DX News Letter 1170
October 25, 1999

DX-NL 1170 - October 25, 1999
DX News Letter
Editor: Michael, DJ5AV

(e-mail: dxmb@darc.de)

translated into English by Michael, DJ5AV


ANTARCTIC: Bert, KC4/WA1O will be active 1st Nov until 15th Dec. QSL via KA1CRP.

VK0M - MACQUARIE: Alan, VK0LD, is currently on contract with the Australian Antarctic Research Division and will be active until Jan 2001 from Macquarie AN005 and possibly other Australian Territory locations. There is a possibility for a special callsign (VM0xx) during Dec99/Jan 2000. This is NOT a DXpedition but Alan has many years experience for DXing from different locations and is used to working pile-ups. There is no QSL manager at present. A Web site is under construction at http://www.geocities.com/vk0ld/


9M6 - EAST-MALAYSIA: Phil, G3SWH, will be active 3rd to 15th Nov as 9M6PWT from Sabah OC088, CW only, on 10 to 40 m, mostly in his late evenings or early mornings. QSL via G3SWH direct to Phil Whitchurch, 21 Dickensons Grove, Congresbury, Bristol, BS49 5HQ, U. K. or through the RSGB-bureau.

FO - FRENCH.POLYNESIA: 29th Oct until 13th Nov Yann, F1NGP, will be QRV here. -- Wolfgang, DF2IY, is announced to be active 23rd Oct to 14th Nov as FO0THA, especially at the European morning hours on CW 15 KHz from the bottom of the bands. QSL through the bureau to DF2IY.

T30 - WEST-KIRIBATI, T33 - BANABA: Out of the Berlin DX-Groupe on 25th Oct four members and half of the material will go to Banaba and will be active there 28th Oct until 2nd Nov as T33CW and T33Y. Finally they will join the team in West-Kiribati again until Nov 9th.

VK9L - LORD HOWE: Dee, W1HEO, is on vacation at VK9LHs QTH on OC004 25th to 30th Oct as VK9LM. QRGs: 14030, 14185, 21030, 21230. QSL via W1HEO. -- Nick, VK2ICV, will be VK9LX again 25th Oct until 2nd Nov for the CQWW-Contest. QSL to POBox 730, Parramatta 2124, New South Wales, Australia. His homepage is http://www.qsl.net/vk9lx/


S7 - SEYCHELLES, 3B8 - MAURITIUS: Bruce, KD6WW, was active as S79BL until Oct 25th and will move for the CQ WWDX SSB-Contest to Mauritius as 3B8/KD6WW. QSLs via KD6WW.

TY - BENIN: Pat, F6FCM/TY, is working in Dassa until about May 2000. QSL via F6FNU (direct only).


FY - FRENCH.GUYANA: Joel, FY/F5PAC, is QRV Nov 1st until 14th and will visit Salut SA020 5th to 7th Nov with FY5FU.

HK0 - MALPELO: The planned fall trip as HK0TU has been postponed until further notice due to the economic situation in Colombia.

HK - COLOMBIA: Gerard, F2JD/HK3JBR, is in Bogota again. It is not sure that he can continue with his activities because during his stay home in France all his equipment has been stolen.

PY0 - FERNANDOdeNORONHA: Peter, PY5CC, is QRV until 1st Nov as PY0FM on all bands, especially on 6 m. QSL via JA1VOK. -- In WWDX-Contest ZX0F will be activated by Araucaria DX Group. Their homepage is http://www.inepar.com.br/araucaria/ QSL to PY5EG, via bureau or PO Box 37, Curitiba - Pr - 80001-970, Brasilia or also via LZ1JY. There will be special awards to entrants who work ZX0F on 6 bands in the contest.


E4 - PALESTINE: Pekka, OH1RY, will come back as E44DX or E44/OH1RY to Gaza 27th Oct until 1st Nov. His goal will be to break the Asian record on 80m in the CQWW SSB DX contest. QSL via OH1RY.


HB0 - LIECHTENSTEIN: Kazik, HB0/DL2SBY, and Henry, HB0/SP2FOV, will be active Oct 29th to Nov 7th on 160 through 10 m incl WARC on CW, SSB and RTTY with 2 transceivers, PAs, verticals, delta loop and quad. QSLs via homecalls.


CQWWDX-CONTEST SSB 30Oct 0000Z until 31Oct 2400Z on 10-160m. To be worked: all. Exchange RS + WAZ-Zone, DL= 14


DATE           CALL         DXNL
Ende Oct       3B8/KD6WW    1170 *
Oct   - Dec99  3XY2D        1169
now            5H8TL        1159
21Oct - 31Oct  5R8FU        1169
26Oct - 02Nov  8Q7IT        1169
21Oct-earlyNov 9H3AM        1169
03Nov - 15Nov  9M6PWT       1170 *

27Sep - 27Oct  A35SO, A35ZL 1162
20Oct - 01Nov  CN8WW, 5C8M  1169
now   - 31Dec  DU67..       1169
27Oct - 01Nov  E44DX ?      1170 *
21Oct - 28Oct  EA8/G0UIH/p  1169
30Aug - 06Nov  EL2WW        1162
now            EM1KGG       1168
now   - 2001   FK8VHY       1160, 1168
29Oct - 13Nov  FO (F1NGP)   1170 *
14Oct - 28Oct  FO0KOJ       1168
14Oct - 28Oct  FO (JK1TKE)  1168
4Sep  -lateNov FO0DEH       1163, 1168
23Oct - 14Nov  FO0THA       1170 *
now            FR5FD        1168
01Nov - 14Nov  FY/F5PAC     1170 *
29Oct - 07Nov  HB0/DL2SBYetc1170 *
postponed      HK0TU        1162, 1170 *
middle- 30Oct  HL (DF5WA)   1168
14Oct - 31Oct  J79KS,SH etc 1169
now   -Jun2000 JD1BKR       1169

01Nov - 15Dec  KC4/WA1O     1170 *
15Oct - ?      KH0/AF4INetc 1168
27Sep - 27Oct  OD5/3A2MT    1166
now            OD/F5SQM     1168
07Oct - 15Nov  PJ2/PA0VDV   1167
now - 01Nov    PY0FM        1170 *
19Oct - 11Nov  T30Y,T30CW   1169
28Oct - 02Nov  T33CW, T33Y  1170 *
now   -May2000 F6FCM/TY     1170 *
now   -Jan2001 VK0M (VK0LD) 1170 *
now            VK0TS        1168
25Oct - 30Oct  VK9LH        1170 *
25Oct - 02Nov  VK9LX        1170 *
22Oct - 30Oct  VP2MBT, MGL  1169
25Oct - 09Nov  VP2MCS       1169
29Sep -lateJan VQ9DX        1166
Sep -middleDec XE1/N8SHZ    1164
08Oct - 03Nov  XT2HP        1166
Sep - 31Dec    XW2A         1165
now   ?        YV0??        1168
now            ZM5PX        1169
late Oct       ZX0F         1170 *
                     "NEW": 1170 *

Bandspots of the last 7 days

5C8M      1831 1916Z via DL6FBL, bureau
5H3/K8LEE 1829 0139Z via K8LEE
JW5NM     1830 0257Z via LA5NM, bureau
OY9JD     1829 0307Z via CBA
VP5/ N0AT 1831 0224Z via N0AT
VQ9QM     1828 2132Z via W4QM, bureau
C6ANI     3792 0130Z via CBA
EL2WW     3503 0419Z via ON5NT
FS/N7KG   3797 0246Z via N7KG, bureau
HL3IUA    3800 1907Z via JA5AQC, bureau
HP1XVH    3797 0402Z via N0JT, bureau
T30CW     3506 1713Z via DL7DF, bureau
XT2HP     3504 0453Z DXNL 1166
YN6HM     3505 0308Z via N5TGZ
3B8CF     7002 0217Z via CBA
5C8M      7055 2027Z via DL6FBL, bureau
AL7O      7009 0450Z via CBA
HC8A      7055 0553Z via WV7Y, bureau
K3UG/J6   7008 0008Z via N3NT
P40E      7069 0314Z via W3HNK, also bureau
XQ3IDY    7004 0357Z via CE4NV
YN9HAU    7068 0613Z via HR1RMG, direct
ZF2LC     7003 0208Z via W2SM, bureau
A35ZL     10107 1739Z via DJ7RJ, bureau
J6/K7NM   10107 0358Z via K7NM
JT1JA     10104 1715Z via JT1CO
T30CW     10106 1759Z via DL7DF, bureau
DK8FD/VP9 10104 2047Z via Bureau
YS1RR     10105 0442Z via DJ9ZB, bureau
ZL2CD     10105 0433Z via bureau
3D2AM     14238 0427Z via AB6UO
J79KS     14005 2203Z via DL1DA, bureau
KH5/DF6FK 14198 0726Z via bureau
P29BI     14260 1148Z via VK4EJ
T30Y      14195 1549Z via DL7DF, bureau
J28FF     18131 1357Z via F6ITD, bureau
JD1BKR    18134 0941Z via JA-bureau
KH6/DL9RCF 18143 2004Z via DL9RCF, bureau
3C1RV     21215 1116Z via EA1BMH
5N39EAM   21273 0907Z via IK7JTF, direct
H44MY     21293 1313Z via JA0IXW
HK0TCN    21280 1516Z PB464, St Andres
9E1C      24941 1019Z via IV3OWC
A35SO     24895 2149Z via DJ4SO, bureau
C5TT      24970 1629Z via G0UCT
FS/N3OC   24896 1718Z via N3OC, bureau
PY0F/PY2KC 24945 1801Z
S79BL     24895 0756Z via KD6WW, bureau
T30CW     24903 0836Z via DL7DF, bureau
TO0DX     24970 1345Z via LA9VDA(SASE)
9G5DX     28460 1030Z via JH8PHT
E4/G3WQU  28020 1445Z via Bureau
FO0DEH    28560 1823Z via ON4QM, bureau
KH8/N5OLS 28006 0754Z via N5JA, direct
PY0FM     28420 1152Z via JA1VOK, bureau
S21YJ     28558 1400Z via SM4AIO, bureau


More Informations for the CQWWDX SSB: 5H3US via WA8JOC; 7A0K via YB0AI; 9E1C via IV3OWC; 9H3AAA an OE1JIS via bureau or direct POBOX 116, A-1172 Wien; 9M6NA via JE1JKL; C56DX by Whitton Amateur Radio Group; C6AGS via KI6T; EN5J via KG6AR; FS/K7ZUM via K7ZUM; G9Q via G1GJQ; H7... or YN2EJG via K5LBU; HB0/HA5RT via HA0HW; HS0AC (RAST clubstation, QSL via G3NOM); HS72A via HS1CKC; IO8A via IK8HCG; J6J or J68J ? via N5VL; J6R via N3NT; JW5E via LA5NM; KH2/N2NL via W2YC; LR0H via LU9HS; LV2V via LU6VG; M6T via G4PIQ; NP3QE via CBA; OH0MM via OH2NM; P40E Op CT1BO via W3HNK; PJ9/N7KG via N7KG; PJ9CW via CBA; R1MVZ via K6VNX; T88WX via JA1WSX; TI5EBU via JM6EBU; TM4T via F6HLC; TO0DX via LA9VDA (SASE); V47KP via K2SB; V47NS via W9NY; VA2BY via VE3BY; VA2RHJ via VE3RHJ; VC7A via Cowichan Head Contest Club; VP5DX via NU4Y; YN2EJG via K5LBU; ZA/S57AW via S57AW; ZD8Z via VE3HO.

The NG3K contest operation listing for this year's event is at http://www.cpcug.org/user/wfeidt/Misc/cqssb99.html (The primary NG3K site will move to http://www.ng3k.com).

QSL Routes

QSLs - arrived via bureau: 3XY0A (YU1FW), 6W1QV, 9X5EE, C6A/WI9WI, CX2CC, CX3AL, CX7BF, D98WCX (HL5FOR), YI1WL (IK2DUW), YJ0AWP (JA1WPX), Z2/ZS6PDX, Z38/DL11HUF, ZD8D (VE3HO), ZD9IL (ZS5BBO), ZL2UW.

QSLs - arrived via direct: FR5FD, HK3YH, KH6CC, P43W, PZ1DG, T88JJ (JA3ART), TZ6JA (JA3EMU), V47YZD (K5EWS), V51AS.

TNX for information to 425-DX-NEWS, 59(9)-DX Report, ARRL-DX-News, DF1ZN, DF2IY, DF6EX, DJ0IF, DJ2EV, DJ3CP, DK2JX, DL1GEH, DL1SBF, DL2BQV, DL7PR, DX-PRESS, F6AJA, HA0HW, HB9DHK, HB9EAA, LA7DFA, Les Nouvelles-DX, OE3JIS, N6DP, OPDX, PA3ARM, PY5EG, RTTY DX NOTES, The-DAILY-DX and others.