DX News Letter 1168
October 11, 1999

DX-NL 1168 - October 11, 1999
DX News Letter
Editor: Michael, DJ5AV

(e-mail: dxmb@darc.de)

translated into English by Michael, DJ5AV


EM1KGG currently is QRV from Vernadsky base on Galindez AN006. QSL via UT7UA. -- Tom, VK0TS, still is active from Davis-Base AN016 with 20 W and vertical only, mostly 10 to 1200Z near 14245 kHz. QSL via VK1DX.


FK - NEW CALEDONIA: Danny, FK/F5CW, got his callsign FK8VHY now. -- Philippe, FK8VHT, will visit Lifou OC033 Oct 14th to 21st as FK8VHT/p.

FO/A - AUSTRAL: JT1TKE will be active 14th until 28th Oct from Tubuai OC152 on HF and 6m. QSL via JK7TKE.

FO/A - AUSTRAL, FO - FRENCH POLYNESIA: Marcel, ON4QM, is still active from Raivavae OC114 until 18th or 19th Oct as FO0DEH and will leave for Tuamotu OC066 then. (DXNL 1163)

KH0 - MARIANA: Northern Kyushu DX Club members JA6AGA (KH0/AF4IN) and JA6CNL (KH0N) will be active starting 15. Oct on OC086 on all bands mostly on CW. QSLs via home calls or via Northern Kyushu DX Club QSL Bureau, POBox 11, Yawata, 805-8691 Japan.

ZL - NEW ZEALAND: Special event callsign ZM75AA is celebrating the first trans-world 2-way radio contact of 18th Oct 1924 between Frank Bell, Z4AA, and Cecil Goyder, G2SZ, in London until Oct 31st. QSL via bureau or direct to POBox 5485, Dunedin, Neuseeland.

ZL7 - CHATHAM: Ed, K8VIR, has been active as ZL4IR/7 since 5th Oct until middle of the month from Chatham OC038. QSL via W8WC.


3V - TUNISIA: The new clubstation 3V8ST will be active for Jamboree On The Air Oct 16/17th Oct.

FR - REUNION: Patrick, F5LBM, ex FR4FD, again is using FR5FD only on CW with TS850 and R7. QSL to Patrick LeBeaume, 40 Rue Louis Desjardines, 97411 Bois de Nefles, F-97411 St Paul.


V3 - BELIZE: Hugh, K0GHK, and Roger, WA0ETE, are announced to be active on Ambergris Cay NA073 10th to 16th Oct as V31HK in their mornings and evenings on SSB and CW especially on 10 and 15m. QSL via WA0ETE.

YV0 - AVES: A team of YV9- and YY2-stations might be on Aves the next few days. Until now Radio Club Venezolano was not contacted for this and so CONTATEL has not issued a licence. A larger official operation is planned for Feb 2000.


HL - SOUTH KOREA: Berthold, DF5WA, will be active from middle of Oct until Oct 30th with IC706 and wires mostly on CW. The last week of his stay he will be on Cheju-do AS026.

OD - LEBANON: Genevieve, OD/F5SQM, actually is on, mostly on CW. She plans to be in the bigger contests. QSL via F6FYA.

S2 - BANGLADESH: JA1UT, JA1AFF and JS1QHO with the assistance of Rashid, S21AR, will operate mainly on WARC bands on CW, 29MHz FM and 6m, Oct 14th to 18th as S21ZE (re-issued from 1994). QSL via JA1UT.


GJ - JERSEY: Chris, G0WFH, will be on 10 through 160m QRP SSB Oct 10th to 17th as GJ0WFH on EU013. QSL via G0WFH.


WORKED-ALL-GERMANY-CONTEST (WAG) SSB and CW 16. Oct 1500Z to 17. Oct 1500Z on 10 to 80m. QSOs with Germany only. DL stations send RS(T) and DOK, foreigners RS(T) and serial nr.


DATE            CALL           DXNL
01Oct - 28Oct   3B8/ON4LAC     1166
05Oct - 15Oct   3V8BB          1166
16Oct - 17Oct   3V8ST          1160, 1168 *
now             3XY1B0         1150
now             5H8TL          1159
28Sep - 14Oct   5W0GD          1165
16Sep - Oct     5W1CW          1163, 1167
Oct   - Sep2001 5X1GS          1166
25Sep - 15Oct   7Q7CE          1165
03Oct -         7Q7HB          1167
now             8J1RL          1141
19Aug -         8Q7YS etc      1161
now   - Oct99   9L (F2CW)      1160, 1165
now   - 08Oct   9M8DX/2        1165
now   - 10Dec   9U5D           1167
15Sep - 2000    9X/RE3A        1164

27Sep - 27Oct   A35SO, A35ZL   1162
17Sep           E44/OZ6ACD     1164
30Aug - Nov     EL2WW          1162
now             EM1KGG         1168 *
now             EY11OO         1164
now   - 2001    FK8VHY         1160, 1168 *
14Oct - 21Oct   FK8VHT/p       1168 *
04Oct - 21Oct   FO (F5JJW)     1167
14Oct - 28Oct   FO (JK1TKE)    1168 *
4Sep  -lateNov  FO0DEH         1163, 1168 *
now             FR5FD          1168 *
now   - 15Oct   FY/DJ6SI       1167
10Oct - 17Oct   GJ0WFH         1168 *

01Sep - 30Nov?  HK0TU          1162
MiddleOct-30Oct HL (DF5WA)     1168 *
15Oct - ?       KH0/AF4INetc   1168 *
now   - 2002    KH2/K4ANA      1162
04Sep - 04Dec   KH4/SM4FJY     1163
22Sep - Dec99   KH4/W4ZYV      1165
07Oct - 21Oct   KH5/DF6FK etc  1167

27Sep - 27Oct   OD5/3A2MT      1166
now             OD/F5SQM       1168 *
07Oct - 15Nov   PJ9/PA0VDV     1167
14Oct - 18Oct   S21AR          1168 *
10Oct - 16Oct   V31HK          1168 *
now             VK0TS          1168 *
ab 01Oct        VK9CC          1166
29Sep - lateJan VQ9DX          1166

Sep - middleDec XE1/N8SHZ      1164
08Oct - 03Nov   XT2HP          1166
15Sep -         XU7AAV         1164
now ?           YV0??          1168 *
07Oct - 14Oct   ZK2ZL          1162
05Oct-middleOct ZL4IR/7        1168 *
                        "NEW": 1168 *

Bandspots of the last 7 days

AL7R     1834 0337Z via CBA
JW1NM    1830 0318Z via LA5NM,also bureau
YK1AO    1829 0333Z PB245, Damaskus
9K2GS    3795 0238Z via WB6JMS, bureau
A35SO    3507 1705Z via DJ4SO, bureau
FY/DJ6SI 3508 2145Z via DJ6SI, bureau
NP4A     3581 0528Z via W6HNK
XX9TRR   3501 1823Z via N6XJ
A35SO    7002 1624Z via DJ4SO, bureau
KH0T     7012 0532Z via JA1SGU
KP2BH    7083 0407Z
V31JP    7007 0335Z via KA9WON, bureau
VQ9QM    7013 0046Z via W4QM, bureau
YN9HAU   7062 0607Z via HR1RMG, direct
ZK3CW    7006 0550Z via SM0AGD, bureau
AC6SS/VY2 10111 2245Z via DL7RV
R1ANF/A   10104 0405Z via RK1PWA
V31YK     10106 0116Z via W5JYK, bureau
ZK3CW     10125 1528Z via SM0AGD, bureau
FO0SUC    14180 1605Z via F5JJW, bureau
H44UM     14252 1241Z via JA1UMN
ZK1NJC    14080 0905Z via JI1NJC
ZL4IR/7   14260 0706Z via W8WC, direct
ZK1LPN    18146 0554Z via JI1NJC
ZK2ZL     18130 0523Z via DJ7RJ, bureau
ZK3DX     18145 1842Z via SM0AGD, bureau
5W0GD     21015 0147Z via PA3AXU, bureau
KH2/K4ANA 21019 1218Z via K4ANA
P29BI     21260 1013Z via VK4EJ
V63AO     21263 1121Z PB607, Kosrae 96944
YJ0AMN    21237 0729Z via JA1UMN, direct
A35SO     24895 0847Z via Bureau
E4/G3WQU  24897 1156Z via Bureau
EL2WW     24892 1039Z via ON5NT, also bureau
FO0DEH    24940 1831Z via ON4QM, bureau
FY/DJ6SI  24892 1025Z via bureau
HC5AI     24904 1816Z via bureau
HK0OEP    24937 2006Z via N0JT, bureau
KH0T      24895 0731Z via JA1SGU
P29VR     24950 1031Z via W7LFA, bureau
V31KR     24945 1440Z via K5KR
V73UX     24943 1056Z via V73AX, direct
ZK1LPN    24958 1935Z via JI1NJC
3B8/PA3PD 28479 1242Z via PA0VHA, bureau
7Q7CE     28495 1300Z via IN3VZE, bureau
9U5D      28440 1200Z via SM0BFJ, direct
A35SO     28015 0806Z via DJ4SO, bureau
FK8GJ     28028 0637Z via F6CXJ, bureau
FY/DJ0PJ  28060 1805Z via bureau
J87AB     28495 1310Z DXNL 1151
KH2PC     28495 1049Z
PS2V      28482 1140Z via PY2AA
V31KX     28032 1559Z via W5FKX
V51BG     28420 0716Z via bureau
VK8AN/p   28460 1201Z via VK4AAR, direct
Z2/DF3XZ  28227 1702Z via DF3XZ, bureau


QSL Routes

MARCONI MEMORIAL CONTEST HF: IK6PTJ reports the results and rules are now available at http://www.qsl.net/ik6ptj/marconi.htm

Pathfinder: At http://www.qsl.net/pathfinder/ a freeware program can be loaded that helps to get addresses, qsl informations and other data for DXers quickly and easily from the internet.

QSLs - arrived via bureau: 3DA0/SM7DZZ, 4K2MAL (UA4RC), 5W1SA (JH7OHF), 6W1RN (DL4VS), 7Z5OO (N2AU), 8P9FX (G3RFX), 8Q7EM (DH5HV), 9G1AA (PA3ERA), 9M6TO, 9V8OK, 9G5SW (G3VMW), AH8LG, H44FN (DK9FN), KC0ARG/HH2.

TNX for information to 425-DX-NEWS, 59(9)-DX Report, ARRL-DX-News, DF1ZN, DF6EX, DJ3CP, DL1GEH, DL1SBF, DL2BQV, DL7PR, DX-PRESS, F6AJA, HB9DHK, Les Nouvelles-DX, ON6DP, OPDX, RTTY DX NOTES, SP5UAF, The-DAILY-DX and others.