DX Newsletter 1037: March 17, 1997

DX-MB 1037 - 17.3.1997
DX News Letter
Editor: Michael, DJ5AV

(email MikeOERTER.DJ5AV@t-online.de)


H4 - SOLOMON: Until Apr H44TQO on New Georgia, IOTA OC149, is on daily. Mostly heard at about 1100Z on 14185 kHz.

P2 - PAPUA: The crew of P29VXX is back with 18 000 QSOs within 12 days, more than 14 000 on CW. We will see them at the HAM-Radio in Friedrichshafen (27-29Jun97)! (QSL via DL7UFN, buro)

T8 - PALAU: Tosy, JA6VZB, JE6DND and JJ6TYG will be in CQWW-WPX-SSB- contest as T88X on 10 to 80m. QSL via JE6DND. Before the contest Tosy (exKC6WV) will use his call T88JA on WARC and RTTY. T88JA via JA6BSM (NOT via JA6VZB)


3V - TUNISIA: Mar 26 to 31 Hrane, YT1AD, will be again with 3V8BB and as SingleOp/AllBands in CQWW-WPX-SSB-contest. QSL via homecall.

6W - SENEGAL: Apr 4 to 17 6W2/F6BUM is on 10 to 40m, CW and SSB, on Karabane-Island.

TZ - MALI: 6 new licenses have been issued to local operators in 1997. Yatt, TZ6HY, is the only one QRV so far. QSL directly to BP 8044, Bamako. The XYL of Larry,TZ6VV, got the call TZ6YL, QSL: BP 395 Segu. A club station is being built to enable those without equipment to be active.

XT2 - BURKINA FASO: Dan, N9XAG, will stay as XT2DP until Apr or May. QSL via WB2YQH.

ZS8 - MARION: In spite of antenna-problems ZS8IR was very active -also 160m. His stay will end mid of Apr. QSL via ZS6EZ.

ZS - SOUTH AFRICA: In CQ-WPX-SSB-contest the call ZS9F will be on the air last time. QSL via KK3S.


6Y - JAMAICA: Mar 17 to 24 Jay, K4ZLE/6Y5, will be on 30 to 80m. QSL via K4ZLE callbookaddress.

FM - MARTINIQUE: Nicolas, FM/F5TGR will be QRV Mar 15 to 22.

FS - ST MARTIN: Bob, FJ/K1YJK, will be Mar 17 to 31 and in CQ-WPX-SSB- contest on St Barthelemy, outside contest mainly on CW. QSL via homecall.

KP4 - PUERTO RICO: Cabo Rojo Contest Club of Puerto Rico will participate in the CQWW-WPX-SSB-contest as Multi-multi as WP3X (or KP3X ?).

VP2M - MONTSERRAT: Graham, G0VNW, will be active from early Apr for 1 year, mainly SSB but some CW, possibly also 80 and 160m. He wants a QSL manager and would like to hear from a volunteer...


OY - FAROE: Jun 7 to 20 Claus-Dieter, DF8QJ; Michael, DK6QW; Joerg, DL3QQ; Werner, DL4YBZ, and Reinhard, DL6YFB, will be OY/ on 10 to 160m. QSL for all via Alfred, DK4QO.


DATE            CALL            DXNL

16Mar-03Apr     3B8 (DL6UAA)    1033
End Mar         3DA5A etc       1036
04Apr - 17Apr   6W2/F6BUM       1037 *
17Mar - 24Mar   K4ZLE/6Y5       1037 *
25Mar - 03Apr   8P9IJ           1036
07Mar - 27Mar   8Q7BE, 8Q7BV    1027
mid Mar - ?     9M6TCR+TPR      1035
19Apr - 16Jun   9M8CC           1027
30Apr - 07Mai?  BS7H            1034
until 20May     C6AGN           1033
24Mar - 04Apr   C6A/ (DLs)      1034
15Mar - 22Mar   FM/F5TGR        1037 *
15Mar - 20Mar   FR/IK2GNW       1034
22Mar - 06Apr   FR/F5MNW        1036
21Mar - 26Mar   FS/JA4DND etc   1036
17Mar - 31Mar   FJ/K1YJK        1037 *
now             MU0ASP          1033
05Feb - Mar     H44MS      1026,1029
14Mar - 22Mar   HS9AL           1034
24Mar - 30Mar   J52DW           1034
until 23Apr     JG8NQJ/JD1      1033
24Mar - 31Mar   JW5HE           1036
Mar             KH6 (NH7A)      1035
26Mar - 02Apr   KP2/KF8UM       1037 *
26Mar - 02Apr   KP5/KF8UM       1036
07Jun - 20Jun   OY/ (DLs)       1037 *
08Jan - 30Mar   PJ9JT           1027
until 01Apr     PZ5CJ           1032
18Mar -03Apr    PZ5DX           1034
Mar / 2 weeks   TY1NI           1035
Mar             V31DX       1034,1036
now             V63KU           1033
16Mar - 21Mar   VP2END + EUC    1036
Apr97 - Apr98   VP2M(G0VNW)     1037 *
early Mar       VP2V/KK9A       1035
end of Mar      WP3X (KP3X ?)   1037 *
23Mar - 30Mar   XE3/N9SW        1036
28Mar - 14Apr   XT2AW           1033
until May       XT2DP           1037 *
20Mar - 27Mar   ZF (NC8V)       1034
08Feb - ?       ZK1DI           1032
02Apr - ?       ZL9/K8VIR       1036
until Apr       ZS8IR           1037 *
			"NEW":  1037 *


Bandspots of the last 7 days

8Q7BE           1828    2030Z   via DL8NBE
C6AGN           1831    0537Z   via KA1DIG
KH6CC           1832    0528Z
TI4CF           1840    0558Z
V2/GM0GAV       1827    2337Z
ZP5WBM          1830    0135Z
6Y5PA           3799    0509Z
DK3FW/C56       3795    2329Z
EM1HO           3504    0548Z   via I2PJA
FM5DP           3800    2349Z
K6KCS           3799    0131Z
JW5NM           3800    1925Z
7X0AD           7081    2115Z   via EA4URE
9J2TF           7058    2337Z   via JA2BOV
BV4RH           7004    1621Z
CP4XE           7045    0014Z
HS9AL           7008    1745Z   AS126, via I4LCK
K9AW/KH2        7014    2027Z   via WF5T
TI2/K6KM        7009    0142Z
VP2V/K1DFT      7004    0252Z   via W1KMV
VR2GY           7011    1631Z
7Q7EH           10103   1608Z   via AA9HD
7X2CR           10106   1747Z   via IS0LYN
9G5VJ           10103   2034Z   via G4ZVJ
9M8FC           10104   1806Z
HF0POL          10110   2138Z   via SP3FYM
JT1BH           10101   1616Z
LZ0L            10101   0727Z   via LZ1KCP
VR2KF           10107   2055Z
5W1PC           14263   0709Z   PB2007
9Y4SF           14194   1930Z direct or via WA4JTK
C21RK           14252   0705Z
JG8NQJ/JD1      14028   1020Z
KH0ES           14260   0800Z   via VK4FW only dir
TZ6IRL          14132   1613Z   Box 2386
YJ8AA           14175   1039Z   via VK4AAR
5N0PYL          18140   1615Z   via F2YT
8Q7BV           18077   1326Z   via HB9DIF
9M2TO           18069   0908Z   via JA0DMV
J28PP           18074   1437Z   via F5PWH
J79MV           18074   1515Z   via AA6MV
R1FJP           18073   1119Z   FJL, via RK1PWA
VP2EJT          18147   1717Z   via G3PJT
VQ9VK           18085   1703Z   via AA1OJ
8Q7BV           21010   1027Z   via HB9DIF
A22BW           21298   1554Z   via DK3KD
HF0POL          21208   1620Z   via SP3FYM
HS9AL           21260   0741Z   via I4LCK
J28NP           21200   1421Z   via F6BZF
V85HG           21295   1015Z
DL2GG/YV5       24892   1602Z
9G5VJ           24897   1552Z   via G4ZVJ
LU7EWT          24947   1608Z
ZD7MY           24955   1546Z
3B8DB           28505   1032Z
5R8EE           28490   1018Z
5X1D            28495   1641Z   via SM0BFJ
CX4ACH          28487   1643Z
VP8CWN          28440   1621Z


3B8: DL6UAA was on Mauritius in Jan/Feb96and and brought a memberlist *with license* from 30Jun95:

In 3B8 there is a 'QSL-bureau' but ONLY INCOMING: MAURITIUS AMATEUR RADIO SOCIETY, CANDOS REGN: 4388 QUATRE BORNES, MAURITIUS So return postage is always needed!

QSL received via bureau: 8Q7BV, 9Q5HX, 9U5DX (F2VX), AL7QM, BY1QH, CR9WAG via DL3KUD, J28PP, OH0/DL1RNW via HC, PJ8NA, T00SW via DL3JSW, XF3/OH3JF and ZS/OK1TN via HC.

QSL received directly: 3B8CF, 3C5A (N6ZZ), 6W1QV (F6FNU), 8R1K via OH6DO, 9K2RA, A41LZ, AH4/AH0W via AH0W/OH2LVG, BO0KS (via BV2KI), CY0XX, D25L (PA3DMH), EY8XX (GW3CDP wuithin 1 week), ST2/G4OJW, ST2AA, T88T or KC6/N5OK via N5OK, V26TS (K3MM).

TNX for contribution to 425-DX-NEWS, 59(9) DXReport, ARRL-DX-News, DF1ZN, DK4QW, DL1GEH, DL1SFB, DL2VFR, DL6UAA, DL7PR, DL9GOA, DX-PRESS, EWWA-DX Bulletin, HB9DDM, HB9LEI, Les-Nouvelles-DX, QRZ-DX, and others.