DX News Letter 1165
September 20, 1999

DX-NL 1165 - September 20, 1999
DX News Letter
Editor: Michael, DJ5AV

(e-mail: dxmb@darc.de)

translated into English by Michael, DJ5AV


5W - SAMOA: Gerard, PA3AXU, will be QRV on SSB, CW, RTTY and maybe PSK31 Sep 28th until Oct 14th as 5W0GD. QSL via PA3AXU.

KH4 - MIDWAY: Beginning 22nd Sep Dick, KH4/W4ZYV, will be on OC030 for 3 months. In January he will change to East-Kiribati.

FO0 - MARQUESAS: Juan Carlos, EA2ABQ, is on OC027 as FO0SAL until Sep 23rd. QSL via EA5XX.

T31 - KIRIBATI: Steve, G4EDG, Nils, SM6CAS, and Ulrika, SM6WYN, will be QRV as T31T, T31K and T31YL Sep 23rd until Oct 3rd from Kanton OC043. QRGs: 3795, 7045, 14145, 14245, 18145, 21245, 24945 and 28445 kHz SSB; 1825, 3505, 7005, 10125, 14005, 18075, 21005, 24895, 28005 and 50110 kHz CW; 14080, 21080 and 28080 kHz RTTY. QSLs T31K and T31T via SM6CAS, Nils-Goran Persson, Box 2050, S-436 02 Hovas. QSL T31YL via SM6WYN, Ulrika Persson, Jarnmyntsgatan 7, 4 tr, S-414 79 Goteborg. Web site is http://www.qsl.net/t31t/

VK - AUSTRALIA: 20th until 27th Sep Jim, K9PPY, Sam, CT1EEN, Steve, VK2PS, Dave, VK6DLB, and Mal, VK6LC, are activating Imperieuse Reef in the Rowley Shoals (OC-NEW) as VK9RS. Jose, CT1EEB, (ct1eeb@mail.telepac.pt) will be pilot station (no "Am I in the log?"-questions please). Homepage is http://www.425dxn.org/dxped/vk6lc/


3C0 - ANNOBON: Rough seas delayed the arrival, since Sep 15th in the evening 3C0R is very busy on the bands. On 20, 15 and 10m first, now also on WARC, 40 and 80m. One of 3 laptops is damaged, a generator could be fixed. Now you can catch them also on low power with a GP.

7Q - MALAWI: Ely, IN3VZE, will be QRV 25. Sep until 15. Oct as 7Q7CE on 10, 15 (21268 kHz), 20 (14268 kHz) and 40m SSB. QSL via IN3VZE.

9L - SIERRA LEONE: Jacky, F2CW/ZL3CW, is waiting for his licence since 2 months and still hopes to get it before leaving in Oct.

TY - BENIN: Eddie, W6/G0AZT, plans to participate in the CQWW RTTY-Contest and will be active Sep 21st to 29th as TY1RY, outside of contest also on SSB. QSL direct ONLY to Eddie Schneider, POBox 5194, Richmond, CA 94805, USA.


PJ2 - BONAIRE: Tim, W9QQ, was planing to be QRV Sep 16th to 21st as PJ9Q or PJ9/W9QQ. He should be mainly on PSK31 on 10 to 40 m. QSL via W9QQ.


9M2 - WEST-MALAYSIA: Mirek, 9V1XE, now is active again as 9M8DX/2 until Oct 8th, NOT from Tioman but from Kuala Lumpur. QSL for 9M8DX/2 NOT via Mireks QSL manager DL4DBR but to 9V1XE, direct to Mirek Rozbicki, 7 Seletar Terrace, Singapore 806908, or via bureau. -- Tex, 9M2TO/JA0DMV, and his son JF0GEV are on Redang AS073 Sep 18th to 21st. QSL via bureau to JA0DMV or direct to 9M2TO.

OD - LEBANON: OD5RAL is the call on Ramkin AS108 Sep 24th until 26th. QSL via bureau or to R. Azrak, POBox 22, Baabdat, Lebanon.

XW - LAOS: Hiroo Yonezuka, JA2EZD, now is QRV from Vientiane as XW2A with FT847 and TS570 and a 3 el-3 band beam for 15, 17, 20m, 4 el-Yagi for 6m and dipoles on 6 to 160 m on CW and SSB. QSL to Hiroo Yonezuka, PO Box2659, Vientiane, LAOS. "Pse NO US$ and NO registered mail".


OH0 - ALAND: Ben, OH3TY, Reijo, OH3WK, Tony, OH1TD, and Carl, OH6XY, plan to operate as OH0XY starting Sep 21st for 6 days for the CQ WW DX RTTY-Contest on CW, SSB and RTTY. QSL via OH6XY, Carl Ikaheimo, NEW: Lansiranta 29, FIN-02880 Veikkola.

OH0 - ALAND: Martti, OB2BH, returned home from Asia after about 6 years and first goes to Aland to participate in the SAC SSB-Contest as OH0B. QSL via OH2BH, Martti J. Laine, Nuottaniementie 3D20, FIN-02230 Espoo.

SV5 - DODECANES: Geza, SV5/HA4XG, will be QRV from Rhodes Sep 28th to Oct 5th on CW and SSB. QSL via HA5XG, direct or via bureau.


DATE           CALL           DXNL

23Sep - 11Oct  3B8/PA0VHA etc 1164
15Sep - 24Sep  3C0R           1152, 1160
since   Sep99  3V8ST          1160
01Sep - 02Oct  3Z60O etc      1162
13Sep - 24Sep  4U1ITU         1164
now            5H8TL          1159
Jul98 - 2000   5U7DG          1151
28Sep - 14Oct  5W0GD          1165 *
16Sep - 23Sep  5W1CW          1163
25Sep - 15Oct  7Q7CE          1165 *
now            8J1RL          1141
Sep   - Oct    8Q7SW          1161
since   19Aug  8Q7YS etc      1161
18Sep - 11Oct  9H0VRZ etc     1164
now   - Oct99  9L (F2CW)      1160, 1165 *
18Sep - 21Sep  9M2TO          1165 *
14Sep - 04Oct  9M6BG          1164
now   - 08Oct  9M8DX/2        1165 *
15Sep - 2000   9X/RE3A        1164

27Sep - 27Oct  A35SO, A35ZL   1162
from middleSep BI7Y           1163, 1164
17Sep -        E44/OZ6ACD     1164
now            EY11OO         1164
now   - 2001   FK/F5CW        1160
4Sep - lateNov FO0DEH         1163
now   - 23Sep  FO0SAL         1165 *
01Sep - 30Nov? HK0TU          1162
now   - 2002   KH2/K4ANA      1162
04Sep - 04Dec  KH4/SM4FJY     1163
22Sep - Dec99  KH4/W4ZYV      1165 *
10Sep -lateSep OD/JY4NE       1164
24Sep - 26Sep  OD5RAL         1165 *
25Sep - 26Sep  OH0B           1165 *
middle  Sep    OH0V, OH0JJS   1164
21Sep - 27Sep  OH0XY          1165 *
04Sep - 05Oct  OX/OZ8AE       1162
16Sep - 21Sep  PJ9/W9QQ ?     1165 *
28Sep - 05Oct  SV5/HA4XG      1165 *
15Sep - 22Sep  SV9 (ON5JE etc)1163
23Sep - 03Oct  T31T, K, YL    1163, 1165 *
21Sep - 29Sep  TY1RY          1165 *
20Sep - 27Sep  VK9RS          1165 *
16Sep - 26Sep  VP5/HB9CYV etc 1164
Sep-middleDec  XE1/N8SHZ      1164
15Sep -        XU7AAV         1164
now            XW2A           1165 *
22Sep - 30Sep  YI9DAF         1161, 1162
17Sep - ?      YJ0AIR         1164
now   -lateSep Z38/IV3FSG     1164
07Oct - 14Oct  ZK2 ( DJ7RJ )  1162
07Oct - 12Oct  ZK3DX,CW,YL    1153, 58
24Sep - 22Oct  ZK3RW ?        1163
                       "NEW": 1165 *

Bandspots of the last 7 days

5H3RK    1832 2153Z PB9274, Daressalam
FK8GM    3799 1848Z via WB2RAJ, also bureau
HC8N     3506 0417Z via AA5BT, bureau
TG9NX    3799 0550Z via N4FKZ, direct
VP5/HB9CYN 3503 0442Z via bureau
3C0R     7043 2131Z via EA5FVY, bureau
5H3RK    7005 0327Z PB9274, Daressalam
7X4AN    7005 2328Z DXNL 1161
FY5GS    7048 2344Z via F6FNU, direct
HK0VGJ   7004 0410Z PB 852, San Andres
T88MM    7045 2119Z via JA3AJ, bureau
YK1AH    7004 0404Z PB9597, Damaskus
3B8CF    10102 0224Z via CBA
9M6BG    10104 2228Z via VR2BG, also bureau
FY5HY    10107 0400Z via F6IHY, bureau
HK0ER    10108 0236Z PB934, San Andres
OX/OZ8AE 10111 2146Z via OZ8AE, bureau
FK8VHT   14011 1448Z via F6AJA,bureau
FO5QG    14122 0640Z via XE1L, direct
KH8/KK6HC 1005 0746Z
T32O     14196 0619Z via WC5P, bureau
V73CW    14195 0416Z via AC4G, bureau
XU7AAV   14027 1600Z via G4ZVJ, bureau
YJ0AIR   14189 0848Z via W8WC, direct
ZK1JD    14188 0658Z PB491, Rarotonga
3C0R     18130 1655Z via EA5FVY,bureau
FY5YE    18081 1836Z via W5SVZ,bureau
P43E     18130 2059Z via bureau
T88WX    18152 1305Z via JA1WSX,bureau
XU7AAV   18076 1918Z via G4ZVJ,bureau
YB0AVK   18078 1558Z via HA0HW,bureau
5W1CW    21019 0720Z via ZL1AMO
C91RF/p  21005 1731Z via DL6DQW, bureau
EM1U     21293 1952Z via UT7UA
KH0/JA1NVF 21250 0815Z also via bureau
P29VR    21265 0949Z via W7LFA, bureau
R1AND    21019 1554Z via RW1AI, bureau
T88XW    21306 1423Z via JA6QXW
XT2PT    21245 1820Z via N5DRV, bureau
XW2A     21286 1505Z PB2659, Vientiane
3C0R     24895 0921Z via EA5FVY, bureau
3W7CW    24894 1031Z via SP5AUC
FK8VHM   24892 1102Z via F5TLP, bureau
FR5FD    24902 1500Z via CBA
HK136P   24899 1258Z via HK6LRP
JL1KFR/JD1 24945 1018Z DXNL 1154
T88JJ    24935 1320Z via JA3ART, bureau
VP5/HB9CYN 24933 1218Z via bureau
VR2GY    24903 1129Z via bureau
3W7TK    28500 0757Z via OK1HWB, bureau
8J1RL    28015 1622Z via JA9BOH, bureau
8R1AP/p  28445 1851Z via CBA
BI7Y     28460 0954Z via bureau
FR5FD    28010 1442Z direct
SU9ZZ    28015 1309Z via OM3TZZ, bureau
TU2XZ    28480 1430Z via W3HC, direct


QSL Routes

LOGS online at http://dx.qsl.net/logs/ now: KH3/NH6D (until 10. Sep), OX3NUK (1999 IOTA-Contest), TK/OE5XVL (May 1999), WP3C (until 7. Sep).

Logcheck from http://rrc.sc.ru/eng/log.htm for RI9OTA (5. Russian IOTA/DX-hamvention), RZ0ZWA/p (Starichkov, AS095, IOTA-Contest 1998), UA0ZY/p (Krasheninnikova, AS095), UA0ZY/p (Starichkov, AS0095), UA0ZY/p (Kambalny, AS142).

AUSTRALIAN Postage: Beginning Oct 4th new ratings are effective. An air mail letter to Asia or Pacific will be $1.00, to the rest of the world it will rise to $1.50 (up to 50 gramms). One IRC will still buy one unit of air mail postage.

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2000-Contest is sponsered by the Budapest Society of the Hungarian Radio Amateur Society and the Pusks Tivadar Radio Amateur Club (HA5KHC). It will take place during the 2000 minutes from 12.00UTC on 31Dec99 until 21.20UTC on 1st Jan 2000. For details visit http://www.puskas.hu/ha5hny/

QSLs - arrived via bureau: 9M2TO (JA0DMV), EM1LV (UR8LV), H2T (1996-5B4XF), HL2IUA, KH0/JN1WTK, KH0/N3JJ (JA3ART), S92YN, TT8ZB, TZ6TT, UA0FZ, UN7TS, V31GI, VP2V/N7MQ.

QSLs - arrived direct: 5Z4GS (WB2YQH), 8P6FI, FM/OH2RF, FM5CW, FO0PT (DJ0FX), FY5YE (W5SVZ), H40XX (JA5DQH), HC8/N6TV, J6DX, K9ZO/HC8, HL0ZX/4, KL7AK, PY0FZ (PY7ZZ).

TNX for information to 425-DX-NEWS, 59(9)-DX Report, ARRL-DX-News, DE1JSH, DF1ZN, DF6EX, DJ2SX, DJ3TZ, DK2JX, DL1GEH, DL1SBF, DL2BQV, DL5NDH, DL6UAA, DL7PR, DL7VOX, DX-PRESS, HB9AGH, HB9DHK, HB9EAA, Les Nouvelles-DX, ON6DP, OPDX, PA0MIR, RTTY DX NOTES, The-DAILY-DX and others.