DX News Letter 1166
September 27, 1999

DX-NL 1166 - September 27, 1999
DX News Letter
Editor: Michael, DJ5AV

(e-mail: dxmb@darc.de)

translated into English by Michael, DJ5AV


V6 - MICRONESIA: Shoji, JA7HMZ/V63DX, and Tunehiro, JA7AB/V63TM are QRV 27. Sep until 3. Oct all bands on CW and SSB especially for Europe and USA east coast. QSLs via JA7AB, Tunehiro Miura, 60-208 Terauchi, Akita, 011-0901 JAPAN resp JA7HMZ, Shoji Igawa, Yokobori, Ogachi, 019-0204 JAPAN.

VK - AUSTRALIA: After VK9RS Mal, VK6LC, Jim,VK8PY/K9PPY, and Sam, VK6EEN/CT1EEN, will be on Malus Island OC199 and Green Island OC183 2nd/3rd and 5th/6th Oct. QSLs via home calls.

VK9C - COCOS: A VK2 ham is said to be on Cocos Keeling now and should be able to be on the air after Oct 1st.

ZK1 - SOUTH COOK: Yasu, JI1NJC, will be on Rarotanga 5th to 10th Oct on all bands, incl 6m and will get his call on arrival. A 6m beacon will be used on 50.105 kHz. QSL via JI1NJC.


3B8 - MAURITIUS: 3B8/ON4LAC will be active 1st to 28th Oct on 20, 17, 15, 12, and 10m SSB.

3C0 - ANNOBON: The RTTY equipment was damaged during the trip to Annobon and they couldn't repair it. Good news is that they have "obtained from the authorities the approval for future operations from Annobon. Therefore they will leave all the generators and gear at the base."

3V - TUNISIA: Albert, F2KN, will be with 3V8BB Oct 5th until 15th. QSL for his QSOs ONLY via F6FNU (only direct).

5X - UGANDA: Graham, G0VNW/5Z5GS, will be moving to Uganda in Oct for a 2 year work assignment. He will work as 5X1GS. QSL via WB2YQH.

C5 - GAMBIA, XT - BURKINA FASO: Old timer Mako, JA1OEM, now 76 years young, will be again on DX trail in West Africa: First he will be C56HP with QRS-CW and on SSB 1st to 6th Oct (not on lowbands). Next he will become active as as XT2HP Oct 8th until Nov 3rd on 10 to 160m. QSL direct ONLY, no bureau cards, to Mako Toyofuku, POBox 9, Sawara, 287-0003 JAPAN.

VQ9 - CHAGOS: Ron, AA5DX, again will be VQ9DX 29th Sep until late January mostly on CW on 160 and 80m and also 6m. QSL via AA5DX after his return to USA.


HC8 - GALAPAGOS: N5KO, W6OTC, K6AW, WF1B, N4GN, W5AP and HC1OT were in the RTTY-Contest last weekend and were active also on other modes outside the contest as HC8N. QSL via AA5BT


OD - LEBANON: Jean-Claude, 6W1QP, is planning to become active as OD5/3A2MT 27th Sep to 27th Oct. Direct QSLing to 3A2MT or 6W1QP; bureau cards via 3A bureau.


ER - MOLDAVIA: Speccial event station ER8C will be active 1st to 10th Oct to celebrate the 564th anniversary of Kishinev. QSL via ER1DA, Valery Metaxa, POBox 9537, Kishinev, MD-2071, Moldavia.

OH0 - ALAND: OH1EH took part on SAC-SSB-Contest last weekend as OH0Z. QSL via OH1EH. ---- OH0LQK (QSL via OH3LQK), OH0MFP (via OH3MFP), OH0KCB (via OH3RM) and OH0/OH6LGM (via OH6LGM) will be active on EU002 25th Sep to 2nd Oct on 6 through 40m CW, SSB and RTTY.


DATE           CALL           DXNL

01Oct - 28Oct  3B8/ON4LAC     1166 *    
23Sep - 11Oct  3B8/PA0VHA etc 1164
05Oct - 15Oct  3V8BB          1166 *
since Sep99    3V8ST          1160
01Sep - 02Oct  3Z60O etc      1162
now            5H8TL          1159
28Sep - 10Oct  5W0GD          1165
Oct   -Sep2001 5X1GS          1166 *
25Sep - 15Oct  7Q7CE          1165
now            8J1RL          1141
Sep - Oct      8Q7SW          1161
since 19 Aug   8Q7YS etc      1161
18Sep - 11Oct  9H0VRZ etc     1164
now   - Oct99  9L (F2CW)      1160, 1165
14Sep - 04Oct  9M6BG          1164
now   - 08Oct  9M8DX/2        1165
15Sep - 2000   9X/RE3A        1164

27Sep - 27Oct  A35SO, A35ZL   1162
01Oct - 06Oct  C56HP          1166 *
17Sep -        E44/OZ6ACD     1164
30Aug - Nov    EL2WW          1162
01Oct - 10Oct  ER8C           1166 *
now            EY11OO         1164
now   - 2001   FK/F5CW        1160
4Sep - lateNov FO0DEH         1163
now   - 23Sep  FO0SAL         1165
now            HC8N           1166 *
01Sep - 30Nov? HK0TU          1162
now   - 2002   KH2/K4ANA      1162
04Sep - 04Dec  KH4/SM4FJY     1163
22Sep - Dec99  KH4/W4ZYV      1165
27Sep - 27Oct  OD5/3A2MT      1166 *
10Sep -lateSep OD/JY4NE       1164
25Sep - 02Oct  OH0LQK etc     1166 *
now            OH0Z           1166 *
04Sep - 05Oct  OX/OZ8AE       1162
28Sep - 05Oct  SV5/HA4XG      1165
23Sep - 03Oct  T31T, K, YL    1163, 1165
27Sep - 03Oct  V63DX,V63TM    1166 *
02Oct - 06Oct  VK6LC/6 etc    1166 *
01Oct -        VK9CC          1166 *
29Sep -lateJan VQ9DX          1166 *
Sep -middleDec XE1/N8SHZ      1164
08Oct - 03Nov  XT2HP          1166 *
15Sep -        XU7AAV         1164
now            XW2A           1165
22Sep - 30Sep  YI9DAF         1161, 1162
17Sep - ?      YJ0AIR         1164
now   -lateSep Z38/IV3FSG     1164
05Oct - 10Oct  ZK1 (JI1NJC)   1166 *
07Oct - 14Oct  ZK2 ( DJ7RJ )  1162
07Oct - 12Oct  ZK3DX,CW,YL    1153, 58
24Sep - 22Oct  ZK3RW ?        1163
                       "NEW": 1166 *

Bandspots of the last 7 days

EL2WW      1828 0042Z via ON5NT
VP5/HB9CYN 1816 0409Z via bureau
3C0R       3799 0107Z via EA5FVY, bureau
7X5JF      3798 2021Z direct
HC8N       3573 2332Z via AA5BT, bureau
OX/OZ8AE   3507 0430Z via OZ8AE, bureau
R1AND      3510 0432Z via RW1AI, bureau
VP5/HB9CYN 3506 0253Z via bureau
3B8/PA3EPD 7005 2336Z via PA0VHA, bureau
5N3BHF     7064 0452Z via OE6LAG, bureau
OD5RAL     7060 2246Z via OD5RI
T31T       7005 1712Z via SM6CAS
TI4CF      7007 0316Z via N6TR, also bureau
VR2GY      7005 1628Z via bureau
YN6HM      7007 0313Z via N5TGZ
3B9FR      10110 0233Z via CBA
5N3CPR     10104 1806Z via SP5CPR, bureau
9M6BG      10104 2252Z via VR2BG,also bureau
CP4BT      10109 2307Z via DL9OT, bureau
E4/G3WQU   10104 1613Z DXNL 1140
FG5XC      10104 2251Z via bureau oder CBA
OD5RAL     10111 2148Z via OD5RI
OX3FV      10104 1155Z via bureau
VP5/HB9CYV 10104 2158Z via bureau
ZW7G       10104 2233Z via bureau
FK8GM      14085 0625Z via WB2RAJ, bureau
FO0DEH     14255 0732Z via ON4QM, bureau
KH4/W4ZYV  14243 0853Z
T31K       14245 0640Z via SM6CAS
VP6PAC     14212 0550Z PB73, Pitcairn
3C0R       18130 1104Z via EA5FVY, bureau
3D2QB      18078 1257Z via SM3CER, bureau
5N0ZKD     18076 2141Z via OK1KN
BK0ZS      18084 1350Z via IK2DUW, bureau
P29BI      18070 1203Z via VK4EJ
R1ANZ      18142 1001Z via RU1ZC
T31T       18075 1902Z via SM6CAS
3B8/PB0AIT 21013 1759Z via PA0VHA, bureau
3W6MG      21285 1508Z via JF1MGI
FK8GJ      21030 1007Z via F6CXJ, bureau
FT5YG      21295 0823Z via F5LBL, CBA99
P29VR      21225 1142Z via W7LFA, bureau
V73CW      21303 0941Z via AC4G, bureau
VK9RS      21260 1259Z via I1JQJ, bureau
YI99BIF    21232 0920Z via Bureau
3C0R       24934 1635Z via EA5FVY, bureau
C91RF      24925 1626Z via DL6DQW, bureau
FY5HY      24935 1942Z via F6IHY, bureau
HK0VGJ     24905 1946Z PB852, San Andres
3C0R       28025 0810Z via EA5FVY, bureau
7X4AN      28511 1636Z DXNL 1161
8J1RL      28009 1605Z via JA9BOH, bureau
8R1AK      28465 1600Z via CBA
HC8N       28480 1736Z via AA5BT, bureau
JT1CO      28012 1106Z via CBA
XX9EH      29533 1149Z on FM; PB6018, Macao


QSL Routes

LOGS of T24DX and 3D2DX are now with http://www.qsl.net/ea4dx/Tuvalulog1.htm

The BRASILIAN DX-Net has a web page at http://www.fortalnet.with.br/brasildxnet/

QSLs - arrived via bureau: 3A50R, HL5XF, PT7WA/PY7, UA0LDW, VU2RBQ (DJ9RB), K1ZZ/VY2, ZF2MP/ZF8 + V31YK (W5JYK), ZF9/ZF2RC (PA5ET), ZS6AJS (5 Monate), ZV0SB (PT2GTI).

QSLs - arrived direct: HY3YH, JW0LGS (LA5NM), UA0QBA (EV6A), V44KMC, XV300S (7L1MFS), XW8KPL (JR2KDN).

TNX for information to 425-DX-NEWS, 59(9)-DX Report, ARRL-DX-News, DE1JSH, DF1ZN, DF6EX, DJ2SX, DL1GEH, DL1SBF, DL7PR, DL7VOX, DX-PRESS, HB9AGH, HB9DHK, HB9EAA, Les Nouvelles-DX, OE3EMC, ON6DP, OPDX, RTTY DX NOTES, The-DAILY-DX and others.