DX Newsletter 1036: March 10, 1997

DX-MB 1036 - 10.3.1997
DX News Letter
Editor: Michael, DJ5AV

(email MikeOERTER.DJ5AV@t-online.de)


3Y - BOUVET Contrary to DX-NL 1034 3Y2GV really was active from BOUVET for 3 hours on 17m CW. QSL via homecall LA2GV.


ZK1 - NORTH COOK Bruce, AA8U, prepares to be on North Cook in WWDX-CW-Contest in Nov 97. He used to be on South Cook the last years.

ZL9 - AUCKLAND Ed, K8VIR, will leave Apr 2 with a group of scientists for Auckland. He will be active as ZL9/K8VIR mainly on SSB near 14260 kHz. QSL to ZL9/K8VIR, POBox 9, Teanau, New Zealand.


3DA - SWAZILAND ZS6CAX and Tad, JH7PKU/AA3JA, will be as 3DA5A in WPX-SSB-Contest. Outside contest as 3DA0NX and 3DA/AA3JA. QSLs via JH7FQK.

FR - REUNION Mar 22 - Apr 6 Guy, F5MNW, will be active as FR/F5MNW or TO5UFT mostly on CW.

TT - CHAD Werner, DL3IAW ex-TT8WL, went qrt on Mar 8. He left his rig to a French ham who is waiting for his licence there.


8P - BARBADOS David, VE3VET, will be 8P9IJ on SSB and some RTTY Mar 25 - Apr 3 and in CQ-WPX-SSB-Contest. QSL via VE3VET.

J7 - DOMINICA Larry, AA6MV, and Marti, N6ULI, will get the calls for their activities Mar 11 - 19 at arrival. QSL for both via AA6MV.

KP2 - US VIRGIN Rich will be active from St Croix as KP5/KF8UM Mar 26 - Apr 2, mainly SSB including CQWW-WPX-SSB-Contest. QSL via KF8UM.

V3 - BELIZE V31DX was not in ARRL-DX-SSB-Contest. The crew now hopes to take part in the CQ-WPX-SSB-Contest.

VP2E - ANGUILLA and FS - StMARTIN JA4DND and JA5AUC will be VP2END and VP2EUC Mar 16 - 21. After VP2 they go to St. Martin as FS/JA4DND and FS/JA5AUC Mar 21 - 26. QSLs via homecalls.

XE - MEXICO XE3/N9SW will be active Mar 23 - 30 on CW. QSL via homecall.

YV0 - AVES Rumors of an operation in the near future are wrong. The earliest an operation will be held is Mar/Apr 1999.


7O - YEMEN There are two contradictory news at the same time. The Ministry of Communications in Sana'a as the main body responsible for communications had never issued an official authorization for Amateur Radio. It seems there is only a document from the Aden office. In accordance with this the 7O1A operation cannot be accepted for DXCC credit. On the other hand Franz, DJ9ZB, is said to go to Yemen again in late April, now also for CW and RTTY. The equipment, including beams for 10 - 40m is already shipped.


3A- MONACO Mar 15/16. 3A/I1YRL will be QRV. QSL via homecall.

JW - SWALBARD Rag, OZ8RO, will be active Mar 24 - 31 as JW5HE. QSL via homecall.


DATE        CALL                DX-NL
15Mar-16Mar 3A/I1YRL            1036 *
16Mar-3Apr  3B8 (DL6UAA)        1033
late Mar    3DA5A etc           1036 *
25Mar-3Apr  8P9U                1036 *
7Mar-27Mar  8Q7BE,8Q7BV         1027
6Mar-18Mar  9G5VJ               1035
mid Mar-?   9M6TCR+TPR          1035
19Apr-16Jun 9M8CC               1027
30Apr-7May? BS7H                1034
bis 20May   C6AGN               1033
24Mar-04Apr C6A/(DLs)           1034
15Mar-20Mar FR/IK2GNW           1034
22Mar-6Apr  FR/F5MNW            1036 *
21Mar-26Mar FS/JA4DND etc       1036 *
   now      MU0ASP              1033
5Feb-Apr    H44MS          1026,1029
4Mar-22Mar  HS9AL               1034
24Mar-30Mar J52DW               1034
11Mar-19Mar J7 (AA6MV)          1036 *
until 23Apr JG8NQJ/JD1          1033
24Mar-31Mar JW5HE               1036 *
   Mar      KH6 (NH7A)          1035
26Mar-2Apr  KP5/KF8UM           1036 *
08Jan-30Mar PJ9JT               1027
until 1Apr  PZ5CJ               1032
18Mar-3Apr  PZ5DX               1034
Mar/2 weeks TY1NI               1035
late Mar    V31DX          1034,1036 *
   now      V63KU               1033
16Mar-21Mar VP2END + EUC        1036 *
early Mar   VP2V/KK9A           1035
23Mar-30Mar XE3/N9SW            1036 *
28Mar-14Apr XT2AW               1033
20Mar-27Mar ZF ( NC8V)          1034
08Feb-?     ZK1DI               1032
2Apr - ?    ZL9/K8VIR           1036 *

"NEW": 1036 *

Bandspots of the last 7 days

        BV4ME   1824    2222Z
        C6AGN   1846    0232Z SSB, via KA1DIG
        DS5RNM  1823    2217Z
        KH6CC   1827    0608Z CQ EU
        A92GD   1830    2251Z via K1SE
        VK9NS   1824    1833Z via CBA
        VP2VI   1831    0431Z

        HL5FLD  3794    2034Z
        HP1XBI  3797    0306Z via F6AJA
        OX3DB   3794    1951Z
        VK9NS   3507    1830Z CBA
        XE3AJM  3503    0036Z
        XT2DP   3799    1845Z via WB2YQH

        7X0AD   7062    0737Z via EA4URE
        8P9JB   7081    0155Z via AA4NC
        9G1MR   7049    1858Z via IK3HHX
        BV4PS   7002    2011Z
        C6AGR   7045    2323Z PB7996,Nassau
        ET3BT   7045    2117Z
        K9AW/KH2 7004   2013Z via WF5T
        LZ0/SV9DJO 7003 1808Z
        OX3XR   7006    2100Z via OZ3PZ
        V2/GM0GAV 7008  2246Z
        WL7ZR   7004    0756Z
        YS1EJ   7054    0019Z

        9G5VJ   10104   2034Z via G4ZVJ
        A35WA   10103   1224Z via DF5WA
        HF0POL  10104   2142Z via SP3FYM
      PJ8/ND5S  10104   1931Z via ND5Sh
      W5XJ/KP4  10115   2011Z
        Z21KW   10103   2008Z via G0MVM

        8P9JB   14003   1354Z via AA4NC
        9M2RC   14002   1449Z via GW3GJ
     JG8NQJ/JD1 14025   0843Z
        KH0I    14186   1416Z PB7670,CP96950Mari.
      N4BQW/KH4 14222   0610Z via WA4FFW  SP
        V26C    14004   1924Z via WA2C
        V73GI   14003   0643Z via WF5T
        VQ9VK   14014   1424Z via AA1OJ
        XV7TH   14195   1351Z via SK7AX

        3B8FG   18070   0934Z
        4S7BRG  18130   0915Z via HB9BRM
        6O5DX   18145   1606Z via F5PYI
        8Q7BE   18074   0635Z via DL8NBE
        9G5BQ   18077   1109Z via PA3GBQ
        TT8FC   18145   0939Z via EA4AHK
        WP2Z    18071   1716Z via KE2VB
        Z21KW   18138   1539Z op g3uuv, qsl G0MVM

        FR5ZQ/J 21200   1244Z Juan de Nova
        J28JY   21260   1515Z via F6BFH
        ZP2EHA  21267   1329Z via DH1PAL

        5R8FK   24901   0958Z PB620
        VK6RO   24894   0822Z
        Z24S    24895   1007Z via W3HNK
        ZD7MY   24950   1256Z

        5R8EE   28495   0903Z
        LU2EPN  28005   1622Z
        V51SG   28500   1108Z via bureau
        VK6HD   28018   0902Z


SILENT KEY: Last week Etienne (Steve) Heritier, HB9DX, well known DXer and oldtimer and author of some ham-publications passed away.

5A1A: Since DXCC-acception QSL-manager is only N4AA. Bill Kennamer from DXCC informed that cards given from HH2HM/F are not accepted. Bill also has doubt about the other QSLs from HH2HM.

QSL arrived via bureau: 7P8MA (via DK8FS), 9U5DX (via F2VX), KP4P (1991), VK9CR, YC8TZR (QSO Dec 96 !), ZB2/DL7CM.

QSL arrived direct: 6W1QV (F6FNU), 8R1K via OH6DO, AH4/AH0W via AH0W/OH2LVG, CY0XX, PY0F/PP1CZ, PZ5HP via JA1OEM, VK1ZZ/CY0 via WA4DAN, WA4DAN/CY0, XY1HT via LA7JO.

TNX for information to 425-DX-NEWS, ARRL-DX-News, DF1ZN, DJ3CP, DL1GEH, DL1SFB, DL1XX, DL6UAA, DL9GOA, DX-PRESS, F6GCP, IZ3AHY, Les-Nouvelles-DX, QRZ-DX, SV3AQT and others.