DX Newsletter 1142
April 12, 1999

DX-NL 1142 - April 12, 1999
DX News Letter
DARC Committee for DX and HF-Contesting
Editor: Michael, DJ5AV

(e-mail: mikeoerter.dj5av@t-online.de)

translated into English by Bob, DL7VOA
(e-mail: robster@bigfoot.de)


KH0 - MARIANA ISLANDS Yoichi, JP1NWZ, will be on the air as KH0XX from Saipan (OC-086) from Apr 15-19. He is QRV mostly in CW on all bands. QSL via JP1NWZ.


3B9 - RODRIGUEZ ISLAND 3B9R finished their operation after 45.000 QSOs. The logs shall NOT be uploaded to their website. Also the Midway-Kure DX Foundation helped Robert, 3B9FR, to hit the airwaves again.

5N - NIGERIA Stan Matejicek, OK1JR, is active as 5N0MSV from Lagos since Mar 31. He will work on 10-40m during his spare time in the afternoon until the end of May. In April he will use the call 5N99MSV to celebrate the soccer championship in Nigeria. QSL (in June/July 99) via OK1J

EA9 - CEUTA AND MELILLA On his way to the IOTA Convention 1999 in Alicante Yuki, EA9/JI6KVR, will be QRV from Apr 17-22. QSL via EA5KB (for JA ONLY via JJ6LXX).

ET - ETHIOPIA Joe, G3MRC, will be in Ethiopia till the end of April and will then return to Uganda as 5X1P. QSL via G3MRC.

ZS - SOUTH AFRICA Victor, RA3DQ, and Oleg, UA3HK, will be on the air from Cape Town from April 16-29. They will use a FT900 in CW and SSB on 10-80m. e-mail: ra3dq@qsl.net -- homepage: http://www.qsl.net/ra3dq/


HI - DOMINICAN REPUBLIC Andy, HI4/G4ZVJ, is QRV in CW from NA-096 till Apr 20. QSL via G4ZVJ.

PJ - ST MAARTEN PJ8/N6ZW and PJ8/K6IPA were announced to be active from NA-105 from Apr 10-24. Ask for the QSL routes during the QSO.

XE - MEXICO Ron, XE1/NP2AQ, will be in Mexico City till Sep 2000. His PO Box in Florida is not valid anymore. QSL via W3HNK or direct to Maples, US Embassy Mexico City, Box 3087, Laredo, TX 78044, USA.


4S - SRI LANKA Sigi, DJ4IJ, is on the air again as 4S7IJG for two weeks. QSL via bureau to DK8ZD.

9N - NEPAL The new prefix for foreign visitors is 9N7. Charlie, K4VUD, is now QRV as 9N7UD (instead of 9N1UD). Listen for him on 21295 kHz from 1400-1500Z and on 14022 or 14200 kHz after 0130Z. QSL via K4VUD.

XX9 - MACAO Motoi, JK2PNY/VR2SS, is QRV from Taipa Island (AS-075) until May 9. The call may be XX9TSS. QSL via JK2PNY, Motoi Kawattsu, 205 Mezon 3-17-15, Nishisugamo, Toshima-ku, 170-0001 Japan.

YI - IRAQ Alex, PA3DZN (ex TL5A/T99KK etc.), is right now Baghdad. He was not able to bring a radio into the country but hopes to operate from a local station. Since it may take a while to get the licence he will first focus on his job.


4U1ITU - ITU HEADQUARTERS GENEVA Eric, W3DQ, is QRV from 4U1ITU during his spare time after 1900 UTC between Apr 16-25. He will emphasize RTTY and the WARC bands. QSL via bureau.

EA - SPAIN To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the URE the prefix EG will be used from all Spanish provinces during April 1999.


DATE           CALL           DXNL

Apr 7 -Apr 19 3A/HB9APJ    1141
      -Jul 14 3DA0CA       1139
soon          4S  (ZL1RS)  1129
      -Apr 99 4S7IJG       1142 *
Apr 16-Apr 25 4U1ITU       1142 *
Apr   -May/99 5N0/OK1JR    1141
Mar 31-May    5N0MSV       1142 *
Feb/99-?      5N3CPR       1129
now   -Oct/99 5Z4GS        1130
now           7Q7RM etc    1140
now           8J1RL        1141
Feb/99-May/99 9G5HK        1132
Mar   -???    9N7RN        1138
Apr 7 -May 17 9N7UD        1141, 1142 *

Mar 20-       A35LU        1139
Early 1999    A5  (JH1AJT) 1095
1998/1999     A6  (F6ARU)  1112
      -Jun/99 A92GD        1125
Mar 24-Apr 23 CE9R         1140
Feb/99        KH2K/AH0     1131
Mar/99-2001   E4/G3WQU     1140
Apr 17-Apr 22 EA9/JI6KVR   1142 *
      -Apr/99 ET  (G3MRC)  1142 *
Sep/98-2000   FK8VHT       1111
now   -Aug/99 FK8VHU       1128
NEW           FO5QA        1138
Jan   -Dec/99 FT5WH        1125
Mar   -       FT5XN        1136
Jan   -Dec/99 FT5YG        1128, 1140
Jan   -Dec/99 FT5ZJ        1128
      -Apr 20 HI/G4ZVJ     1142 *
1999  -2000   HK3/G0SHN    1128
Apr   -Mar/02 HS  (JR5XPG) 1141
Apr 3 -Apr 30 HS0ZAR       1141

      -Apr 30 J28BS        1141
Apr 9 -Apr 18 JA9XBW/JD1   1141
Apr 6 -Apr 21 JT1Y         1140
Apr 15-Apr 19 KH0XX        1142 *
      -Apr 20 P49M         1125
Apr 10-Apr 24 PJ8/N6ZW etc 1142 *
Apr 11-May 2  S79YL etc    1141
now           SU9ZZ        1139
Apr 1 -Apr 20 TL8CG        1140
Oct/98-Oct/99 TN7OT        1119
Mar/99-Jun/99 TT8DF        1136
Apr 9 -Apr 29 V47XC        1141
now           V63YT        1141
Jan 24-Jun    VQ9DX        1130
      -Sep/00 XE1/NP2AQ    1142 *
      -May 9  XX9TSS ?     1142 *
soon          YI  (PA3DZN) 1142 *
Oct 11-Apr/99 ZF2NT        1116
Apr 16-Apr 29 ZS1 (RA3DQ)  1142 *
Apr/99-       ZS8D         1140

"NEW": 1142 *

Bandspots of the last 7 days

   3B9R        1826  0012Z via N7LVD
   E41/OK1DTP  1823  2353Z via OK1TD
   EL2WW       1829  2234Z via ON5NT
   OD5NJ       1831  2030Z via CBA
   SU9ZZ       1830  2056Z via OM3TZZ

   3B8/DL6UAA  3505  0023Z via bureau
   3B9R        3790  2000Z via N7LVD
   FG5FR       3507  0522Z via F6FNU, direct only
   HK3/G0SHN   3796  0517Z via F6AJA, bureau
   J73BT       3795  0436Z
   KP4P        3799  0049Z via bureau

   3B9R        7003  1922Z via N7LVD
   5N99MSV     7010  0022Z via OK1JR
   6W4RK       7013  2356Z via F5NPS, bureau
   E4/OZ6ACB   7004  2225Z via OZ1ACB, bureau
   FM5GJ       7004  0459Z
   HK0FBF      7095  0533Z via Box 842 AA, Isla de San Andres, Colombia
   JT1Y        7045  1825Z via I0SNY
   P43P        7044  0301Z via P43ARC
   PJ9/W9NJY   7012  0153Z
   PZ1DV       7006  0322Z via W9GW, bureau
   VU2GSM      7003  2348Z via W7GSM
   XX9TEP      7002  2200Z via K8EP

   FG5FR      10104  2250Z via F6FNU, direct
   HK7/SM5HV  10104  0145Z via SM5HV
   J28BS      10105  2112Z via F6KPQ, bureau
   J85M       10104  2354Z via Box 1163, Ft Charlotte, St Vincent
   JX0LMJ     10104  1650Z via LA7DFA, direct
   OY6OXJ     10104  0751Z
   V21CW      10104  2126Z via K2ACW

   FO5QG      14129  1642Z via XE1L, direct
   FT5WH      14170  0356Z via F6KDF, bureau
   FT5YG      14132  0854Z via F5LBL
   JA9XBW/JD1 14001  1757Z via JA9XBW
   YI1DKS     14194  1226Z via IK2DUW

   BV5BG      18145  1559Z via IK7JTF, direct
   JT1Y       18145  1003Z via I0SNY
   KH6LEM     18117  1915Z via CBA or bureau
   T88WX      18145  1610Z via JA1WSX
   VK9NS      18079  0930Z via CBA

   8J1RL      21263  1722Z via JA bureau
   S09A       21292  1844Z via EA2JG, bureau
   V63KU      21270  0754Z Sam, via Box 1679, Truk, Micronesia
   XT2CI      21011  1240Z via TU2CI, also bureau

   3B9R       24893  1305Z via N7LVD
   P49M       24940  1413Z via VE3MR, bureau
   S79FAG     24940  1718Z via DL7AFS, bureau
   T88CW      24900  0926Z via JA2NQG, bureau
   TR8CA      24950  1556Z via F6CBC
   V63WW      24900  0725Z via JA2NQG, bureau
   XX9TEP     24898  0659Z via K8EP
   ZK2GEO     24934  0914Z via DL1EMH

   3B8/DL6UAA 28495  1212Z via bureau
   3B9R       28495  1407Z via N7LVD
   5N99EAM    28460  0809Z via IK7JTF, direct
   9J2AM      28469  1009Z via JA0JHA, bureau
   BV3/DJ3KR  28020  0957Z via DH3MG, bureau
   ET3AA      28481  1441Z via Box 60258, Addis Abeba, Ethiopia
   VQ9ZZ      28510  1304Z via NS1L


QSL Routes

The new ARRL DXCC Yearbook prints a list of DXCC entities which were missed by most applicants of 1998. The 25th most needed entities (without Temotu, Austral and Marquesas Islands) are: P5, BS7H, BV9P, A5, VU4, E3, 7O, FR/T, FR/G, 3Y (Bouvet), ZL9, VK0/M, VU7, VP8 (South Sandwich), XZ, 3B7, SV/A, VK0 (Heard), HK0 (Malpelo), 3C0, KH5K, FR/J, 5A, VP8 (South Georgia) and ZL8

QSL Routes WPX SSB Contest 1999 Pascual Guardiola (ea5eyj@arrakis.es) published an online list of QSL routes at http://www.arrakis.es/~ea5eyj/. Check also: http://www.cpcug.org/user/wfeidt/Misc/wpxssb99.html

Paul, ON6DP, offers his 50.000 QSL routes as freeware (also in packet BBS's) at: http://perso.infonie.fr/on6dp/qslmgr.html

QSLs arrived buro: 3D2MQ (IV3IUM), 3D2WC (OKDXF), 4U1VIC (DL3NEO), 5R8GC, 5N37CPR (SP5CPR), 9M6HIL (N2OO), ZF2LC (W2SM), ZL1AV, ZK2CK (HB9BCK), ZK2CQ (HB9BCK)

QSLs arrived direct: 9J2BO (W6ORD), 9V8WW (9V1WW), EZ8BO (quick), TR8CA (W6BF), TU5IJ (I2AOX), V31MX (K0BZN)