Island News Bulletin No.11

May 3, 1995
Editor Piero Pirrone, IK1TZO, Franco Pirrone IW1DGL

Thanks to Sharon KC1YR, CT1ESO, IK3PQH, IT9YRE, IK1GPG, ARRL DX News, Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin

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Group  Date	     Pfx     Info
NA-046 5.may-8.may	     W1/G4DZC, KA1USL and KC1YR, will be active
			     from Nantucket, Massachusetts.
			     Including activity during the Massachusetts
			     QSO Party that weekend.
			     QSL to home calls or via
			     W1FY, Box 3005 Framingham, MA 01701 USA

NA-032 till-6.may   TO7I     St.Pierre & Miquelon
			     This evening is the last day of operations
			     on 160m (may 3, 1995)
			     QSL via F5JYD

EU-131 every day    IL3      IK3PQH is active every day in RTTY on 20m
			     from 15.30 to 19.00 UTC, from Lido Is.
			     (IIA VE-032)
			     QSL via buro

EU-166 12.may-15.may	     IT9YRE, IT9AZS and IT9HLR will be active
			     from Isola dei Porri.
			     QSL via buro or respective home calls

NA-??? 25.may-29.may	     Last update: international team composed by:
			     EA5YN, I8IYW and I0SNY. will be active from
			     Cayo Santa Maria:
			     QSL via:	  CT1ESO, Luis Gomes, Box 207,
					  8900 Vila Real de Santo Antonio,
			     Will be used all HF bands, included WARC and
			     6m, 2m, 70cm and satellite:

				AO-13 mode B
				RS-10/11 mode A
				RS-12/13 mode K
				RS-15 mode A

			     Callsign will be CO0OTA

			     (Sponsors EasyLog and Diamond DX Club)

AF-007 6.may-7.may D6	     Comoros Island, IK2GNW, will be active in
			     160m, 80m and 40m. QSL via IK2GNW.

AF-013 until 4.may 5R8DL     JE8BKW and JH8CLU, Madagascar

OC-053 10-17.may   KH9	     Wake Island, AL7EL will operate from 80m to 6m
			     QSL via AL7EL or KL7 buro

OC-039 5-15.may    G4MFW/ZL8 Kermadec Island, G4MFW and ZS1FJ will be
			     active for few hours a day on 80m, 40m, 20m
			     and 15m.