DX Newsletter 1113
September 14, 1998

DX-NL 1113 - September 14, 1998
DX News Letter
Editor: Michael, DJ5AV

(e-mail: mikeoerter.dj5av@t-online.de)

translated into English by Bob, DL7VOA
(e-mail: robster@bigfoot.de)

FO (Marquesas) and FO (Australes) were added to the DXCC Country List with QSOs made after 2359 UTC on Mar 31, 1998. The DXCC Desk will accept QSLs for these two and H4 (Temotu) not earlier than Oct 1, 98.


FW - WALLIS AND FUTUNA Since Sep 10 Marcel, ON4QM, is staying on OC-118 planning two work as FW5XX in SSB for two months. QSL via ON4QM.

KH3 - JOHNSTON ISLAND Alex, KH6HE, will be on Johnston Island (OC-023) for the next year and should be QRV as KH3/KH6HE on 14.240 MHz daily around 0500 UTC. QSL via KH6HE.

V7 - MARSHALL ISLANDS Ken, V73C, will return to the US soon. QSL via AC4G (ex N4GAK).


3V - TUNISIA The 3V8BB/4 or TS4QI activity from Qergenah (AF-073) has been postponed until the second half of October.

A2 - BOTSWANA Jon, 3DA0CA, plans to operate as A2/ZS5UZ on 10/12/30/40m CW from Sep 14-25. QSL via W4DR.

ZD9 - TRISTAN DA CUNHA Bud, ZD9/ZS1B, was QRV from Tristan da Cunha (AF-029) and wanted to go to Gough Island (AF-030) from Sep 11-14. Due to heavy storms while trying to fly the helicopter onto the island he decided to give it another try for a five-day-stay in about two weeks. QSL via ZS1B.


C6 - BAHAMAS N4BP/C6AKQ, DL5OBZ/C6AKM, DJ3TZ and DL8OBF signed C6AKM during the WAE Contest and will stay for a few more days. QSLs via homecalls.

KP1 - NAVASSA ISLAND Contrary to DXNL 1111 N1V will be active between Nov 22 and Dec 2.


8Q - MALDIVES The calls of the Japanese team are 8Q7US in SSB, 8Q7CC in CW, 8Q7HA in RTTY, 8Q7BB on 6m and 8Q7LI via Amsat OSCAR 10. QSLs via JR2KDN (DXNL 1112).

HL - SOUTH KOREA The KARL Kyongbuk Branch (6K0ZZ) and the Kyongju Ham Club (HL0FSI) are active as D98WCX and 6K98WCX to celebrate "The Kyongju World Culture Exposition" between Sep 11 and Nov 10. QSL via bureau or to HL5FOP, Box 97, Kyongju, 780-600, South Korea.

HS - THAILAND Charlie, K4VUD/9N1UD, went from Nepal to Thailand. During the All-Asia CW Contest he was QRV as HS98AG and is now active with his own call HS0ZCW until around Sep 20.

VR2/XX9 - HONG KONG/MACAO Jon, WB8YBF, and Leo, K8PYD, were announced to be active as VR2/... in CW and RTTY between Sep 21 and Oct 1. They'll probably take part in the WWDX RTTY Contest signing XX9YD from Macao.

XU - CAMBODIA Mako, XU7AAK, is QRV in CW and SSB till Sep 16. QSL via JA1OEM. --- Mirek, VK3DXI, logged 2200 CW and 6300 SSB QSOs signing 3W6DXI from Aug 28 till Sep 5 but then had to return to Australia. Now he hopes to hit the airwaves as XU2DXI prior to the WWDX CW Contest.


3A - MONACO Paul, 3A/ON6DP, announced to be active from Sep 16-18.

SV/A - MT ATHOS Dominik, DL5EBE, is visiting Monk Apollo until around Sep 20. This makes it very easy to work SV2ASP/A in CW or on 160m. The operating hours are depending on the daily monasterial schedule but in the evening hours is running only 100 watts from a battery. QSL direct only with sufficient return postage to: Monk Apollo, Dochiariou Monastery, GR-63087 Mount Athos, Greece.


DATE           CALL            DXNL

Sep 16-Sep 18  3A/ON6DP        1113 *
Jan 1999       3B9  (AH0W etc) 1107
Aug 29-Sep 19  3D2DX etc       1110
End of Oct     3V8BB/4 ?       1112, 1113 *
Early 1999     3Y   (SSIDXG)   1091
Aug   -2001    5H   (K8MN)     1107
now   -2001    5N0/OK1AUT      1009
now   -Dec 98  5X2CW ?         1110
now   -Dec 98  5Z   (ZL3CW)    1110
Aug 3 -        7X0WW           1107
Sep 15-Sep 23  8Q7LI etc       1112, 1113 *
      -Sep 98  9J2DR           1111
Jul 10-Dec 5   9N1UD           1103
Oct   -        9V1XE           1110
Aug   -Sep     9X/G3PSM        1110

Sep 14-Sep 25  A2/ZS5UZ        1113 *
Oct 1 -Oct 19  A35SO etc       1112
Early 1999     A5   (JH1AJT)   1095
1998  -1999    A6   (F6ARU)    1112
Oct ?          BV9P            1110
now            C6AKM etc       1113 *
Sep 11-Nov 10  D98WCX etc      1113 *
now   -Dec 98  E3 ?? (ZL3CW)   1110
Dec 1998       EK88L           1109
Sep 19-Sep 30  ET3AA ?         1112
Sep   -2000    FK8VHT          1111
Aug 11-2001    FM5JV           1108
End of 1998    FR5ZU/T         1095, 1101
Nov 27-Dec 23  FT5ZH           1092
Sep 10-Nov     FW5XX           1113 *
      -2001    H44NC           1108
End of 1999    HK0  (Malpelo)  1091
      -Sep 20  HS0ZCW          1113 *
Summer 1998    HZ1AB (G7SLP)   1100

Sep 9 -Sep 26  J43DIG          1111
1998/99        KH3/KH6HE       1113 *
Nov 22-Dec 2   N1V             1111, 1113 *
Sep   -        PT8ZCB          1111
      -Oct 98  SV1BRL/8        1106
Sep 8 -Sep 20  SV2ASP/A        1113 *
now   -End 98  TL5A            1102
now            TZ6DX           1110
Sep 14-Sep 21  V63CV,V63DI,V63LP 1112
soon           V63PD           1098
Sep   -        VQ9QM           1111
Sep 21-Oct 1   VR2/K8PYD etc   1113 *
Sep   -        VU3AGX          1112
Sep   -        XR40TC          1112
now   -Sep 16  XU7AAK          1113 *
Sep 22-Oct 10  YI98BIF         1112
now            ZD9/ZS1B        1113 *
Sep 8 -Sep 20  ZF2RC, ZF2WP    1105
Sep 8 -Sep 20  ZF2WP/ZF9 etc   1111
Jan 9 -Jan 25  ZL9CI           1104

"NEW": 1113 *

Bandspots of the last 7 days

   AA4MM       1850  0423Z
   SV2ASP/A    1829  2233Z via CBA
   ZS6UT       1831  0317Z

   C6AKM       3763  0414Z via DL5OBZ
   DS5RNM      3799  2057Z via I2ZGC
   HF0POL      3507  2327Z via SP3BGD, bureau
   JY9QJ       3786  0016Z via DL5MBY, bureau
   NP3G        3507  0346Z via W5XJ
   TL5A        3770  2247Z via PA3DMH, bureau
   UP0L        3587  2316Z via UN8LW
   ZF2RC/ZF9   3520  0403Z via PA3ERC, bureau

   3D2DX       7045  0558Z via EA4CP, bureau
   WV2B/CY9    7015  0220Z via WV2B, bureau
   EM1LV       7009  0340Z via UR8LV, bureau
   FM5DN       7094  0543Z via KU9C, bureau
   HJ1RRL      7055  0604Z
   JW/DJ3KR    7004  2113Z via bureau
   SV2ASP/A    7005  2108Z via CBA
   TS4QI       7007  1506Z via 3V8BB, direct
   YK1AH       7003  1731Z DXNL 1112

   6Y5/PA3ERC 10110  0032Z via PA3ERC, bureau
   PJ2/PA0JLS 10103  2358Z
   ZD7BG      10102  2145Z Box 157, Jamestown, St Helena, South Atlantic
   ZF2RC/ZF9  10110  2257Z via PA3ERC, bureau

   5W0BF      14184  0816Z via DL2BFH
   9V8ZB      14267  1741Z via JL3WSL, bureau
   DX1DX      14200  1903Z via DU1SAN, bureau
   E22AAA     14253  1917Z via HS1CHF
   FK8FB      14135  1944Z via F6FNU, direct
   FO5QG      14123  0659Z via bureau or CBA
   S01HA      14203  2008Z via EA2JG
   V63KU      14185  0700Z via JA6NL, bureau
   XU7AAK     14012  1902Z via JA1OEM, bureau
   XW8KPL     14189  2213Z via JH1EVE

   3D2DX      18135  1155Z via EA4CP, CBA
   SV2ASP/A   18075  0835Z via CBA
   V63AO      18140  1258Z via Box 607, Kosrae 96944, Micronesia
   VP9LR      18145  1932Z via K1EFI, bureau

   4G50N      21285  1427Z via DU9RG, bureau
   5W0HP      21222  0757Z via DL1SDV
   WV2B/CY9   21261  1128Z via WV2B, bureau
   EP3LAH     21296  1008Z via RV6LAH
   FK8GJ      21019  1323Z via F6CXJ, bureau
   JU60MTZ    21025  0755Z via JT1CJ

   3D2DX      24943  0928Z via EA4CP, bureau
   3W7TK      24901  1128Z via OK1HWB
   9K2HN      24945  0909Z via bureau
   9M2TO      24911  1009Z via JA0DMV, bureau
   FK8GM      24950  1132Z via WB2RAJ, also bureau
   P29VR      24948  1113Z via W7LFA
   PJ2MI      24955  1339Z via W2CQ (ex K2PEQ)
   TZ6VV      24977  1650Z via AA0GL
   ZF2RC/ZF9  24950  1344Z via PA3ERC, bureau

   3D2DX      28395  0811Z via EA4CP, bureau
   WV2B/CY9   28495  2055Z via WV2B, bureau
   UP0L       28429  0757Z via UN8LW
   WH0AAV     28490  1230Z via CBA
   ZD9/ZS1B   28469  1312Z via ZS1B
   ZP50P      28465  1442Z via ZP1AB


QSL Routes

QSLs arrived direct: 9M2/G3LIV, KH6FHX (tnx for bureau QSL from Feb 98), TR8BAR, VE2CY/p, ZK1EHH, ZL4IR, ZY6XC, ZZ7XX

TNX for information to 425DXNEWS, 599 DXReport, ARRL DX News, DF1ZN, DF6EX, DK2JX, DL1GEH, DL1SBF, DL7PR, DL7VOA, DL8DXL, DL9GOA, F6AJA, G0TSM, GOList, DXPRESS, JA DXNEWS, Les Nouvelles DX, ON6DP, OPDX, QSL-ROUTES,The DAILY DX, RTTY DX NOTES and others.