DX Newsletter 1154
July 5, 1999

DX-NL 1154 - July 5, 1999
DX News Letter
Editor: Michael, DJ5AV

(e-mail: mikeoerter.dj5av@t-online.de)

translated into English by Bob, DL7VOA
(e-mail: robster@bigfoot.de)


3D2/A3 - FIJI/TONGA Joe, W8GEX, received the calls 3D2EX and A35EX (see DXNL 1153). QSLs via W8GEX.

FO - FRENCH POLYNESIA Alain, F2HE/FO0CLA, hit the airwaves from Raiatea (OC-067) but has no radio with him on his trip through French Polynesia till Aug 13. --- Afther his activity as CE0Y/JL6MSN (DXNL 1153) Hal, JL6MSN, is QRV as FO0MSN from Moorea (OC-046) from July 9-18. QSL via JL6MSN.

JD1/mt - MINAMI TORISHIMA Starting on July 5th Ryo, JL1KFR/JD1, is on the air from OC-073 for two weeks. He is listening for Europe during his evening and for North America during his morning hours. QSL via JL1KFR, Ryoichi Tojo, 1-102-5-37 Taeu Miyazaki 2 Chome, Chuo-ku, Chiba 260-0806, Japan


3V8 - TUNISIA Fabio, I4UFH, is QRV as 3V8BB during the IARU HF Championship from July 8-11. Outside of the contest he emphasizes the WARC bands and 10m. QSLs for HIS QSOs ONLY (also Jan 7, 99) via bureau to I4UFH.


C6 - BAHAMAS Delano, C6AFV, is active as C6GI from Great Inagua Island (NA-113) from Jul 8-12.

FP - ST PIERRE AND MIQUELON Mel, FP/W8MV, is on the air from NA-032 mostly in CW on the WARC and 6m bands from Jul 8-14. QSL via W8MV.

KP2 - US VIRGIN ISLANDS Bob, KP2/N2OO, and his XYL Beth, KP2/KF2BQ, are QRV again from St. Croix (NA-106) till July 7. QSLs via homecalls. --- KP2/AG8L, KP2/K6RO, and KP2/W6KK were announced to be QRV in CW/SSB on all bands from Jul 8-12. Their call will be WP2Z (QSL via KU9C) during the IARU HF World Championship. QSL for KP2/AG8L via NN6C, KP2/K6RO and KP2/W6KK via the homecalls.

YV - VENEZUELA K2KW, N6TV and K6KM are signing 4M1X during IARU HF World Championship. They are QRV as YV1/homecall in CW/SSB on 10-80m since Jul 6. QSL for 4M1X via W4SO (who is only a maildrop), QSL for YV1/K2KW via WA4WTG, QSL for YV1/N6TV and YV1/K6KM via homecalls.


8Q7 - MALDIVES Jacques, F6BEE, is QRV as 8Q7TV from AS-013 running 100 watts into a R7000 vertical in SSB/CW on 10-40m from Jul 10-16. QSL via F6BEE.

P5 - NORTH KOREA The ARRL DXCC Desk has accepted Martti Laine's P51BH activity from North Korea for the DXCC.

VR2 - HONGKONG Kazu, VR2KF, returns to Japan on July 10. QSL for VR2KF NOW ONLY via his homecall JH1OGX (via bureau or CBA).


GJ/GU - JERSEY/GUERNSEY During his holiday Felix, DL7FER, will be QRV as MJ/DL7FER until July 12 and as MU/DL7FER from July 12-16. Operations will be mostly in SSB on 10-160m. QSL via bureau to his homecall or via DL7FER, Felix Kuntsch, Auf dem Berg 12, D-35745 Herborn, Germany.

OH0 - ALAND ISLANDS Juha, OH1JT, is QRV in CW only signing OH0Z during the IARU HF Championship on Jul 10/11. QSL via OH1EH, Ari Korhonen, Kreetalank. 9 As 1, SF-29200 Harjavalta, Finland.


IARU HF World Championship SSB and CW: Jul 10, 1200Z until Jul 11, 1200Z. Bands: 10-160m. Work: everybody. Exchange: RS(T)+ITU-Zone, HQ stations: RS(T)+organization abbreviation, EC/AC members: RS(T)+R1, R2, R3 or AC. Last year's World Champion was the German team of DA0HQ !!!

More IARU HF World Championship participants: DA0HQ (DARC, via buro), LX0RL (QSL via buro), OL9HQ (CRC; QSL via OK1MD), TM0HQ (REF, QSL via F6KNB, they need no QSLs!), WP3C (QSL direct to HC-02, Box 7455, Utuado, PR 00641,USA), W1AW/9, 8Q7TV (Op=QSL via F6BEE).


NOW AGAIN      3B9FR         1142
Sep 14-Sep 24  3C0R          1152
Jul 5 -Jul 9   3D2EX         1153
Jul 8 -Jul 11  3V8BB (I4UFH) 1154 *
Jun 1 -Jul 20  3W6XK         1149
1999  -2000    3W7TK         1148
NOW            3XY1B0        1150
NOW   -Jul 16  3XY7A         1151
Jul/98-2000    5U7DG         1151
Jan   -Oct/99  5Z4GS         1130, 1144
Jun 19-Jun 29  JE9IKG/6O     1152
Jul 3 -Jul 13  7Q7PA         1153
NOW            7Q7RM etc     1140
NOW            8J1RL         1141
Jul 10-Jul 16  8Q7TV         1154 *
1999/2000      9G5DX         1143

Jul 10-Jul 17  A35EX         1153
NOW/SOON       A45ZN         1150
Jun 27-Jul 8   C21JH         1153
Jul 2 -Jul 17  C6AFP         1153
Jul 8 -Jul 12  C6AFV         1154 *
Jul 7 -Jul 8   CE0Y/JL6MSN   1153
Mar/99-2001    E4/G3WQU      1140
June or July   EL2VO         1150
Sep/98-2000    FK8VHT        1111
NOW   -Aug/99  FK8VHU        1128
Aug 11-2001    FM5JV         1108
May   -Sep/99  FO0CLA        1146, 1149
Jul 9 -Jul 18  FO0MSN        1154 *
Jul 8 -Jul 14  FP/W8MV       1154 *
Jan   -Dec 31  FT5WH         1125, 1144, 1145
Mar/99-        FT5XN         1136
Jan   -Dec/99  FT5YG         1128, 1140
Jan   -Dec/99  FT5ZJ         1128
NOW   -2000    HK3JBR        1128, 1144
Jul 5 -Jul 18  JL1KFR/JD1    1154 *
May   -Jul/99  JY8YB         1146
      -2000    JY9NE         1127

NOW   -Jul 7   KP2/N2OO etc  1154 *
Jul 8 -Jul 12  KP2/AG8L etc  1154 *
Jul 5 -Jul 16  MJ, MU/DL7FER 1154 * 
NOW   -Jul 11  OH0Z          1154 *
Jun/99-2003    P29TL         1152
NOW   -Dec/99  PZ5JR         1153
Jul 4 -Jul 15  R1MVA, R1MV   1152
Jul 8 -Jul 20  T30JH         1153
Sep 23-Oct 3   T31  (SM7PKK) 1153
Jun 29-Jul 19  V5/DH1NS      1153
NOW   -2001    V73G ?        1150
Jun 28-Jul 8   VP2EREM       1152
NOW            VP8SO         1153
      -Jul 10  VR2KF         1154 *
NOW   -Aug 15  YS9/KE4LWT    1146, 1150
Jul 6 -Jul 11  YV1/K2KW etc  1154 *
Nov/98-2001    ZC4JP         1144
Oct 7 -Oct 12  ZK3  (SM7PKK) 1153
Jun/99-Jul/99  ZL4IR         1151

"NEW": 1154 *

Bandspots of the last 7 days

   OJ0/LA3IKA 1830  2229Z via LB1NE, bureau
   R1AND      1831  0248Z via RW1AI, bureau

   4L1FX      3510  2002Z
   PY1NX      3508  0019Z
   VK6HD      3510  2234Z via bureau

   CP6XE      7044  2335Z via IK6SNR, bureau
   FG5FC      7048  2255Z via F6DZU, bureau
   FM5BH      7057  2254Z via W3HNK, also bureau
   HP1XVH     7050  0453Z via N0JT, bureau
   ZP99A      7007  0409Z via ZP5AA, bureau

   OJ0RJ     10109  1757Z via OH0RJ, bureau
   PY0FA     10103  2213Z via PY4KL
   PZ1AP     10103  2227Z via CBA

   CE0/WQ3E  14020  1124Z
   FO0JV     14117  0541Z direct, CBA
   V63KU     14183  2004Z via JA6NL, bureau
   ZK1AXA    14120  0836Z via ON5AX

   3B9FR     18074  1727Z via CBA
   8R1AK     18125  2018Z via CBA
   9J2AM     18127  1842Z via JA0JHA, bureau
   C21JH     18162  1032Z via VK2GJH, direct
   HK0VGJ    18076  2209Z via Box 852, Isla de San Andres, Colombia
   J87AB     18130  2133Z see DXNL 1151
   JW/DL3NRV 18071  1711Z via homecall
   ZK1JD     18145  0901Z via Box 491, Rarotonga, Cook Islands

   8J1RL     21027  1606Z Antarctica, via JA bureau
   9N7RN     21293  1228Z via IK4ZGY, bureau
   BD4ED/4   21300  1808Z via BY4BHP
   C21RK     21365  2135Z via Box 139, Nauru Island
   EL2DT     21040  1148Z via IK0PHY, bureau
   EP2MKO    21006  1035Z via UA6HCW, direct
   JT1FAL    21018  1642Z via JA0IXW
   P29KPH    21185  1300Z via K5YG, bureau
   P49V      21002  0824Z via AI6V, bureau
   R1MVA     21025  2002Z via OH2BR
   VP2EREM   21025  2047Z via WB2REM
   XQ0YAF    21010  2353Z via Box 4, Easter Island, Chile
   ZC4ATC    21025  1902Z via 5B4YX

   3B8CF     24904  1419Z via CBA
   5N3CPR    24892  1641Z via SP5CPR, bureau
   5V7FA     24969  0902Z via F6FNU, direct
   6W4RK     24898  2113Z via F5NPS, bureau
   9M2TO     24904  1718Z via JA0DMV, bureau
   9V1YC     24896  1650Z via AA5BT, bureau
   E4/G3WQU  24901  1005Z via G3WQU, bureau
   EW2WW     24893  1004Z via ON5NT
   FG5FR     24895  1625Z via F6FNU, direct ONLY
   FY5YE     24910  2016Z via W5SVZ, bureau
   KP2/N2OO  24935  1116Z via N2OO, bureau
   VQ9CV     24950  1456Z via ND1V, bureau
   YK1AO     24950  1308Z via Box 245, Damaskus, Syria
   YS1RR     24940  0819Z via DJ9ZB, bureau

   3B8FQ     28008  0653Z via CBA
   5R8FU     28002  0730Z via SM0DJZ, bureau
   6O0A      28475  1023Z via JE9IKG
   9J2BO     28029  1008Z via W6ORD, direct
   AP2JZB    28480  1439Z via CBA
   JW5E      28013  0956Z via LA5NM, also bureau
   ZP99CA    28495  1707Z via ZP6RAI


QSL Routes

The online logs of F/G0GRC (EU-107, Jun 99), YC0LOW (till Jul 3, 99), VQ9CV (till Jul 2, 99), VQ9GB (till Jun 22, 99), C56T (CQWW SSB 1998), C56A (Oct 98), 3A2LZ (Dec 90-May 96), CQ2S (Apr 99),XE1JEO (till Jul 4,99), DU1ODX (till Jun 29, 99), DS5DNO (till Jun 29, 99) and JW9PJA (till Mar 1) were updated or added to the website of http://dx.qsl.net/logs/ !

QSLs arrived buro: 3D2CB+3D2KT (OKDXF), 9H1RS, A35SO (DJ4SO), EX2A, TA2LZ, JW0YL (LA6RHA), LY61DS, PY0ZFO (W9VA), V26A (WB3DNA), RK3DZJ/1 (RA3DEJ), V26KW (K3TEJ), V47XK (LA7XK),VU2SMN, VQ9ZZ (NS1L), X50B, ZP5DAV.

TNX for information to 425DXNEWS, 599 DX Report, ARRL DX News, DF1ZN,DF6EX, DJ3TZ, DK3FB, DL1GEH, DL1SBF, DL6FD, DL7PR, DL7VOX, DX PRESS, F4ASK, F6IRA, GOList, HB9DHK, HB9EAA, JADXNEWS, Les Nouvelles DX, N6RT, NH7A, ON6DP,OPDX, RTTY DX NOTES, The DAILY DX, W6QK, WP3C and others.