DX Newsletter 1087
March 16, 1998

DX-NL 1087 - March 16, 1998
DX News Letter
Editor: Michael, DJ5AV

(e-mail: mikeoerter.dj5av@t-online.de)

translated into English by Bob, DL7VOA
(e-mail: robert@wirtschaft.tu-ilmenau.de)


H40 - TEMOTU ISLAND Owing to the new DXCC rules (DXNL 1080) H44GP, H44GR, JA5DQH, N4GN, N7NG, OH0XX, OH1RY, OH2BC, OH2BE, OH2BH, OH2TA, W6OSP and 9V1YC came together to organize a major DXpedition. They plan to activate the Solomons from March 21 and in the WPX Contest. Starting on April 1 they intend to activate a possible new DXCC country signing H40AA from Temotu Island. In my opinion they still need an acceptance of Temotu at the UN or so. QSL for H40AA via bureau to OH2BN or direct to Jarmo J Jaakola, Kiilletie 5C30, Helsinki 00710, Finland.

VK9N - NORFOLK ISLAND Jim, VK9NS, is now QRV in RTTY, too. QSL direct via Jim Smith, Box 90, Norfolk Island, Australia 2899.

YB - INDONESIA Jorma, OH2KI, will be QRV (mostly in CW) as YB9QV or YB9/OH2KI from March 20-30. QSL via OH2KI.

ZL - NEW ZEALAND K8VIR was announced for Chatham (DXNL 1078), but now became QRV from Stewart Island (OC-203) signing K8VIR/ZL4.


5Z - KENYA Alfredo, EA1FH, made 36.960 QSOs signing 9U5CW. His new job led him to Kenya and he is now waiting for his new licence. QSL via EA1FFC.

S0 - WESTERN SAHARA S08R and S0RASD will be on the air (mostly on 40/80/160m) between March 24 and April 20. More information is available in the net at: http://web.jet.es/rasd/. Skeds may be arranged via: arseli@jet.es. [NOTE: The points at the end of the addresses are full stops and do NOT belong to the address - DL7VOA.] The area shall become independent and may receive a new prefix in 1999. QSL direct to EA2JG, Arseli, Barrena 6, 01408 Luyando Alava, Spain.

ST0 - SOUTHERN SUDAN Southern Sudan was deleted from the current DXCC Countries List! ST0 QSOs prior to Jan 1, 1995 are now giving a deleted country credit. Now we have 328 valid and 58 deleted DXCC Countries on the list. Starting on April 1, 1998 the new DXCC rules (published in DXNL 1080) apply to every applicant.

TY - BENIN Sigi, DJ4LJ, did NOT go to Benin (DXNL 1086).


FM - MARTINIQUE Bruno, FM5JY, will be active on 10-160m (especially on 12m/17m) for four months starting on March 25. QSL via F5JYD.

J8 - ST VINCENT AND GRENADINES EA2CLU, EA2BP and EA2ADJ will be on the air as J8/EA2BP from Mar 21 until Apr 1. During the WPX Contest their callsign will be J80R. QSL via bureau to EA2BP, direct via Juanjo Ormaetxe, Apartado 530, E-20080 Donostia-San Sebastian, Spain or via sending an e-mail with the subject "J8/QSL" to: ea2clu@ctv.es

PJ7 - SABA Don, PJ8DM, is QRV from Feb 24 till the end of March. QSL via KF4KRZ.

VP5 - TURKS & CAICOS ISLANDS KN4UG stays on Providentiales Island (NA-002) from March 16-24. QSL via KN4UG, Don Namm, 103 Birkhaven Dr., Cary, NC 27511, USA.

VP9 - BERMUDA VP9ANV will be active during the 40th anniversary of the Bermuda Contest on March 21/22. QSL via WB2YQH.

YV - VENEZUELA Luigino's, YV5ENI, activity as 4M0I (Mar 15-20) shall take place on Las Aves, SA-051 (DXCC=YV) and NOT on Aves Isl. NA-020 (DXCC=YV0). YV5IVB sent an e-mail writing that the calls 4M0I, 4M5I, 4M8I,4M9I, 4M1I and 4M7I were NEVER issued. Furthermore YV5ENI's allocation expired and is void now.


3W - VIETNAM Steve, K2WE/3W6WE, in SSB and Les, W2LK/3W6LK, in CW are working from the clubstation 3W6KA on 10-80m. QSLs via homecalls.

9M2 - WESTERN MALAYSIA Pekka, OH2YY/BY, will be active from Kenigou signing 9M6PO during the WPX SSB Contest in the end of March.

9M8 - EASTERN MALAYSIA Phil, VR2CT, will hit the airwaves from Kota Kinabalu using 9M6CT between March 29 and May 3. QSL via VR2CT.


OH0 - ALAND ISLANDS DK6QW, DL3QQ, DF8QJ, DG1YHV and DL6YFB will be QRV as OH0/homecall on 10-160m from March 23-31. QSLs via bureau.

JW - SVALBARD Raymond, LA7EHA/JW7EHA, and Trond, LA8NHA/JW8NHA, will be active on 10-80m from March 23-25. QSLs via homecalls.


CQ WPX Contest SSB: Mar 28, 0000 UTC till Mar 29, 2400 UTC, Bands: 10-160m. Work: everybody, QSOs with own country count only as a multiplier. Exchange: RS + QSO number


DATE           CALL             DXNL

Mar 24-Apr 1   3D2KT/3D2TN      1084, 1086
Mar 25-Mar 31  3W6WE, 3W6LK     1087 *
Mar 15-Mar 20  4M0I             1086, 87 *
Mar 3 -May     4S7BRG           1084
      -Mar 29  5H1, 5H3/G0IXC   1086
Mar 6 -Mar 22  5W0SZ, 5W0VV     1082, 1086
      -Dec 31  9J2AM            1084
End of Mar     9M6PO            1087 *
Mar 29-May 3   9M6CT            1087 *
      -Apr     9U5/9X0A         1086

      -Mar     EM1HO            1084
Mar            FG    (F2HE)     1080/1081
Mar 25-Jul     FM5JY            1087 *
Mar 21-Mar 31  H44              1087 *
Apr 1 -        H40AA            1087 *
Mar 21-Apr 1   J8/EA2BP etc     1087 *
now            JF1LGD/JD1       1086
Mar 23-Mar 25  JW7EHA, JW8NHA   1087 *
      -Mar 31  JY9RU            1063, 1086
Mar 10-Apr 10  KH3   (KK5ZX)    1085
Mar 18-Mar 29  NH4/NH6YK        1086
Mar 23-Mar 31  OH0/.. (DLs)     1087 *
Feb 24-Mar     PJ8DM            1087 *
Mar 24-Apr 20  S08R etc         1087 *
Mar            TXK8DX           1086

Mar 11-Mar 20  V26XX            1086
Mar 14-Mar 22  V6, T8 (DF8AN)   1084
Mar 16-Mar 24  VP5    (KN4UG)   1087 *
Mar 21-Mar 22  VP9ANV           1087 *
Feb   -Apr     VQ9PH, VQ9JC     1084
soon           WH2Z             1079
      -Jun     XV7SV            1085
Mar 20-Mar 30  YB9QV ?          1087 *
Mar 13-Mar 20  ZF1WD            1086
Early 1999     ZL9              1081

"NEW": 1087 *

Bandspots of the last 7 days

   7P8EN      1824  0247Z via ZS4TX, bureau
   9K2MU      1837  2231Z via WA4JTK, bureau
   NP3G       1827  0541Z via W5XJ
   V26E       1831  0555Z via AB2E, bureau

   FJ/ K1YJK  3505  0111Z via K1YJK, direct
   HR5AAP     3797  0506Z
   J69B       3790  0519Z
   J73BT      3788  0541Z
   TT8JE      3800  0449Z via F6FNU, direct
   VP2VI/50   3524  0418Z via AB1U, bureau
   ZF2AH      3515  0314Z via WA6VNR, bureau
   ZL4WA      3780  0612Z

   3C1GS      7046  2330Z via EA5BYP, bureau
   5W0VV      7007  0617Z via OKDXF
   HJ1RRL     7020  0403Z
   KL7ZZ      7014  0737Z
   P43JB      7011  0210Z via OH6ZS
   V26XX      7018  2235Z via GM0GAV
   VK6VZ      7019  2221Z via bureau
   VQ9ZZ      7008  1528Z via NS1L
   VU2PAI     7009  2014Z via Box 730, Mangalore, Philippines
   ZF2AH      7013  0351Z via W6VNR, bureau

   5W0SZ     10102  0507Z via OKDXF
   5N3CPR    10102  0619Z via SP5CPR, bureau
   KG4OX     10108  0359Z via W4OX
   KH8/N5OLS 10107  0502Z via AA5BL, CBA
   ZL2UW     10109  0810Z via bureau

   3C1GS     14183  2128Z via EA5BYP, bureau
   5W0VD     14010  1003Z via OK1TN, bureau
   KH0AC     14222  0620Z via K7ZA, direct
   V26XX     14018  1124Z via GM0GAV
   VQ9AI     14035  1631Z via WB0BNR

   5W0VV     18078  0744Z via OKDXF
   9J2DR     18075  1713Z direct
   9M2TO     18076  1336Z via JA0DMV, bureau
   DU1KT     18150  1355Z via CBA
   TR8SS     18075  1612Z via DK8ZD, bureau
   VK9NS     18070  0939Z via CBA
   ZF2AH     18070  1533Z via W6VNR, bureau
   ZK1DI     18077  1411Z via DK1RV, bureau

   6W1RB     21217  1004Z Marie, via Box 3749, Dakar, Senegal
   C21RK     21258  1041Z R. Kun, via Box 139, Nauru
   JD1BIY    21002  1000Z Minami Torishima, bureau
   V26E      21031  1208Z via AB2E
   V73NN     21032  0902Z via N3OA, bureau
   VU2SMN    21270  1442Z via bureau (DIG 4288)
   ZS26BI    21260  1427Z via ZS1FJ, direct CBA

   A61AS     24950  1124Z via YO3FRI, bureau
   DU3NXE    24898  0737Z via W4NXE, bureau
   ET3KV     24942  0910Z via CBA
   K9AW/KH2  24895  1125Z via WF5T, auch bureau
   VK6APZ    24937  0927Z
   VR2GY     24908  1007Z via Box 73328, Kowloon, Hong Kong, China

   BV5BG     28450  0943Z via IK7JTF, CBA
   DU100RG   28500  1039Z via DU9RG, bureau
   FH5CB     28511  1427Z direct
   VQ9ZZ     28022  1328Z via NS1L
   VR2KF     28481  0942Z via bureau
   VU3HKQ    28525  0835Z


QSL Routes

QSL-EXTRA (Feb 1998 release) lists now 29.000 QSL managers and addresses and can be ordered with a disk sent to DB1JAW, Mike Weiler, Stormstr. 126, D-47445 Moers, Germany or in the internet: http://www.qsl.net/db1jaw/ or http://www.qrz.com/~db1jaw/

QSLs arrived via buro: 9G1UW, 9Q5HX (IK2MRZ), A61AF (N1QMM), V31MP (W5ZPA), ST2/G4OJW (WB2RAJ), V47KJI (W2BJI), XT2DM(F5RLE), TR8KJP

QSLs arrived directly: VK9LX (VK2ICV)

TNX for information to 425DXNEWS, 599 DX Report, ARRL DX News, DF1ZN, OPDX, DF6EX, DJ3CP, DJ4PI, DL1FDV, DL1GEH, DL1SBF, DL3JSW, DL7PR, DXPRESS, EA2JG, F6AJA, G3SWH, GO List, IV3TMM, JAPAN DX News, Les Nouvelles DX, QSL-ROUTES, LW8DJZ, ON6DP, ON9BGP, QRZ DX, The DAILY DX, VK2SG RTTY DX Notes and more.