DX Newsletter 1038: March 24, 1997

DX-MB 1038 - 24.3.1997
DX News Letter
Editor: Michael, DJ5AV

(email MikeOERTER.DJ5AV@t-online.de)


KH6 - HAWAII: Al, NH7A, will be on for the CQWPX-SSB-Contest and looking for Europe from 0500Z to 0800Z on 20m. QSL NH7A via N2AU, the same as AH7G.

KH7 - KURE: Brady, N4BQW, recently active as expected from Midway Is reported to plan an operation from Kure in May.

T2 - TUVALU: Bernhard,DL2GAC, went QRT as H44MS and plans to be active 29/30 Mar on OC-015. QSL via DL2GAC.

VK0 - MACQUARIE: VK0TS has been on the air only sporadically. His work load might allow him more time for radio soon.QSL via VK1AUS, correct address: Simon Trotter, POB 2063, Kambah Village, ACT 2904, Australia. (DX-NL 1029)


3V - TUNISIA: Mar 26 to 31 Hrane, YT1AD, will use the special call TS8A at 3V8BB, including the CQWW-WPX-SSB-Contest. QSL via YT1AD. Also TS40A will be active between Apr 10 and May 10 to celebrate the 40th anniversary of independence.

9Q - ZAIRE: Pierre, HB9AMO, is active for 2 months as 9Q5BQ in Kinshasa. QSL via homecall. After Easter time Pierro, IK2BHX, will return for 6 months to Zaire as 9Q5HX. He will try to be QRV from Congo as well. QSL via IK2MRZ.

TJ - CAMEROON: TJ1PD is now QRT due to problems with his rig. He will be back in USA in Jun/Jul and will be active again as TJ1PD in mid-1998. QSL via N5DRV.

ZS - SOUTH AFRICA: JH3HRV was announced to be T88RV Mar 20 to 23.


6Y - JAMAICA: Mar 27 to Apr 13 K6JAH/6Y5 will be active on 10 to 40m.

HC8 - GALAPAGOS: HC5K is expected from Mar 23 as HC8K for about 1 week on SSB, RTTY,AMTOR and PACTOR. QSL to Ted, HC5K/HC8K, POBox DX Cuenca, Ecuador.

J7 - DOMINICA: Since Mar 23 to Apr 7 DL7FT is active as J77FT. QSL via homecall, only direct. SASE/return postage is not enough.

KP4 - PUERTO RICO: Andy, K3CN, and Alex, AA2OX, will be NP3/ Mar 26 to Apr 2 SSB and CW on 6 to 160m. QSLs via homecalls.

V2 - ANTIGUA: Apr 8 to 15 Rick, AI5P,(mainly CW) and George, WB5JHK, (mainly SSB) will be active. QSLs via homecalls.

V4 - St KITTS&NEVIS: Jim, G0IXC, is announced Apr 9 to 30 as V47XC 40 to 10m SSB. QSL via homecall.

VP5 - TURKS&CAICOS: Ken, K6HNZ, will be VP5/ Mar 25 to Apr 2 and in the CQWPX-SSB as VP5E. QSL via VE1JX.


1S - SPRATLY: 9M6TPR is QRV Mar 23 to 28 on Spratly AS-051. The same call is valid also for the activity from Sabah Mar 29 to Apr 4.

TA - TURKEY: Thomas, DL3FDU, Felix, DL8OBC/N5BC, and Patrick, DL4VBP/N0PS will be active as YM3DL Mar 25 to 31 and in CQWW-WPX-SSB-Contest from Izmir, hosted by Mustafa, TA3B. QSL via DL4VBP via buro or to Dr. Patrick K Scheidhauer, Fontanestr 134, D-60431 Frankfurt.


9H - MALTA: For the CQ-WPX-SSB-Contest Gregg,VE3ZZ/ON9CCQ,plans to be active as 9H3ZZ. QSL via buro to G4RTO or direct to Gregg's address in Belgium: G A Calkin, Av des Rhododendrons 4, B-1950 Kraainem.

GU - GUERNSEY: Mar 24 to Apr 5 Bob, W7MAE (ex K7RDH), will be active as either GU/ or MU/W7MAE. QSL via homecall.


DATE            CALL            DXNL

16Mar-03Apr     3B8 (DL6UAA)    1033
end of Mar      3DA5A etc       1036
26Mar - 30Mar   TS8A            1038 *
10Apr - 10May   TS40A           1038 *
04Apr - 17Apr   6W2/F6BUM       1037
29Mar - 13Apr   K6JAH/6Y5       1038 *
25Mar - 03Apr   8P9IJ           1036
end of Mar      9H3ZZ           1038 *
middleMar- 4Apr 9M6TCR+TPR  1035,1038*
19Apr - 16Jun   9M8CC           1027 
Mar - May       9Q5BQ           1038 *
Apr - Sep       9Q5HX           1038 *
30Apr - 07May   BS7H            1034
until 20May     C6AGN           1033
24Mar - 04Apr   C6A/ (DLs)      1034
22Mar - 06Apr   FR/F5MNW        1036
17Mar - 31Mar   FJ/K1YJK        1037    
24Mar - 05Apr   MU/W7MAE        1038 *
24Mar - 30Mar   J52DW           1034
23Mar - 07Apr   J77FT           1038 *
until 23Apr     JG8NQJ/JD1      1033
24Mar - 31Mar   JW5HE           1036
Mar             KH6 (NH7A) 1035,1038 *
May             KH7K (N4BQW)    1038 *
26Mar - 02Apr   KP2/KF8UM       1037
26Mar - 02Apr   NP3/ (K3CNetc)  1038 *
26Mar - 02Apr   KP5/KF8UM       1036
07Jun - 20Jun   OY/ ( DLs )     1037
08Jan - 30Mar   PJ9JT           1027 
until 01Apr     PZ5CJ           1032
18Mar -03Apr    PZ5DX           1034
29Mar - 30Mar   T2 (DL2GAC)     1038 *
20Mar - 23Mar   T88RV           1038 *
25Mar - 31Mar   YM3DL           1038 *
Mar / 2 weeks   TY1NI           1035
08Apr - 15Apr   V2 (AI5P etc)   1038 *
Mar             V31DX      1034,1036
09Apr - 30Apr   V47XC           1038 *
now             V63KU           1033
Apr97 - Apr98   VP2M(G0VNW)     1037    
end of Mar      WP3X (KP3X ?)   1037
end of Mar      VP5/K6HNZ       1038 *  
23Mar - 30Mar   XE3/N9SW        1036
28Mar - 14Apr   XT2AW           1033
until May       XT2DP           1037
08Feb - ?       ZK1DI           1032
ab 02Apr        ZL9/K8VIR       1036
until Apr       ZS8IR           1037
                         "NEW": 1038 *


Mar29/30 CQ-WPX-contest SSB. Exchange RS + serial number.

Bandspots of the last 7 days

FS5PL           1824    0318Z   via KF0UI
KH6CC           1831    0507Z
TI2CC           1838    0503Z
K4ZLE/6Y5       3790    0304Z
FJ/K1YJK        3503    0400Z
FM5DP           3790    0427Z
FS5PL           3795    0309Z   via KF0UI
PJ9JT           3509    0239Z   via W1AX                             
VP2END          3800    0526Z   via JA4DND
WP2/WI9WI       3506    0421Z
XE3AJM          3501    0028Z
3B8CF           7003    2024Z   via F6HMJ
4S7BRG          7045    2008Z   via HB9BRM
5X4F            7001    0409Z   via K3SW
FG5HR           7081    0721Z   via F6BUM
FJ/K1YJK        7007    0308Z
FM5FJ           7047    2321Z
FS/JA4DND       7005    2352Z   via H/C
HP1XVH          7076    0520Z   via KF0UI
KL7XD           7081    0607Z
PJ9JT           7008    0144Z   via W1AX
TI8JMB          7065    2318Z
VP2END          7006    0816Z   via JA5DND
3DA0CA          10102   0502Z   via W4DR
9M6TPR          10103   2307Z   via KQ1F
C56/DK3FW       10110   2349Z
FS/JA5AUC       10104   0120Z   via H/C
VP5/KB4IRS      10104   2314Z
XE3AJM          10116   0028Z
FR5KH/J         14025   1856Z   via F6FNU
J52DW           14195   0801Z   via LX2DW
XX9KC           14183   1300Z   via JH2MRA
YI1AK           14256   0857Z   via KC5HWR
Z21KN           14190   1757Z   PB252,Adona     
9M6TPR          18135   0742Z   via KQ1F
FG5HR           18132   1302Z   via F6BUM
HP1XBI          18146   1633Z   via F6AJA
KG4AU           18111   1646Z   via WT4K        
K9AW/KH2        18075   1305Z   via WF5T
S92AT           18152   1720Z   via NJ2D
VP2END          18072   1352Z   via JA4DND
VQ9DW           18150   1502Z   via KB8UCL
XT2DP           18151   1435Z   via WB2YQH
3B8/DL6UAA      21295   1409Z
9M6TPR          21025   0946Z   via KQ1F
D2EV            21250   1636Z   via DL3KBQ
J28NP           21205   1210Z   via F6BZF
P29VR           21236   1038Z   via W7LFA
S21B            21275   1433Z   via W4FRU
XV7TH           21295   1004Z   via SK7AX
CE0AW           24905   1017Z
CX3CE           24950   1843Z
LW1DYA          24960   1748Z
ZP5ALI          24945   1851Z   via buro
LU4VZ           28430   1854Z
PU2MXR          28470   1839Z
TZ6VV           28495   1656Z   via AA0GL
V51HK           28505   1230Z   via DL6OBS
WP4LNK          28315   1758Z


QSL received via buro: 3V8BB (OKDXF), 3V8BB (DF2UU), 3W5FM, 5H3YT, 5Z4EO (DJ6SI), 7X2CR, 9J2MT, A71AN/DL9FCQ, CP6IB, D2FGC, DL2RSI/TF, FR/HB9CYN/p, FR/HB9CYV/p, HK7ULHS0/OE2REL, OH0MB, OY3QN, VQ9LV, WP2/K9BG, XF3/OH2NSM, Z2/DL5AWI.

QSL received directly: FG5FR (F6FNU); FG/PA3BBP, FM/PA3EWP, FG/PA3EWP, FG/PA3ERC, FM/PA3ERC, J79RC, FM/PA3FQA, FM/PA3BBP (all via PA3ERC); K9AW/KH2 (WF5T).

TNX for contribution to 425-DX-NEWS, 59(9) DXReport, ARRL-DX-News, CO8KL, DF1ZN, DL1GEH, DL1SBF, DL9GOA, DX-PRESS, E.W.W.A.-DX Bulletin, F5PYI, HB9BCK, Les-Nouvelles-DX, QRZ-DX, SM4EMO, SV1CID and others.