DX Newsletter 1126
December 12, 1998

DX-NL 1126 - December 12, 1998
DX News Letter
Editor: Michael, DJ5AV

(e-mail: mikeoerter.dj5av@t-online.de)

translated into English by Bob, DL7VOA
(e-mail: robster@bigfoot.de)


H4 - TEMOTU ISLANDS Bernhard, DL2GAC, is planning to operate as H44MS in February and is still looking for an experiences CW operator for Feb 5-10, 1999.

T8 - PALAU Hiro, JF1OCQ, and Tatsu, JA0QBY, intend to work as T88HM and T88TN in CW and SSB on 6-160m from Dec 19-22. QSL via JARL buro or direct: T88HM: via JF1OCQ, Hiro C Miyake, 1-3-6, Asakura-Cho,Maebashi-City, Gunma 371-0811, Japan; T88TN: via JA0QBY, Tatsuo Nishihara, 1458, Kihimiya, Mishima-Cho, Mishima-Gun, Niigata 940-2322, Japan.

ZK3 - TOKELAU Ron, ZL1AMO, plans to leave Samoa for Tokelau on Dec 14 or 21. He may use the calls: 5W1CW, 3D2RW and ZK3RW. QSL direct via his CBA.


5T - MAURITANIA, 6W - SENEGAL Nancy, 6W6/N3NS, and Richard, 6W6/K3IPK, will spend their X-mas in the US and want to make a short trip to Mauritania before that. QSL direct via K3IPK.

Z2 - ZIMBABWE Dick,ZS6CAL, and Dave, ZS6RVG, will be QRV as Z21/ZS6PDX especially in RTTY and SSTV on 10/15/20m from Dec 17-20. QSL via ZS6RVG.

FT5Z - AMSTERDAM ISLAND Some critics didn't recognize that the FT5ZH operation is made by two operators only who are disturbed by heavy storms when erecting new antennas. Their 30m antenna became ready on Dec 11. They will start their RTTY operation on Dec 15. Since they are only guests on the French base they have to pay attention on the local schedule: "If you don't eat at 1400Z you don't get anything." Unfortunately they didn't get a permission for Crozet or Kerguelen.


PY0S - ST PETER AND PAUL ROCKS Some Brasilians say that the activity of ZY0SP/ZY0SZ (DXNL 1115) is not sure yet since they received only very few donations. Please send any donations to Randy, WX5L, or Karl, PS7KM. This may be the last possibility for a DXpedition to PY0S since the rocks shall become a prohibited military area.

VP5 - TURKS AND CAICOS ISLANDS Gene, VP5/AA4US, is QRV again in CW/SSB on all bands from Dec 15-21. Check his October log at: http://www.supernet.net/~gene/VP5LOG.txt.

VP9 - BERMUDA Mark, VP9/AA1AC, is QRV from Paget Parish in CW/SSB on 10-40m from Dec 17-21. QSL via AA1AC.


8Q - MALDIVES IK1ZPA is QRV as 8Q7IK from Giravaru Island from Dec 14-20. QSL via IK1ZPA. //// Lee, G0ULN, was announced to be QRV in SSB on 10-80m between Dec 22 and Jan 12. QSL via G0ULN, direct or via RSGB buro.


DATE           CALL            DXNL

Mar 25-Apr/99  3B9  (AH0W etc) 1107
Nov   -        3W5FM           1120
Early 1999     3Y   (SSIDXG)   1091
now   -2001    5H3US           1117
Mid Dec?       5T/K3IPK        1126 *
      -2000    5W1SA           1125
Oct 3 -Sep/99  5Z4GC ?         1115
Dec 14-Dec 20  8Q7IK           1126 *
Dec 22-Jan 12  8Q   (G0ULN)    1126 *
Dec 7 -Jan 16  9M6CT           1124
Jan/99-        9V1XE           1110

Dec 8 -Jan 31  A35VR           1125
      -2000    A45XU           1116
Early 1999     A5   (JH1AJT)   1095
1998/1999      A6   (F6ARU)    1112
      -Jun/99  A92GD           1125
Dec/98         EK88L           1109
now            EL2WW           1125
Sep/98-2000    FK8VHT          1111
Aug 11-2001    FM5JV           1108
End of 1998    FR5ZU/T         1095, 1101
Dec or Jan     FT5WH           1125
Nov 27-Dec 23  FT5ZH etc       1092, 1121
Dec/98+Jan/99  FY/DJ0PJ        1124
now   -1999    HK/G0SHN        1115
1998/99        KH3/KH6HE       1113
Feb 5 -Feb 10  H44MS           1126 *
now   -Dec 31  HS98AG          1118

Dec 8 -?       JL1KFR/JD1      1125
Dec 2 -Jan 2   KH4/NH6YK       1125
Nov 19-Dec 20  KP2AD           1124
UNKNOWN        N1V             1111, 1113, 1124
      -Apr 20  P49M            1125
Nov 29-Dec 28  PJ9/PA0VDV      1123
Dec   -Apr/99  T31AF, T30CT... 1119, 1124
Dec 19-Dec 22  T88HM, TN       1126 *
Dec 8 -Dec 17  T88II           1124
Oct/98-Oct/99  TN7OT           1119
      -Dec 31  VA1S            1125
Dec 15-Dec 21  VP5/AA4US       1126 *
Dec 17-Dec 21  VP9/AA1AC       1126 *
      -2000    VR2FD etc       1122
      -Dec/98  XV300S          1114
Nov 21-Dec 14  XZ1N            1121, 1123
Dec 17-Dec 20  Z21/ZS6PDX      1126 *
Oct 11-Apr/99  ZF2NT           1116
Dec 17 or 24-? ZK3RW           1126 *
Jan 9 -Jan 25  ZL9CI           1104
Early Mar/99   ZY0SP, ZY0SZ    1115

"NEW": 1126 *

Bandspots of the last 7 days

   9K2MU       1832  0012Z via WA4JTK, bureau
   BV4ME       1831  2002Z via bureau
   EL2WW       1827  0637Z via ON5NT, bureau
   T88II       1827  1800Z via KJ9I
   TL5A        1833  2258Z via PA3DMH, bureau
   XZ1N        1826  2218Z via W1XT, bureau
   YK1AO       1828  0411Z via Box 245, Damascus, Syria

   6Y5/DK3FW   3504  0611Z via bureau
   C6AFV       3793  2315Z via CBA
   FT5ZH       3504  2255Z via F6KDF, bureau
   OX3SA       3511  2319Z via bureau or CBA
   TI2SW       3799  0654Z
   XE1REM      3796  0708Z

   4F3CV       7003  1528Z via HB9CXZ, bureau
   5H3RK       7007  0353Z direct
   C6AFV       7056  2238Z via CBA
   FT5ZH       7018  1719Z via F6KDF, bureau
   HJ1RRL      7018  2301Z via bureau
   T88II       7009  2152Z via KJ9I
   YK1AH       7017  1811Z via Box 9597, Damaskus, Syria

   3DA0CA     10102  1750Z via W4DR, bureau
   EL2WW      10103  0702Z via ON5NT, bureau
   HH2/N2AP0L 10108  0445Z via Box 797, Port-au-Prince, Haiti
   JT1BH      10102  2240Z via bureau
   KP3X       10103  0518Z via KP4XX
   TR8CA      10103  0519Z via F6CBC
   V63HO      10104  1442Z via KQ1F, bureau
   VR2GY      10102  2334Z direct
   ZF2AH      10105  0025Z via W6VNR, bureau

   A35VR      14195  0844Z Lee, ex 3D2VA
   FO5QG      14122  1529Z via XE1L, direct
   V63HO      14195  0704Z via KQ1F, bureau

   FT5ZH      18120  1600Z via F6KDF, bureau
   PJ9/PA0VDV 18070  1606Z via PA0VDV, bureau

   J68AS      21217  1146Z via N9AG, bureau
   S21J       21273  1300Z via K1WY, bureau
   T88II      21025  0815Z via KJ9I

   A41LZ      24950  1028Z via bureau
   BV7FC      24902  1017Z via bureau
   C6AIE      24900  1308Z via WZ8D, bureau
   PJ9/PA0VDV 24906  1251Z via PA0VDV, bureau
   V63HO      24895  0814Z via KQ1F, bureau
   ZF2AH      24894  1628Z via W6VNR, bureau

   4S7BRG     28430  0845Z via HB9BRM, bureau
   7Q7AH      28495  1242Z via G0IAS, direct
   A43XA      28011  1228Z via A47RS, bureau
   FK8HC      28485  0846Z via VK4FW, also bureau
   FT5ZH      28020  0850Z via F6KDF, bureau
   JT1BH      28010  0858Z via bureau
   T88II      28495  0828Z via KJ9I
   VQ9QM      28021  1132Z via W4QM, bureau
   XZ1N       28495  0722Z via W1XT, bureau
   VR98JK     28020  0836Z via bureau


IN DXNL 1120 the zip code of the E30GA QSL managers was wrong. Correct is: INDEXA, c/o K4JDJ, 556 Babbtown Rd, Suffolk, VA 23434, USA or via bureau to K4JDJ. (Tnx DF2HL)

QSL routes of the CQWW DX CW Contest 1998

Call         QSL via

3A/N9NC      OM2SA
3E1DX        N0JT
3V8BB        YT1AD
4L5O         CBA
4U1VIC       DL6RDR
5N3CPR       SP5CPR
5V7A         GM4FDM
5X1Z         SM6CAS
6Y2A         WA4WTG
8P9Z         K4BAI
8Q7DV        UA9CI
9H0A         LA2TO
9M6AAC       N2OO
9M6NA        JE1JKL
9M8YY        JH3GAH
A61AJ        W3UR
AH2R         JI3ERV
B1Z          JA4HCK
C4A          9A2AJ
C4W          5B4WN
C6AKP        N4RP
CN8WW        DL6FBL QSLs automatically via bureau
CO0CW        via Box 21056, Alamar, Havana 12500, Cuba
CO8TW        W3HNK
CP6AA        LU9AY
CP8XA        DG9NB
CU2V         DL3KDV
D44BC        CBA
D68WU        F6HWU
DL1HCM/HI8   via homecall
E22AAA       HS1CHB
EA6IB        EA3KU
EA8EA        OH2MM
EA8ZS        EA8ZS
EA9EA        EA9AZ
EX8W         DL8FCU
EZ0AB        UA4FAO
FT5ZH        F6KDF
GD4UOL       G4UOL
GU6UW        G3XTT
HC8N         AA5BT
HI3K         HI3JH
HS0AC        HS0/G3NOM
HS5AC        W1ZS
IH9/OL5Y     OK1VK
II1H         I1HJT
IQ6T         IK6SNQ
J3A          WA8LOW
J41Y         SV1DKL
J6DX         N9AG
JT1A         OH1RX
JW5E         LA5NM
JY9QJ        DL5MBY
KH7R         WE9V
KL7Y         N2AU
KP2AD        OKDXF
KP3Z         CBA
LA8W         LA4DCA
LU0H         LU4HH
NH7A         N2AU
OH1AF        OH1XT
OH2U         OH2IW
OH6X         OH6MSZ
P3A          W3HNK
P40E         W3HNK
P40W         N2MM
RA0FF        N6FF
RM6A         W3HNK
RS0F         W3HNK
RW2F         DK4VW
RY9C         RK9CWA
SL3ZV        SM bureau
TA4/DL1CW    via homecall
TI1C         W3HNK
TL0R         PA3DMH
TM5CW        F5SJB
TU2MA        OH7XM ?
TX8A         VK4FW
UA0SJ        via Yuri A. Maltsev, Box 2304, Bratsk 665700, Russia
UP6P         UN5PR
VA1A         K3BU
V26E         AB2E
V26K         AA3B
V47KP        K2SB
V63X         KQ1F
V8A          JH7FQK
VK9LX  Lord Howe via VK2ICV
VP5DX        K4UTE
VP5GN        K5GN
VP5M         N4TO
VR2/OH6YF    via homecall
WP2Z         KU9C
WP3R         W3HNK
XE1RGL       N2AU
XX9X         OH2PM
XZ1N         W1XT
ZF2/W8GEX    via homecall
ZF2LA        K9LA
ZF2VR        N2AU
ZP5XF        N2AU
VP5GN        K5GN
VP5M         N4TO
ZS6EZ        automatically via bureau
ZZ4W         PY4KL


QSL Routes

The results of the 1998 YO DX HF Contest and other Romanian HAM activities may be reviewed at http://www.qsl.net/yo3kaa/. You will also find a weekly updated Romanian Callbook.

On the way back home from the VK9LX DXpedition Mary Lou Brown, NM7M, suffered a heart strike and sadly passed away on San Francisco airport.

LISTENING is the most important rule of DXing. If you listen to a pile up of Europeans you will hear how it is DONE WRONG! If the DX station calls a specific part of a particular call ALL OTHERS must listen first even if they consider themselves being louder, more important or more interesting. This is absolute independent from the TX/RX frequencies of the DX station! These days several DX stations made QRT because their instructions were ignored by the European callers all the time. Please feel free to share this "most important rule of DXing" with the newbies or DXers in your area.

QSLs arrived bureau: 5N0T (F2YT), EK8WB (IK2QPR), ER0F, OH0W (OH2IW)

QSLs arrived direct: 1A0KM (IK0FVC), 4U1UN, 5W1SA (JH7OHF), ER0F,V5/DL7UFS, HK1FGE, JT1KAA, WH6ASW/KH2 (VK4FW), T9DX, TU2MA,V63AO, XX9CH, YL80UZ (YL2UZ)