DX Newsletter 1034: February 24, 1997

DX-MB 1034 - 24/2/1997
DX News Letter
Editor: Michael, DJ5AV


translated into English by Bob, DL7VOA
(Internet: robert@wirtschaft.tu-ilmenau.de)
(packet radio: DB0ERF.#THR.DEU.EU)


VP8 - ANTARCTICA Pavel, UX2HO, will be active as EM1HO from the Ukrainian Vernadsky Base (AN-006) around the beginning of March. QSL via I2PJA, - 3Y2GV (heard on 18090 kHz on Feb 22) seems to be on the Queen Maud Base (AN-016). QSL via LA2GV.


A35 - TONGA Ulmar, DK1CE, Hilde, DL5UF, and Bert, DF5WA, intend to activate OC-049, OC-064 and OC-164 in CW/SSB/RTTY between February 21 and March 10.

P2 - PAPUA NEW GUINEA After their activity as S21XX Joerg, DL8WPX, and Dietmar, DL3DXX, are now active as P29VXX since February 20. QSL for P29VXX goes via DL7UFN (also for SWLs). Cards ought to be mailed in May.


3Y - BOUVET ISLAND The DXpedition to Bouvet Island organized by ZS1FJ, WA4JQS and others shall leave from Cape Town on Jan 5, 1998. They plan to put Bouvet on the air for at least 12 days in January 1998.

FR - REUNION FR/IK2GNW will be QRV especially on 80m/160m from March 15-20.

J5 - GUINEA BISSAU J52DW is expected for March 24-30. QSL via LX2DW.


C6 - BAHAMAS Andrea, DL3ABL, and Michael, DL6MHW, are announced as C6A/homecall (during the WPX Contest possibly with a shorter call) from March 24 until April 4. QSL to DL3ABL via bureau or direct: Andrea Diekmann, Bruno-Taut-Ring 56, D-39130 Magdeburg, Germany.

FS - ST. MARTIN EA3NY is active as FS5PL before and during the ARRL SSB Contest. FS/EA3NY via homecall, FS5PL via N0JT (ex KF0UI).

PZ - SURINAME PZ5DX will be QRV from March 18 till April 3 (also in WPX Contest). QSL via K3BYV.

V3 - BELIZE W2NA, KI6IM and WA9L will be participating in the ARRL SSB Contest as V31DX. QSL via AA6BB.

VP9 - BERMUDA Jeff, ex N2MZH, is on the air as AJ2U/VP9 from February 27 until March 4. During the ARRL SSB Test he will sign VP9ID. QSL via N2KJM.

ZF - CAYMAN ISLANDS John, NC8V, will be active from Little Cayman from March 20-27. - W5AU,K5RV, W5FYZ, N5EPU and N5XIQ are QRV from Feb 27 till March 4. During the ARRL SSB Contest they will sign ZF2FT and outside of the test they will work also in CW. QSL via K5RV.


9N - NEPAL Rich, 9N1RHM, is QRV in CW and RTTY on the HF bands. QSL via KV5V.

BS7H - SCARBOROUGH REEF Led by BZ1OK and JA1BK a DXpedition signing BS7H shall be QRV for one week starting on April 30. The main goal of the DXpedition is to provide a new one to as many stations as possible (including e.g. the US eastcoast). The second goal are bandpoints from 160-6m. QSL via JA1BK.

BV9P - PRATAS ISLAND Joe, BV/N0IAT, states that due to political reasons there will be no DXpedition at least in the first half of 1997.

HS - THAILAND HS0/IK4MRH, I4LCK, E21AOY/8 and HS1ASN will be on the air with two stations signing from Teruato from March 14-22. QSL via I4LCK, Franco Armenghi, Via Jussi 9, I-40068 San Lazzaro di Savena-BO.

JA - JAPAN 8J0WCN/0 and 8J0OGN are special event stations. QSLs will be sent automatically via bureau and the operators DO NOT want any QSLs. Contrary to that 7J-calls are individual licences for foreigners.

S2 - BANGLADESH S21XX was active with good signals and a fine operating technique until February 18. QSL to DL3NEO via bureau or to: Hannes Schmidt, Komotauer Str 28b, D-91207 Lauf, Germany. The cards will be printed and mailed after his return in May 1997.


DATE        CALL          DX-NL

16Mar-03Apr 3B8  (DL6UAA) 1033
20Feb-01Mar 3B8/IK2GNW    1032
mid of Feb  6Y4A          1032
  Feb-Mar   7Q7KH         1028
  Feb-Mar   8P            1030, 1031
07Mar-27Mar 8Q7BE/8Q7BV   1027
12Feb-04Mar 8Q7CR         1028
02Feb-08Mar 9G5BQ         1027
19Apr-16Jun 9M8CC         1027
20Feb-      A35   (DL's)  1033, 1034 *
30Apr-07May BS7H          1034 *
21Feb-27Feb C91CO         1033
     -20May C6AGN         1033
24Mar-04Apr C6A/  (DL's)  1034 *
26Feb-05Mar D4    (F5OGL) 1033
15Mar-20Mar FR/IK2GNW     1034 *
  Feb-2Mar  FS5PL         1034 *
   now      MU0ASP        1033
05Feb-Mar   H44MS         1026, 1029
11Feb-07Mar HP7/F5PAC     1028
14Mar-22Mar HS9AL         1034 *
24Mar-30Mar J52DW         1034 *
12Feb-03Mar J75T          1029
     -23Apr JG8NQJ/JD1    1033
11Feb-27Feb KG4ML         1031
20Feb-04Mar P29VXX        1034 *
23Feb-08Mar PJ8A          1031
08Jan-30Mar PJ9JT         1027
25Jan-Mar   ZY0SK/ZY0SG   1029, 1032
     -01Apr PZ5CJ         1032
18Mar-03Apr PZ5DX         1034 *
17Feb-28Feb S79DQW        1033
01Feb-20Feb V2/DL2SDS     1030
27Feb-4Mar  V2    (team)  1033
   Mar      V31DX         1034 *
13Feb-Mar   V47KP         1033
   now      V63KU         1033
27Feb-04Mar VP9ID         1034 *
     -26Feb XT2AR         1033
28Mar-14Apr XT2AW         1033
20Mar-27Mar ZF    (NC8V)  1034 *
27Feb-04Mar ZF2FT         1034 *
08Feb- ???  ZK1DI         1032
04Feb-13Mar ZL7ZB         1032

"NEW": 1034 *

Bandspots of the last 7 days

   3W5FM         1830  1654
   P29VXX        1810  1930 via DL7UFN
   P49V          1832  0402 via AI6V
   PJ9JT         1828  0133 via W1AX
   V26CW         1831  0409 via NM9H
   V47KP         1829  0250 via K2SB
   V5/ZS6YG      1824  2202 via KY0A
   VQ9QM         1824  2236 via W4QM
   ZD8Z          1832  0528 via VE3HO

   D68KS         3502  1918 via DL1DA
   H44MS         3799  1650 via DL2GAC
   P29VXX        3506  2014 via DL7UFN
   VR2KF         3506  1919
   ZL7ZB         3800  1719 via DJ4ZB

   C91CO         7015  0424 via W4DR
   D68KS         7003  1808 via DL1DA
   FG5HR         7066  2242 via F6BUM
   K9AW/KH2      7014  2028
   P29VXX        7006  2008 via DL7UFN
   V26CW         7002  0017 via NM9H
   ZK1DI         7004  0609 via DK1RV

   C91CO        10101  1856 via W4DR
   CP4BT        10103  2225 via DL9OT
   D68KS        10103  1742 via DL1DA
   J75T         10101  2105 via DL6LAU
   JQ1NGT/JD1   10108  0708
   KR8V/C6A     10105  2203
   P29VXX       10104  2059 via DL7UFN
   PY0FF        10105  2035 via W9VA
   VP8CTR       10101  2252 via UX1KA

   3V8BB        14011  1100 via OM3CGN
   8P9JF        14025  1151 via bureau
   C27BS        14265  1054
   FP5AC/P      14184  1711
   KH0CE        14225  1028
   V63KU        14187  0806 via JA6NL
   V73GT        14027  0720 via WF5T
   VQ9UO        14257  1922 via W3FUO
   XE2MX        14014  1916 via K6VNX

   3B8FG        18090  1338
   3Y2GV        18090  0955 via LA2GV
   9M2TO        18070  1118 via JA0DMV
   D68KS        18071  1419 via DL1DA
   HK3AO        18149  1646
   OK1DOR/BY1BJ 18077  1054
   PJ2MI        18115  1218 via K2PEQ

   8Q7CR        21320  1020 via DF5JR
   9J2SZ        21005  1216 via SP8DIP
   C91BL        21222  1555
   FM5GS        21305  1506 via F6GNG
   HS1RU        21220  0914 via JG3AVS
   J75T         21260  1656 via DL6LAU
   KH0AC        21240  1000
   S01M         21215  1048 via EA7EL
   TL8PH        21312  1306 PB7, Alindao

   7X0AD        24950  1019 via EA4URE
   D68KS        24896  1206 via DL1DA
   ZS6/G3SGQ    24897  1252

   TM1C         28500  1116 Contest



After his island hopping through the Caribbean JA2EZD now moves from Japan to Laos. QSLs for his activities as FG/JE2YRD, FM/JE2YRD, FS/JE2YRD, V26HY, VP2EZD,VP2MEZ and VP5/JE2YRD should be sent DIRECT ONLY to his new address: XW2A, Hiro Yonezuka, Box 2659, Vientiane, Laos.

N5FTR, Buzz, has the QSLs of ZD7JP, OA4DHW, V31ML, A41KJ and V31SD. He has also the logs of 9M8BT, 9M8FH, 9M8LL, 9M8YL, Z21BA, ZD8KFC, V31BR, V47LDX, PJ0/KB5DZP and J87CQ. In the future Buzz will send all outgoing QSLs to the bureau only once a year (next in January 1998). In any other case he asks for a SAE with return postage.

QSLs arrived via buro: 7Z5OO (via W1AF), CT3FT, OH0MB (via OH1VR) QSLs arrived directly: KG4GC (via WT4K), V63CT (via HL1IWD)

Due to health problems N2AU, editor of "INSIDE DX", decided that bulletin no. 401 will be his last bulletin. Arthur we will miss your information.

TNX for information to 425DXNEWS, 59(9) DX Report, ARRL DX News, INSIDE DX, QRZDX, DL1SBF, DL2SDS, DL2VFR, DL3NEO, DL6MHW, DL7VOA, Les Nouvelles DX, OPDX, DE... SWL Juergen from Hamburg, DL8FBH, DL9GOA, DXPRESS and others.