DX Newsletter 1124
November 30, 1998

DX-NL 1124 - November 30, 1998
DX News Letter
Editor: Michael, DJ5AV

(e-mail: mikeoerter.dj5av@t-online.de)

translated into English by Bob, DL7VOA
(e-mail: robster@bigfoot.de)


KP1 - NAVASSA ISLAND The preparations for the N1V activity seem to go very slow. 59(9) DX Report could not obtain new information from the organizer K8RF. Last rumours say they are waiting for an official scientific report to receive the final decision to land on the island.

T3 - KIRIBATI Karl, DL1VU, is going to Tarawa/Western Kiribati signing T30CT and then as T33VU to Banaba Island. He was already operating from a beach on Tabuaeran/Fanning Island (OC-084) and from Teraina/ Washington Island (OC-084). His way back will go via Tarawa, Canton (T31AF/Central Kiribati), Christmas (T32VU) and finally Hawaii. Gert, DJ5IW/T32IW, will stay on Christmas Island until Dec 1.

T8 - PALAU KJ9I, NF9V and NZ9Z will be QRV as T88II on 10-160m from Dec 8-17. QSL via KJ9I.


D4 - CAPE VERDE Besides operating in the WWDX CW Contest Falk, DK7YY, and Hein, DL2OBF, made nice CW QSOs from AF-005 signing D44BC between Nov 25 and Dec 1. QSL via the CBA of D44BC.


FY - FRENCH GUYANA Dave, FY/DJ0PJ, is QRV in QRP CW on 14060, 21060 and 28060 kHz from Dec till Jan/99 (not during x-mas holidays). QSL via buro to DJ0PJ.

J6 - ST LUCIA The Southwest Ohio DX Association was active as J6DX (QSL via N9AG) with 17 op's during WWDX CW and will stay on NA-108 till Dec 6.They will participate also in the ARRL 160m Contest. Outside of the contests they are operating in CW/SSB/RTTY on all bands till 6m.

KP2 - US VIRGIN ISLANDS Slavek, OK1TN, is QRV as KP2AD from NA-106 until Dec 20. QSL via Czech DX Foundation, OKDXF, Box 73, Bradlec 293 06 Mlada Boleslav, Czech Republic.

P4 - ARUBA Jose, CT1BOH, was QRV as P40E from SA-036 till Dec 1.QSL via W3HNK.- Ed, KR3I, is on the air from SA-036 signing P40I mostly in CW on 10 to 40m and perhaps also on 80m from Dec 1-8. QSL via buro to KR3I.

TI - COSTA RICA To commemorate the 45th anniversary of the Radio Club de Costa Rica several special event stations with the prefix TE45 are QRV on all bands and in all modes until Dec 6. QSL via TI0RC.


NEW??? - PALESTINE The Daily DX writes that Palestine shall receive an international telephone prefix and a callsign allocation. This would increase the chance of a new DXCC country...

9M6 - EASTERN MALAYSIA Phil, G4JMB/VR2CT, will be QRV as 9M6CT from Kota Kinabalu between Dec 7 and Jan 16 and once again in March/April 1999. QSL via G4JMB.

A6 - UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Bernie, W3UR, the editor of "The Daily DX", is right now in Dubai visiting Ali, A61AJ, and his family. His length of stay is unknown. QSL via W3UR.

HS - THAILAND During the CQWW DX CW Contest many native operators gathered under a new management of the clubstation HS0AC. QSL manager of the RAST (Radio Amateur Society of Thailand) is now HS0/G3NOM. He has the HS0AC logs from 1991 till today.


ZB2 - GIBRALTAR Martyn, G3RFX/ZB2FX, was announced to be active in CW/SSB on 10-80m between Nov 29 and Dec 8. QSL via G3RFX.


ARRL 160m Contest: Dec 4, 2200 UTC till Dec 6, 1600 UTC. Work W/VE on 160m. Exchange: RST, W/VE also their ARRL/RAC sections.

ARRL 10m Contest SSB/CW (no crossmode): Dec 12, 0000Z till Dec 13, 2400Z. Work W/VE on 10m. Exchange: RST+QSO number (W/VE state/province).


DATE           CALL            DXNL

Dec 1 -Dec 13  3B8/F6BBH       1123
Mar 25-Apr/99  3B9  (AH0W etc) 1107
Nov   -        3W5FM           1120
Early 1999     3Y   (SSIDXG)   1091
now   -2001    5H3US           1117
now   -mid Dec 5N3CPR          1120
now   -Dec/98  5X2CW ?         1110
Oct 3 -Sep/99  5Z4GC ?         1115
now            7Q7LA           1122
Nov 20-Dec 4   8Q7DV           1123
Nov 19-Dec 6   9G5ZM, 9G5VJ... 1122
Dec 7 -Jan 16  9M6CT           1124 *
Jan/99-        9V1XE           1110

      -2000    A45XU           1116
Early 1999     A5   (JH1AJT)   1095
1998/1999      A6   (F6ARU)    1112
now            A61AJ           1124 *
Nov 15-Dec 5   D68WU           1120
Dec/98         EK88L           1109
Sep/98-2000    FK8VHT          1111
Aug 11-2001    FM5JV           1108
Nov 15-Dec 7   FR   (F6BFH...) 1121
End of 1998    FR5ZU/T         1095, 1101
Nov 27-Dec 23  FT5ZH etc       1092, 1121
Dec/98+Jan/99  FY/DJ0PJ        1124 *
now   -1999    HK/G0SHN        1115
1998/99        KH3/KH6HE       1113
now   -Dec 31  HS98AG          1118
Nov 23-Dec 6   J6DX etc        1124 *
Nov 19-Dec 20  KP2AD           1124 *
UNKNOWN        N1V             1111, 1113, 1124 *

Nov 23-Dec 1   P40E            1124 *
Dec 1 -Dec 8   P40I            1124 *
Nov 29-Dec 28  PJ9/PA0VDV      1123
Dec   -Apr/99  T31AF, T30CT... 1119, 1124 *
Dec 8 -Dec 17  T88II           1124 *
      -Dec 6   TE45            1124 *
Oct/98-Oct/99  TN7OT           1119
Nov 26-Dec 5   TU   (JA1OEM)   1117
Nov 22-Dec 9   V63HO, V63HC... 1123
now   -Dec 9   VK9NR           1123
      -2000    VR2FD etc       1122
Nov 26-Dec 4   XU1A            1123
      -Dec/98  XV300S          1114
Nov 21-Dec 14  XZ1N            1121, 1123
Nov 29-Dec 8   ZB2FX           1124 *
Oct 11-Apr/99  ZF2NT           1116
Jan 9 -Jan 25  ZL9CI           1104
Early Mar/99   ZY0SP, ZY0SZ    1115

"NEW": 1124 *

Bandspots of the last 7 days

   6Y2A        1830  0329Z via WA4WTG, bureau
   8P9HT       1833  0154Z via K4BAI, bureau
   A61AJ       1834  2029Z via W3UR
   D44BC       1827  0243Z via CBA
   J3A         1824  0532Z via WA8LOW
   OY9JD       1824  1702Z direct
   P40E        1834  0706Z via W3HNK, bureau
   VP8CZJ      1824  0609Z via G0HXL
   XZ1N        1826  2115Z via W1XT, bureau
   ZF2LA       1812  0442Z via K9LA

   3E1DX       3786  0601Z via N0JT, bureau
   8Q7DV       3501  1832Z via UA9CI
   A45XR       3523  2233Z via Box 2038, Oman 111
   FT5ZH       3799  2054Z via F6KDF, bureau
   HI3K        3799  0049Z via HI3JH, direct
   J6DX        3561  0635Z via N9AG, bureau
   JT1A        3516  2349Z via OH1RX
   VK9LX       3798  1847Z via VK2ICV, CBA
   XU1A        3798  2019Z via JH1AJT, also bureau

   A61AJ       7004  2344Z via W3UR
   FT5ZH       7075  2201Z via F6KDF, bureau
   J6/N2GA     7018  0232Z
   KH6/WE9V    7009  0654Z via WE9V, bureau
   T32IW       7006  0506Z via DJ5IW, bureau
   T88JA       7007  2058Z via JA6BSM, bureau
   TI1C        7030  2306Z via W3HNK, bureau
   VP2EY       7067  2239Z via HB9SL, bureau
   XZ1N        7075  0018Z via W1XT, bureau

   3B8CF      10103  0247Z via CBA
   5N3CPR     10117  1759Z via SP5CPR, direct
   8Q7DV      10107  1710Z via UA9CI

   5R8PR      14260  1614Z via F6BFH, bureau
   IA0PS      14215  2107Z Antarctica, via IK0AIH
   JD1/JG1WTH 14014  0943Z

   3D2VA      18072  1033Z Fiji, via WA2NHA
   D68WU      18072  1415Z via F6HWU, bureau
   J59P       18118  1613Z

   FR5ZQ/T    21027  1148Z via homecall, bureau
   V63HO      21210  1154Z via KQ1F, bureau
   ZF1A       21015  1458Z via K9LA, CBA

   3B8/DL9GFB 24897  0844Z via bureau
   3D2VA      24960  0736Z via WA2NHA, bureau
   3E1DX      24948  1137Z via N0JT, bureau
   FK8HC      28480  0746Z via VK4FW, direct
   J68AS      24960  1141Z via N9AG, bureau
   JT1BH      24900  0941Z via bureau or CBA
   XU1A       24897  1005Z via JH1AJT, also bureau

   3E1AA      28112  1622Z via ZL3CW
   3W7TK      28018  0815Z via OK1HWB
   8Q7DV      28495  1050Z via UA9CI
   FT5ZH      28495  1337Z via F6KDF, bureau
   J3/N7OV    28477  1602Z via IK3VIA, bureau
   JD1HGI     28021  0741Z
   JT1A       28030  0838Z via OH1RX
   VK9LX      28015  0752Z via VK2ICV, direct
   VQ9IO      28061  0931Z via KD7MG, bureau
   XV7TH      28450  1123Z via SK7AX, bureau
   XX9TRR     28450  0930Z via OH2PM
   XZ1N       28485  1145Z via W1XT, bureau


QSL Routes

The online log of A35XU (PA3AXU) is at http://www.qsl.net/pa3ebt/pa3axu.htm

5W0GD logs may be checked at http://home.wxs.nl/~pa3ebt/pa3axu.htm.

Are you in the E30GA log (35,412 QSOs)? Check yorself at http://no4j.com/nfdxa/logs/e30ga.htm.

All addresses which were printed in the DX Newsletter during the past two years and which are correct in Callbook 1998 will NOT be repeated here. Check the world wide web or your local packet cluster.

QSLs arrived buro: 3B8/F5PYI, 5N0T (F2YT), BO0KS (BV2KI), HF0POL (SP3FYM), BO0M (BV2KI), FH/DL1DA, FG/F2HE (F6LQJ),FH/DL1DA,FK8FS, FS5PL (N0JT), HC2/F6AUS, PA0GJA/HI3, HK3JJH (DF4UW), HP1XBI (F6AJA), HZ1AB (K8PYD, schnell, pse QSL), JT1BY, J39A (KQ1F), JU5DX (JA7FWR/1993), KP4SQ (KD8IW), OA4FW, OH1NOA/OD5, P40AV (K4AVQ), S79A (CT1EAT), TO5A (F6BUM), TR8JPF, TT8FC (A4AHK), UA2FT, XT2AW (DF2WO), YL2GN, XW30 + XW30A (SM0AGD), YI9VK (HA0HW), YW1A (YW1AVO), Z21AV, ZP0R (ZP5MAL)

QSLs arrived direct: 6W1QV, H44DX (OH2BN), JT1X (HA0HW), N6MZ/KH9 (WA4YBV)