DX Newsletter 983: March 1, 1996

DX-NL 983 - 1/3/1996
DX News Letter
Editor: Uwe, DL9GOA
translated into English by:

Dear fellow DXers! Here is some new and hot information we want to share with you. This is not with a normal DX-NL due to a space limit of two paper pages a week.

XZ1A - MYANMAR Some German and perhaps also other amateurs should have some QSOs of this DXpedition not confirmed yet. One reason could be that they sent several direct letters for several QSOs. Unfortunately there is only one label printet for each station thus containing only the QSO data for the QSLs in the first letter. Kaz, JH1ORA, announces that these OMs should send new information containing the QSO data of all missing QSLs to JA1BK. You can do this with a simple postcard or letter. New return postage (SASE) is NOT necessary. The following German DXers should resubmit all their QSO data to JA1BK: DJ2PJ, DJ2SX, DJ5AV, DJ5FT, DJ5JK, DJ6TK, DJ6VM, DK1WI, DK2UA, DK3WG, DK4RM, DK5MV, DK5QK, DK6ED, DK9WZ, DK0EI, DL1BDD, DL1KB, DL2AMA, DL2HRF, DL2KUZ, DL3IE, DL3LU, DL3MGK, DL3ZH, DL4MDU, DL4MFL, DL4MT, DL5CW, DL5ML, DL5MU, DL6MDN, DL6MST, DL6RK, DL6XK, DL7HU, DL7UX, DL7VEE, DL8UP and DL8YRM. For those who do not have packet radio or Internet - please inform them! For other calls check the message of JH1ORA in the Internet!

VK9CR/VK9XY - COCOS KEELING/CHRISTMAS ISLAND The German expeditioners returned home safe. Joerg, YB6AVE/DL8WPX, sent following information after three exciting weeks: After we had made some 22.000 QSOs from Cocos Keeling and Christmas Island last year this year the crew logged more than 26.000 QSOs! 10.700 of them were made on the lowbands. For 160 meters we used a 20.5 meter (65 ft) high vertical with 20 radials. Altogether we made 916 QSOs on the top band, 66 of them with North America (which are the antipodes of Cocos Keeling and Christmas Island, some 10000 miles via the North Pole). As receiving antennas we used beverages. Further antennas used were: HF2V verticals and GAP Voyager antennas (some plastic parts of this antenna stewed during a heavy rain on Cocos Keeling). The rest of the equipment consisted of one IC-735 and two IC-736 radios, two Drake amplifiers (L75 and L7) and some filters... The best conditions we had on the 160 meters were during the first night on Cocos Keeling. We made 22 QSOs with the westcoast USA and some 100 QSOs with Europe. We could work on six to seven bands between 1200 UTC and 1500 UTC simultaneously but unfortunately we had to decide for one. On the other hand nearly all bands were dead between 0100 UTC and 0900 UTC. We could only work some Japanese in this period but unfortunately most of them were out to work... Here is an overview of the QSOs:

VK9CR: CW-QSOs: 160m/559, 80m/1586, 40m/2847, 30m/1880, 20m/1268,17m/1114, 15m/945, 12m/166, 10m/26, SAT/83, RTTY/552 SSB-QSOs: 160m/nil, 80m/120, 40m/12, 30m/nil, 20m/217, 17m/522, 15m/847, 12m/123, 10m/nil, SAT/87
VK9XY: CW-QSOs: 160m/357, 80m/1296, 40m/3680, 30m/2256, 20m/988, 17m/841, 15m/555, 12m/147, 10m/104, SAT/35, RTTY/583 SSB-QSOs: 160m/nil, 80m/15, 40m/142, 30m/nil, 20m/462, 17m/70, 15m/1184, 12m/94, 10m/218, SAT/144
VK9CR/VK9XY-QSOs gesamt: VK9CR - North America/1965, Europe/7294, total/12954 VK9XY - North America/1506, Europe/7623, total/13171

During the expedition we often had to suffer from severe thunder- storms and especially on 80 meters with overmodulated Indonesian CB amateurs working in AM. VK9XL who became QRV surprisingly from Christmas Island was not keen on being visited by German DXpedi- tioners. His QTH was not found. To keep it short: None of the friends of the German crew on Christmas did know anything about a second radio station on the island. Christmas has only some 2.500 inhabitants and they are all living in the same region of the island. The new QSL manager of these VK9 activities (which became a German tradition) is Rudi, DK7NP. He keeps up the work of his namesake Rudi Mueller, DJ5CQ, who unfortunately passed away last year. On the reverse side of the new VK9CR/VK9XY-QSLs which will be printed in May by the Theuberger Verlag, Berlin, (also known for the QSL Routes) there will be a obituary notice in remembrance of this wellknown German DXpeditioner. DX is...!


VQ9DX: Ron, AA5DX, who will stay on the Chagos Archipelago during the next few months (we reported earlier in DX-NL 982) has a new address in Puerto Rico. He will answer all QSLs when he returned home: AA5DX, Ron Maara, Marginal 301 C, La Rambla Suite 205, Ponce, PR 00731, Puerto Rico.

S5: As of March 1, 1996 there are new zip codes in Slovenia. The first digit of the old code (6) is now replaced by "SI" (for Slovenia). For example: old: 61000 is replaced by new: SI-1000.

GAZA & JERICHO Aire, 4X6UO, the HF manager of the Israeli Amateur Radio Club states that these two Palestinian regions will not receive an own prefix earlier than 1997. This was the result of the last meeting of the ITU in Geneva. By this time there are two active amateurs in Gaza.

TNX for information to DL7VOA, DL8WPX, DL5IAR, K4CEF, DL1SBF, S53JK and JH1ORA.