Island News Bulletin No.13

Villanova d'Asti - Italy - May 25, 1995
Editors Piero Pirrone, IK1TZO, Franco Pirrone IW1DGL

In this issue:
- New Info

Thanks to AA7RW and W5BOS for their letters, DL8OBC for Internet message, GI0SSA and Internet.

---------------------------[[ New information ]]------------------------

NA-065 29 july - 30 july - Prefix: W7
Debby has written us about her DXpedition to Juemes Island, into WASHINGTON STATE NORTH group, NA-065 for the IOTA Contest. Debby request to all to be patient, because it is her first DXpedition. QSL card to her home call.

NA-087 12 july - 15 july - Prefix: KL0
Lanny has written us about his DXpedition at Popof Island (NA-087), that is part of SHUMAGIN ISLAND GROUP. Operation will be from 2200z of July 12 to 2300z of July 15, in CW and SSB. QSL via W5BOS (Lanny Phillips, 505 Bellah Drive, Irving, TX 75062 USA). This island is valid also for the IOTA Artic Islands.

EU-127 29 july - 30 july - Prefix: DL
Felix has sent an Internet e-mail message with this info: during the IOTA Contest, he will operating from Helgoland Island, (EU-127). The activity will start a few days before the contest and will end some time early August. Call sign will be DL8OBC/P, he will be active on CW and SSB. Every station worked will receive a very nice full color QSL card that shows the red cliff of Helgoland. QSL card via bureau or direct to DL8OBC: Felix J. Riess, P.O. Box 1253, D-30984 Gehrden, Germany.

-----------------------[[ Internet Rumours ]]-----------------------------

A message sent by Jukka OH6LI: EU-053 OJ0/OH8AA Market Reef, A group of Hams (OH0RJ, 6EI, 6LI, 6LK, 8PF) will activate OJ0/OH8AA during May 25th-29th. Bands: 160m-6m in CW and SSB. They will operate on WPX CW multi/single category. They will use a modest power level, so if you hear them, call!. They will be listening. QSL via buro, OH6LI or: Jukka Klemola, Aarontie 5, 31400 Somero, Finland.

A message sent by Bob N6EK: OC-121, Mamanuca group, and OC-156 Yasawa Group, Steve AA6LF and Bob N6EK, will be operating from Fiji, using the calls 3D2LF and 3D2EK, starting on May 29 for two weeks. QSL 3D2LF to AA6BB, and 3D2EK to N6EK. They will operate on CW and SSB, on 16260, 21260 and 7058 KHz.

A message sent by Tim, KJ4VH: AS-110 DONGSHA ARCHIPELAGO (Pratas Island) From May 25th to June 5th, operators from USA, Japan and Europe, will be active from Pratas Island. QSL via: KU9C, Steven Wheatley, 12 Netherton Terrace, Morristown NJ 07960 USA Frequencies:

CW: 1827,3504,7004,10104,14024,18074,21024,24894,28024
SSB: 1827,3795,7045 EU,7065 NA,14195,18125,21295,24945,28495

50 MHz and OSCAR operations are planned.

------------------------------[[ News ]]----------------------------------

Keith GI0SSA, write us about his intention to activate Mew Island (EU-122). Next Sunday Keith will go at Mew Island, to see a location for HF antenna, The possible date for the DX activity may be from May 24th to June 5th, but this is not yet confirmed. Mew Island has a piece of land into WAB square J68, the only piece of land in this square. More information on next issue.

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