DX News Letter 1176
December 6, 1999

DX-NL 1176 - December 6, 1999
DX News Letter
Editor: Michael, DJ5AV

(e-mail: dxmb@darc.de)

English by: Bob, DL7VOA
(e-mail: dxnl@darc.de)


VP8/sh - SOUTH SHETLANDS Danny, LZ2UU, is on the air again signing LZ0A from the Bulgarian Antarctic Base on Livingston Island between Dec 4 and Feb 2000. Look for him especially on 14325 kHz. QSL via LZ1KDP.


VK0/m - MACQUARIE ISLAND During his spare time Alan Cheshire, VK0LD (aka GM4EEL, VP8PJ,A4XFY, VS6AC, V85AC, P29AC, VK6CQ and VK8AC), is now active from the ANARE base until the end of 2000. It may be possible that he is the last radio amateur on this base for a longer period. Alan prefers CW and is mostly QRV around 14003 kHz or 15m working split and by numbers or continents. If you don't listen to his instructions he makes QRT. He does not like list operations and will not make QSY to another band for a bandpoint. Further information can be found at the site: http://www.geocities.com/vk0ld/1.html. Please DO NOT CONTACT him via ANARE! QSLs will be sent after his return from the island.


3V - TUNISIA QSLs for the 3V8BB operation in and after the WWDX CW Contest are handled by the operator Hrane, YT1AD. He has been spotted also on 17 and 30m but not on 12. --- I5JHW announces his operation from 3V8BB in the ARRL 10m Contest.

5T - MAURITANIA Eight members of the International Amateur Radio Volunteers (IARV) are building a net for emergency medical assistance and are QRV as 5T5U especially on WARC (also 30m), 28 MHz FM (29.260 kHz) and on 6m (beacon on 50.115 MHz) from Dec 13-20. Donations are welcome. QSL via JA1UT.

9G - GHANA Zdeno, OK2ZW, is active as 9G5ZW for three years. His QSL manager is Miro, OM3LZ. The QSLs shall be sent no earlier than January 2000.

TY - BENIN Philippe, TU2FH/FK8VHU, is in Benin from Dec 6-28 and hopes to get a valid license. He prefers CW.

VQ9 - CHAGOS ARCHIPELAGO Patrick, W3PO, is on Diego Garcia for six months since Nov. He is using the clubstation VQ9IO and is waiting for his own call now. --- Paul, W2JDK, is QRV from Diego Garcia signing VQ9PH (mostly in CW) until Dec 15. QSL via W2JDK.


CO - CUBA A Cuban team with CO6ZG, CO6ZP, CO6XN, CO7PH, CO6RD, CO6WD, CO6JL, CO6SE, CO6MZ and CM6MNG plans an activity from Key Breton (NA-201) in CW/SSB/FM on 2-80m from Dec 9-13.

FM - MARTINIQUE Ralph, K2PF, and Steve, KU9C, are on the air as FM5DN in the ARRL 10m Contest. Before and after the contest they are signing FM5DN or FM/K2PF. QSL for FM5DN via KU9C; QSL for FM/K2PF via K2PF.

V2 - ANTIGUA Tom Roscoe, K8CX, is active as V26X on 10-160m and in the ARRL 10m Contest between Dec 7-13. All QSOs will be confirmed with a color QSL. QSL via K8CX.

KP2 - US VIRGIN ISLANDS Dave, AG8L, and Mike, KC8NJA, are on the air from the Windwood contest station from Dec 9-15. Dave will participate in the ARRL 10m Contest while Mike operates 10m SSB prior and after the contest. Since they have to repair the latest hurricane damages the time before the contest could be minimal. Dave's e-mail: AG8L@arrl.net. QSL for KP2/AG8L via NN6C and QSL for KP2/KC8NJA via NN6C. Contest QSLs for WP2Z via KU9C.

HR - HONDURAS Gerard, F2JD/HK3JBR, is QRV as HR5/F2JD from December until January.

VP5 - TURKS AND CAICOS ISLANDS Fred, VP5/K4LQ, and Bruce, W4OV, intended to be on the air as VP5W from Providenciales Island (NA-002) from Dec 8-15 (also in contest). QSLs via K4LQ.

YS - EL SALVADOR Markus, HB9KNA, plans to be QRV between Dec 6 and Jan 12. The call is not sure yet. He works in SSB only and is QRV from 80m-6m (also WARC) running a 2 ele quad for 10-20m and verticals for 40/80m. QSL via HB9KNA.

ZF - CAYMAN ISLANDS Glenn, W0GJ, is active as ZF2RT from Cayman (NA-016) from Dec 8-14 (also in contest). QSL via W0GJ.


9N - NEPAL, XW - LAOS Charlie, K4VUD, planned to fly to Nepal on Dec 5 and wants to be QRV as 9N7DU for 30 days. Perhaps he makes also a one week trip to Laos.


GJ - JERSEY Bert, MJ/PA3GIO, will be active from EU-013 on 10/12/15/17/20/40/80m from Dec 11-16. QSL if possible via bureau to PA3GIO. His homepage: http://www.xs4all.nl/~pa3gio/GJ99/.

GU - GUERNSEY Jim, G0OFE, is QRV as GU0OFE from EU-114 from Dec 8-13 and will sign MU0C during the 10m ARRL Contest. QSLs for both calls via G0OFE. You can request a bureau QSL with an e-mail to: g0ofe@currantbun.com.

OH0 - ALAND ISLANDS OH0Z will take part in the multi single class of the ARRL 10m Test. QSL via OH1EH.

ON - BELGIUM Celebrating the marriage of the Belgian Prince Philippe and Princess Mathilde all ON stations may use the prefix OT between Dec 4 and Jan 5. QSLs for almost all Belgian stations are handled by the UBA QSL bureau.


ARRL 10m Contest CW/SSB: Dec 11, 0000 UTC until Dec 12, 2400 UTC. Band: 10m. EU stations work W/VE. Exchange: RST + serial number, W/VE stations also state/province.


DATE            CALL        DXNL

Nov 27-Dec 9    3D2IO,3D2AO 1175
Dec 1 -Jan 5    3F1AC etc   1174
Dec 5 -Jan 4    3W6KM       1175
Nov   -Dec 24   4S (DL7FER) 1173
Dec 13-Dec 20   5T5U        1176 *
Nov 29-Dec 9    G3XAQ/6Y5   1174
NOW   -2002     9G5ZW       1176 *
NOW   -Dec 18   9M6CT       1172
Dec 6 -Jan 4    9N7DU       1176 *
NOW   -Dec 10   9U5D        1167
NOW   -mid Dec  9X3/RE3A    1174

Dec 9 -Dec 13   CO (CO6ZG)  1176 *
NOW             FM5DN etc   1176 *
Dec 1 -Dec 8    FS (W2QM..) 1175
Jan   -Dec 20   FT5ZJ       1128
Dec 8 -Dec 13   MU0C,GU0OFE 1176 *
Nov 30-Dec 14   HC1MD etc   1175
NOW   -2000     HK3JBR      1128, 1144
Dec   -Jan      HR5/F2JD    1176 *
Oct 23-Dec 31   HS72A       1171
NOW   -Jun/2000 JD1BKR      1169
Nov 1 -Dec 15   KC4/WA1O    1170
Sep 22-Jan 10   KH4/W4ZYV   1174
Dec 9 -Dec 15   KP2/AG8L    1176 *

NOW             LU2XT       1174
Nov             LZ0A        1173
Dec 11-Dec 16   MJ/PA3GIO/m 1176 *
NOW             OD/F5SQM    1168
NOW             OH0Z        1176 *
Dec 4 -Jan 5    OT...       1176 *
Dec   -Apr/2000 P49MR       1175
Nov 18-?        R1ANB etc   1175
Dec 6 -Dec 28   TY (FK8VHU) 1176 *
NOW             TY1PH       1173
NOW             TZ6YV       1174
Dec 7 -Dec 13   V26X        1176 *
Oct 30-Apr 1    V31JP       1171
NOW   -Jan/2001 VK0LD       1170, 1176 *
Dec 8 -Dec 15   VP5/K4LQ    1176 *
NOW   -Feb/2000 VP8NJS      1174
Nov   -May/2000 VQ9 (W3PO)  1176 *
NOW   -Dec 15   VQ9PH       1176 *
Dec 13-Jan 17   VU2BMS      1175
Jan/00-Feb 4    XU7AKM ?    1175
1 week in Dec ? XW (K4VUD)  1176 *
Sep   -Dec 31   XW2A        1165
Dec 6 -Jan 12   YS (HB9KNA) 1176 *
Oct 29-May/2000 ZF2NT       1171
Dec 8 -Dec 14   ZF2RT       1176 *
Apr/2000        ZX0SK etc   1171, below

"NEW": 1176 *

Bandspots of the last 7 days

   5C8M        1832  11916Z via DL6FBL, bureau
   6W6/K3IPK   1833  00637Z direct
   JY9QJ       1838  22011Z via DL5MBY, bureau
   VK6VZ       1830  22052Z via bureau
   VQ9QM       1823  22111Z via W4QM, bureau
   ZF2AH       1832  00524Z via W6VNR, bureau

   A61AJ       3787  11851Z via W3UR, bureau
   BV2RS       3794  22012Z via bureau
   JT1CO       3799  11847Z via CBA
   OD5/OK1MU   3504  22024Z via OKDXF
   V26KW       3505  00229Z via K3TEJ, bureau
   VP5/K5GN    3794  00227Z via bureau

   3V8ST       7060  22028Z via DL1BDF
   6W4RK       7004  00622Z via F5NPS, bureau
   9G5DX       7004  00600Z via JH8PHT
   BD4ED       7046  22210Z via BY4BHP
   N7NU/C6A    7026  00630Z
   R1AND       7006  22100Z via NT2X, direct
   V73CW       7014  11910Z via AC4G, bureau
   VQ9QM       7009  00031Z via W4QM, bureau
   XE3ARV      7006  00257Z

   9M2TO      10106  22245Z via JA0DMV, bureau
   FS/W2QM    10107  22227Z via W2QM, bureau
   S92CW      10105  11847Z via DL5OBZ
   TZ6YV      10110  11951Z via WA1ECA, bureau
   XX9TDX     10105  22303Z via SM0GNU
   ZF2NE      10104  00335Z via W5ASP, bureau

   VK0LD      14003  11015Z
   FO5QG      14118  00818Z via XE1L, direct
   T32BO      14013  00957Z via N5RG

   3B8/F6HMJ  18070  11416Z via bureau
   3V8BB      18072  11114Z via YT1AD, bureau
   5C8M       18080  11835Z via DL6FBL, bureau
   FT5ZJ      18135  11514Z via F2YT, bureau
   JD1BKR     18148  00823Z via JA bureau
   XX9TDX     18070  11325Z via SM0GNU
   ZF2NE      18073  11913Z via W5ASP

   3D2HY      21343  00811Z via JA0SC, bureau
   FK8GJ      21026  00915Z via F6CXJ, bureau
   ZD9BV      21275  00736Z via W4FRAU, bureau

   G3XAQ/6Y5  24895  11340Z via bureau
   A61AJ      24936  11216Z via W3UR, bureau
   K7AR/C6A   24895  11240Z via bureau
   HI3K       24907  11202Z via AD4Z, direct
   TI5/K4UEE  24834  11700Z via bureau
   XE3/OH2VB  24895  11245Z
   XU7AAV     24905  00756Z via G4ZVJ, bureau

   3B8/F6HMJ  28487  11027Z via bureau
   A61AP      28495  11215Z via IK7JTF, direct
   E4/S53R    28025  00813Z via bureau
   HS0ZCY     28009  00728Z via WB4FNH
   S21YE      28470  11354Z via G4VLV
   VP5VAC     28392  11236Z via bureau
   VQ9NL      28509  11305Z via W4NML
   VR2GY      28006  11038Z via bureau
   XV7SW      28016  00906Z via SM3CXS, bureau


QSL Routes

If you are looking for QSL Routes of the WWDX CW Contest 99 check: http://www.arrakis.es/~ea5eyj/

QSLs arrived bureau: 3V8BB (DL1RNO Feb 99), 3W6AN (DF8AN), 5H1FS (IK4IEE), 5N0MSV (OK1JR), 5N3BHF (OE6LAG), 6W1RD, 6Y2A (WA4WTG), N2HNQ/6Y5, W9QA/6Y5.

QSLs arrived direct: A45XJ (G4MZY), YI1HK (KK3S), ZC4RAF.

TNX for information to 425 DXNEWS, 599 DX Report, Antarctic Bulletin/IK1GPG, DE1JSH, DF6EX, DJ3CP, DK2JX, DL1GEH, DL1SBF, DL2BQV, DL2GAC, DL7VOA, EA5EYJ, DF1ZN, DL7PR, DXPRESS, ER1DA, F5MNW, HB9BCK, HB9DHK, HB9EAA, PA3ARM, PY4FQ, Les Nouvelles DX, ARRL DX News, OPDX, RTTY DX NOTES, The DAILY DX and more.