DX Newsletter 1105
July 20, 1998

DX-NL 1105 - July 20, 1999
DX News Letter
Editor: Michael, DJ5AV

(e-mail: mikeoerter.dj5av@t-online.de)

translated into English by Bob, DL7VOA
(e-mail: robster@bigfoot.de)


FO0 - AUSTRALES ISLANDS Albert, FO5JR, left Tahiti on July 20 and intends to be active from Rimatara Island (OC-050) in CW around 14010 and 21010 kHz between July 24 and August 13. Albert dislikes pile-ups and requests name and QTH of every QSO partner.

KH0 - MARIANA ISLANDS After activating T8 the Japanese team (DXNL 1104) was on the air as KH0/homecalls from July 19-21. QSLs via homecalls.

KH2 - GUAM Naoki, JE7RJZ, is QRV especially on AO-10 and 6m (but also on HF) from July 24-28. QSL via JA7FWR.

T2 - TUVALU Yoshi, JA2ECL, will be active as T20YK in RTTY and SSB especially on 15 and 40m between July 26 and August 6. QSL via JA2ECL.

T32 - EASTERN KIRIBATI T32Z hit the airwaves. The length of stay is not known yet. QSL via N7YL

VP6 - PITCAIRN Tom, VP6TC, is now active using the new prefix. QSL via K6RPF.


5H - TANZANIA Ted, W0RA, is QRV from the shack of Dale, 5H3DD: on 14010 at 1330Z, 21010 at 1700Z, 21295 at 1830Z and on 28450 MHz at 1930Z (QSX up). He is operating Pactor on 14072 and 21072 prior and after CW times. Perhaps he operates also on the WARC bands (especially 17m). QSL via W0RA, via bureau or direct! NOT via 5H3DD, NOT via 5H buro!

TZ - MALI Larry, TZ6VV, and his XYL Trish, TZ6YL, will be QRV again (also on 6m) in August.


6Y, ZF - CARIBBEAN TOUR Rob, 6Y5/PA3ERC, and Ronald, 6Y5/PA3EWP, will be on the air from Montego Bay (NA-097) between August 27 and September 8. Succeeding to that they will be active as ZF2RC and ZF2WP from Sep 8-20. QSL via bureau to PA3ERC or via Rob Snieder, Van Leeuwenstraat 137, NL-2273 VS Voorburg, Netherlands. More info and daily logcheck is worldwide available at: http://www.igr.nl/users/pa3dmh/tour98.html PA3ERC has also other logs to check.

6Y - JAMAICA Mas, JE3MAS, left Jamaica on July 23. He has the logs of 6Y6A, 6Y5XX and WH6X/6Y5.

HH - HAITI Phil, HH2/KC0ARG, is staying at the QTH of HH2NH and plans to work on 20 and 10m between July 24-30. QSL via F6DJB.

HR - HONDURAS Rumours say Mike, K3UOC (ex 7Z5OO), will go to Tegucigalpa to become a school principal.


BV - TAIWAN Juergen, BV3/DJ3KR, is QRV again from AS-020 between July 24 and August 12. QSL via DJ3KR.

HL - SOUTH KOREA A team from Pusan is planning to operate from Tok Island (AS-045) signing 6M5DX and D98TOK on HF/VHF from the end of July until the beginning of August.


1A0 - SOVEREIGN MILITARY ORDER OF MALTA IK0FVC, I0JBL, IK0PRG, IK0MBB, IK0HBN, I0CUT and I0HCJ will be QRV as 1A0KM on 2-160m between July 25 and August 3. QSL via IK0FVC, Francesco Valsecchi, Via Bitossi 21, I-00136 Roma-RM, Italy.

3A/HB0/4U1ITU - MONACO/LIECHTENSTEIN/ITU HEADQUARTERS GENEVA These countries will be activated by Luc, I1YRL, between July and November.

OJ0 - MARKET REEF OJ0AU is QRV from EU-053 since July 21. The team members are: Gunter-DJ6TN, Heiko-DK3DM, Falk-DK7YY, Carsten-DL6LAU (OJ0AU) and Uli-DL8OBQ. They are using two stations, one butternut, two beams and other antennas for 2-160m (also 6m) to operate in CW/SSB/RTTY and during the IOTA contest. They will leave the reef either on July 27 or 28. QSL via bureau or direct to DL6LAU, Carsten Esch, Kreuzweg 22, D-21376 Salzhausen, Germany.

SV5 - DODECANES Phil, SV5/G4OBK, is active from Kalithea Island (EU-001) between July 23 and August 4.


IOTA CONTEST CW and SSB: July 25, 1200 UTC till July 26, 1200 UTC. Work: all, especially IOTA islands. Exchange: RS(T)+QSO number (+IOTA no.)


DATE          CALL           DXNL

Jul 25-Aug 3  1A0KM          1105 *
Early 1999    3Y    (SSIDXG) 1091
Jul 21-Aug 5  5B4/G3VMW etc  1104
Jul 20-Jul 25 5H3DD (W0RA)   1105 *
      -7/99   5V7FA          1104
      -2001   5W1SA          1104
June  -Aug    5X1DK          1101
July  -Aug    6M5DX etc      1105 *
Aug 27-Sep 8  6Y5/PA3ERC etc 1105
Jul 10-Dec 5  9N1UD          1103

Aug 7 -Aug 22 A22/W0YG       1102, 1103
Early 1999    A5    (JH1AJT) 1095
Jul 24-Aug 12 BV/DJ3KR       1105 *
Jul 10-Aug 2  C6AFP          1103
Jul 1 -Aug 31 CE3/SM3SGP etc 1102
Jul 17-Jul 23 EA6/ON4CEL     1104
Jul 21-Jul 27 EW/K4NAN       1104
Jul 22-Jul 28 FK8VHN         1104
Jul 24-Aug 13 FO5JR          1105 *
      -Jan 99 FO5QE          1098
End of 1998   FR5ZU/T        1095, 1101
      -Aug 15 FT5XN          1102
Nov 27-Dec 23 FT5ZH          1092
Apr 13-       FT5ZI          1098
Jul 24-Aug 2  HB0/DL0HUN     1104
Jul 5 -Jul 26 HC1MD          1101
Jul 24-Jul 30 HH2/KC0ARG     1105 *
End of 1999   HK0  (Malpelo) 1091
Jul 14-Jul 27 HR2/KD2IX      1104
Jul 14-Aug 11 HS0ZBS         1104
Summer 98     HZ1AB (G7SLP)  1100
Jul 19-Jul 21 KH0   (JA's)   1105 *
Jul 24-Jul 28 KH2   (JE7RJZ) 1105 *

Aug (2 weeks) OX3LG          1100
Jul 20-Aug 2  RU0C           1104
      -Jul 31 SV0LM, SV0LN   1104
Jul 23-Aug 4  SV5/G4OBK      1105 *
Jul 26-Aug 6  T20YK          1105 *
now           T32Z           1105 *
Jul 20-Jul 29 TF/DL3KUD      1104
now   -End 98 TL5A           1102
Jul 9 -Aug    TY1IJ          1104
Aug 1998      TZ6VV etc      1105 *
End of Jul    V26AG          1104
Jul 15-1999   V5/SM7DZZ      1104
Jul 18-Jul 24 V5/ZS6YG       1102, 1103
soon          V63PD          1098
June  -Dec    VK9WG          1102
Jul 18-Jul 28 VP5/CX3AN etc  1101
      -Aug 6  Z21/W0YG       1102, 1103
Sep 8 -Sep 20 ZF2RC, ZF2WP   1105 *
Jan 9 -Jan 25 ZL9   (KDXAss) 1104
now   -Jul 31 ZS80NRM        1102

"NEW": 1105 *

Bandspots of the last 7 days

   UA1TBK     1832  2207Z

   BI5Z       3506  1946Z via W3HC, CBA
   FG/DJ6SI   3508  0304Z direct
   HF0POL     3503  0304Z via SP3BGD, bureau
   TL5A       3504  2213Z via PA3DMH, bureau
   VK3DZM     3799  2147Z

   3C1GS      7005  0239Z via EA5BYP, bureau
   EM1LV      7015  2045Z via UR8LV, bureau
   FK/JH1ROJ  7003  0614Z via bureau
   HC1MD      7005  0350Z via K8LJG, bureau
   HK0FBF     7045  0350Z via CBA
   KG4OX      7012  0230Z via W4OX, bureau
   ZD7BG      7009  2007Z via Box 157, Jamestown, St. Helena

   HF0POL    10107  2042Z via SP3BGD, bureau 
   HK0ER     10110  0002Z via Box 934, San Andres island, Colombia
   KG4TO     10104  0408Z via N4TO, bureau
   T88HG     10102  2058Z via JA1HGY, bureau
   TL5A      10104  2141Z via PA3DMH, bureau
   TY1IJ     10104  0620Z via DK8ZD, bureau

   9V1BG     14243  1628Z via JL1MVI, bureau 
   BI4C      14260  1455Z via W3HC, CBA
   FO5QG     14123  0821Z via XE1L, direct
   HK0FBF    14194  0847Z via CBA
   V63KU     14188  1208Z via JA6NL, bureau
   ZK1JD     14213  0707Z via Box 491, Rarotonga, Cook Islands

   3B8CF     18074  1530Z via CBA
   3D2QB     18073  1344Z via SM3CER, bureau
   4S7YSG    18085  1528Z via JA2BDR, bureau
   8P9JJ     18078  0552Z via K7BV, bureau
   9M2AX     18071  1507Z direct
   CY9AOE    18138  1757Z via VE1AOE
   FT5XN     18099  1247Z via F6PEN, bureau
   T88ND     18076  1812Z via JA4DND, bureau
   TY1IJ     18138  1654Z via DK8ZD, bureau
   VK9NS     18145  2123Z via CBA
   WH0AAV    18140  1641Z via CBA

   5V7FA     21292  1627Z via F6FNU, direct
   9V8WW     21238  1605Z via 9V1WW
   A35RK     21278  0848Z via W7TSQ, bureau
   AY0Z      21005  1715Z via LU1SM
   BI5Z      21260  0822Z via W3HC, CBA
   CY9AOE    21227  1549Z via VE1AOE
   EP2MKO    21012  1358Z via UA6HCW, CBA
   P29VR     21267  1149Z via W7LFA
   V51ED     21254  1441Z via Box 6136, Windhoek, Namibia
   YN9/TI4SU 21013  2148Z via bureau 
   ZL8RS     21295  0549Z via ZL1RS, direct

   A22/W0YG  24900  1245Z via W0YG, bureau
   D2BB      24897  1243Z via W3HNK, direct
   FG5EY     24896  2016Z via F6EYB
   HF0POL    24895  1537Z via SP3BGD, bureau
   HK7/SM5HV 24900  2127Z via SM5HV
   OY1CT     24904  1148Z via bureau
   TL5A      24895  1213Z via PA3DMH, bureau
   VQ9VK     24906  1211Z via N1TO
   VR2GY     24907  0907Z via Box 73328, Kowloon, Hong Kong, China

   CX5DN     28490  2005Z
   CY9AOE    28495  0059Z via VE1AOE
   VU2AVG    28013  0855Z via VU2APR, bureau


DK4UN (NOT K4UN like in DXNL 1104) via Ronny Triemer, PO Box 47, D-09023 Chemnitz, Germany.

Following stations were announced to be active during the IOTA Contest:

9A/S55A/p (EU-136) via bureau to S55A
9A2U/p   (EU-016)
9A8P     (EU-090) via 9A1AKL, buro or Box 439, HR-21000 Split, Croatia
BO0K     (AS-102) via BV2KI
C6IOTA   (NA-048) via W8LOW
CO0XE    (NA-015) via XE1CI
DL6MHW/p (EU-128) via DL6MHW, NEW to Michael Hoeding, Ginsterweg 51,
                  D-39326 Wolmirstedt, Germany
DL8OBC/p (EU-127) via buro or Felix Riess, Box 1253,D-30984 Gehrden,Germany
ED2IZO ? (EU-134) via EA2URV or via Box 323,E-48080 (Bilbao) Vizcaaya,Spain
ED1MC    (EU-077) via buro to EA1MC or via Box 59, E-36080 Pontevedra,Spain
FK8VHN/p (OC-033) via Didier Lavisse, Caserne Normandie, POBox 12,
                  F-98842 Noumea CEDEX, New Caledonia, South Pacific
G8Q      (EU-005) via G0SAH
GM0GAV/p (EU-010) via GM0GAV, bureau or CBA
GM3TTC   (EU-008) via G3TTC
GT6YB/p or GD6YB/p (EU-116) via buro to G3SWH or direct to Phil Whitchurch,
                  21 Dickensons Grove, Cogresbury, Bristol,BS49 5HQ,England
GU0MEU (or GB0ON) (EU-114 starting July 23) via bureau to ON4ON
K4EP      (NA-112) via K4EP
KL7/W6IXP (NA-150) Op's K6ST and W6IXP; via N6AWD, Fred K Stenger,
                   6000 Hesketh Dr, Bakersfield, CA 93309-1429, USA
MM0/DJ6AU (EU-112) via bureau to DJ6AU
MW8Z      (EU-124) via G5LP
OZ/DL5ME  (EU-030) via DL5ME, via bureau or direct
OZ4FF     (EU-030) via Box 121, DK-3700 Roenne, Bornholm Island, Denmark
RU0C      (AS-069 or AS-new) via RA3DEJ, Dmitrij Ogistyj, Box 2,
                   Zarya 143992, Moscow obl, Russia
RZ0LWA (Russkij Isl.) via buro or: RW0MM, Box 73, Vladivostok 690090,Russia
SN0SZ     (EU-132) via SP1AMU
SN6F/1    (EU-132) via SP6ECA
TF7/DL3KUD (EU-071) via bureau
TM5T      (EU-039) via ON4GO
V26VG     (NA-100) via GM3UTQ, bureau or direct
VE1AO     (NA-154) via VE1VOX
VE3ZZ/VE2 (NA-128) via VE3 buro or Box 1345, Ottawa, ON K1P 5RA, Canada
W3SE      (NA-144) via W3SE,Wesley Printz,Box 4895,Downey,CA 90241-1895,USA
XO1CWI    (NA-198) via buro to VE2CWI or via West Island ARC, Box 884,
                   Dorval, Quebec H9R 4Z6, Canada


QSL Routes


QSLs arrived direct: 3B7RF (HB9RF), A92GE,FO0FR+FO0FI (K6SLO),JW0M (SP2XDR)

TNX for information to 425DXNEWS, 599 DX Report, ARRL DX News, DF1ZN, OPDX, DJ3CP, DJ4PI, DK5MV, DL1GEH, DL1JDK, DL1SBF, DL7PR, DL7VOA, DL9GOA, GOList, DF6EX, DXPRESS, HB9AGH, Japan DX News, Les Nouvelles DX, ON6DP, QSL-ROUTES, The DAILY DX and others.