DX Newsletter 1102
June 29, 1998

DX-NL 1102 - June 29, 1999
DX News Letter
Editor: Michael, DJ5AV

(e-mail: mikeoerter.dj5av@t-online.de)

translated into English by Bob, DL7VOA
(e-mail: robster@bigfoot.de)


VK9W - WILLIS ISLAND Graeme, VK9WG, is on the air from OC-007 for six months starting in the end of June. QSL via his homecall VK5GW (ex VK0GW).


V5/A2/Z2 - NAMIBIA/BOTSWANA/ZIMBABWE etc Charlie, W0YG, will be active in CW and perhaps also in RTTY from several African countries between July and August. QSL ONLY via his homecall W0YG and NOT via the African bureaus.

3C - EQUATORIAL GUINEA Elmo, EA5BYP, and Vic, EA5YN, are on the air as 3C5DX from Bioko Island (AF-010) between June 30 and July 7. QSL via EA5BYP.

D4 - CAPE VERDE Daniel, D44AB, is leaving the island around July 16.

FT/X - KERGUELEN Helios', FT5XN, work on Kerguelen will end on August 15. QSL via bureau to F6PEN.

J5 - GUINEA-BISSAU Dave, J52IM, is QRT and states that due to a military putsch no more J5 stations are active in the moment. Dave is now going to Beograd, YU. QSL via KB9XN.

TL - CENTRAL AFRICA Alex, PA3DZN, is active as TL5A until the end of the year. QSL via PA3DMH.

ZS - SOUTH AFRICA To celebrate the 80th birthday of Nelson Mandela ZS80NRM will be on the air until July 31. QSL via ZS6Y.


8P - BARBADOS Dennis, K7BV, will receive his call for his July 7-14 operation if he is in the country. He will be QRV mostly in CW, also on 6m and via RS12. he will participate in the IARU HF World Championship on July 11/12. QSL via K7BV,Dennis Motschenbacher,4357 Appollonio Way, Carson City, NV 89704, USA.

C6 - BAHAMAS Celebrating the 25th anniversary of their independence all Bahamian stations may use the prefix 6A25 in July.

CE - CHILE CE3/SM3SGP and CE5/SM3SGP will be QRV between July 1 and August 31. QSL via SM3EVR.

CY9 - ST PAUL ISLAND The CY9AA operation in June or July has been CANCELLED!

VE - CANADA Didier, VE2/F6ELE, and Bertrand, VE2/F6HKA, intend to operate from NA-125, NA-176, NA-084, NA-177 and perhaps NA-077 from July 9-23. QSLs via homecalls, bureau or direct.


7O - YEMEN Zoli, HA5PP, made an arrangement in Sana which says that he will help to educate radio amateurs and also to put up four clubstations in Sana and Aden between Sep 1 and Dec 1. The first people to be active from Yemen shall be natives in any case. Everybody who likes to help or support Zoli should contact him via e-mail: navus@mail.matav.hu

9V - SINGAPORE K0GN is in Singapore since January and still tries to obtain a valid licence. He hopes to become active on 160m with 100 watts.

HS - THAILAND Mirek, HS0/VK3DXI, shall be QRV from Tok Island (AS-045) on 15-40m between June 27 and July 1. QSL via DL4DBR.


3A - MONACO Contrary to DXNL 1101 Mike, G4IUF, was NOT active as 3A0FC! Mike's call has been misused by a pirate several times since 1991.

GJ - JERSEY Mathieu, F5SHQ, is QRV as MJ0ASP from EU-013 starting on July 1. QSL F5OIU, Jacky Gargot, 21 Allee Cabernet,F-33140 Cadaujac,France.

GM - SHETLAND ISLANDS Hans, MM0/DJ6AU, shall be QRV from North Mainland (EU-012) mostly in CW on the WARC bands between July 8 and August 3.

ZA - ALBANIA During his spare time Luis, ZA/EA5KY, will be active on 10-80m from July 3-18. QSL via EA4URE.


IARU HF WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP CW/SSB/mixed: July 11, 1200 UTC until July 12, 1200 UTC. Bands: 10-160m. Work: Everybody. Exchange: RST and ITU-Zone (headquarters stations: club abbreviation)


DATE           CALL          DXNL

Jun 30-Jul 7   3C5DX         1102 *
Early 1999     3Y   (SSIDXG) 1091
soon           5N   (TT8AM)  1088
Jun 10-        5K1WC, 5K3WC  1100
Jun   -Aug     5X1DK         1101
soon           5X1LH         1097
      -Jul 23  6Y6A          1098
Early 1999 !   7O   (HA5PP)  1097, 1102 *
Jun 14-        7Q7RM         1100
Jul 7 -Jul 14  8P   (K7BV)   1102 *

Early 1999     A5   (JH1AJT) 1095
June 98        C3   (W8MV)   1099
Jul 1 -Aug 31  CE3/SM3SGP    1102 *
CANCELLED      CY9AA         1094, 1102 *
      -Jul 16  D44AB         1102 *
Apr 1 -2000    FK   (F5PFO)  1089
      -Jan 99  FO5QE         1098
Jul 8 -Jul 15  FP/W8MW       1101
End of 1998    FR5ZU/T       1095, 1101
      -Aug 15  FT5XN         1102 *
Nov 27-Dec 23  FT5ZH         1092
Apr 13-        FT5ZI         1098
Jul 5 -Jul 12  GS7UEG/p      1101

Jul 5 -Jul 26  HC1MD         1101
End of 1999    HK0 (Malpelo) 1091
Jun 27-Jul 1   HS0/VK3DXI    1102 *
now            HS0/G3NOM     1101
Summer 98      HZ1AB (G7SLP) 1100
Jun 26-Jul 6   J79KV         1100
May   -        JD1YBJ        1096, 1099
Jul 8 -Jul 15  KG4AU etc     1101
2 weeks in Aug OX3LG         1100
now            S01HA         1100
Jun 16-Jul 12  SV5/I3BQC     1099
now   -End 98  TL5A          1102 *

soon           V63PD         1098
Jul 9 -Jul 23  VE2/F6ELE etc 1102 *
      -Nov     VE2BQB        1096
June  -Dec     VK9WG         1102 *
Jul 18-Jul 28  VP5/CX3AN etc 1101
Jul 8 -Jul 14  VP5GA etc     1101
      -2000    VR2/F6BHK     1098
Jul 9 -Jul 13  XF3/CX3AN     1101
Jul 3 -Jul 18  ZA/EA5KY      1102 *
Jun 28-Jul 7   ZF2AH         1101
Jun 4 -Jul 13  ZF2NT         1099
Autumn 1998    ZK3FT         1088
Jun 28-Jul 17  ZL8RS         1100
now   -Jul 31  ZS80NRM       1102 *

"NEW": 1102 *

Bandspots of the last 7 days

   A45ZN      1832  2306Z via Box 981, Muscat 113, Oman
   PY5CC      1833  0046Z via JA1VOK, bureau
   S07WW      1828  2212Z via ON5NT, bureau
   TL5A       1833  2259Z via PA3DMH, bureau
   VP8/G4VFU  1847  0259Z via G0HXL

   HF0POL     3509  0338Z via SP3BGD, bureau
   S07WW      3507  0246Z via ON5NT, bureau
   TL5A       3504  2236Z via PA3DMH, bureau

   AP2KSD     7044  1911Z via IK7JTF, CBA
   BV2RS      7045  1943Z
   FG/JA2EZD  7004  0503Z via 7L1MFS
   FK8HC      7045  1951Z via VK4FW, direct
   KP4TN      7013  0432Z via KD8IW, bureau
   S07WW      7007  2333Z via ON5NT, bureau
   TI2OY      7010  0510Z via bureau
   TL5A       7004  2130Z via PA3DMH, bureau

   3D2QB     10108  1320Z via SM3CER, bureau
   7Q7EH     10106  2316Z via AA9HD
   HK0ER     10108  0016Z via Box 934, San Andres Island, Colombia
   S07WW     10102  2305Z via ON5NT, bureau
   ZL2AGY    10104  0544Z via bureau

   EP2MKO    14003  2000Z via UA6HCW, CBA
   FO5QG     14123  0700Z via XE1L, direct
   J79MY     14226  0439Z
   JW/F5BU   14200  1849Z via F5BU
   V63KU     14177  2120Z via JA6NL, bureau
   VK0TA     14122  2317Z Antarctica
   ZD7BG     14213  1942Z via Box 157, Jamestown, St Helena, Atlantic Ocean

   AP2WAP    18128  1801Z via IK4SGY
   DS5USH    18151  1735Z via bureau
   N5KO/HC8  18086  2247Z via AA5BT, bureau
   HK6KKK    18078  0805Z via bureau
   TT8ZB     18145  1859Z via IK3ERN
   VK9NS     18072  1107Z direct
   XQ0YAF    18084  2300Z via Box 4, Easter Island, Chile
   ZF2NT     18071  1757Z via N2AU, direct
   ZK1KTT    18078  1854Z via OKDXF

   3W7TK     21023  1253Z via OK1HWB
   8P6FH     21205  2120Z
   BP0RIW    21282  1321Z via BV bureau
   V44MKC    21270  2025Z via VE3CDA
   WH0AAV    21295  1008Z via CBA
   XQ0YAF    21260  2305Z via Box 4, Easter Island, Chile

   A45XR     24895  1536Z via SP5EXA, bureau
   FR5VZ     24897  1308Z via F8VZ
   HF0POL    24900  1718Z via SP3BGD, bureau
   DL8UD/HI8 24895  1413Z via bureau
   JX7DFA    24901  1107Z via LA7DFA, direct
   TL5A      24890  1644Z via PA3DMH, bureau
   ZP6CW     24900  1949Z via bureau

   6W1RE     28495  1841Z via 6W1QV, also bureau
   7X2LS     28460  1242Z direct only
   CX2EW     28500  1703Z via EA1CQJ
   D2BB      28016  1419Z via W3HNK, direct
   FM5GU     28500  2122Z via WA4JTK, bureau
   FT5XN     28509  1116Z via F6PEN, bureau
   S07WW     28022  1920Z via ON5NT, bureau
   V51SG     28445  1847Z via bureau
   ZD8T      28507  1922Z via AC4IV


QSL Routes

QSLs arrived via buro: 3DA0CA (W4DR), 9H3VG (G4PDQ), 9U5DX (F2VX), C21BH (OH2BH), TK5EP (160m), XV7SW (SM5MX), XX9X (OH2BH), A45XR

QSLs arrived directly: 3D2TK/p (JA3MCA), C91LCK (I4LCK), D2AI (CT1EGH), ZP0X + FM5BH + P3A (W3HNK), FT5WG (F6APU), YV1DIG, K7K (KE7LZ), T32BI (KH6DFW-SASE)

QSLs collected in Friedrichshafen: H40AA/H44DX/EA8BH (OH2BH), TS5I (I5JHW), 5X1M/5X1T (ON5NT), VP8CTR (DL5EBE), ZK1XXP (K8XP), ZL7DK (DL7UFN), ZB2/DL7VEE plus many more.

TNX for information to 425DXNEWS, 599 DXReport, ARRL DX News, DC8TS, DF1ZN, DF6EX, DJ2EV, DJ6AU, DK8SR, DL1GEH, DL1JDK, DL1SBF, DL2FDK, DL7VOA, DL9GOA, DL7PR, DL9NEI, DXPRESS, EA5GRC, EA5KY, GOList, HA1AG, Japan DX News, ON6DP, Les Nouvelles DX, ON7ZV, OPDX, QSL-ROUTES, The DAILY DX and others.