DX News Letter 1178
December 20, 1999

DX-NL 1178 - December 20, 1999
DX News Letter
Editor: Michael, DJ5AV

(e-mail: dxmb@darc.de)

English by: Bob, DL7VOA
(e-mail: dxnl@darc.de)

I am now editor of this publication for three years and want to thank all readers for the increasing distributions since my call for more of them last year. This co-operation of the DXers makes it possible for me e.g. to list incoming QSLs only if they weren't coming through the past three years. Un- fortunately this is a tough job if you want to travel somewhere else from time to time. Now we will spend our well deserved X-mas and millenium holidays and there- fore the next DX Newsletter will be published on January 3, 2000. I wish you a successful DXing throughout the whole millenium! Michael, DJ5AV


VP8/a - ANTARCTICA UA9OBA und RW3GW are team members of the international Antarctic "Millenium Expedition" and are expected to operate as CE8/R3CA and CE9/R3CA from the Antarctic Base "Patriot Hills" and perhaps also from other bases as R3CA/ant. Starting on Dec 20 they have a regular sked on 14135 kHz between 0500 and 0600 UTC.


V6 - MICRONESIA Hide, JM1LJS, will be on the air from Ponape (OC-010) signing V63LJ in CW/SSB on 10-80m from Dec 26-31. If he gets his license renewed he stays until Jan 4. QSL via JH8DEH, Akira Miyata, 4-28-5, Minami Nishi 23 Jyou, Obihiro 080-2473, Japan.

VK0 - MACQUARIE ISLAND Alan writes on his homepage (http://www.geocities.com/vk0ld/3.html) that -for various reasons- VK0LD will be permanently QRT from Macquarie Island as of December 31st, 1999, 1200 UTC. Though he will stay on the island until Nov 2000 your last chance to work him is until Dec 30, 1999. Since there were tremendous pile-ups until now I wanted to wait with calling till they decreased to a smaller size. Until now I listened only, since he announced to stay there for another year. Was this an inappropriate modesty of mine?


6W - SENEGAL Jacques, F6BUM, will become QRV from 6W1 and 6W4 from Dec 24-31. QSL via F6BUM.

7Q7 - MALAWI Edwin, ZS5BBO, is activating 10/15/20/6m as 7Q7BO from Dec 19-26. QSL direct ONLY via ZS5BBO, Edwin Musto, Box 211032, Bluff 4036, South Africa.


8P9 - BARBADOS Dan, N8DCJ, will be on the air from NA-021 signing 8P9CW between Dec 25 and Jan 8.

HI - DOMINICAN REPUBLIC Steve, HI8/K8WK, is QRV in CW on the WARC bands from Dec 23-Jan 2.

KP2 - US VIRGIN ISLANDS Toshi, JA8RUZ, will be active from St. Thomas working as KH2Y/KP2 in CW and SSB especially on the WARC bands and 10m from Jan 2-5. QSL via JA8RUZ, CPO Box 166, Asahikawa, 070-8691, Japan.

P4 - ARUBA Alan, K4AVQ (ex W0RIC), is QRV again from SA-036 signing P40AV on 10-160m between Dec 18 and Jan 1. QSL via K4AVQ.

PY - BRASIL After his operation as HR5/F2JD Gerard, F2JD/HK3JBR, will go to Sao Paulo for four months.


XX9 - MACAO The Portuguese enclave will be handed over to China on Jan 1. To keep it as an existing DXCC entity they should get a special Chinese prefix instead of the Portuguese XX9.


HV - VATICAN CITY Francesco, IK0FVC, announced that he will celebrate the Jubilee Year by activating the station HV4NAC operating as HV0A from Dec 24. QSL via IK0FVC.


DATE            CALL        DXNL

Dec 1 -Jan 5    3F1AC etc   1174
Dec 5 -Jan 4    3W6KM       1175
Oct   -Dec/99   3XY2D       1169
Nov   -Dec 24   4S7FEG      1173
Dec 10-Jan 15   5H3MG       1177
Dec 24-Dec 31   6W (F6BUM)  1178 *
Dec 19-Dec 26   7Q7BO       1178 *
Dec 25-Jan 8    8P9CW       1178 *
Dec 26-Jan 3    8Q7BX       1177
NOW   -2002     9G5ZW       1176
Dec 6 -Jan 4    9N7DU       1176
since Sep       9N7RB       1177

Dec 20-         CE8/R3CA... 1178 *
CANCELLED       CO (CO6ZG)  1176
NOW             FM5DN etc   1176
Dec 23-Jan 2    HI8/K8WK    1178 *
NOW   -2000     HK3JBR      1128, 1144
Dec   -Jan      HR5/F2JD    1176
Dec   -Feb/2000 HS (OH2EA)  1177
Oct 23-Dec 31   HS72A       1171
Dec 24-2000     HV0A        1178 *
NOW   -Jun/2000 JD1BKR      1169
Sep 22-Jan 10   KH4/W4ZYV   1174
Jan 2 -Jan 5    KP2 (JA8RUZ)1178 *
Dec 4 -Feb/2000 LZ0A        1173, 1176

NOW             OD/F5SQM    1168
Dec 4 -Jan 5    OT...       1176
Dec 18-Jan 1    P40AV       1178 *
Dec   -Apr/2000 P49MR       1175
Jan 5 -End Apr  PY (F2JD)   1178 *
Dec 21-Dec 28   PY0FT       1177
NOW   -Jan/2000 PZ5DX       1160
Nov 18-?        R1ANB etc   1175
NOW   -Dec/2000 SV/OK1YM    1177
Dec 6 -Dec 28   TY (FK8VHU) 1176
NOW             TZ6YV       1174

Oct 30-Apr 1    V31JP       1171
Dec 26-Dec 31   V63LJ       1178 *
NOW   -Dec 31 ? VK0LD       1170, 1176, 1178 *
      -Dec/99   VK0TS       1177
NOW   -Feb/2000 VP8NJS      1174
Dec 27-Jan 4    W2FXA/VP9   1177
Nov   -May/2000 VQ9 (W3PO)  1176
Sep 29-Jan/2000 VQ9DX       1177
Dec 13-Jan 17   VU2BMS      1175

Dec 22-Jan 10   XE1/G0JHC.. 1177
Dec 24-Jan 3    XU7AAZ,XU7AAY 1177
Jan/00-Feb 4    XU7AKM ?    1175
Dec   -Mar/2000 XV (VK6LC)  1177
1 week in Dec ? XW (K4VUD)  1176
Sep   -Dec 31   XW2A        1165
Dec 15-Dec 26   XX9SAR      1177
Dec 18-Dec 23   YE2K        1177
Dec 6 -Jan 12   YS1/HB9KNA  1176
Oct 29-May/2000 ZF2NT       1171

"NEW": 1178 *

Bandspots of the last 7 days

   5H3RK       1831  2322Z via SM0LRK
   6W6JX       1835  2017Z also via bureau
   JW5NM       1831  0101Z via LA5NM, bureau
   KH2/K4SXT   1824  2036Z via K4SXT
   OD5/OK1MU   1822  0034Z via OKDXF
   TI4CF       1833  0657Z via N6TR, also via bureau
   VK6HD       1832  2032Z via bureau
   VQ9DX       1829  2040Z via AA5DX, also via bureau

   9K2/OK1TYM  3509  2238Z via OKDXF
   5T5U        3501  0700Z via JA1UT, bureau
   OX3SA       3797  0218Z via bureau or CBA
   TA3DD       3506  2234Z via KB2MS, bureau

   3W6KM       7008  1450Z via ES1WN, direct
   6W4RK       7005  0641Z via F5NPS, bureau
   9G1MR       7065  0636Z via IK3HHX, direct
   9M2TO       7007  1508Z via JA0DMV, bureau
   FM/K2PF     7004  0415Z via bureau
   FO0EEN      7008  0916Z via LA1EE, direct
   HK0VGJ      7007  0343Z via CBA
   HR5/F2JD    7012  0429Z via F6AJA, bureau
   JT1DA       7017  2104Z see DXNL 1144
   P2000P      7010  1826Z via P29 bureau
   TG9AOC      7005  0614Z via Box 24, Guatemala City, Guatemala
   V73CW       7008  0733Z via AC4G, bureau
   A1AC/VP9    7010  0103Z via AA1AC, bureau
   YK1AH       7081  2135Z via Box 9597, Damaskus, Syria

   FK8GJ      10105  0734Z via F6CXJ, bureau
   KP2/OK1RD  10107  2113Z
   R1AND      10105  2028Z via NT2X, direct
   VR2GY      10105  1726Z via bureau
   ZS6/G3SGQ  10105  0420Z

   E44B       14252  0732Z see DXNL 1134
   FO5JV      14184  1651Z via Box 3080, Papeete, French Polynesia
   VK0LD      14155  0606Z

   BD4ED      18130  0738Z via BY4BHP
   VP5VAC     18145  1655Z via bureau

   5N9CEN     21180  1501Z via IV3VBM
   BX2000     21280  0637Z via BV4YB
   JD1BKG     21205  0753Z
   XW1UD      21030  1310Z via K4VUD
   YE2K       21272  1458Z via bureau
   ZD9BV      21275  0711Z via W4FRAU, bureau

   3W7CW      24907  1012Z via Box 11, Warsaw 00800, Poland
   5T5U       24900  0907Z via JA1UT, bureau
   9G5ZW      24948  1523Z via OM3LZ
   KH0/JN1WTK 24965  0901Z via bureau
   OY3QN      24895  1304Z via OZ1ACB, bureau
   TF3A       24950  1406Z via bureau or CBA
   TR8CA      24950  1629Z via F6CBC
   VP5/K4LQ   24907  1254Z

   3DA0WPX    28500  0814Z via ZS6WPX, direct
   3XY2D      28520  1113Z via VE2DPS
   V31JP      28025  1357Z via KA9WON, bureau
   VK9NS      28495  1008Z via CBA
   VQ9PO      28500  0654Z via W3PO
   XX9TUH     28031  0900Z via 7N2KUH


QSL Routes

Following new special calls for the millenium were announced to be active:

BT2000  (AS-137) NOT via the address in DXNL 1177, BUT via BA4EG (ex BD4EG),
        PO Box 122-001, Shanghai 200122, China.
        For more information check: http://www.qsl.net/ba4eg
BX2000  via BV4YB
DF2OOO and DH2OOO - via bureau
IR0MFP  ("Millennium For Peace") Dec 30-Jan 2 from the "International Centre
        for Peace" in Assisi/Italy. QSL via IK0AZG, Gian Federico Madruzza,
        Box 197, I-06126 Perugia, Italy or via bureau.
W2M     is the special call for the millenium party in Sacramento/California
        between Dec 24, 99 and Jan 7, 2000.
        Special QSL direct via N6ZS (with SASE).
YR2OOO  (Romanian Amateur Radio Federation, FRR) Dec 27-Jan 2, 2000.
        QSL via YO bureau.
ZM4IR   will be activated by Ed, K8VIR, on Jan 1, 2000. Ed will be on a
        mountain in New Zealand because there he expects "the first daylight
        of the new century". Operation will be on 14270 kHz and the higher
        bands. Special QSL via W8WC.
ZV2000  via bureau to PR7AA

QSLs arrived bureau: 3B8/DL2HWA, 3B8/DL2HZM, 3D2RW (ZL1AMO), 3D2DK (DK7YY), 3B8/DJ7MI, 3DA6Z (ZS6EZ), 5N0MSV + 5N99MSV (OK1JR), 6M0HZ (DS2AGH), 6O0X+TN6X+TZ6SI (DJ6SI),T88LJ (JA4DND), V26/WT3Q, XJ9GM (VE2CWI), XR4B (CE4ETZ), XR4M (CE4MLN), UA1PBI, ZK1SCR (DL6DK)

QSLs arrived direct: CE0ZIS, PJ7/PA5ET, PS2S, PR59B (PP5LL)

TNX for information to 425 DXNEWS, 599 DX Report,Antarctic Bulletin/IK1GPG, ARRL DX News, DF1ZN, DJ3CP, DK2JX, DL1GEH, DL1SBF, DL2BQV, DL7VOA, DXPRESS, DF6EX, DL7PR, F5LMJ, F5MNW, HB9DHK, HB9EAA, Les Nouvelles DX, The DAILY DX, OPDX, PA3ARM, RTTY DX NOTES, YO3APJ and others.