DX Newsletter 1095
May 11, 1998

DX-NL 1095 - May 11, 1998
DX News Letter
Editor: Michael, DJ5AV

(e-mail: mikeoerter.dj5av@t-online.de)

translated into English by Bob, DL7VOA
(e-mail: robster@bigfoot.de)


The applications for new DXCC status of H40 (Temotu), FO (Marquesas) and FO (Australes) already arrived at the DXCC Desk and will be processed soon.

FO - AUSTRAL/MARQUESAS ISLANDS FO0MIZ made some 2800 QSOs from the Marquesas and 3523 from Austral Islands. FO0FI logged 13.800 SSB- and 10.211 CW-QSOs from Rurutu/ Australes (1830 Europeans, 4000 Japanese). FO0FR logged a total of 22.691 QSOs including 3187 Europeans and Africans and 5000 JA's. K6SLO intends to answer all incoming QSLs within 30 days.

H40 - TEMOTU Though the H40AA log is now available in the internet under: http://www.iglou.com/n4gn/h40aa/ it seems that only a few of the 67000 QSOs were saved correctly (20% ?). -- Jim smith just started mailing his H40AB QSLs, the H44AB cards will be processed later.

KH6 - HAWAII Aki, JA5DQH, is active from OC-019 signing KH7A from May 8-15. QSL via JA5DQH.


3B7 - ST BRANDON Since May 6 the 3B7RF DXpedition is on air with four stations simultaneously and therefore easy to catch. They will work also QRO in RTTY starting May 14. The internet logs will be updated daily.

5A - LIBYA Ahmed, 5A3YAZ, shall be QRV from Gharyn. QSL via EA5XV.

FR/T - TROMELIN ISLAND Henri, FR5ZQ/T, left Tromelin last week. His successor could become FR5ZU in July.


CY9 - ST PAUL ISLAND Dan, K8RF, and his crew will be QRV as CY9RF between May 28 and June 2 (including the WPX Contest). They will put their emphasis also on the lowbands. Dan is still looking for another CW operator. If you are interested contact him via e-mail: k8rf@fuse.net or you try the homepage: http://home.fuse.net/k8rf/. QSL for CY9RF via: K8RF, Daniel Flaig, 2101 Ronaldson Ave,Cincinati,OH 45230-1510,USA.

HC8 - GALAPAGOS ISLANDS Frank, DL4VCG/HC8, And Joe, DK5VP/HC8, appeared surprisingly on 20m phone. The length of their stay is unknown yet. QSLs via homecalls.


A5 - BHUTAN Zorro, JH1AJT, who was in Bhutan in Feb 95 already received another invitation to come to Bhutan. Possible could be an operation by an international team from EU, AS,USA and ZL in the beginning of 1999.

JT - MONGOLIA HA0HW, HA1AG, HA4GDO, HA4XG, HA6NL and HA7VK were announced to be on the air from Ulaanbaatar with 2 or 3 stations simultaneously signing JU1HA in CW/SSB/RTTY. They hope to get a special prefix for the WPX Contest (JU0HA?). Donations and QSLs are handled by HA0HW, QSL via bureau or direct with sufficient return postage. Check also their homepage at http://www.dunanet.ha/pannondxc/.

BY - CHINA The "BI7Y Ham Group" (DXNL 1094) has some transportation problems since the ship is going to Xi-Sha only once a month. They do have also a homepage now at http://bi7y.yeah.net


F - FRANCE The French are now also allowed to work between 1810 and 1850 kHz on 160m (1810-1830 kHz only on a secondary basis).

GD - ISLE OF MAN Barry, MD/N0KV, is visiting Mike, GD4WBY, in Ramsey from May 15-17. QSL via N0KV, Barry Mitchell,12200 Boothill Dr, Parker,CO 80138,USA

SV - GREECE SV8/DK1RP/p is right now active from Skiathos (EU-072) in CW on 10-80m. QSLs will be sent automatically via bureau.


WPX Contest CW: May 30, 0000 UTC till May 31, 2400 UTC. Bands: 10-160m. Work: also your own continent, own country counts only as a multiplier. Exchange: RST + QSO number.


DATE           CALL            DXNL

May 6 -May 17  3B7RF           1090, 1095 *
April -        3B8,3B9 (F5MUX) 1088
Early May      3C0             1093
Early 1999     3Y    (SSIDXG)  1091   
soon           5N    (exTT8AM) 1088
April -1999    5V7BM           1089
April -Oct     7X0WW ??        1089
May 4 -May 18  8Q7JJ (?)       1094
May 13-May 27  9H3UT           1094
Apr 10-May 22  9M8CC           1089
Early 1999     A5    (JH1AJT)  1095 *
May            BI7Y            1094
May 9 -May 16  CN/F5LMK        1094
May 14-May 27  CT3/DK4KL       1094
Jun 25-July    CY9AA           1094
May 28-Jun 2   CY9RF           1095 *

      -July    FG/F2HE         1091
Apr 1 -2000    FK    (F5PFO)   1089
July ?         FR5ZU/T         1095 *
Nov 27-Dec 23  FT5ZH           1092
now            DL4VCG/HC8 etc  1095 *
1999/2000      HK0   (Malpelo) 1091
May 12-May 18  K4GZ/HP3 etc    1094
Apr 23-May 23  HR5/F2JD        1089
Apr 27-        7L1UVF/JD1      1094
May 17-Jun 2   JU1HA           1095 *
May 8 -May 15  KH7A            1095 *
soon           NO7F/KL7        1093
May 15-May 17  MD/N0KV         1095 *
Apr 19-        PJ8DM           1093

Summer 1998    S04WW           1089
April -Sep     ST0AP           1090
now            SV8/DK1RP/p     1095 *
May   -June    TJ    (TT8JFC)  1092
now            VQ9KK, VQ9ZZ    1091
soon           VU3MCV          1094
April or May   XQ0X            1089
April -mid May XV7SW           1089
now            ZD8T  etc       1094            
Autumn 1998    ZK3FT           1088
Jan 9 -Jan 25  ZL9CI           1081

"NEW": 1095 * 

Bandspots of the last 7 days

   3B7RF       1827  2239Z via HB9RF, bureau
   A45XR       1830  1910Z via SP5EXA, bureau
   JY9QJ       1829  2218Z via DL5MBY, bureau
   VK3AJJ      1828  2059Z via KB5IPQ

   3B7RF       3507  2316Z via HB9RF, bureau
   HF0POL      3507  2252Z via SP3BGD, bureau 
   JY9QJ       3503  0246Z via DL5MBY, bureau
   UP0L        3513  2041Z via UN8LW

   4S7BRG      7044  2142Z via HB9BRM, bureau
   FG/F2HE     7002  0420Z via F6LQJ, bureau
   FK8HC       7075  0537Z via VK4FW, direct
   HF0POL      7006  0115Z via SP3BGD, bureau 
   HR5/F2JD    7006  0428Z via F6AJA, bureau
   XE1KIW      7080  0543Z via DF7UW
   ZL2TX       7004  1804Z

   3B7RF      10104  1800Z via HB9RF, bureau
   HF0POL     10107  2059Z via SP3BGD, bureau 
   JX7DFA     10105  1938Z via LA2KD, direct
   ZL2UW      10108  0518Z via bureau

   AH8LG      14198  0647Z via KS6DV
   FG5FC      14208  0401Z via F6DZU, bureau
   FO5QG      14120  0527Z via XE1L, direct
   FR5TE/T    14200  2051Z via F5ISH
   VK9NS      14265  0607Z via CBA

   3B7RF      18145  0710Z via HB9RF, bureau
   9M2EU      18074  1752Z via JA2EJI, bureau
   AP2WAP     18140  1428Z via IK4ZGY, bureau
   D2BB       18069  1522Z via W3HNK, direct
   FG5XC      18071  1949Z via bureau
   VP9LR      18146  1838Z via K1EFI, bureau

   8Q7DF      21205  0653Z via IK5DMF
   9M2PS      21305  1600Z via HB9AAP
   9V1YC      21016  1602Z via AA5BT, bureau
   EL2VO      21274  1833Z via EA5GIY
   FM5DX      21232  2028Z via F6DYE
   P40DS      21255  1944Z via WB6SFA
   V51CM      21275  1638Z via WA2JUN
   VP2EY      21240  2047Z via HB9SL, bureau
   XV7SW      21019  0943Z via SM5MX, bureau
   YC7KE      21010  1653Z via bureau
   ZD9BV      21265  1724Z via W4FRU, direct

   3B8/DL1MHM 24946  1006Z via DL1MHM
   4S7BRG     24940  0852Z via HB9BRM, bureau
   BV5BG      24955  1005Z via IK7JTF, direct
   FR5VZ      24912  1539Z via F8VZ
   HF0POL     24895  1503Z via SP3BGD, bureau 
   HK0HEU     24945  1823Z via HK0FBF
   KG4CQ      24950  2103Z via KG4AN, CBA
   YB5QZ      24905  1432Z via Box 1035, Pekanbaru, 28010, Indonesia
   ZD7VC      24945  1716Z direct, CBA
   ZD8T       24945  1721Z via AC4IV

   3B7RF      28024  1444Z via HB9RF, bureau
   8Q7DF      28480  1326Z via IK5MDF
   CE6TBN     28030  1929Z via CE6TC
   FH5CB      28516  1429Z direct
   FT5XN      28031  1049Z via F6PEN, bureau
   TR8XX      28440  1623Z direct via CBA
   VQ9ZZ      28496  1346Z via NS1L
   YC8VIP     28485  1324Z


QSL Routes

QSLs arrived via buro: 9J2CW (JF2XTZ), BV2A, VP2MDE (K5GN)

QSLs arrived directly: CY0DX (VA3EU), FT5XN (F6PEN), JX3EX, OD5PN (LX1NO), YJ0AIO (DL7VRO)

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