DX Newsletter 1117
October 12, 1998

DX-NL 1117 - October 12, 1998
DX News Letter
Editor: Michael, DJ5AV

(e-mail: mikeoerter.dj5av@t-online.de)

translated into English by Bob, DL7VOA
(e-mail: robster@bigfoot.de)


3D2 - FIJII, T2 - TUVALU, YJ - VANUATU Fumio, JA3JA, started his roundtrip as 3D2JG on Oct 14/15. He will be in Tuvalu from Oct 16-22 and in Vanuatu from Oct 23-30. He is running 100w into wire and vertical antennae for slow CW, SSB and RTTY. Fumio will not take part in the WWDX SSB. QSL via JARL-buro or: JA3JA, Fumio Hayasaki, 178-1 Kitanoda, Sakai, 599-8123 Japan.

FO0 - AUSTRAL ISLANDS FO5QF shall be QRV from Rapa Island (OC-051).


5H - TANZANIA Dave, K8MN, received the call 5H3US. He will become QRV in these days operating SSB/CW/RTTY with verticals for the next three years. QSL via WA8JOC or Ken Scheper, 5875 Cedaridge Dr, Cincinnati, OH 45247, USA.

5N - NIGERIA TT8AM is on the air as 5N9EAM from Nigeria. QSL via IK7JTF.

5R - MADAGASCAR Surprisingly Baldur, DJ6SI, appeared as 5R8GC until Oct 16. QSL via DJ6SI, also via buro.

9G - GHANA Steve, PA3GBQ, may be active in SSB signing 9G5BQ with 100 watts and dipoles from Oct 15-30. QSL via PA3GBQ or to Steve van Lieburg, Stresemannplaats 27, NL-3068 JL Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

C5 - GAMBIA Bavarian Contest Club (BCC) members DF4RD, DL5NAM, DL9NDS, OE2VEL and OE9MON will be QRV in CW/SSB from Oct 14-27 (including WWDX). For more information check: http://www.uni-erlangen.de/~unrz45/BCC/

C5 - GAMBIA and AFRICA TOUR Moko, JA1OEM, is in Banjul signing C56HP from Oct 7-19. This time he will emphasize the high bands. Afterwards he will sign XT2HP from Ougadougou (also on 160m) until Nov 24. Between Nov 26 and Dec 5 he intends to go to Cote d'Ivoire (TU) and then to C5 again. He also plans to make a trip to Mali (TZ). He will go back to Japan around Christmas. QSL direct only via JA1OEM.

CN - MOROCCO Prior and after the WWDX SSB Contest Ben, DL6FBL, will operate as CN8WW from Oct 20-25. He will work also on the WARC bands outside the contest. QSL via DL6FBL, automatically via bureau.

EL - LIBERIA During his work in Liberia EI5GIY wants to become QRV as EL2VO from Oct 15-29. QSL via EI5GIY.


9Y - TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO BCC members DK6WL, DL4MCF, DL4MDO and DL4MEH will operate as 9Y/... from SA-009. Operation will take place in CW/SSB/RTTY on 10-160m from Oct 15-31. During the WWDX SSB Contest they will use a special call. QSLs via homecalls.

HP - PANAMA During the WWDX SSB in October DL5RBW, DL1RBR and DL9RCF will visit HP1XVH on Contadora Island (NA-072) signing 3E1DX (QSL via N0JT). All other QSLs via homecalls.

KP2 - AMERICAN VIRGIN ISLANDS N2WB, W4WX, W4CJK, VE3FU and W5OXA are looking for another operator for WP2Z, operating from St Croix (NA-106) from Oct 19-27 including the WWDX SSB Contest. Contact via Bill, W4WX: w4wx@bellsouth.net


4S - SRI LANKA Mitsunori,JA4AHV, will be on the air as 4S7AHG or 4S7/JA4AHV mostly in CW on 40/80/160m from Oct 20-30. QSL via JARL-bureau or M.N. Sako, Box 59, Matsue 690-8691, Japan.

BY - CHINA, JT - MONGOLIA Being on an Asia trip Jay, W8JAY, is QRV as JT1FCP from Ulaanbaatar from Oct 13-15. Afterwards he intends to operate as W8JAY/BY4AA from Shanghai. QSL via W8JAY, Jay Dyer, 42 Willow Ln, Wheeling, WV 26003-4860, USA.

VR2 - HONG KONG Motoi, JK2PNY, is QRV on 15 and 40m signing VR98SS/p from Lamma Isl (AS-006) from Oct 12-20. QSL via JK2PNY, Motoi Kawatsu, 205 Mezon Hiramatsu, 3-17-15 Nishisugamo, Toshima-ku 170-0001, Japan.


Worked All Germany SSB/CW: Oct 17, 1500Z till Oct 18, 1500Z. Bands: 10-80m. Exchange: DLs: RS(T)+DOK; non-DLs: RS(T)+QSO number. NEW: Submit your logs via e-mail to wag@darc.de. The deadline is Nov 20. If you do so please send your BIN file (or ASCII) and your summary sheet. Please send only one file and avoid sending all your different bandfiles. If possible re-name your *.bin file with your call e.g. DL7VOA.BIN instead of WAG98.BIN. If you don't do so please mark your call clearly in your mail and do not expect a reply to your e-mail.


DATE           CALL          DXNL

Oct   -Nov/98  3A/I1YRL      1115
Early 1999     3B9  (AH0W)   1107
Oct 14-Oct 15  3D2JG         1117 *
Oct/WWDX       3E1DX         1117 *
End of Oct     3V8BB/4 ?     1112, 1113
Early 1999     3Y   (SSIDXG) 1091
Oct 20-Oct 30  4S7AHG  ?     1117 *
now   -2001    5H3US         1117 *
now            5N9EAM        1117 *
Oct 6 -Oct 16  5R8GC         1117 *
Aug 3 -        7X0WW         1107
Oct 15-Oct 30  9G5BQ         1117 *
Oct 3 -Oct 18  9H0VRZ etc    1115
now   -Nov 7   9N7RW         1115
Oct   -        9V1XE         1110
Oct 15-Oct 31  9Y   (BCC)    1117 *
Oct 1 -Oct 19  A35SO, A35ZL  1112
      -2000    A45XU         1116
Early 1999     A5   (JH1AJT) 1095
1998  /1999    A6   (F6ARU)  1112
Oct ?          BV9P          1110
Oct 16-        W8JAY/BY4AA   1117 *
Oct 14-Oct 27  C5   (BCC)    1117 *
Oct 7 -Oct 19  C56HP         1117 *
Oct 20-Oct 25  CN8WW         1117 *
Sep 11-Nov 10  D98WCX etc    1113
Oct 15-Oct 29  EL2VO         1117 *
now            FO5QF         1117 *
Oct 10-Oct 30  FO0PT         1116
Oct 7 -Oct 22  FO0SUC        1116
Oct 7 -Oct 30  FR5ZU/G       1115
End of 1998    FR5ZU/T       1095, 1101
Sep 10-Nov     FW5XX         1113
End of 1999    HK0  (Malpelo)1091
now   -1999    HK/G0SHN      1115
Oct 13-Oct 15  JT1FCP        1117 *
1998/99        KH3/KH6HE     1113
Nov 22-Dec 2   N1V           1111, 1113
Oct 16-Oct 22  T2   (JA3JA)  1117 *
now            TT8AM         1116
now            TZ6DX         1110
Jul 15-1999    V5/SM7DZZ     1104
soon           V63PD         1098
Oct 15-Oct 17  AH0R/VP9      1116
Oct 12-Oct 20  VR98SS/p      1117 *
Oct 19-Oct 27  WP2Z          1117 *
      -Dec/98  XV300S        1114
Oct 23-Oct 30  YJ   (JA3JA)  1117 *
Oct 11-Apr/99  ZF2NT         1116
Jan 9 -Jan 25  ZL9CI         1104
Early Mar/99   ZY0SP, ZY0SZ  1115

"NEW": 1117 *

Bandspots of the last 7 days

   3DA0CA     1827  0332Z via W4DR, bureau
   A92GD      1827  0105Z via K1SE, direct
   JY9QJ      1823  2235Z via DL5MBY, bureau
   VK6VZ      1828  2142Z via bureau

   5R8GC      3508  2122Z via DJ6SI, bureau
   H76C       3790  0423Z via HR1RMG, direct
   J6/IN3ZNR  3794  0106Z via bureau
   JT1BG      3798  2316Z via Box 158, Ulan Bator 13, Mongolia
   P43P       3797  0308Z via P43ARC
   TI4CF      3800  0540Z via W3HNK, bureau
   TL5A       3503  2052Z via PA3DMH, bureau
   ZL6QH      3505  1759Z

   A35ZL      7007  1724Z via DJ7RJ, bureau
   AL7O       7005  0521Z via CBA
   VU2PAI     7050  0056Z via Box 730, Mangalore, India
   XT2AW      7005  0619Z via DF2WO, bureau

   5R8GC     10103  2038Z via DJ6SI, bureau
   A35ZL     10107  1633Z via DJ7RJ, bureau
   C56/DL5MM 10104  0704Z via DL5MM, bureau
   DS5USH    10105  1807Z via bureau
   E31AA     10107  0012Z via ZL3CW
   FO0PT     10103  0802Z via DJ0FX, bureau
   HF0POL    10105  2341Z via SP3BGD, bureau

   A35SO     14082  0530Z via DJ4SO, bureau
   C21NJ     14030  0620Z via Box 205, Nauru
   FO0SUC    14260  0846Z Austral Islands, via F5JJW
   FO5QG     14122  0726Z via XE1L
   T32BI     14190  0803Z via KH6DFW, SASE
   V63PD     14122  0557Z via VK4AAR, direct

   9G1BJ     18116  1949Z via G4XTA, direct
   FO0PT     18069  0707Z via DJ0FX, bureau
   HF0POL    18082  1946Z via SP3BGD, bureau
   VR98LC    18071  1458Z via bureau

   ET3AA     21240  1214Z via Box 60258, Addis Abeba, Ethiopia
   H76C      21256  2004Z via HR1RMG, direct
   S21YG     21256  1444Z via DL3NEO, bureau
   ZF2DR     21283  1147Z via K5RQ

   A45XR     24908  0850Z via Box 2038, Oman 111
   C91RF     24945  0728Z via DL6DQW, bureau
   FW5XX     24955  0837Z via ON4QM, bureau
   HK6KKK    24917  1519Z via bureau
   TJ1HP     24962  0947Z via F6FNU, direct
   V63AO     24957  0713Z via Box 607, Kosrae 96944, Micronesia, Pacific
   VK9NS     24950  0919Z via CBA
   XT2AW     24925  1641Z via DF2WO, bureau
   YS1RR     24970  1518Z via DJ9ZB, bureau

   5R8GC     28020  1131Z via DJ6SI, bureau
   BV7FF     28022  1142Z via bureau
   C56HP     28487  1615Z via JA1OEM, direct
   D2BB      28021  0948Z via W3HNK, bureau
   E31AA     28008  1105Z via ZL3CW
   JX7DFA    28005  1712Z via LA7DFA, direct
   KH0I      28467  1114Z via Box 7670, Saipan, MP 96950, USA
   PZ1EL     28510  1855Z via Box 9131, Paramaribo, Suriname
   T32NCC    28470  0904Z Tuck, Fanning Island
   TJ2RSF    28009  1138Z via EA4URE, bureau
   TL5A      28024  1106Z via PA3DMH, bureau
   ZD7CTO    28512  1045Z via KB2MS
   ZD8T      28486  1754Z via AC4IV

Announcements for the WWDX SSB Contest on Oct 24/25:

C6A/  Op K6IT, WR6O, KA6WHO   QSL via KI6T.
PJ7/W4WR                 QSL via W4WR direct or via bureau
US1IDX/VP9 or US1I/VP9   QSL via N5FG
V26B                     QSL via WT3Q
V47NS                    Op W9NY
VO2CQ  (Zone 2)          QSL via VE3FU
VA2DO  (Zone 2, 160m)    Op Ivan, VE3DO
VA2BY  (Zone 2, 80m)
VE3RHJ/2 (Zone 2, 15 or 20m or all band-low power)
K7AR/VP2V                QSL via K7AR
VP5DX                    QSL via K4UTE
W2FXA/VP9                QSL via W2FXA with SASE
YE5B                     QSL via YC5TML
ZB2X                     QSL via OH2KI


QSL Routes

QSLs arrived bureau: JD1BIY

QSLs arrived direct: 9M2/G3LIV, C94AI (CT1CKP), CO4BM, N6MZ/KH9, VE2/F6ELE, YC5TML