as HF0POL from the Henryk Arctowski Base on King George Island in 1997. QSL via SP3FYM.


UK - UZBEKISTAN Karl, OE1BKW, states that a small parcel with about 500 grams of bureau QSLs addressed to Box 0, 700000 Tashkent, Uzbekistan has been returned with the stamp "NON RECLAME"/"UNCLAIMED".


OH0 - ALAND ISLANDS From January 31 until February 2 OH1NX, OH1NYP, OH1TX and OH2BH (after XX9TR) will activate 160m as OH0NYP especially on 1825 kHz. They will use other calls on the higher bands. - OH1EH, OH1MDR, OH6EI and OH6YF will represent the Contest Club Finland on 160m signing OH0AM. Harry, OH6YF, will be active on the WARC bands using the call OH0MYF outside of the contest.


DATE          CALL         DX-NL

Feb/97-Mar/97 7Q7KH        1028
Feb/97-Mar/97 8P           1030 *
    Mar/97    8Q7BE/8Q7BV  1027
 12.2.- 4.3.  8Q7CR        1028
  2.2.- 8.3.  9G5BQ        1027
 19.4.-16.6.  9M8CC        1027
 15.2.-16.2.  KR8V/C6A     1029
Jan/97-Feb/97 FG/JE2YRD    1030 *
25.12.-15.2.  FR5GM        1026
from Feb/97   FT5ZG        1020
Feb/97-Mar/97 H44MS        1026, 1029
Nov/96-Apr/97 HP    (F2JD) 1020
 11.2.- 7.3.  HP7/F5PAC    1028
 17.1.-17.2.  HS0/DL2FDK   1024
  8.2.-14.2.  KG4GC        1030 *
  8.2.-11.2.  P29VIG       1030 *
Jan/97-Feb/97 P4/K2LE      1030 *
  8.1.-30.3.  PJ9JT        1027
 24.1.-28.1.  PJ5AA        1027
 25.1.-Mar/97 ZV0SK/ZV0SV  1029
 until Aug/97 KF4AME/TI6   1029
  1.2.-20.2.  V2/DL2SDS    1030 *
 12.2.-19.2.  V2/NM9H      1026
  3.2.-17.2.  V47CA        1029
 12.2.-18.2.  V31TP        1030 *
 10.2.-18.2.  V5/ZS6YG     1027
Jan/97-Apr/97 VQ9SS        1029

"NEW":  1030 *

Bandspots of the last 7 days

   7X2RO       1824  0533
   8P9DX       1832  0109
   FM5BH       1834  0506
   J45T        1843  2251
   JY9QJ       1821  0329 via DL5MBY
   KC6VW       1825  1930 via JA6BSM
   KP4/K4UJ    1845  0110
   P40WA       1832  0339 via K9UWA
   P49I        1827  0052 via K4PI
   PJ5AA       1830  0457 St. Maarten via W1AF
   PJ9JT       1835  0151 via W1AX
   TF3IRA      1821  2006
   TI4CF       1840  0620 via W3HNK
   TR8XX       1836  2116
   V47KP       1829  0403
   VQ9QM       1837  2328

   FG/JE2YRD   3790  0648
   J39JS       3790  0026
   TN6X        3503  2305 via DJ6SI

   5V7MD       7045  2215
   6O5DX       7041  1818 via F5PYI
   8P6AD       7002  2302 via KU9C
   8P9DX       7054  2344 via VE3ICR
   9M2RT       7005  1822
   9X5HF       7009  2124 via LA2HFA
   FG/JE2YRD   7002  0758
   KC6SM       7004  1604 via JA6EGL
   KP4/K4WA    7011  0323
   P40WA       7004  0040 via K9UWA
   PJ5AA       7004  2053 via W1AF
   PJ9JT       7010  2317 via W1AX
   TI4CF       7004  2259 via W3HNK
   TN6X        7005  2127 via DJ6SI
   TR8XX       7001  0608
   TU4FF       7004  2024
   XT2DB       7003  1901 via F5LGQ
   ZP0V        7068  2249 via ZP5WYV

   CP4BT      10103  0143 via DL9OT bureau
   P49I       10103  2049 via K4PI
   TN6X       10102  1810 via DJ6SI
   TU4FF      10103  1801
   XT2DB      10102  1818

   FM5GU      14192  2032 via WA4JTK
   HS0/IK4MRH 14260  1508 Box 49, 83000 Phuket Isl.
   J28JY      14082  1241 via F6FBH
   LZ0A       14025  0846 via LZ1KDP
   VK9XZ/9    14270  1406 Cocos Keeling
   YI1HK      14215  0748 via SM3DBU

   FG/JE2YRD  18077  1523
   FP5EJ      18146  1446 Box 1443, St. Pierre
   TT8WL      18147  1505 via DL3IAW
   XT2DB      18133  1353 via F5LGQ
   XT2DP      18147  1136 via WB2YQH

   AX4MGA     21265  0822 via VK4FW
   HS0/IK4MRH 21260  1104 AS-053, Box 53, Phuket Isl

   ZS6QU      24894  0400 via CBA

   LU7HWM     28470  1731


The DX Magazine has published a detailed list of the MOST WANTED COUNTRIES. It says that more than 30% of the participating DXers still need P5, BS7, A5, VU4 (And), BV9, VK0 (Heard), 7O, FR/T, VU7 (Lac), SV/A, 3Y (Bouvet), VK0 (Mac), 5A, E3, XZ, 3B6, FR/G, ZL9, FT/Z, 3C0, XW, FR/J, ZS8, EP and 1S. It seems quite interesting that 14% of those DXers just repressed that they still miss the QSL of P5 (and did not write that down on their list)...

QSLs arrived via bureau: 3DA0CA, 4F2IR, 5N3/SP5XAR, 5N35T, 7P8FS, 7P8MA, 9A3B, 9M2TO, 9U/EA1FH, 9Y4NW, BY1PK, CN2HW, DF5JT/HK0, DL1DA/HI8, HC8KU, FY/DJ0PJ, S92PI, SV9/DJ4TR, T98BBF, TK/DK7YY, TU5DX, UA9MA/C91, V7/W2HRX, VK9CR, VK9XY, VP2EFO, VP2EV, VP5/WD5FLK, VQ9SS, Z21KD, ZA1AJ, ZS6AOO.

QSLs arrived directly: 8P9DX, A45ZN, C31LJ, D68DV, D68ET, G3NYY/C6A, ZP6CW, J28TC (via F6FNU), JD1/7J1YAK, PZ1DV (Brief 1995), XF3/OH2NSM, XF3/OH3JF, ZK1BWQ (via SM6BWQ).

TNX for information to 425 DXNEWS, ARRL-DX-News, DE0MST, DJ3CP, DK2PS, DL1SBF, DL3KDV, DL3KUD, DL7MAE, DL7PR, DL9GOA, DX-MAGAZINE, EA1YB, DL7VOA, IK7TAJ and others.