DX Newsletter 980: February 12, 1996

DX-NL 980 - 12/2/1996
DX News Letter
Editor: Uwe, DL9GOA
translated into English by:


FO - FRENCH POLYNESIA Ron, N6VO, will work as FO5VO from Tahiti (OC-046) from February 12 until March 31. He wants to work mostly in CW and plans to take part in the ARRL DX CW Contest. QSL via homecall.

VK9X - CHRISTMAS ISLAND Besides VK9XY there is another station VK9XL which became QRV on February 6. The OM works a good CW style and asks for QSL via UA0ZDA, Box 21, Stavropol 355 002, Russia. We will see if this QSL route works...

ZL7 - CHATHAM ISLAND Antti, OH2BTB/OH5TB, became surprisingly QRV as ZL7BTB. He will be there until February 16. QSL via OH5TB.


PY0T - TRINDADE ISLAND Joao, PY1UP, is once again working from the Brazilian Naval Base of the island this time using the call PY0TI. He will stay for four months and is QRV on all bands. During his last activity as PY0TUP some problems occurred with the mailing of the QSLs caused by the publishing of several addresses and perhaps also by the Brazilian mail system.


S0 - WESTERN SAHARA Naama, S01A, and Arseli, EA2JG, plan to put the call S020R on the air starting on February 20. QSL via EA2JG.


9M8 - EAST MALAYSIA Pieter, PB0ALB (ex 9M8PFB), will be actice from Sarawak between February 20 and April 2. He tries to get the call 9M8CC and wants to work with a TS440S, a 2 ele triband yagi amd wire antennas for the lowbands. QSL via homecall.

ARRL DX CW CONTEST (February 17/18)

These activities were announced: VP2EN (OP KI4HN, QSL via AA4NC), FS/WX9E, VP2MDY (OP WA2UJH, QSL via NW8F), V31JZ (NG7S, QSL via NN7A), KG4NA (KD4D), XE2EBE (AA6DP, NF6H), P40R (K4UEE), V47NZ (N0BSH), TU5A (see DX-NL 978), VP5 (N7HKW, K0PP), ZF2OP (K3DI), ZK1 (K8PYD, WT8S), HK0/W7TSQ, HK0/K1WGM...


TIME         CALL             DX-NL

 9.2.-June   PY0TI            980
 9.2.-16.2.  ZL7BTB           980
 9.2.-23.2.  J6/DL2SDS        975
12.2.-31.3.  FO5VO            980
14.2.-20.2.  8Q      (HB9's)  977
14.2.-23.2.  VK9CR            974
15.2.-18.2.  TU      (Gs/Ws)  978
15.2.-19.2.  ZL7     (G4MFW)  979
15.2.- 6.3.  8Q7CR            979
16.2.- 1.3.  3B8     (DK1RP)  976
17.2.-24.2.  ZK1     (W's)    978
18.2.-22.2.  KH8/IK2GNW       978
19.2.- 2.3.  CU2     (DL's)   979
19.2.-13.3.  S79XC            976
20.2.- ???   S020R            980
20.2.-20.3.  A35RK            977
20.2.-28.2.  XY      (OH's)   978
20.2.- 2.4.  9M8CC            980
22.2.-23.3.  EA8/DJ0LC/p      979
23.2.-25.2.  5W1NW            978
25.2.-29.2.  A35NW            978
27.2.-13.3.  CE0A    (DK9FN)  979
 1.3.- 3.3.  KH6/IK2GNW       978
 4.3.-18.3.  C5      (DL's)   977
15.3.-20.3.  P40MR/P40TR      976

Bandspots of the last 7 days

     9V1XQ       1831  2225 via G4PKP
     KL7XX       1831  0635 
     VK9XY       1824  2110 via DK7NP
     VP5/JJ2QXI  1828  0625 via JJ2QXI
     XF3/OH3JF   1828  0515 via OH3JF

     5N3/SP5XAR  3508  2325 via SP5CPR
     9G1RN       3790  2130 via I5JVA
     9K2MU       3512  2135 via WA4JTK
     9M2TO       3504  1630 via JA0DMV
     A22BW       3575  2020 RTTY
     KP2J        3508  2205 
     S92SS       3501  2110 
     TT8BP       3800  0525 via IK5JAN
     V47W        3510  0650 via AA7VB
     VK9XY       3506  1855 
     XF3/OH2NSM  3507  0405 via OH2NSM
     YI1HK       3504  2030 via SM3DBU

     3B8CF       7005  1855 
     5X4F        7001  0455 via KB4EKY
     7X4AN       7001  1955 via DJ2BW
     9J2PI       7066  1905 via KB0KVA
     A92Q        7010  2130 
     D68SE       7055  2025 via F6FNU
     9A3A/4U     7001  2240 via 9A2AJ
     PJ9JT       7004  2345 via W1AX
     PY0TI       7080  2100 via PY1UP
     TT8SS       7001  2335 via F6FNU
     V31JZ       7007  0730 via NN7A
     VK9XL       7007  1855 via UA0ZDA
     VP2E/KI4HN  7032  2330 via KI4HN
     LU6Z        7006  2045 via LU6EF
     XF3/OH7XM   7004  2355 via OH7XM

     J6/DL2SDS  10103  1915 via DL2SDS
     VK9XY      10100  1900 
     XF3/OH2NSM 10103  2150 
     XU6WV      10105  1605 via K0TLM
     ZL7BTB     10110  0840 via OH5TB

     3X0HME     14132  0935 via F5GMX
     FO5OM      14145  1655 
     N2CQR/HI8  14007  1445 via N2CQR
     J52AK      14184  1515 via IV3TIQ
     V31VI      14260  1245 via KG6VI
     VK9XY      14007  1435 
     ZL7BTB     14005  0805 

     V31JR      18080  1655 via NK7U
     VK9XY      18073  1245 
     VP5/JJ2QEH 18070  1400 via JJ2QEH
     XF3/OH2NSM 18076  1420 

     9G1YR      21210  1340 via G4XTA
     9Q2L       21023  1235 via PA3DMH
     VK9CY      21091  0920 RTTY




FT5/W/X/Z The activity of FR5HR has been delayed by about one week. Rene planned to leave Reunion Island on a destroyer heading for FT on February 12. QSL via F5RRH.

HL9DC Del, W8KJP, returned to the United States on February 16. During the last two years he made more than 18.000 QSOs. QSL via N7RO.

SV/A The ARRL postponed the planned vote on the DXCC status of Mount Athos. The problem seems to be that they put SV/A on the DXCC Countries List without asking the holy community. Since then there have always been discussions concerning DXpeditions. Dominik, DL5EBE, tries to get some documents to keep Mount Athos as a separate DXCC country.

T31AF Karl, DL1VU, is not staying in the South Pacific in the moment. Since the call was active only for a short period of time on February 3 this seems to be the work of a pirate.

DP0GVN The new operator on the German Neumayer base in the Antarctic is Gustav, DL3OAY. He has not been heard on the bands yet.


arrived via buro: 9J2AE (via F6FNU), DL4VCG/HC8, 5U7M, YC3OSE, 7Q7XX, VQ9TP
arrived directly: CY0TP, RA9LI/9, 4K2BY, FR5ZN

BV9P: Steve, KU9C, will receive a huge pile of beautiful folding QSLs from the printer W4MPY in the near future. With the help of Ralph, K0PF, he tries to get all QSL card requests out by the end of February.

Save your money! Somebody received a QSL from FR5DX via the bureau! The strange thing is that he sent a SASE with 5 green stamps and some folders to FR5DX 17 months earlier and never received an answer. This is another confirmation for FR5DX's passion to collect dollars.

PY0TI: Joao Batista Guimaraes Mendoca (PY1UP), Rua Alfredo Becker 536, Bloco 5, Apt. 1101, Sao Goncalo/RJ, 24452-000, Brasil

S020R: EA2JG, Arseli Echeguren, Las Vegas 91, 01479 Luyando, Spain