DX Newsletter 1104
July 13, 1998

DX-NL 1104 - July 13, 1999
DX News Letter
Editor: Michael, DJ5AV

(e-mail: mikeoerter.dj5av@t-online.de)

translated into English by Bob, DL7VOA
(e-mail: robster@bigfoot.de)


5W - WESTERN SAMOA 5W1SA is QRV from OC-097 for the next three years. QSL via JH7OHF/1.

FK - NEW CALEDONIA Didier, FK8VHN, plans to activate Lifou Island (OC-033) during the IOTA Contest and from July 22-28. QSL to Didier Lavisse, Caserne Normandie, Box 12, F-98842 Noumea CEDEX, New Caledonia, France.

KH2 - GUAM JR1MLU, 7N3AWE, JA1HGY, JA4DND and JA1BRK will be QRV from OC-026 with two stations on 10-160m in CW/SSB/RTTY from July 19-21. QSLs via homecalls.

T8 - BELAU T88AD (JR1MLU), T88AJ (7N3AWE), T88HG (JA1HGY), T88ND (JA4DND) and T88RK (JA1BRK) are on the air with two stations from July 16-18. QSLs via homecalls.

ZL9 - CAMPBELL ISLAND The Kermadec DX Association is planning an activity from Campbell (OC-037) for 1999. They shall have all permissions in their hands and transportation shall be ok, too. The team from ZL, VE, W and EI will be QRV in all modes on all bands from January 9-25, 1999. They are estimating costs of some 65.000 US$ and are still looking for sponsors via ZL2HU, Ken Holdum, Box 56099, Tawa, Wellington, New Zealand or via EI6FR, Declan Craig, 167 St James' Road, Greenhills, Dublin 12, Ireland. All donations will be confirmed instantly and sent back in case the whole project will be cancelled. EI6FR is interested in bands/modes on which ZL9 is still needed in Europe. Contact him via e-mail to: westnet@iol.ie


3B7 - ST BRANDON Taher, 3B8DB/3B7, is on the air from AF-015 for about two weeks. He is QRV with a vertical and no amplifier during his spare time. QSL direct via Taher Baccus, 412 Modern Square, Vacoas, Mauritius.

5V - TOGO Marc, F5PCU (ex 5V7BM), is on the air from Togo signing 5V7FA until at least July 1999. QSL direct only via F6FNU.

TY - BENIN TY1IJ is QRV again in July/August. QSL via bureau to DK8ZD.

V5 - NAMIBIA Starting on July 15 Ken, V5/SM7DZZ, will be active from Namibia mostly in CW on the lowbands. QSL via SM7DZZ.


CY9 - ST PAUL Ken, VY2RU, and Don, VE1ADE, applied for the call CY9AOE for July 18-20. QSL via VE1ADE.

HR - HONDURAS HR2/KD2IX is in San Pedro Sula from July 14-27. QSL via KD2IX.

V2 - ANTIGUA A Scottish group will sign V26VG during the IOTA Contest in the end of July.


5B - CYPRUS Steve, 5B4/G3VMW, and Bob, 5B4/G3ZEM, will be QRV from AS-004 between July 21 and August 5. QSL via homecall.

HS - THAILAND Kurt, HB9AMZ/HS0ZBS, shall be QRV in CW/SSB/AMTOR between July 14 and August 11. QSL via HB9AMZ (bureau or direct).

UA0 - ASIATIC RUSSIA RU0C shall be QRV from Iony Island (AS-069) and perhaps also from Malminskiye Island between July 20 and August 2. QSL via RA3DEJ, Box 2 Zarya, Moscow Region, 143992, Russia.


EA6 - BALEARIC ISLANDS ON4CEL will be active from Mallorca on 10-40m from July 17-23. QSL via bureau or direct: ON4CEL, Franky Beuselinck, Oostmolenstraat 97, B-9880 Aalter, Belgium (CBA is wrong).

EU - BELARUS Brian, EW/K4NAN, shall be on the air from July 21-27. QSL via K4NAN.

GU - GUERNSEY Volkmar, DF2SS, was announced to be active with a linear on UHF to 160m from July 19 until August 6. QSL via bureau to DL2MDZ.

HB0 - LIECHTENSTEIN HB0/DL0HUN will be active from Malbun (2000m asl) also on UHF-160m between July 24 and August 2. QSL via bureau to DL0HUN.

SV5 - DODECANES Charles, SV0LM (ex S92SS), and his XYL Lesley, SV0LN (ex S92YL), are staying on Rhodos Island until July 31.

TF - ICELAND Matt, TF/DL3KUD, will be active from Heimaey (EU-071) on 6-160m in CW/RTTY and via RS12 from July 20-29. QSL via bureau to DL3KUD.


SEANET WORLD DX CONTEST CW: July 18, 0000Z-July 19, 2359Z. Bands: 10-160m. Exchange: RST+QSO number with A4-A9, AP, BV, BY, DU, EP, HL, HS, Japan,JD1, JY, KH2, P29, S2, S79, VK, VQ9, VS6, VU, V8, XU, XV, XW, XX9, YB, ZK, ZL, ZL9, 3B6/3B8/3B9, 4S7, 4X, 8Q7, 9K2, 9M2, 9M6, 9M8, 9N and 9V.

COLOMBIA INDEPENDENCE DAY: July 19, 0000-2400Z, CW/SSB/RTTY (NOT mixed). Bands: 10-80m. Work: all (own DXCC only multi), Exchange: RST+QSO number.


DATE           CALL           DXNL

now            3B8DB/3B7      1104 *
Early 1999     3Y   (SSIDXG)  1091
Jul 21-Aug 5   5B4/G3VMW etc  1104 *
      -Jul 99  5V7FA          1104 *
      -2001    5W1SA          1104 *
June  -Aug     5X1DK          1101
Jun 14-        7Q7RM          1100
Jul 10-Dec 5   9N1UD          1103

Aug 7 -Aug 22  A22/W0YG       1102, 1103
Early 1999     A5   (JH1AJT)  1095
Jul 13-Jul 17  BI4C, BI5Z     1103
Jul 10-Aug 2   C6AFP          1103
Jul 1 -Aug 31  CE3/SM3SGP etc 1102
Jul 18-Jul 20  CY9AOE         1104 *
Jul 17-Jul 23  EA6  (ON4CEL)  1104 *
Jul 21-Jul 27  EW/K4NAN       1104 *
Jul 22-Jul 28  FK8VHN         1104 *
      -Jan 99  FO5QE          1098
Jul 13-Jul 18  FP/G4MFW       1103
End of 1998    FR5ZU/T        1095, 1101
      -Aug 15  FT5XN          1102
Nov 27-Dec 23  FT5ZH          1092
Apr 13-        FT5ZI          1098
Jul 24-Aug 2   HB0/DL0HUN     1104 *
Jul 5 -Jul 26  HC1MD          1101
now            HC8N           1103
End of 1999    HK0  (Malpelo) 1091
Jul 14-Jul 27  HR2/KD2IX      1104 *
Jul 14-Aug 11  HS0ZBS         1104 *
Summer 1998    HZ1AB (G7SLP)  1100

End of May     JD1YBJ         1096, 1099
Jul 19-Jul 21  JR1MLU/KH2 etc 1104 *
Jul 13-Jul 23  KH6/IK0PHY     1103
Jul 11-Jul 18  MM0BCR/p       1103
Jul 19-Aug 6   MU/DF2SS       1104 *
2 weeks in Aug OX3LG          1100
      -Jul 31  SV0LM, SV0LN   1104 *
Jul 16-Jul 18  T88AD etc      1104 *
Jul 20-Jul 29  TF/DL3KUD      1104 *
now   -End 98  TL5A           1102
Jul 9 -End Aug TY1IJ          1104 *
Jul 20-Aug 2   RU0C           1104 *
End of Jul     V26AG          1104 *
Jul 15-1999    V5/SM7DZZ      1104 *
Jul 18-Jul 24  V5/ZS6YG       1102, 1103
soon           V63PD          1098
Jul 9 -Jul 23  VE2/F6ELE etc  1102
June  -Dec     VK9WG          1102
Jul 18-Jul 28  VP5/CX3AN etc  1101
Jul 22-        Z21/W0YG       1102, 1103
Jul 3 -Jul 18  ZA/EA5KY       1102
Jan 9 -Jan 25  ZL9  (KDXAss)  1104 *
now   -Jul 31  ZS80NRM        1102

"NEW": 1104 *

Bandspots of the last 7 days

   OY/LA8XM   1835  2312Z bureau
   TL5A       1833  2218Z via PA3DMH, bureau 
   ZL2JR      1831  1944Z bureau

   HF0POL     3503  0127Z via SP3BGD, bureau
   P3A        3503  2055Z via W3HNK, direct
   TL5A       3504  2230Z via PA3DMH, bureau

   5X1T       7040  2315Z via ON5NT, direct
   FG/DJ6SI   7005  2307Z direct
   FK8CH      7094  0542Z
   KG4OX      7014  0039Z via W4OX, bureau
   XQ1IDM     7053  0141Z via Box 345, Antofagasta, Chile
   YN9/TI4SU  7012  0110Z via bureau 
   ZL2CD      7018  0452Z

   8P6DA     10108  0319Z via KU9C, bureau
   FP/W8MV   10107  2302Z
   HC8N      10104  0231Z via AA5BT, bureau
   KG4TO     10109  0052Z via N4TO, bureau
   TL5A      10102  2103Z via PA3DMH, bureau
   TY1IJ     10105  0529Z via DK8ZD, bureau
   VK6HD     10104  2341Z via bureau
   YW5LB     10104  2120Z via W4SO, direct
   ZF2NT     10103  0302Z via N2AU, direct

   9V1YC     14290  2009Z via AA5BT, bureau
   BI4C      14260  1400Z via W3HC, CBA
   FO5QG     14123  0713Z via XE1L, direct
   ZK1JD     14260  0655Z via Box 491, Rarotonga, Cook Islands, Pacific

   3D2QB     18083  1323Z via SM3CER, bureau
   5V7FA     18149  0833Z via F6FNU, direct
   EP2AC     18069  1341Z via RV6AB, bureau
   FG/DJ6SI  18076  1510Z direct
   FR5DX     18145  1239Z bureau oder CBA
   J73FC     18162  2239Z
   JT1BL     18080  1142Z via Box 602, Ulaan Bator 44, Mongolia
   TR8JCV    18138  1750Z via bureau
   YW5LB     18080  2320Z via W4SO, direct
   ZL8RS     18136  0647Z via ZL1RS, direct

   3B8DB/3B7 21021  1511Z direct
   9V1AG     21327  1653Z via Box 5004, Singapur 508988
   EL2DT     21253  1859Z via IK0PHY, bureau
   EM1LV     21009  1809Z via UR8LV, bureau
   EP2MKO    21016  2001Z via UA6HCW, CBA
   FT5XN     21260  1112Z via F6PEN,bureau
   FT5ZI     21160  1309Z via F5PFP
   J39JX     21280  2207Z via Box 135, St Georges, Grenada
   J69EE     21250  2238Z via Box 1298, Castries, St. Lucia
   S21YG     21295  1911Z via DL3NEO, bureau
   V51BG     21360  1531Z via bureau
   XQ3N      21054  1730Z via CE4NV

   3C1GS     24944  1701Z via EA5BYP, bureau
   HC8N      24900  2012Z via AA5BT, bureau
   HF0POL    24895  1608Z via SP3BGD, bureau
   S07WW     24930  0914Z via ON5NT, direct
   TL5A      24890  1702Z via PA3DMH, bureau
   TY1IJ     24940  1334Z via DK8ZD, bureau
   XE1IDJ    24900  2249Z via bureau
   ZF2NT     24898  1954Z via N2AU, direct

   8P9JJ     28030  2016Z via K7BV, bureau
   ZD8T      28491  1941Z via AC4IV
   ZP6SK     28405  2017Z via bureau


QSL Routes

QSLs arrived via buro: 3V8BB (YT1AD), 8P9JA (K4MA), 8Q7BE (DL8NBE), 9K2IC, 9Y4/PA3ERC, 9Y4/PA3EWP, FH/DJ1RL, FW5IW, HI8/DL1HCM, GJ/DJ7PR, HI8/DL1DA, J3/DL5MAE, J6/PA3BBP, TK/OM3JW, OH5UQ, SV5/HA0HW, SV9/OM7RU

QSLs arrived directly: LU1ZC (LU6EF), TU2KC (F5LBL), WA4FFW/NH1

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