DX Newsletter 1077
December 22, 1997

DX-NL 1077 - December 22, 1997
DX News Letter
Editor: Michael, DJ5AV

(e-mail: mikeoerter.dj5av@t-online.de)

translated into English by Bob, DL7VOA
(e-mail: robert@wirtschaft.tu-ilmenau.de)


DU - PHILIPPINES Commemorating the 100th anniversary of their independence the prefix DU100 will be activated in 1998. - The ACES club celebrates the jubilee of Naga using the call 5G50N between January and March. QSL via bureau to DU9RG or to his (new) address from DXNL 1049.

KH2 - GUAM Walt, KH2/KF2XN, stays in Agana for three months and wants to be QRV from the local MARS clubstation during his spare time.

T8 - PALAU Hide, JM1LJS, will be on the air as T88KH from Palau (OC-009) from December 30 until January 4. QSL via JM1LJS.

VK9X - CHISTMAS ISLAND Mirek, VK3DXI, spends his holidays on Christmas and should be QRV as VK9XU. QSL via DL4DBR.


5H - TANZANIA Unni, 5H3/LA6RHA, is active since December 22 and he should be QRV also as 5H1/LA6RHA from Zanzibar until January 4.

TT - CHAD Eric, F5JKK, will be on the air as TT6M or TT8AQ mostly in CW (and also on 6m) between Jan 15 and March. QSL direct only via F6FNU.


8P - BARBADOS Glenn, VA3DX, will be QRV again as 8P9DX on all bands from Jan 18 until Feb 1. He intends to participate also in the 160m contest on Jan 24/25. QSL via VA3DX or VE3ICR, NOT via the 8P bureau! - 8P9EM will be QRV until Jan 6. QSL via G3VBL.

PJ9 - CURACAO John, W1BIH, will be active as PJ9JT on all bands between Jan 10 and March 31, 1998. QSL via W1AX.

VP5 - TURKS AND CAICOS ISLANDS Randy, N0TG/VP5, Murry, WA4DAN/VP5, And Ronald, AA4VK/VP5, will be QRV mostly in CW and on the WARC bands from January 16-23. All QSLs via N0TG.


1B - NORTH CYPRUS 1B/DF8AN will be QRV from the "Turkish Republic North Cyprus" from January 15-18. QSL via DF8AN. This country has been accepted as a sovereign country only by the Turkish government. Therefore this one does NOT count as an extra DXCC credit.

1S - SPRATLY ISLAND The CHILTERN DX CLUB (CDXC) plans a DXpedition with four stations active as 9M0C from Layang-Layang from February 12-24. Emphasis will be put on the lowbands, 6m and RTTY. The European pilot station will be G3ZAY. For more information check their homepage: http://members.aol.com/spratly98. They plan also to make their logs available on the internet. QSL via Phil, G3SWH, 100% via buro or to P. Whitchurch, 21 Dickensons Grove, Congresbury, Bristol, BS19 5HQ, Great Britain.

8Q - MALDIVES The XZ1N team will be active as 8Q7AA from Male from January 19-28. QSL via bureau or direct to N7TX (also via e-mail: n7tx@cadxa.org).

9N - NEPAL Brad, KV5V, and his daughter, KC5RPK, will be in Kathmandu from January 1-12. Brad prefers CW and RTTY. QSL via KV5V.

BY - CHINA Merv, K9FD, and W0RI will activate the clubstation BY1QH on 40-160m starting January 14 (DXNL 1070). Donations to W0RI, QSLs via K9FD.


CU - AZORES CU1/DL3KUD will be active from Santa Maria (EU-003) between Dec 29 and Jan 7. He will be mostly on the low and WARC bands (1834, 3504, 7004, 10104, 18074 and 24894 kHz). QSL ONLY via bureau to DL3KUD.

ZB2 - GIBRALTAR Wolfgang, DL2NWK, Frank, DL7UFR, and Rolf, DL7VEE, should be QRV as ZB2/homecall in CW/SSB/RTTY on 10-160m from Dec 31 until Jan 4. All QSLs via homecalls will be answered 100% via bureau.


CANADA Day Contest CW/SSB (no crossmode): Dec 28, 0000-2400 UTC. Work all stations once per pand/mode. Exchange: RS(T)+QSO number (VE's: province).


DATE           CALL            DXNL

Jan 15-Jan 18  1B/DF8AN        1077 *
      -Jan 98  3D2AG/p         1073
Jan 1 -Jan 20  4F1UFT          1076
Dec 23-Jan 6   4J0FR           1075
Jan   -Mar 98  5G50N           1077 *
Dec 22-Jan 4   5H3+5H1         1077 *
      -Dec 25  6C50O           1076
Jan 22-Jan 25  7P8  (ZS6s)    1073
Jan 18-Feb 1   8P9DX           1077 *
      -Jan 6   8P9EM           1077 *
Jan 19-Jan 28  8Q7AA           1077 *
Dec 19-Dec 25  8Q7IG           1075
End of 97      9G1AA           1050
Feb 12-Feb 24  9M0C            1057, 1077 *
Feb 20-Mar 6   9N1UD           1074
Jan 1 -Jan 12  9N              1077 *
Jan 14-?       BY1QH           1077 *
Dec 19-Jan 9   C56/G0UL        1075
Dec   -Jan     C6AGN           1075
Dec 29-Jan 7   CU1/DL3KUD      1077
Dec 97-Feb 98  FT5WG           1071
Dec 13-Jun 98  FT5XN           1075
Dec 17-Jan 3   H44IO, H44IQ ?  1075
Jan   -Dec 98  HF0POL          1074
Dec   -Jan     DJ4IJ/HI8       1076
Dec 23-Dec 28  HL0C/4          1076
Nov 26-Jan 19  HS0/DL2FDK      1072
now            J28AG           1076
Feb 10-Mar 1   J3/K4LTA etc    1076
Dec 22-Jan 9   J8/DF2SS        1072
Nov 25-Feb 20  JG8NQJ/JD1      1072
Dec   -Mar     KH2/KF2XN       1077 *
Dec 15-Feb 98  LU1ZC           1075
Nov 1 -        NH2/NH6D        1072
      -Apr 30  P40MR           1074
Jan 10-Mar 31  PJ9JT           1077 *
Dec 25-Jan 10  T31BB ?         1075
      -Jan 1   T88JA           1076
Dec 30-Jan 4   T88KH           1077 *
      -Dec     TL8PL           1073
soon           TT6E            1076
Jan 15-Mar     TTM             1077 *
Nov 11-Jan 99  TZ6JA           1073
Dec 25-Jan 12  V31JP           1076
Jan 4 -Jan 17  V47XK           1076
Dec 21-Dec 26  VK9XU           1077 *
Jan 16-Jan 23  N0TG/VP5 etc    1077 *
Dec 31-Jan 4   ZB2   (DLs)    1077 *
      -Mar 98  ZK1DI           1073

"NEW": 1077 *

Bandspots of the last 7 days

   6W6JX       1826  2118Z via Box 200, Kaolack, Senegal
   AL7R        1828  0307Z via KL7KJ, bureau
   C6AIE       1831  0555Z via WZ8D, bureau 
   HV4NAC      1848  2247Z via IK0FVC, bureau 
   TI4CF       1846  0000Z via W3HNK, direct 
   VK3QI       1829  1843Z 
   3B8CF       3508  0137Z direct via CBA 
   8P9FF       3508  0539Z via Bob, Golden View, St James, Barbados
   BV5BG       3800  2159Z via I0WDX, direct
   NP4A        3800  0701Z via W3HNK, direct
   TZ6HP       3503  1857Z via JA1OEM, bureau
   V21DD       3792  0737Z
   ZK1DI       3503  0733Z via DK1RV, bureau
   E21EJC      7001  2010Z via bureau
   HK0ER       7007  2339Z via Box 934, San Andres Island, Colombia
   KH0U        7009  1942Z via JA1QNV 
   LU1ZC       7007  0056Z via LU6EF, bureau 
   TI4CF       7045  2127Z via W3HNK, direct 
   TT8KM       7011  2055Z via F6FNU, direct 
   VU2JPS      7007  2138Z via VK9NS, direct 
   WH0AAV      7077  1458Z via CBA 
   7X2RO      10103  2302Z via OM3CGN, bureau 
   C6AIE      10101  2156Z via WZ8D, bureau 
   LU1ZC      10111  2200Z via LU6EF, bureau 
   TZ6HP      10101  1832Z via JA1OEM, bureau 
   WP3A       10103  2130Z via NP4QH 
   ZK1DI      10104  0529Z via DK1RV, bureau 
   AH8LG      14200  0848Z via KS6DV 
   H44IO      14007  1034Z via DL7VRO, bureau
   KH0S       14189  1014Z via JA1OGX 
   OX3XR      14025  1353Z via OZ3PZ, also bureau 
   ZD7JB      14207  0811Z via N5FTR, bureau 
   4F3CV      18072  1020Z via HB9CXZ, bureau 
   6W1QV      18130  0916Z via F6FNU, direct 
   8P9EM      18074  1311Z via G3VBL, bureau 
   A43XXV     18145  1026Z via A47RS, bureau 
   C6AIE      18071  1722Z via WZ8D, bureau 
   TL8PL      18138  1350Z via F5LNA, direct 
   TT8JFC     18160  1247Z via WA4ZJB 
   WH0AAV     18081  0901Z via CBA  
   ZD9BV      18140  0851Z via W4FRU, direct 
   9N1HA      21017  0809Z via Box 10091, Kathmandu, Nepal
   9Z4CT      21297  1315Z 
   DU3RCM     21212  0958Z 
   E22AAD     21257  1033Z via DL2FDK,bureau 
   FR5DD      21020  1115Z via F bureau 
   KH0CE      21295  1048Z via Box 2249, MP 96950, Guam, USA
   P40AV      21262  1439Z via K4AVQ, bureau 
   PJ2WOL     21250  1406Z 
   XV7TH      21295  1023Z via SK7AX 
   3B8CF      24905  1132Z direct via CBA
   5N0T       24948  0957Z via F2YT, bureau 
   GM4DKO/DU3 24901  0936Z 
   KP3R       24899  1509Z 
   VR97LC     24950  0948Z via VR2LC 
   YS1RRD     24945  1428Z via DJ9ZB, bureau 
   5R8EE      28490  0930Z via FR5EL, direct 
   HS7AS      28030  0935Z via HS1CDX 
   V51HK      28490  1426Z via DL6OBS 


QSL Routes


QSLs arrived directly: FH5CB

TNX for information to 425 DXNEWS, 599 DX Report, ARRL DX News, QSL ROUTES, DF1ZN, DF6EX, DJ2EV, DL1GEH, DL1SBF, DL3GA, DL7PR, DL7VEE, DL7VOA, DXPRESS, DL8FCU, CO2JA, GOList, JAPAN DX News, Les Nouvelles DX, OPDX, The DAILY DX, QRZ DX, VK2SG RTTY DX Notes and others.

For all readers of the electronic issue of the DXNL. This is an excerpt of an important announcement by Zorro, JH1AJT (tnx AH0W/OH2LVG):

XW8 - LAOS Zorro, JH1AJT, has been extended a special invitation to attend the 30th anniversary celebration of Khao Sanpathet Lao (KPL), the Lao News Agency, to take place in early January 1998. In conjunction with the event,the Special Anniversary Commission has also extended permission for an international team of radio operators to conduct a DXpedition operation from Vientiane, Lao, 5-13 January. The team of operators will include Zorro JH1AJT (teamleader), Yuki XW1A, Frank AH0W/OH2LVG, Shin JA0DAI, Toshio JP1IOF, John SM0DJZ and Erik SM0AGD. The DXpedition will be an all-band, all-mode, multi-station effort with special emphasis on low bands and CW. Operations will also include an effort on 6 meters and RTTY. Special event callsigns for the DXpedition will be XW30 for CW and XW30A for SSB, RTTY and FM. QSL via Erik Sjolund SM0AGD, Vestagatan 27, S-19556, Marsta, Sweden More information is available via the Midway-Kure DX Foundation: mkdxf@aztec.asu.edu