DX Newsletter 1039: March 31, 1997

DX-MB 1039 - 31.3.1997
DX News Letter
Editor: Michael, DJ5AV

(email MikeOERTER.DJ5AV@t-online.de)


V6 - MICRONESIA: Nishi, V63AO, is QRT on Pohnpei in June

VR6 - PITCAIRN: VR6DB and VR6MW left Henderson-Isl with only few QSOs in log. VR6DB might return to OC-056 in Apr

JD1 - OGASAWARA: Aki, JD1AMA, is QRT late May in JD1. Mail to Akihiko Miyqazaki, POB 602, Chichijima, Ogasawara Is, 100-21 JAPAN will be transferred to his address in Tokyo

T2 - TUVALU: After H44MS Bernhard became QRV as T22MS. QSL via homecall DL2GAC

ZL9 - AUCKLAND: Ed, K8VIR/ZL9 is reported to be /ZL9 for 5 days possibly starting on Apr 2. Call might also be ZL9DX. QSL to CBA97 of K8VIR or to: Ed Hartz, POB 9, Te Anaw, New Zealand


3X - GUINEA: Philippe, F5IEV, is active as 3XY3A. QSL via F5IEV

6O - SOMALIA: Bill,VK6XZ, and his XYL Diane, VK6KYL, will be active Apr 8 to 10 from Galkayo as 6O0X and 6O0YL. QSL via VK6XZ Bill Main, PO Box 463, Kalgoorlie, WA 6430, Australia

6V - SENEGAL: In June 6V1A is expected on Goree Isl

EL - LIBERIA: Rob, ND3A, was expected to be in Monrovia as from 25 Mar for 1 month. QSL to POB 3675, Merrifield, VA 22116-3675, USA

FR/J - JUAN de NOVA: FR5KH and FR5FT are active already for 50 days until May 13 as FR5KH/J and FR5FT/J. QSL via F6FNU (direct only)


FY - FRENCH GUYANA: Dave, FY/DJ0PJ, will be on as /QRP Apr 2 to May 6 again. QRGs: 10116, 14060, 18080 and 21060. QSL via DJ0PJ (buro)

HP - PANAMA: Gerard F2JD/HP1XBI planned to be active during CQWWDX-SSB from HP1XVH's QTH as 3E1DX

OX - GREENLAND: Rudy, PA3GQW, will become QRV Aug 26 to Sep 2 on 20 and 6m from Illulisat


3W - VIETNAM: Before going to KH4-Midway (middle Apr) JA3IG will be 3W8IG

A9 - BAHRAIN: Bob, A92GD is now also on 30m. QSL via K1SE = DX-NL1030. In Bahrain on 30m only 10140 kHz is used!

Informations about participation in CQWPX-SSB-contest:

3DA5A via JH7FQK        3Z0RY via SP4TKK        4L5A via IK3HHX
4M1X via W4SO           4V2A via 9A2AJ          5X1T via ON5NT
7X2RO via OM3CGN        8P9IJ via VE3VET        9H3ZZ via G4RTO
BV9ANA via BV2KI        C6AJR via DL3ABL        CW6V via W3HNK
EA9AM via OH2BH         ES5Q via ES5RY          FJ/K1YJK via H/C
GM7X via GM4FDM         GW7J Op GW0GEI          KP3EE via WP4U
KP5/KF8OM via KF8OM     LX60RL via LX1KQ        LX9DIG via DL3JTN
M7P via G3GAF           NH7A via N2AU           OE3S via OE2GEN
OH0A via OH2BAD         OK8AUY via LX1NO        OL5T via OK1MUJ
OT7A via ON7LR          S02R via EA2JG          L5T via OK1MUJ
OM9A via OM3EI          PZ5DX via K3BYV         S02R via EA2JG  
T0NY Op EA3NY           T88X via JE6DND         TK5NN via buro or CBA
TM0PX via F5BZB         TM5DX via F5EJC         TS8A via YT1AD
V31DX via AA6BB         VP5E via VE1JX          YM3DL via DL4VBP
YT4I via YU4WU          ZS9F via KK3S           ZV8C via PY5AMS
ZX9A via JA1VOK         ZX0F via PY5EG  and A71EM, ZZ1K,PX1I, ZW1B.


DATE            CALL            DXNL
16Mar-03Apr     3B8 (DL6UAA)    1033
early Apr       3W8IG           1039 *
10Apr - 10May   TS40A           1038
now             3XY3A           1039 *
08Apr - 10Apr   6O0X + 6O0YL    1039 *
Jun             6V1A            1039 *
04Apr - 17Apr   6W2/F6BUM       1037
29Mar - 13Apr   K6JAH/6Y5       1038
25Mar - 03Apr   8P9IJ           1036
middleMar- 4Apr 9M6TCR+TPR  1035,1038
19Apr - 16Jun   9M8CC           1027
Mar - May       9Q5BQ           1038
Apr - Sep       9Q5HX           1038
30Apr - 07May   BS7H            1034
until 20May     C6AGN           1033
24Mar - 04Apr   C6AJR + AJQ     1034
25Mar-Apr       EL (ND3A)       1039 *
22Mar - 06Apr   FR/F5MNW        1036
until 13May     FR5KH/J + DT/J  1039 *
02Apr - 06May   FY/DJ0PJ/QRP    1039 *
24Mar - 05Apr   MU/W7MAE        1038
23Mar - 07Apr   J77FT           1038
until 23Apr     JG8NQJ/JD1      1033
07Jun - 20Jun   OY/ (DLs)       1037
18Mar - 03Apr   PZ5DX           1034
08Apr - 15Apr   V2 (AI5P etc)   1038
09Apr - 30Apr   V47XC           1038
until Jun       V63AO           1039 *
now             V63KU           1033
Apr97 - Apr98   VP2M(G0VNW)     1037    
28Mar - 14Apr   XT2AW           1033
until May       XT2DP           1037
08Feb - ?       ZK1DI           1032
from 02Apr      ZL9/K8VIR       1036
until Apr       ZS8IR           1037
                        "NEW"  1039 *
Contests: 5./6.Apr SP-DX-contest 10 - 160m SSB.
Exchange: RS + serial number. (SPs RS + Province).
Also EA RTTY-contest 10 - 80m. Send RST + CQ-Zone.
(EAs RST + Province)

Bandspots of last 7 days

9X4WW           1828    2147Z   via ON5NT
C56/DK3FW       1832    0319Z
HJ6PPN          1835    0357Z
KP3/W8MJ        1843    0303Z
TA3ZK           1826    2221Z
VK6VZ           1828    2224Z
8P6FF           3508    0423Z
FG5HR           3794    0300Z   via F6BUM
HH7PV           3795    2258Z
WP2/WI9WI       3507    0255Z
XE3AJM          3501    0058Z
3B8/DL6UAA      7063    2023Z   via buro
4V2A            7040    0723Z   via 9A2AJ
C56/DK3FW       7005    0616Z
C6AJQ           7008    0058Z   via DL3ABL
HP1XVH          7066    0323Z   via KF0UI
TS8A            7063    0602Z   via YT1AD
XT2AW           7003    0603Z   via DF2WO
3B8/DL6UAA      10102   2009Z   via buro
5R8FK           10102   1408Z   PB620
7X2RO           10103   1551Z   via OM3CGN
DS5USH          10102   1752Z
HL2LPT          10102   1714Z
JW5HE           10108   1042Z   via OZ8RO
VQ9VK           10118   1607Z   via AA1OJ
WP2/WI9WI       10103   2232Z
9V1ZB           14006   1357Z   via JL3WSL
C21RK           14196   1038Z
HP1XBI/1        14263   1213Z   via F6AJA
J52DW           14195   0841Z   via LX2DW
NH7A            14229   1802T   via N2AU
P29VR           14178   1124Z   via W7LFA
T22MS           14218   0832Z   via DL2GAC
VK5ISL          14263   1112Z   via I1HYW
3DA0NX          18070   1710Z   via ZS6CAX
FM5GS           18075   1132Z   via F6GNG
J37XC           18114   1602Z   via W2BJI
K9AW/KH2        18076   0841Z   via WF5T
VQ9VK           18070   1113Z   via AA1OJ
XT2AW           18134   0941Z   via DF2WO
3DA5A           21220   1338Z   via JH7FQK
5X1T            21330   1313Z   via ON5NT
9U5T            21239   1105Z   via F2VX
V31PI           21305   1428Z
VS97WO          21280   1123Z   via K9MZ
XX9W            21242   0857Z
A41LZ           24950   1102Z
CE3KC           24950   1902Z
CX3CE           24950   1843Z
D2EV            24950   1708Z   via DL3KBQ
J52DW           18145   1816Z   via LX2DW
TZ6VV           24945   1703T
ZD8DEZ          24940   1635Z   via G0DEZ
9J2FR           28495   1457Z
CX4CAY          28475   1904Z
LU4FJZ          28400   1456Z
OH0AM           28493   1055Z   via OH2BAD
ZD8DEZ          28530   1635Z   via G0DEZ
ZX0F            28460   1829Z   via PY5EG


4L - GEORGIA: According to an information of 4L2M, president of amateur radio assosiation in Georgia, calls are 4L1, 4L4, 4L6, 4L7 and 4L0 added with a 2 letter suffix. This is used for clubstations, too. 4L4L, 4L5O, 4L0B etc are exceptions for outstanding amateurs. 4L2DX, 4L3Q, 4L44N, 4L50K, 4L55K, 4L6HMC and 4L7F are pirates.

DF6EX Manfred Meier, POBox 1269, D-95645 Waldsassen has collected QSL- infos of about 80 000 stations and QSL-moral-list of 6000 managers. His WINDOWS-QSL-Manager-Disk with full callbook-CD-access you get at 29 US$, shipping and handling included. He is also on email: DF6EX@tir.baynet.de


QSL received directly: 3C5A (N6ZZ), 4K8DYL,AP2N (DF8WS), JX3EX, UA2FCC, WA4DAN/CY0

TNX for contribution to 425-DX-NEWS, 59(9) DXReport, ARRL-DX-News, CO8KL, DF1ZN, DK8SR, DL1GEH, DL1SBF, DL9GOA, DX-PRESS, E.W.W.A.-DX Bulletin, HB9AGH, HB9BWB, IS0AGY, JA7FYF, Les-Nouvelles-DX, QRZ-DX, SM5AHK, VK2SG RTTY DX NOTES and others.