DX Newsletter 1084
February 23, 1998

DX-NL 1084 - February 23, 1998
DX News Letter
Editor: Michael, DJ5AV

(e-mail: mikeoerter.dj5av@t-online.de)

translated into English by Bob, DL7VOA
(e-mail: robert@wirtschaft.tu-ilmenau.de)


VP8 - ANTARCTICA EM1HO will be active from Galindez Island (AN-006) until the end of March. He is QRV on 1829 kHz daily and in contests and logged about 40.000 QSOs yet. QSL via I2PJA. - Roman, LU/UX1KA, is based at the Base Refugeo Naval Groussac on Peterman Island. QSL via DL5EBE.


3D2 - FIJI 3D2CC on Malolo Island (OC-121) shall be active on 14131 kHz daily around 1830 UTC.

DU - PHILIPPINES Michael, DU1/DF8AN, makes his first stop on his DXpedition between February 27 and March 11. QSL via buro or direct to Michael Noertemann, Neustadt 18, D-37154 Northeim, Germany. The CBA 97 is wrong.

KH2 - GUAM ISLAND Afterwards Michael will be QRV as KH2/DF8AN from March 11-14.

T8 - PALAU He will stay on Koror Island (OC-009) from Mar 22-28.

V6 - MICRONESIA DF8AN's stopover here will be from March 14-22. All QSLs via DF8AN.


5A - LIBYA ON4APS, ON4CEL and YL ON4CAT will activate the clubstation once again this time as 5A21PA from March 2-8. QSL via ON4APS, direct or via bureau. Info at: http://users.glo.be/~frankyb/5a21pa.html.

9J - ZAMBIA Aki, 9J2AM, is QRV until December 31. QSL via homecall JA0JHA.

XT - BURKINA FASO Dan, N9XAG, who is still very active from N'Dorola will put down his antennas in April and then returns to the US for one year. He plans to return to Burkina Faso in 1999 with new equipment and better antennas. QSL via WB2YQH.

ZS - SOUTH AFRICA John, KA3DBN/VP2EBN, will be in Africa again from March 1-19. From South Africa he will try to operate in CW/SSB/RTTY from A22, 7P8, 3DA0, Z2 and C9. QSL via bureau to K3BEQ.

VQ9 - CHAGOS ARCHIPELAGO Paul, W2JDK/VQ9PH (SSB), and James, WB9IHH/VQ9JC (CW) are on Diego Garcia (AF-006) for the next three months. QSL via homecalls.


CO - CUBA VE3ESE, VE3NXB, VE3NQK and several local operators will operate as T48RAC between Feb 27 and March 8 (including WWDX 160m SSB Contest and ARRL SSB Contest). QSL via bureau to VE3ESE. Check their logs in the internet at: http://www.kwarc.org.

J7 - DOMINICA Bob, J7/W2KKZ, will be QRV in CW from 10-80m from March 1-8 (also in ARRL SSB Contest). QSLs are 100% sure via buro after his return.

KP4 - PUERTO RICO Eddie, EA3NY, will be on NA-099 and plans to call for Europe on 40m and 80m in the nights between Feb 28 and Mar 3.

V2 - ANTIGUA Doug, W3CF, is QRV again as V26DX especially on the WARC bands and in the 160m WWDX SSB Contest from Feb 27 till Mar 8. During the ARRL SSB Contest he will join the V26B crew.

VP2M - MONTSERRAT This year Art, N2NB, will stay on NA-103 for one weekend each month. QSL via NW8F.

VP8 - FALKLAND ISLANDS Chris, VP8CXV, is QRV on 15 and 20m. QSL via G0TQJ.


4S7 - SRI LANKA Mario, 4S7BRG, will be on the air for about three months starting on March 3. QSL via bureau to his homecall HB9BRM.

9M0 - SPRATLY ISLANDS 9M0C went QRT with 70000 QSOs in the log on Feb 23, 1400 UTC. Their main problem with Europe was their QRN on 80 and 160m.

A7 - QATAR Dave, KC9M/J52IM, will move to Doha soon. QSL via KB9XN.


3A - MONACO Manfred, 3A/DJ7RJ, was announced again for Feb 28 until Mar 12. Check 1833 kHz around 0400 UTC. QSL via bureau to DJ7RJ.

JW - SVALBARD Carlos, JW9PJA, is in Longyearbyen from Feb 25-28. QSL via LA9PJA.

ARRL SSB Contest announced operations:

NH7A      via N2AU
OE9S      via bureau to OE2GEN
TI5N      via TI5KD
XE2EBE    via AA6DP


DATE           CALL            DXNL

Feb 28-Mar 12  3A/DJ7RJ        1084 *
Mar 24-Apr 1   3D2KT/3D2TN     1082, 1084 *
Mar 3 -May     4S7BRG          1084 *
Mar 2 -Mar 8   5A21PA          1084 *
Mar 14-Mar 23! 5W   (OKKDXF)   1082
Feb 23-Mar 2   8P   (LA7AT)    1083
Feb 19-Mar 11  8Q7BV, 8Q7BE    1083
Feb 5 -Mar 1   9G5VJ           1072, 1080
      -Dec 31  9J2AM           1084 *
Feb 20-Mar 6   9N1UD           1074
Mar 5 -Mar 14  A35KT, A35TN    1082
      -Feb     C6A  (Ws)      1081
Feb 25-Mar 4   C6AJR etc       1083
Feb 28-Mar 11  DU1/DF8AN       1084 *
      -Mar     EM1HO           1084 *
Mar            FG   (F2HE)     1080/1081
End of Feb     FS5PL, FS/K7BV  1083
Jan 21-Mar 18  FT5WG           1071, 1078
Feb 23-Mar 5   DL7DF/HI        1083
Feb 15-Mar 1   SM7DQW/HI       1083
Feb 26-Mar 3   HK0/KB5GL       1083
Feb 10-Mar 1   J3/K4LTA etc    1076
Mar 1 -Mar 8   J7/W2KKZ        1084 *
Feb 25-Feb 28  JW9PJA          1084 *
Mar 5 -Mar 12  KH1  (Ws)      1080
Mar 11-Mar 14  KH2/DF8AN       1084 *
Feb 4 -Feb 27  KA4IST/KH5 etc  1080
Feb 28-Mar 1   KH5K (Ws)      1080
Feb 21-Mar 8   KH6N (NH7A)     1082
Feb 26-Mar 11  K8XP/KH9        1083
Feb 28-Mar 3   KP4  (EA3NY)    1084 *
Feb 15-Mar 1   MU0/W7MAE       1083
Feb   -Mar     P40K etc        1082
Feb 18-Mar 8   PJ8A etc        1083
Feb 27-Mar 8   T48RAC          1084 *
Feb 15-Mar 1   TJ1GB           1082
Feb 5 -Mar     TR8CR           1080
Jan 15-Mar     TT8JE           1077, 1079
Feb 23-Mar 2   V2/AA1M etc     1083
Feb   -Mar     V26B etc        1083
Feb 27-Mar 8   V26DX           1084 *
Mar 14-Mar 28  V6, T8 (DF8AN)  1084 *
End of Feb     VP2EEI          1083
Feb 14-Feb 28  VP5FXB etc      1082
Feb   -Apr     VQ9PH, VQ9JC    1084 *
Soon           WH2Z            1079
Feb 24-Mar 3   ZK1  (OKKDXF)   1083
Feb 24-Mar 9   ZL7DK           1083
Early 1999     ZL9             1081

"NEW": 1084 *

Bandspots of the last 7 days

   3DA0CA      1828  0314Z via bureau
   9M2AX       1821  2343Z
   J3/K4LTA    1833  0332Z via bureau
   K8CC/C6A    1831  0640Z
   S79MX       1832  2244Z via HB9MX, bureau
   TJ1GB       1825  2005Z via bureau
   V26B        1836  0527Z via WT3Q
   VP5FXB      1826  0130Z via W8AV

   3C1GS       3795  2235Z via EA5BYP, bureau
   5N3CPR      3504  0020Z via SP5CPR, bureau
   9M0C        3502  1848Z via G3SWH, bureau
   HK3BZO      3793  0549Z via CBA
   S79MX       3507  1929Z via HB9MX, bureau

   3C1GS       7045  2124Z via EA5BYP, bureau
   9M0C        7065  1832Z via G3SWH, bureau
   8Q7BV       7016  1952Z via HB9DIF, bureau
   D2AI        7052  2315Z via CT1EGH, direct
   KP2/W0BV    7008  0038Z via W0BV, bureau
   V26B        7033  0818Z via WT3Q
   VK4SK       7007  2005Z via DL1FDV, bureau

   5W0FN      10104  1758Z via HB9HFN, bureau
   9M0C       10102  1833Z via G3SWH, bureau
   KG4ZK      10114  2016Z via W4ZYT
   PY0ZFO     10103  1933Z via W9VA, bureau
   V26E       10109  1957Z via W2 bureau
   YK1AH      10104  1529Z via Box 9597, Damaskus, Syria
   ZL4WW      10108  0754Z

   C21NJ      14030  0707Z via Box 205, Nauru
   D2BB       14194  1829Z via W3HNK, direct
   J52IM      14243  0842Z via KB9XN
   KG4QD      14004  1331Z via K4QD, bureau
   KA4IST/KH5 14195  1800Z via AC7DX, direct
   TZ6JA      14230  0723Z via JA3EMU

   3C1GS      18133  1702Z via EA5BYP, bureau
   9M0C       18073  1029Z via G3SWH, bureau
   C91LCK     18078  1513Z via I4LCK, bureau
   J3/K4LTA   18076  1424Z via bureau
   JX7DFA     18090  1426Z via LA7DFA
   KG4ZK      18092  1858Z via W4ZYT
   KP2/WB0V   18130  1301Z via bureau

   8Q7CR      21315  1259Z via DF5JR, bureau
   P49V       21237  1551Z via AI6V, bureau
   VQ9RU      21279  0931Z via KH2RU
   Z2/W8FTD   21256  1055Z via W8 bureau

   9M0C       24892  0859Z via G3SWH, bureau
   5NB3CPR    24936  1359Z via SP5CFR, bureau
   HC1JQ      24947  1552Z via bureau
   VE3BW/HR6  24893  1635Z via VE3BW
   KP2/KG0JH  24935  1509Z via bureau
   KG4QD      24895  1525Z via K4QD, bureau
   KP4BJB     24960  1417Z via bureau

   9X0A       28493  0954Z via DL5WM
   A45XR      28010  1254Z via SP5EXA, bureau
   E21EJC     28010  1214Z via HS1GOS, bureau
   ET3KV      28508  1041Z Karl, Box 7633, Addis Abeba, Ethiopia
   C91LCK     28490  1351Z via I4LCK, bureau
   CP4BT      28500  1625Z via DL9OT, bureau
   PY0FF      28032  1436Z via W9VA, bureau


QSL Routes


QSLs arrived directly: AH7L, FT5ZG (F5RQQ), WH0AAV, 9M2OO + 9M6HIL (N2OO)

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