DX Newsletter 1093
April 27, 1998

DX-NL 1093 - April 27, 1998
DX News Letter
Editor: Michael, DJ5AV

(e-mail: mikeoerter.dj5av@t-online.de)

translated into English by Bob, DL7VOA
(e-mail: robert@wirtschaft.tu-ilmenau.de)


3D2 - FIJI JJ1DWB, JM1LJS and JE1OYE are active from OC-156 signing 3D2MT/p from May 1-3. QSL via JJ1DWB.

DU - PHILIPPINES Klaus, DU1/DL5ZAH, is in Manila for four years now. He is working in CW only on 10-80m running 100 watts into a 3 ele beam or G5RV. After his holiday in March/April 98 the WPX Contest is next on the schedule. QSLs via DARC buro to DL5ZAH or direct to Klaus Illhardt, ETSI Technologies Inc, ADB Ave, JMT Bldg., Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Metro Manila, Philippines. QSLs/skeds are possible also via e-mail: dl5zah@hotmail.com or http://www1.webquest.com/~illhardt/dl5zah.htm

FO - MARQUESAS ISLANDS Jose, FO5QG (ex FO5OA), is living on Nuku Hiva (OC-027). He was QRV almost every morning on 14120 or 14190 kHz. QSL now via XE1L, Luis Chartarifsky (Box 41-599, Mexico City, D.F. 11010, Mexico or 947 Bosques de Reforma, Mexico City, D.F. 11700, Mexico).

KH4 - MIDWAY ISLAND Ted, NH4/NH6YK, made about 900 QSOs in March (DXNL 1086) and will be on the air again from Midway in June.

T2 - TUVALU The activity of T22JY, T22KJ, T22KT and T22VE from Tuvalu (Apr 25- May 1) had to be cancelled since the same happened to their flight.

VR6 - PITCAIRN ISLAND Terry, VR6TY, states that all Pitcairn amateur radio stations change their prefix from VR6 to VP6 on May 1.

ZL - NEW ZEALAND Ed, K8VIR, is active from Stewart Island (OC-203) signing ZL4IR (instead of ZL7IT/4) until the end of April.


3B6 - AGALEGA & ST BRANDON Dov, 4Z4DX, and others intend to be active as 3B7AZ and 3B7/HB9JAI during May 98.

3B8 - MAURITIUS Michael, 3B8/DL1MHM, is active until May 13. Though he is travelling to Rodrigues afterwards he could not obtain a license for 3B9. He will be on Reunion Island during the end of May. QSL via DL1MHM.

3C0 - ANNOBON/PAGALU ISLAND An activity especially on the lowbands from Annobon/Pagalu (AF-039) has been announced for the first week of May.

6W - SENEGAL 6W1RE, 6W1QV and 6W1/F5AEP are QRV as 6W1QV/p from N'Gor (AF-045) between April 30 and May 4. QSL also via bureau to 6W1QV.

SU - EGYPT Hossam, SU1HM, and Tarek, SU2TA, were QRV as 6A1HM and 6A1TA from Sharm El Sheikh/Ras Umm El Sid (Sinai peninsula) from April 20-30. Only on April 25 they used 6A1A. QRG's were: 7090, 14240, 21240 and 28540 MHz +/- QRM and via RS12. QSL via IK3ZAW.


KL7 - ALASKA NO7F wants to operate from NA-074 signing NO7F/KL7 for a few days.

PJ7 - NETHERLAND ANTILLES Don, KF4KRZ, shall be on the air as PJ8DM from Saba (NA-145) since April 19. QSL via KF4KRZ (Donald B McGehee, 90 Edgewater Dr #901, Coral Gables, FL 33133, USA).

VP9 - BERMUDA Joe, K2VUI/VP9, intends to be active from Hamilton Parish in CW only on 15/20/40m between April 29 and May 3. QSL via K2VUI.


8Q - MALDIVES 8Q7DF is QRV from Alimantha Island (AS-013) from May 2-8. QRGs will be: 3780, 7080, 14180, 21280, 28480 kHz. QSL via homecall IK5MDF, Lorenzo Tabaracci, Box 142, I-54033 Carrara-MS, Italy. Check also: http://www.qsl.net/ik5mdf/


HB0 - LIECHTENSTEIN Oreste, IK3VIA, is on the air again as HB0/N7OV from May 1-3. QSL via bureau to IK3VIA.

TF - ICELAND Phil, KE8RO, and Sean, KC8CSD, are QRV as KE8RO/TF in CW/SSB/RTTY between April 30 and May 5.


DATE           CALL            DXNL

May 7 -May 17  3B7RF           1090
May            3B7AZ etc       1093 *
      -May 13  3B8/DL1MHM      1093 *
April -        3B8,3B9 (F5MUX) 1088
Early May      3C0             1093 *
Cancelled      3D2FT/R         1088
Apr 30-May 7   3D2LJ, 3D2TS    1092
May 1 -May 3   3D2MT/p         1093 *
May 1 -May 3   3D2SH/p etc     1092
Apr 24-Apr 28  3D2WP           1092
Apr 27-Apr 29  3V8BB           1092
Early 1999     3Y    (SSIDXG)  1091
Mar 3 -May     4S7BRG          1084
Soon           5N    (exTT8AM) 1088
April -Late 99 5V7BM           1089
Apr 20-Apr 30  6A1HM           1093 *
Apr 30-May 4   6W1QV/p         1093 *
April -Oct     7X0WW ??        1089
Apr 22-May 5   8P9IU, 8P9IR    1091
May 2 -May 8   8Q7DF           1093 *
Apr 18-May 2   8Q7QQ           1092
Mar 29-May 7   9M6CT           1087
Apr 10-May 22  9M8CC           1089
April -May     A35VI           1089
Apr 22-May 13  EA8/DK7ZH       1091
      -July    FG/F2HE         1091
Apr 1 -3/2000  FK    (F5PFO)   1089
Apr 13-Apr 28  FO0FI, FO0FR    1091
Nov 27-Dec 23  FT5ZH           1092
May 1 -May 3   HB0/N7OV        1093 *
1999/2000      HK0   (Malpelo) 1091
Apr 23-May 23  HR5/F2JD        1089
Soon           NO7F/KL7        1093 *
Apr 19-        PJ8DM           1093 *
Summer 1998    S04WW           1089
April -Sep     ST0AP           1090
Cancelled      T22JY etc       1092, 1093 *
now            T88BE           1092
Apr 30-May 5   KE8RO/TF        1093 *
May   -June    TJ    (TT8JFC)  1092
Apr 25-Apr 30  VK9LZ           1091
now            VP8/G4VFU       1092
Apr 29-May 3   K2VUI/VP9       1093 *
now            VQ9KK, VQ9ZZ    1091
April or May   XQ0X            1089
April -mid May XV7SW           1089
Apr 28-May 5   YJ0AWP          1092
now   -May 8   ZB2FX           1092
Autumn 1998    ZK3FT           1088
      -End Apr ZL4IR           1093 *
Jan 9 -Jan 25  ZL9CI           1081

"NEW": 1093 *

Bandspots of the last 7 days

   KP4SN       1840  2340Z
   VP8/G4VFU   1826  0255Z via G0HXL

   6W/F6ERB    3504  2233Z
   8P9IR       3506  0410Z via DJ1TO, bureau
   FO0FR       3505  0331Z via K6SLO
   R1FJV       3520  2040Z FJL, via UA3AGS, CBA
   TI5NW       3508  0341Z via W3CV
   WP3R        3793  0353Z
   YB0AI       3798  1841Z

   8P9IR       7007  0659Z via DJ1TO, bureau
   CP6IB       7006  0330Z via bureau
   DU9HKD      7004  1556Z see DXNL 1086/1091
   HV5PUL      7044  1529Z direct
   JW/DJ3KR    7003  2136Z via DJ3KR
   V31HE       7005  0827Z via DL1DA, bureau
   XQ1IDM      7053  0138Z cq EU

   8P9IR      10109  0055Z via DJ1TO, bureau
   9J2BO      10103  1854Z via W6ORD, bureau
   FG/F2HE    10105  0501Z via F6LQJ, bureau
   FO0FR      10102  0453Z via K6SLO
   HH2/N2APL  10108  0314Z see below
   DJ4IJ/HI8  10103  2336Z via DK8ZD, bureau
   HP3CW      10105  1952Z
   J73CCM     10110  2104Z via SM0CCM, direct
   JX7DFA     10106  1607Z via LA7DFA, CBA
   N9KX/KH4   10102  0740Z via DK9KX, bureau
   VK9LZ      10107  0527Z via N0AH
   XUF2B      10107  1801Z via N4JR
   ZL2UW      10108  0436Z via bureau

   BI3H       14260  1012Z via W3HC, direct
   C21DJ      14245  1120Z via Box 217, Nauru
   FO0FR      14205  0617Z via K6SLO
   FO5LZ      14120  0620Z via FO4LZ
   AH8LG      14256  0813Z via KS6DV

   9V1ZB      18083  1427Z via JL3WSL
   DS5WKW     18069  1145Z via bureau
   P49M       18122  1939Z via VE3MR, bureau
   TU2XZ      18075  0838Z via W3HC, direct only

   3B8/DL1MHM 21260  1230Z via DL1MHM
   3W6EZD     21224  1344Z via XU2C
   FR5ZQ/T    21190  1623Z Tromelin, CBA
   VR2MM      21178  1309Z via JR3JFZ

   8Q7QQ      24902  1211Z via HB9QQ, bureau
   9M6CT      24898  1057Z via VR2CT
   HK7AAG     24894  1521Z via bureau
   YB0JIV     24945  1258Z
   ZD7VC      24960  1040Z via CBA
   ZD8T       24950  1800Z via AC4IV

   7Q7DX      28507  1345Z via KA9LEX
   8Q7QQ      28468  1157Z via HB9QQ, bureau
   9J2DR      28527  1533Z via Box 30062, Lusaka, Zambia
   AP2JZB     28490  0903Z CBA
   BV5BG      28470  0842Z via IK7JTF, CBA
   CX6DAK     28480  1606Z
   HS0ZAA     28028  0820Z via KM1R, bureau
   J28FA      28500  0851Z via F5MXH, bureau
   VQ9ZZ      28495  1420Z via NS1L
   XV7SW      28016  0954Z via SM5MX, bureau
   ZD7WRG     28488  1338Z via WA2JUN


QSL Routes

QSLs arrived bureau: 3V8BB (DF2UU), 9H3YG (DF4RD),ET3BN (DL1JCW),OH0/DJ7RV, P40XM+PJ8/DL5LYM+PJ9/DL5LYM+VP2EXM (DL3XM), FG/EA3CB

QSLs arrived direct: 3D2IO (DL7VRO), 3XA8DX (DJ6SI and DJ9ZB),8Q7AA (N7TX), BV4ME, CO9OTA (CT1ZW), K4M + K7K (KE7LZ), ZF1A (K9LA), UH2E/UC2LBF (QSO 1993, via DL1GWS), ZK1XXP (GDXF), AK1L (NA-055)

TNX for information to 425DXNEWS, 599 DXReport, ARRL DX News, DF1ZN, DF6EX, DF6VI, DJ3CP, DJ3RA, DL1GEH, DL1SBF, DL7PR, DL7VOA, DL9GOA, DXPRESS, ON6DP, E21EIC, GOList, IZ3AHY, Japan DX News, Les Nouvelles DX, PY3PSI, QSLROUTES, OPDX, The DAILY DX, ZB2BL and others.