DX Newsletter 1149
May 31 1999

DX-NL 1149 - May 31, 1999
DX News Letter
DARC Committee for DX and HF-Contesting
Editor: Michael, DJ5AV

(e-mail: mikeoerter.dj5av@t-online.de)

translated into English by Bob, DL7VOA
(e-mail: robster@bigfoot.de)


FO - MARQUESAS ISLANDS Alain, F2HE, arrived on Tahiti on May 20 and hit the airwaves as FO0CLA. He will stay on Nuku Hiva (OC-027) until the end of June. QSL via bureau or direct to F6LQJ.

KH2 - GUAM Seiji, JH6RTO, is QRV on 6-40m signing AH2/AH0R from OC-026 from June 3-6. QSL via JH6RTO.


ZS8 - MARION ISLAND Though Deryck Yelverton, ZS8D/ZS6DE, is right now on Marion Island he had no time yet to make some amateur radio QSOs.


CX - URUGUAY CV5A is QRV from Flores Island (SA-030) in all modes on all bands (including WARC and PSK31) from June 4-7. QSL via CX2ABC, Box 950, 11000 Montevideo, Uruguay. Pictures and more information can be found at: http://isladeflores.8m.com.

CY9 - ST PAUL ISLAND Due to problems with the entry permit the CY9RF DXpedition could not take off in time. The only stations active were K8RF and K4LT by May 28. QSL via K8RF. --- Another activity from NA-094 is planned by three stations signing CY9SS on 70cm-160m in SSB/CW/RTTY (perhaps also via SAT and EME) from June 5-14. QSL via VY2SS. Questions will be answered by VE9MY via his e-mail: lmorgan@nbnet.nb.ca.

HR - HONDURAS Al, HR1/K3VN, is in Honduras on a professional trip. If his equipment and antennae allow an operation he will activate especially the WARC and lowbands. QSL via K3VN.

J3 - GRENADA Chip, J3/W1AIM, is QRV from NA-024 on 6-20m (mostly on 12/17m) from May 27 and June 2. QSL via W1AIM.

P4 - ARUBA Like in 1998 Bob, P4/W1XP, is QRV again (mostly in CW) till June 5. QSL via bureau to W1XP.

V4 - ST CHRISTOPHER & NEVIS Steve, G4JVG, spends his holidays on NA-104 and works in SSB on 10-40m (also WARC) and perhaps also on 80m from June 4-18. QSL via G4JVG.


5B4 - CYPRUS Andy, 5B4/UA3AB, is QRV on 6-160m and prefers the WARC bands until June 3. QSL via UA3AB.

BY - CHINA The Nanjing Agricultural University is activating the special event station BT99WED from June 1-30. QSL via F6FNU (direct only).

HS - THAILAND For the rest of 1999 Thai radio amateurs are officially allowed to use the (normally commercially used) 80m/160m band during contests.

UN - KAZAKHSTAN Mike, K5KWG/UN7, is on the air on 40/20/15/10m until June 2000. QSL via Z32KV.

XV - VIETNAM Karl, W9XK, was announced to be active as 3W6XK in CW/SSB on 15/20m between June 1 and July 20. QSL via W9XK. --- Rolf, SM5MX, is QRV as XV7SW from Hanoi till Jun 5. QSL via SM3CXS.


OH0/OJ0 - AALAND ISLANDS/MARKET REEF Dennis and the Finnish team ended their activity after 6000 QSOs as OJ0/K7BV and 2000 Q's as OJ0VR on May 28. During the WPX CW Contest Dennis worked 2988 QSOs as OH0Z from Aaland. Dennis' preferred QRGs until saturday are 1828 kHz (0115Z-0145Z), 3510 kHz (0100Z-0330Z), 7005 kHz (0200Z) and 28005 kHz (1735Z). OSLs via KU9C.

SV - GREECE Carl, SV8/GW0VSW, is active from Zakintos (EU-052) from June 1-12.

SV5 - DODECANES Fred, SV5/SM7DAY, is on the air from Kalymnos Island (EU-001) using a CW QRP station between May 29 and June 18. QSL va SM7DAY.


DATE           CALL         DXNL

NOW AGAIN      3B9FR        1142
      -Jul 14  3DA0CA       1139
Jun 1 -Jul 20  3W6XK        1149 *
NOW            3W7CW        1145
1999  -2000    3W7TK        1148 
NOW   -Jun 3   5B4/UA3AB    1149 *
NOW   -2001    5H3US        1117
NOW            5X1GS        1146
Jan   -Oct/99  5Z4GS        1130, 1144
NOW            7Q7RM etc    1140
NOW            8J1RL        1141
1999/2000      9G5DX        1143
Apr   -Jun 30  9N7RN        1138, 1143

      -Jun/99  A92GD        1125
1999  -2001    A92GJ        1143
Jun 3 -Jun 6   AH2/AH0R     1149 *
Jun 1 -Jun 30  BT99WED      1149 *
Jun 4 -Jun 7   CV5A         1149 *
      -May 31? CY9RF        1147, 1149 *
Jun 5 -Jun 14  CY9SS        1149 *
Mar/99-2001    E4/G3WQU     1140
Sep/98-2000    FK8VHT       1111
NOW   -Aug/99  FK8VHU       1128
Aug 11-2001    FM5JV        1108
May   -Sep/99  FO0CLA       1146, 1149 *
May 8 -Jun 8   FR5ZQ/G      1146
Jan   -Dec 31  FT5WH        1125, 1144, 1145
Mar/99-        FT5XN        1136
Jan   -Dec/99  FT5YG        1128, 1140
Jan   -Dec/99  FT5ZJ        1128
May 24-Jun 2   HC8N etc     1148
NOW   - 2000   HK3JBR       1128, 1144
May 29-Jun 6?  HR1/K3VN     1149 *
Apr   -2002    HS  (JR5XPG) 1141
May 27-Jun 2   J3/W1AIM     1149 *
NOW   -May/99  JW4CJA       1147
May   -Jul/99  JY8YB        1146
      -2000    JY9NE        1127
Jun 4 -Jun 7   KL7AK/p etc  1148

May 23-Jun 6   OH0/K7BV     1147, 1149 *
May 31-Jun 11  OY/DF6VU/p   1148
NOW            P29CC        1146
NOW   -Jun 5   P4/W1XP/p    1149 *
May 29-Jun 18  SV5/SM7DAY   1149 *
Jun 1 -Jun 12  SV8/GW0VSW   1149 *
Jun 3 -Jun 12  TK/PA3GIO/p  1148
Oct/98-Oct/99  TN7OT        1119
Mar/99-Jun/99  TT8DF        1136
      -2000    K5KWG/UN7    1149 *
Jun 4 -Jun 18  V4   (G4JVG) 1149 *
May 28-Jun 6   V5/HB9QQ     1148
      -2000    XE1/NP2AQ    1142
NOW   -Aug 15  YS1/KE4LWT   1146
Nov/98-2001    ZC4JP        1144
Aug 4 -Aug 31  ZK1SCQ,ZK1SCR 1145

"NEW": 1149 *

Bandspots of the last 7 days

   CN8WW      1834  0236Z via DL6FBL, bureau
   HC8N       1832  0130Z via AA5BT, bureau
   HZ1AB      1822  2132Z via K8PYD, bureau
   P3A        1830  0148Z via W3HNK, also bureau
   VA1A       1834  0146Z via K3BU
   VQ9DX      1832  2249Z via AA5DX, also bureau

   5R8FU      3799  1945Z via SM0DJZ, bureau
   CY9RF      3514  0045Z via K8RF
   E4/OK5DX   3511  1926Z via OK1YN
   TI1C       3510  0334Z via W3HNK, also bureau
   V26E       3503  0235Z via AB2E

   3W7TK      7013  1650Z via OK1HWB, bureau
   FM5DN      7059  0023Z via KU9C, bureau
   K9ZO/HC8   7007  0450Z via K9ZO
   HK3JBR     7045  0150Z via F6AJA, bureau
   J66BF      7061  0413Z
   JU1T       7051  1958Z via JT1KAA, also bureau
   TI2WGO     7070  0415Z via N5BUS
   V26OC      7004  0624Z via N3OC, bureau
   VP5GA      7047  0428Z via N2GA
   VU3VLH     7035  1945Z via OK1MM, bureau

   3B9FR     10109  2005Z via Robert, Box 31,Rodriques Island,via Mauritius
   5N0MSV    10107  2230Z via OK1JR
   TI5/N0KE  10105  0602Z
   V26OC     10103  0505Z via N3OC, bureau
   ZL2AGY    10102  1607 via bureau

   FO0CLA    14002  0745Z via F6LQJ, bureau
   HR1/K3VN  14211  0658Z via K3VN
   JW9FJA    14255  1427Z via LA9FJA
   ZF2DR     14206  0452Z via K5RQ

   3B8CF     18074  1523Z via CBA
   FT5YG     18165  0514Z via F5LBL
   V73ZZ     18125  2151Z via K7ZZ
   ZF2NE     18070  1522Z via W5ASP, bureau

   8J1RL     21004  1317Z Antarctica, via JA bureau
   DX1S      21295  1723Z via KU9C, bureau
   HS0ZCW    21287  1443Z via K4VUD
   VQ9GB     21226  1602Z via K7GB
   VR2BG     21013  0644Z also via bureau
   ZF1A      21019  1913Z

   3C2JJ     24950  1536Z via TR8XX
   3W7CW     24893  1103Z DXNL 1145
   5N0MSV    24955  1526Z via OK1JR
   6W4RK     24902  1950Z via F5NPS, bureau
   9J2AM     24950  1416Z via JA0JHA, bureau
   CE0ZAM    24925  2312Z via CE3ESS
   CN8WW     24896  1409Z via DL6FBL, bureau
   ET3VSC    24963  1514Z DXNL 1131
   N6TV/HC8  24901  2101Z via N6TV, bureau
   HI9/DJ7CF 24892  1104Z
   JY8NE     24965  1727Z via N3FNE
   P4/W1XP/p 24900  2117Z via W1XP, bureau
   YS1RR     24945  1301Z via DJ9ZB, bureau

   3W7CW     28015  0856Z DXNL 1145
   CY9RF     28025  2021Z via K8RF
   FR5ZQ/G   28470  1231Z via CBA
   FT5ZJ     28410  1059Z via F2YT, bureau
   HR1RMG    28470  2341Z via CBA
   V5/HB9QQ  28464  1617Z via HB9QQ, bureau

More stations from the CQ WPX Contest CW:

4U1VIC  Op JH4RHF, via OE bureau
5A1A    via CBA (registered mail!)
9V1DX   via KA9UQT
AM8ZS   via VE3HO
BY1DX   (OP OH2PM) via OH2BH
CT3KN   via CS3MAD, direct or CBA
K9AW/DU6 via WF5T
EA8/9A4KK via bureau or his homecall's CBA
II1R    (Tony, IK1QBT, and the Western Riviera DX Team) NEW: via I1NVU,
        direct to CBA or via bureau.
IU7X    via Vin, I7PXV
KP4AH   via CBA
P39P    via 5B4ES
TI1C    via W3HNK
WH7Q    (SOAB) QTH Maui, Hawaii (OC-019) by Rob, ND3A
WP3A    via W4DN
WP3R    Op DL2CC, QSL via W3HNK
YV4A    Op YV5/OH0XX, via Olli Rissanen, PMB 599, 1313 So. Military Trail,
        Deerfield Beach, FL 33442, USA
ZT6Z    via ZS6EZ


QSL Routes

During the WPX CW Contest Ben, DL6FBL, was QRV again as CN8WW from Morocco. After this activity he will confirm all QSOs fom Oct-Dec 1998, Mar-Apr 1999 and May 1999. Check also Ben's website at: http://www.boc.de/dl6fbl/

QSLs arrived bureau: 4K0CW + 4K9W (DL6KVA), 5N3BHF (OE6LAG), 6Y4A (WA4WTG), 5N3CPR (SP5CPR), 9Q5TT (ON5NT), C56/DL5MM, CN8YR, C6AKA (DL7VOG), DU1SAN, DS4AKP, DS5RNM, EM5HQ (UY5ZZ), ES1OX/1, FG5EY (F6EYB)

QSLs arrived direct: EL2WW (ON5NT), EP2FM (1 IRC), ES5Q, HK3JJH/0M, V63KU, T97M (K2PF), UN7VX (IK2XYU), YC9MKF

TNX for information to 425DXNEWS, 599 DX Report, ARRL DX News, DE1JSH,OPDX, DF1ZN, DF6EX, DK2JX, DK5MV, DL1GEH, DL1JDK, DL1SBF, DL2BQV, DL7VOA, DL7VOX, DL7PR, DL8PM, DXPRESS, GOList, HB9DHK, HB9EAA, JA DXNEWS, Les Nouvelles DX, ON6DP, RTTY DX NOTES, The DAILY DX and others.