DX Newsletter 1083
February 16, 1998

DX-NL 1083 - February 16, 1998
DX News Letter
Editor: Michael, DJ5AV

(e-mail: mikeoerter.dj5av@t-online.de)

translated into English by Bob, DL7VOA
(e-mail: robert@wirtschaft.tu-ilmenau.de)


KH9 - WAKE ISLAND K8XP, N2DD, N6MZ and N2WB (of the Dateline DX Ass.) will be on the air especially for europe and on the lowbands between February 26 and March 11. QSL and donations via WA4YBV.

T30 - WESTERN KIRIBATI T30JH shall be QRV again (mostly on 6m) until February 24. QSL via homecall VK2GJH.

ZL7 - CHATHAM ISLAND DL8WPX/YB1AQS, DL3DXX, DL7UFN, DK7YY, DK1BT and DL2OAP are planning a large scale operation as ZL7DK with three stations active mostly in CW on the lowbands between Feb 24 and March 9. Using the same equipment as VK9XY, VK9CR and P29VXX they intend to return with similar QSO numbers. QSL via bureau to DK7YY.


CN - MOROCCO After logging 6400 QSOs CN2IB (DXNL 1081) was shut down prematurely on Feb 6. Their transceiver and amplifier broke down because they had temporary voltages of up to 380 volts (instead of 220 volts) in their hotel in Agadir. QSL via OM1APD.


8P - BARBADOS Mar, LA7AT, will be on the air between Feb 23 and Mar 2. He will receive his callsign upon arrival on the island. QSL via LA7AT. - Steve, 8P9AP, is once again active from the St Lawrence Gap (also in the ARRL CW Contest) from Feb 17-24. QSL via homecall K2WE.

C6 - BAHAMAS Joe, C6AJR (W8GEX), and John, C6AIE (WZ8D), will be on the air as C6AIE especially during the CQ 160m SSB Contest between Feb 25 and March 4. QSL via bureau to WZ8D or with sufficient return postage to John Walker, 1930 Meredith Dr, Loveland, OH 45140-7216, USA. C6AJR via W8GEX, Joe Pater, 1894 Old Oxford Rd, Hamilton, OH 45013, USA.

FS - ST MARTIN Dennis, K7BV, will take part in the ARRL CW Contest signing FS5PL on Feb 21/22. QSL via N0JT. QSLs for his QSOs as FS/K7BV should be sent via bureau or to Dennis Motschenbacher, 4357 Appolonia Way, Carson City, NV 89704, USA.

HI - DOMINICAN REPUBLIC Sigi, DL7DF/HI, should be on the air between Feb 23 and March 5. - Staffan, SM7DQW/HI, has been announced for Feb 15 till March 1.

HK0 - SAN ANDRES ISLAND HK0/KB5GL will be active between Feb 26 and March 3. QSL via AC7DX.

PJ - ST MAARTEN Ron, ND5S, Sue, KF5LG, Bill, W8EB, and W8DVC are QRV again as PJ8/ homecall between Feb 18 and March 8. Operations include 160m and the ARRL contest (signing PJ8A). Contest QSLs via W9NIP, all others via their homecalls.

V2 - ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA AA1M, W1HL, KA1MID and W1USN intend to be QRV from NA-100 between February 23 and March 2. QSLs via bureau to their homecalls. - V26B will be activated during both ARRL contests. QSL via WT3Q. The Operators are V26A (Dale/N3BNA via WB3DNA);V26B (Sam/WT3Q via WT3Q) V26DX (Doug/W3CF via KK3S); V26E (Darrell/AB2E via AB2E) and V26U (Bill/W2UDT via W2UDT), John/N2NC, Andy/N2NT, John/WA2C and more.

VP2E - ANGUILLA ISLAND Dick, K3DI, will participate in the ARRL CW Contest on Feb 21/22 signing VP2EEI. He hopes to be QRV from French St Martin signing FS/K3DI during the WWDX 160m SSB Contest. QSL via bureau to K3DI or via e-mail to: wilder@clark.net.


8Q - MALDIVES HB9DIF and DL8NBE want to repeat their 1997 activity from Dhiffushi situated in the South Ari atoll. They should be active as 8Q7BV in CW and 8Q7BE in SSB/RTTY between February 19 and March 11. QSLs to their homecalls via bureau ONLY!


4U1ITU - ITU HEADQUARTERS GENEVA Aki, JA5CUX, is QRV on Feb 20/21. QSL via bureau to 4U1ITU or direct to the IARC, Box 6, CH-1211 Geneva 20, Switzerland.

GU - GUERNSEY ISLAND MU0/W7MAE is QRV between February 15 and March 1. QSL via W7MAE.


ARRL DX CW Contest: Feb 21, 0000 UTC till Feb 22, 2400 UTC. Bands: 10-160m. Work: W/VE (except KH6/KL7). Exchange: RST+output (W/VE: state)

ARRL DX CW Contest announced operations:

PY0FF   via W9VA          PY0ZFO   via W9VA
TI5N    via TI5KD         VP9ID    via K1EFI
XA5T    via N5TU


DATE           CALL            DXNL

Mar 23-Apr 1   3D2  (OKKDXF)   1082
postponed!     3X   (G0AEV)    1082
Feb 20-Feb 21  4U1ITU          1083 *
Mar 23-Mar 30  5W   (OKKDXF)   1082
Feb 23-Mar 2   8P   (LA7AT)    1083 *
Feb 17-Feb 24  8P9AP           1083 *
Feb 19-Mar 11  8Q7BV, 8Q7BE    1083 *
Feb 4 -Feb 25  9G1AA           1050, 1080
      -Feb 22  9G5BQ           1081
Feb 5 -Mar 1   9G5VJ           1072, 1080
Feb 12-Feb 24  9M0C            1057, 1077
Feb 20-Mar 6   9N1UD           1074
Mar 4 -Mar 14  A35  (OKKDXF)   1082
End of Feb     C6A  (W's)      1081
Feb 25-Mar 4   C6AJR etc       1083 *

March          FG   (F2HE)     1080/1081
Feb 20-Feb 24  FO0  (OKKDXF)   1082 
End of Feb     FS5PL, FS/K7BV  1083 *
Jan 21-Mar 18  FT5WG           1071, 1078
Feb 23-Mar 5   DL7DF/HI        1083 *
Feb 15-Mar 1   SM7DQW/HI       1083 *
Feb 26-Mar 3   HK0/KB5GL       1083 *
Feb 1 -Feb 22  VE3BW/HR6       1080
Feb 10-Mar 1   J3/K4LTA etc    1076
Feb 15-Feb 23  J6   (W's)      1082
Feb 17-Feb 24  KG4DZ           1082
Mar 5 -Mar 12  KH1  (W's)      1080
Feb 4 -Feb 27  KH5, KA4IST etc 1080
Feb 28-Mar 1   KH5K (W's)      1080
Feb 21-Mar 8   KH6N (NH7A)     1082
March          KH8  (OKKDXF)   1082
Feb 26-Mar 11  KH9             1083 *
Dec 15-Mar 15  LU1ZC           1075
Feb 15-Mar 1   MU0/W7MAE       1083 *

Feb   -Mar     P40K etc        1082
Feb 18-Mar 8   PJ8A etc        1083 *
      -Mar     S79MX           1081
      -Feb 24  T30JH           1083 *
Feb 15-Mar 1   TJ1GB           1082
Feb 5 -Mar     TR8CR           1080
Jan 15-Mar     TT8JE           1077, 1079
Feb 23-Mar 2   V2/AA1M etc     1083 *
Feb   -Mar     V26B etc        1083 *
End of Feb     VP2EEI          1083 *
Feb 14-Feb 28  VP5FXB etc      1082
Soon           WH2Z            1079
      -Mar 98  ZK1DI           1073, 1078
Feb 24-Mar 9   ZL7DK           1083 *
Beg of 1999    ZL9             1081

"NEW": 1083 *

Bandspots of the last 7 days

   7X2RO       1830  2319Z via OM3CGN, also bureau
   9G5VJ       1829  2310Z via G4ZVJ, bureau
   9M0C        1825  2033Z via G3SWH, bureau
   CL8VP       1827  0620Z via HI3JH, CBA
   HK7/SM5HV   1824  0339Z
   JX7DFA      1848  1848Z via LA7DFA
   KP2/W0BV    1831  0540Z via W0BV
   S79MX       1830  2202Z via HB9MX, bureau
   TR8XX       1821  0432Z via bureau
   VK8AV       1822  1949Z
   VP8CTR      1826  0443Z via DL5EBE, bureau
   XE3AJM      1834  0615Z via bureau

   5N3CPR      3506  0012Z via SP5CPR, bureau
   9M0C        3502  1807Z via G3SWH, bureau
   A45XR       3503  0158Z via SP5EXA, bureau
   DS2AGH      3796  2029Z via HL1XP, bureau
   HF0POL      3512  2337Z via SP3BGD, bureau
   S79MX       3508  0200Z via HB9MX, bureau
   VP5/N9CK    3507  0056Z via bureau

   5W0FN       7003  1759Z via HB9HFN, bureau
   9M0C        7080  1725Z via G3SWH, bureau
   KP2/W0BV    7008  0038Z via W0BV
   ST2SA       7048  2003Z
   TR8XX       7045  1812Z via bureau

   9M0C       10102  1833Z via G3SWH, bureau
   D2BB       10109  2016Z via W3HNK, direct
   LU1ZC      10122  2138Z via LU6EF, bureau
   S79MX      10197  2257Z via HB9MX, bureau
   YK1AH      10103  1656Z via Box 9597, Damaskus, Syria
   ZK1DI      10103  0909Z via DK1RV, bureau

   3C1GS      14173  1838Z via EA5BYP, bureau
   A35FN      14010  0711Z via HB9HFN, bureau
   KA4IST/KH5 14270  1037Z via AC7DX, direct
   V51SG      14188  1811Z via bureau
   V73UX      14220  1102Z via V73AX
   VP8CTR     14087  2053Z via DL5EBE, bureau

   8P9FX      18091  1107Z via G3RFX, bureau
   9M0C       18145  1006Z via G3SWH, bureau
   JT1KAA     18118  0944Z direct
   TU5GV      18140  0817Z via F8BEM
   ZL2UW      18078  0723Z via bureau

   3W6KA      21282  1042Z via Rho, Box 67, Saigon, Vietnam
   C91LCK/p   21260  1106Z via I4LCK, bureau
   CP4BT      21014  1234Z via DL9OT, bureau
   D2BB       21010  1105Z via W3HNK, direct
   V63BR      21015  1105Z via AA4US

   9M0C       24892  1005Z via G3SWH, bureau
   9X0A       24892  0726Z via DL5WM
   A45XR      24902  0752Z via SP5EXA, bureau
   KG4CQ      24952  1703Z via WT4K, bureau
   KP2/K0TG   24895  1413Z
   LU1ZC      24896  1444Z via LU6EF, bureau

   5N3CPR     28028  1427Z via SP5CPR, bureau
   9M0C       28025  1802Z via G3SWH, bureau
   A45XR      28020  0848Z via SP5EXA, bureau
   C91LCK     28475  1350Z via I4LCK, bureau
   KP2/W0BV   28020  1334Z via W0BV
   S79MX      28050  1024Z via HB9MX, bureau
   V51AT      28461  1142Z via DF2JQ


The Island DX News writes that in addition to the OKKDXF Pacific trip (DXNL 1082) ZK1 (South Cook) shall be activated on the lowbands from Feb 24 until March 4. QSL via OKDX Foundation.

QSL Routes

The LYON DX GANG is collecting information to create a EUROPEAN MOST WANTED DXCC LIST. Everybody who worked K7K, ZK1XXP, VK9WM/WY or FT5ZG should leave them out. Send your scores before March 20, 1998 in packet radio to: F5PYI@F6BIG.FRHA.FRA.EU, via DX cluster to F5PYI > F6KDF-3, via e-mail to: f5pyi@sugarland.ampr.org or direct to Laurent Borde, L'Orme,F-42520 Maclas, France. Different modes are of no interest at all. They are also interested in scores of those DXers who still miss 200 countries...

QSLs arrived directly: JW5NM, KH8/N5OLS (via N5JA), PJ5AA (via N2AU)

TNX for information to 425DXNEWS, 599 DX Report, ARRL DX News, DF1ZN, OPDX, DF6EX, DL1GEH, DL1SBF, DXPRESS, F9MD, GOList, HB9DHK, JAPAN DX News, OM3LA, K2WE, Les Nouvelles DX, DL7VOA, ON6DP, QRZ DX, QSL ROUTES, The DAILY DX, VK2SG RTTY DX Notes, WZ8D and others.