DX Newsletter 1088
March 23, 1998

DX-NL 1088 - March 23, 1998
DX News Letter
Editor: Michael, DJ5AV

(e-mail: mikeoerter.dj5av@t-online.de)

translated into English by Bob, DL7VOA
(e-mail: robert@wirtschaft.tu-ilmenau.de)


VP8A - ANTARCTICA Oleg, UR8LV, is QRV as EM1LV from the Akademic Vernadsky Base on Galindez Island (AN-006). QSL via UR8LV, Oleg Satyrev, Box 9909, 310070 Kharkov, Ukraine.


KH0 - MARIANAS Zorro, JH1AJT, is on the air as KG6SL from Saipan (OC-086). QSL via JH1AJT. -- JA3AA, JA3UB, JA3TXZ, JR3MVF and JJ1CAS should have been QRV from Saipan on March 21/22. QSLs via JJ1CAS. -- KH0AC has been heard on 15m, too. QSL via K7ZA.

KH3 - JOHNSTON ISLAND The Palmyra crew (DXNL 1080) was on the air with 2 stations signing N4DAZ/KH3 from Mar 15, 2200Z till Mar 16, 0800Z. QSL via WA4FFW.

V6 - WESTERN CAROLINES Michael, DF8AN, was active as V63AJ until March 20 (DXNL 1084). QSL via bureau to DF8AN.

ZK2 - NIUE Albert, HB9BCK, will be QRV as ZK2CK in CW/SSB/RTTY on 10-80m from Apr 2-16. QSL via homecall or to Albert Zaehner, Scherzingerstr 23, CH-8595 Altnau/TG, Switzerland. (Europe: 1 US-$; outside EU: 2 $) - Frank, ZK2FT, is QRV in SSB for about 3 weeks starting on March 21. Afterwards he will visit also Tokelau (ZK3), Tonga (A3) and Rotuma (3D2). QSL direct ONLY to DL7FT, PSE enclose enough return postage!

ZL7 - CHATHAM ISLAND Ed, ZL7IR, is now QRV especially on 21300 and 14260 kHz from 0000Z till 0600Z from March 21-26. QSL via K8VIR. - ZL7DK made 31.335 QSOs with 130 DXCC countries. QSL via bureau to DK7YY or to Falk Weinhold, Box 700 343, D-10323 Berlin, Germany. Logcheck is also available at http://ve7tcp.ampr.org/cgi-bin/zl7dk. You may pick up your QSLs also at the HAM RADIO in Friedrichshafen (Thu-Sat: June 25-27, 1998).


3V - TUNISIA Giovanni, I5JHW, will operate from 3V8BB from March 25-31. He and I5SNR, I5ONY, IK5JAN, IK5ZTW and IK5FTQ intend to participate in the CQ WPX Contest possibly signing 3V5I. QSL via I5JHW.

5N - NIGERIA Mario, aka TT8AM, arrived on March 8 and waiting for his licence. QSL via IK7JTF, CBA.

9Q - CONGO Pat, 5N0T, and Nicole, 5N0YL, should have arrived on March 21 and hope to receive their licenses until the end of April.

CT3 - MADEIRA ISLAND Bert, CT3/PA3GIO/m, will be QRV from AF-014 on 10-20m from Mar 26 till Apr 2. QSL via PA3GIO.

FR - REUNION / 3B8 - MAURITIUS / 3B9-RODRIGUEZ (?) Laurent, F5MUX, is expected for April 1. Perhaps he will make also a short stopover on Rodriguez Island (3B9).


P4 - ARUBA Martin, VE3MR, is QRV as P49M from SA-036 until April 22. QSL via VE3MR.


A4 - OMAN The ROARS plans an activity from AS-112 signing A43DI during the last week of March. QSL via A47RS.

JT - MONGOLIA JT1Y will be activated by 14 Italian op's on 6-160m from Apr 7-14. Their 40m beam shall remain at the clubstation JT1KAA. Donations and QSLs via I0SNY, Nicola Sanna, Str Gualtarella 8/M, I-06132 Sisto-PG, Italy. Their pilot station will be Maurizio, I1-21171, reachable via e-mail: jt1y@amsat.org (messages will be forwarded to the team in JT). The operators put up an own homepage for their DXpedition: http://www-dx.deis.unibo.it/htdx/jt1y/


EI - IRELAND Dick, EJ/G3PFS, will be QRV on 10-20m from Cape Clear (EU-121) from March 28 until April 12. QSL via G3PFS.

JW - SVALBARD Rag, JW5HE, is on the air again especially in RTTY and on the WARC bands from April 3-9. QSL via homecall OZ8RO, CBA.


CQ WPX Contest SSB: Mar 28, 0000 UTC till Mar 29, 2400 UTC, Bands: 10-160m. Work: everybody, QSOs with own country count only as a multiplier. Exchange: RS + QSO number

more announcements/QSL info for the WPX SSB Contest:

3V1I  (?) via I5JHW
3W6WE (?) via K2WE
4H9RG   via DU9RG, bureau
4U1ITU  via bureau, operators: EA3AFW, EA3FQV, EA3ATM and EA3DUW
9M6AAC  (NOT 9M6PO) via OH2YY, Pekka Ahlquist, Vapaalanpolku 8B,
        FIN-01650 Vantaa, Finland
A61AJ   via W3UR
AH2R    via JI3ERV
BN0A    via JH3DPB
CV8D    via bureau to CX8AT
EJ0/EA3BOX via EA3BOX, bureau
HB2CA   via HB9CA, bureau
II9ZZ   via IT9PKO
IR2A    via IK2HTW
J41TEN  via SV1DNW
KH6??   via KB6JOX, enough return postage or via bureau
OH0W    via OH2BAD oder via OH2IW ?
P3A     via W3HNK
TM4CQ   via F6JSZ
TP4CE   via F6FQK
V26GG   via Box 88, Morris, OK 74445-0088, USA
V26TT   via K5TT/WV5S
V8JA    via JH7FQK via bureau or to Ichio Ujiie, 162 Shionosawa, Towa,
        Fukushima 964-0203, Japan
V85HG   via JH7FQK via bureau or to Ichio Ujiie, 162 Shionosawa, Towa,
        Fukushima 964-0203, Japan
Z38C    via NO6X
ZP0Z    via W3HNK


DATE           CALL            DXNL

Apr   -        3B8  (F5MUX)    1088 *
Apr ?          3B9  (F5MUX)    1088 *
Mar 24-Apr 1   3D2KT/3D2TN     1084, 1086
Apr/May        3D2  (DL7FT)    1088 *
Mar 25-Mar 31  3V8BB etc       1088 *
Mar 25-Mar 31  3W6WE, 3W6LK    1087

Mar 3 -May     4S7BRG          1084
      -Mar 29  5H1,5H3/G0IXC   1086
soon           5N   (ex TT8AM) 1088 *
      -Dec 31  9J2AM           1084
Mar            9M6AAC          1087, 1088 *
Mar 29-May 3   9M6CT           1087
      -Apr     9U5/9X0A        1086

Apr/May        A3   (DL7FT)    1088 *
End of Mar     A47RS           1088 *
End of Mar     EM1HO           1084
Mar            FG   (F2HE)     1080/1081
Mar 25-July    FM5JY           1087
Apr 1 -        FR   (F5MUX)    1088 *
Dec 13-Jun     FT5XN           1075

Mar 21-Mar 31  H44GP etc       1087
Apr 1 -        H40AA           1087
Mar 2 -Apr 1   J8/EA2BP etc    1087
Apr 7 -Apr 14  JT1Y            1088 *
Apr 3 -Apr 9   JW5HE           1088 *
      -Mar 31  JY9RU           1063, 1086
now            KG6SL           1088 *
Mar 10-Apr 10  KH3  (KK5ZX)    1085
Mar 18-Mar 29  NH4/NH6YK       1086
Mar 23-Mar 31  OH0/ (DLs)      1087

      -Apr 22  P49M            1088 * 
Feb 24-Mar     PJ8DM           1087
Mar 24-Apr 20  S08R etc        1087
End of Mar     TXK8DX          1086
Feb   -Apr     VQ9PH, VQ9JC    1084 
soon           WH2Z            1079
      -Jun     XV7SV           1085
Mar 20-Mar 30  YB9QV ?         1087
Apr 2 -Apr 16  ZK2CK           1088 *
Mar 21-Apr 10  ZK2FT           1088 *
Apr   -        ZK3 (DL7FT)     1088 *
Mar 21-Mar 26  ZL7IR           1088 *
Early 1999     ZL9             1081

"NEW": 1088 *

Bandspots of the last 7 days

   VK6VZ       1826  2218Z via bureau
   YC0LOW      1828  2255Z

   4S7EA       3794  2208Z direct
   HL5FBT      3504  1752Z see DXNL 1047
   J8/EA2BP    3505  0412Z via EA2BP, bureau
   JT1BG       3799  2148Z via bureau
   TI4CF       3796  0339Z via W3HNK, direct
   VP9ID       3799  2328Z via K1EFI, bureau

   3W5FM       7020  2346Z via UA0FM
   4S7BRG      7045  1856Z via HB9BRM, bureau
   9M8FC       7007  1951Z via CBA 95
   D44AB       7001  2019Z via CBA
   FT5XN       7010  1716Z via F6PEN, bureau
   HK0HEU      7045  0100Z via HK0FBF
   VP9ID       7066  2230Z via K1EFI, bureau
   YS1RRD      7076  0613Z via DJ9ZB, bureau

   5W0SZ      10110  0528Z via OKDXF
   9V1OK      10108  2013Z also via bureau
   BV4QW      10111  1635Z via bureau
   HK0ER      10108  0131Z via Box 934, San Andres Island, Colombia
   V63AJ      10102  1508Z via DF8AN, bureau
   VP5/KB4IRS 10122  2144Z via KB4IRS
   VR98JK     10102  1901Z via bureau
   XE3AJM     10111  0049Z via bureau

   3D2KT      14005  1513Z via OKDXF
   AH8A       14243  0640Z via AC7DX, direct
   H44RY      14200  1651Z via OH1RY, bureau
   ZL7IR      14247  0633Z via K8VIR

   3D2KT      18071  0717Z via OK1TN, bureau
   5W0VD      18069  1756Z via OK1TN, bureau
   VP5/KN4UG  18088  2200Z via KN4UG
   VP8CXV     18150  2009Z via G0TQJ
   ZK1DI      18073  0808Z via DK1RV, bureau
   ZL2UW      18083  0851Z via bureau

   3D2DI      21234  0757Z Bill, via Box 184, Suva, Fiji
   DU100RG    21285  1039Z via DU9RG, bureau
   HK3JJH/1   21260  1749Z SA-040, via CBA
   P43P       21220  2028Z via P43ARC

   4S7BRG     24970  1213Z via HB9BRM, bureau
   AP2WAP     24970  1208Z via IK4ZGY, bureau
   D44BS      24945  1930Z via CBA
   DS4CNB     24909  0935Z
   FJ/K1YJK   24893  1207Z via K1YJK, direct
   SU3AM      24950  1121Z via DL1FCM,bureau
   TI4CF      24898  1450Z via W3HNK, direct
   VK6APZ     24940  0939Z 
   YB5QZ      24904  1559Z via Box 1035, Pekanbaru 28010, Indonesia

   8R1AK      28467  1413Z via CBA
   9M2EU      28015  1046Z via JA2EJI, bureau
   9Q5TR      28508  1031Z via 4Z5DP
   9X0A       28500  1227Z via DL5WM
   AP2N       28445  0822Z via AP2MMN
   CX3EU/qrp  28037  1412Z 1 watt !
   HS0/VK3DXI 28013  1115Z via DL4DBR, bureau
   VQ9ZZ      28495  1504Z via NS1L
   VU2ABE     28487  0933Z via JA4DOB
   WH0AAV     28500  1103Z via CBA
   XU3OUT     28525  1028Z
   ZD7VC      28443  1206Z direct


QSL Routes

QSLs arrived via buro: 1B1AD (DK7ZZ), 3B8/NK6F, 5HL/DL7VSN, 8P9HT (K4BAI), 8P9II (DL7DF), 8P9Z (K4BAI), 8Q7CR (DF5JR), DS4BHW, 9G1UW (DL8UP), 9J2FR, 9K5/KA5TQF, 9U5CW (EA1FFC), EA6EI, EY8AM (direct Nov 97 an DF3OL), FH/DJ2BW, HC1JQ, KL7ZZ, NH2C (JI3ERV), OA4EI, S21XX (DL3NEO), P40T (N2VW), T00SW (DL3JSW), V26AK (WB2P), V5/ZS6YG

QSLs arrived directly: 9N1ARB (KV5V),AP2JZB,CN2IB (OM1APD),KH8/N5OLS (N5JA)

TNX for information to 425DXNEWS, 599 DX Report, ARRL DX News, DF1ZN, OPDX, DF6EX, DF7QK, DL1GEH, DL1SBF, DL7PR, DL7VOA, EA5XX, HB9AGH, HB9DDM, HB9DHK, IT9JPK, QRZ DX, QSL ROUTES, The DAILY DX, VK2SG RTTY DX Notes and others.