DX News Letter 1158
August 2, 1999

DX-NL 1158 - August 2, 1999
DX News Letter
Editor: Michael, DJ5AV

(e-mail: mikeoerter.dj5av@t-online.de)

translated into English by Bob, DL7VOA
(e-mail: robster@bigfoot.de)


Pacific Trip Bert, CX3AN, and Mario, CX4CR, of the Uruguay DX Group are underway operating in CW/SSB on 6-160m with emphasis on the lowbands during August. They are on Moorea/French Polynesia (OC-046) from Aug 5-7 and on Rarotonga/South Cook (OC-013) from Aug 7-17. If they find a way to Manihiki/North Cook (OC-014) they intend to activate it from Aug 17-19. From Aug 19-23 they will activate Viti Levu/Fiji (OC-016) and after that they'll go to the North Island/New Zealand (OC-036) from Aug 23-25. The calls will be announced on the spot.

P2 - PAPUA-NEW GUINEA Uwe, DJ9HX, is on the air signing P29VHX with 100 watts in CW/SSB on 10-40m from Aug 7-31. Activities are planned from: Loloata Island (OC-153) on Aug 7-9, Rabaul Island (OC-089) on Aug 10-12, Kavieng Island (OC-008) on Aug 13-15, Manus Island (OC-025) on Aug 16-18 and Madang Island (OC-034) on Aug 19-22. No info on the Aug 23-31 time period. QSL via DJ9HX, if possible via bureau.

T31 - CENTRAL KIRIBATI, ZK3 - TOKELAU The DXpedition announced in DXNL 1153 will go to Central Kiribati between Sep 23 and Oct 3 and to Tokelau from Oct 7-12. Members will be Mats, SM7PKK; Nils, SM6CAS; Erik, SM0AGD; Steve, G4EDG; Ulrika, SM6WYN (YL) and Lech, LA7MFA. The calls will be T31T, T31K, T31YL, ZK3DX, ZK3CW and ZK3YL.

V7 - MARSHALL ISLANDS Bruce, AC4G, hit the airwaves from Kwajalein Island signing V73CW for the next two years. He prefers CW and SSB on WARC, 40 and 80m. He expects the equipment for OSCAR 10 satellite operation by mid August. QSL via AC4G (CBA with mail forward to Kwajalein or better direct to Bruce Smith, Box 1436, APO, AP 96555, USA.


ZS - SOUTH AFRICA Daniel, ZS6/DL7DST, is in Dunnottar from Aug 3-8 and again from Sep 2-6. QSL via DL7DST.


PJ5 - ST MAARTEN, FS - ST MARTIN, V4 - NEVIS, VP2E - ANGUILLA Rob, PA5ET, announced his 1999 Caribbean trip via St. Maarten/PJ5, St. Martin/FS from Aug 5-11, Nevis/V47 from Aug 11-18 and Anguilla/VP2E from Aug 18-25. Participating are Ronald,PA3EWP, Henk,PA3GCV, Peter,PA4EA, Martin,PA4WM, Dennis,PA7FM, and Rob,PA5ET, with three complete stations. Emphasis will be put on 12/17/30/40/80m and 160m for Europe. All QSLs via PA5ET (ex PA3ERC) Rob Snieder, Van Leeuwenstraat 137, NL-2273 VS Voorburg, The Netherlands. More info also on http://www.muurkrant.com/pi4com/tour99/index.html.

ZF - CAYMAN ISLANDS Jim, KD3YK, is QRV from NA-016 signing ZF2JM with QRP on 20/40m from Aug 2-12. QSL via KD3YK.


HB0 - LIECHTENSTEIN IK2SNG, IK4RQJ, IK4VET, IK4XCL and IK4ZGY are QRV in SSB/CW on 10-80m signing HB0/homecalls from Aug 6-8. --- HB0/PI4TUE is very active from Malbun right now (also on 2m/6m). QSL via bureau.

IS0 - SARDINIA DH3FBX, DK7ZH and DL1FZZ are QRV from Orsei signing IS0/homecall on 10-80m between Jul 20 and Aug 8.

JW - SVALBARD Joerg, JW/DF6VI, and JW/DL4OCM are on the air from Longyearbyen on EU-026 in CW/SSB/RTTY on 10-160m from Aug 9-15 (perhaps also 6m). Check for online logs on http://www.qsl.net/df6vi/ afterwards. QSLs via bureau, direct to their homecalls or via e-mail to: DF6VI@qsl.net or DL4OCM@qsl.net.

OH0 - ALAND ISLANDS Hartmut, OH0/DJ7ST, is on the air from EU-002 in QRP CW on all bands from Aug 2-20. QSL via DJ7ST. --- Ari, OH1EH, is active as OH0Z from Aland during the European HF Championship and the WAE SSB Contest. QSL via OH1EH, Ari Korhonen, Kreetalank 9 As 1, SF-29200 Harjavalta, Finland.

SV - GREECE Stefano, IK2QEI, is QRV on 6-160m signing J48QEI from Zante from Aug 5-20. QSL via IK2QEI.

SV9 - CRETE ISLAND SV9/LX1SU is on the air until Aug 7.

TF - ICELAND Norbert, LX1NO, will be QRV from several parts of the island mostly on the IOTA QRGs and WARC bands signing TF0/1/4/5/6/LX9EG. QSL via LX1NO.


DATE          CALL           DXNL

Aug 1 -Aug 5  3A/IUK1SLP etc 1157
Sep 14-Sep 24 3C0R           1152
Aug 19-Aug 23 3D2  (CX3AN)   1158 *
Aug 1 -Aug 6  3W6KS etc      1157
1999  -2000   3W7TK          1148
Jul/98-2000   5U7DG          1151
Jul 23-Aug 8  9A0DX          1156
1999/2000     9G5DX          1143
Jul/99-Sep/99 9J   (F2CW)    1157
Jul 12-2002 ? 9V1XE          1157

1999  -2001   A92GJ          1143
Jul 24-       M0CIL/C6A      1156
Jul 19-Aug 8  CT/F8BQQ       1156
Mar/99-2001   E4/G3WQU       1140
Aug 2 -Aug 5  ES0/OH1NOA     1157
NOW   -Aug/99 FK8VHU         1128
Aug 5 -Aug 7  FO   (CX3AN)   1158 *
Aug 5 -Aug 11 FS   (PA3EWP)  1158 *
Jan   -Dec 31 FT5WH          1125, 1144, 1145
Mar/99-       FT5XN          1136
Jan/99-Dec/99 FT5YG          1128, 1140
Jan/99-Dec/99 FT5ZJ          1128
Aug 6 -Aug 8  HB0/IK2SNG etc 1158 *
NOW   -Aug 9  HB0/PI4TUE     1158 *
NOW   -2000   HK3JBR         1128, 1144
Jul 22-Aug 8  IA5/DM2AUJ     1155
Jul 20-Aug 8  IS0/DH3FBX etc 1158 *
Jul 28-Aug 11 J45K           1157
Aug 5 -Aug 20 J48QEI         1158 *
Aug 9 -Aug 15 JW/DF6VI etc   1158 *

Jul 20-Aug 20 OA/KQ6XA       1155
Aug 2 -Aug 20 OH0/DJ7ST      1158 *
Aug 7 +Sep/99 OH0Z           1158 *
Aug 8 -Aug 11 ON7SUN         1156
Aug 7 -Aug 31 P29VHX         1158 *
Aug 5 -Aug 11 PJ   (PA3EWP)  1158 *
Jul 28-Aug 5  SV5/DL9UDS etc 1157
NOW   -Aug 7  SV9/LX1SU      1158 *
Sep 23-Oct 3  T31T/K/YL ...  1153, 1158 *
NOW   -2000   UN/DL4BBU      1155
Aug 11-Aug 18 V4   (PA3EWP)  1158 *
NOW   -2001   V73CW          1158 *
Aug 18-Aug 25 VP2E/ (PAs)    1158 *
NOW   -Aug 15 XU7AAS         1157
NOW            XW8INH         1156
NOW   -Aug 15 YS9/KE4LWT     1146,50
Jul 29-Aug 1  YW7C           1157
Aug  7-Aug 19 ZK1  (CX3AN)   1158 *
Jul 30-Aug 6  ZK1  (JJ8DEN)  1157
Aug 4 -Aug 31 ZK1SCQ, ZK1SCR 1145
Aug 2 -Aug 12 ZF2JM          1158 *
Oct 7 -Oct 12 ZK3DX/CW/YL    1153, 1158 *
Aug 23-Aug 25 ZL   (CX3AN)   1158 *
Aug 3 -Aug 8  ZS6/DL7DST     1158 *

NEW: 1158 *

Bandspots of the last 7 days

   CY9CWI     1830  0152Z via VE2CWI, bureau
   R1AND      1830  0315Z via RW1AI, bureau
   ZS6UT      1831  2244Z

   CX5OV      3799  0247Z
   CY9CWI     3796  0057Z via VE2CWI, bureau
   NP4A       3799  2325Z via W6HNK
   VK6HD      3505  2308Z via bureau

   3B9FR      7009  1942Z DXNL 1146
   9M2TO      7009  2010Z via bureau
   FK8HC      7093  0542Z via CBA
   HJ1RRL     7050  0525Z via bureau
   HK0VGJ     7007  0436Z via Box 852, Isla de San Andres, Colombia
   TG9AKC     7004  0446Z via Box 2700, Guatemala City, Guatemala
   KG8XV/VP9  7001  2337Z via JH1ROJ, bureau
   ZD7BG      7010  2306Z direct
   ZD8Z       7008  0540Z via VE3HO, bureau

   E4/JM1LJS 10109  2144Z via VK4FW, also bureau
   JW/DL3NRV 10108  1950Z via DL3NRV, bureau
   JT1BH     10103  2131Z via bureau
   PZ1AP     10102  0258Z via CBA
   V51AS     10104  0336Z via Box 2516, Swakopmund, Namibia
   YW7C      10105  2235Z via W4SO, bureau
   ZL2AGY    10103  1722Z via bureau

   EP3PTT    14183  1430Z DXNL 1134
   FO5QG     14122  0726Z via XE1L, direct
   TI3SMT    14203  0441Z via bureau
   ZK1MGS    14017  0730Z via JJ8DEN

   3D2AL     18145  1017Z via VK3TZ
   3W6KS     18147  1612Z via JA8VE, bureau
   FK8VHM    18075  1319Z via F5TLP
   FW8ZZ     18140  0919Z via OH2BH, bureau
   HK0VGJ    18075  2202Z via Box 852, Isla de San Andres, Colombia
   JW/DL3NRV 18073  1834Z via DL3NRV, bureau
   KH0/K7IL  18094  2041Z via JF3PLF, bureau
   PJ9/W0CG  18074  0009Z via W0CG
   KG8XV/VP9 18080  2116Z via JH1ROJ, bureau
   XU7AAS    18072  1600Z via Box 11, Warsaw 02800, Poland
   ZK1JD     18140  0918Z via Box 491, Rarotonga, Cook Islands

   3D2SJ     21295  0821Z DXNL 1157
   8J1RL     21018  1441Z via JA bureau
   8Q7TB     21230  1321Z via G3TBK
   V63AO     21248  1105Z via Box 607, Kosrae 96944, Micronesia
   V73CW     21295  0857Z via AC4G, bureau
   ZK1MGS    21087  0916Z via JJ8DEN

   5X1P      24907  1513Z via G3MRC, bureau
   9V1YC     24895  1718Z via AA5BT, bureau
   CY9CWI    24898  1921Z via VE2CWI, bureau
   FW8ZZ     24940  1040Z via OH2BH, bureau
   HK6KKK    24900  2129Z via bureau
   PJ7/K2GSJ 24948  2116Z via K2GSJ or bureau
   PY0FA     24905  2109Z via PY4KL
   YW7C      24891  1954Z via W4SO, bureau

   3W6HM     28007  0829Z via JF1OCQ, bureau
   5N3BHF    28505  1535Z via OE6LAG, bureau
   5X1T      28512  2031Z via ON5NT
   9G1MR     28498  0711Z via IK3HHX, direct
   9K8POW    28495  1004Z via 9K2RA, bureau
   KP4FKN    28495  1859Z via bureau
   ZD8LJD    28500  2125Z via Box 3, Ascension Island, Atlantic Ocean


QSL Routes

Online Logs

The log of 8J1RL, the JARL station on Ongul Island, AN-015, can be found at http://www.jarl.or.jp/English/4_Library/A-4-7_8j1rl/8j1rl_log99.htm.

The FT5WH QSL cards will be mailed now though the QSL manager F6KDF has only logs until Mar 19, 1999. Logcheck at: http://perso.easynet.fr/~f5nod/.

LX0RL: The Homepage of the Reseau Luxembourgeois des Amateurs d'Ondes Courtes HQ station is online at: http://lx0.restena.lu/~rl/. QSL via bureau.

The logs of ZF2NT and HB0/DF6VI are now online at: http://dx.qsl.net/logs/.

QSLs received buro: 3W6WE (K2WE), 4S7YSG (JA2BDR), 5W0BF (DL2BFH), VR98JK, 8P9IR (DJ1TO), 9M0C (G3SWH), A61AD (WB2DND), KP2/K4MA, EL2CE (WB2VFH), H75A (N5FTR), HC8/DL6FBK, JT1X (HA0HW), P3A (W3HNK), VP2V/K7AR, WP2/WI9WI, XE2MX (K6VNX), ZF9/ZF2WP (PA5ET)

QSLs received direct: CY9SS (VY2SS), DU3NXE, HS0/IK4MRH, JA9XBW/JD1, T32BI