Island News Bulletin No.14

Island News Bulletin No.14

Villanova d'Asti - Italy - June 3, 1995
Editors Piero Pirrone, IK1TZO, Franco Pirrone IW1DGL

Thanks to WW1V, KA1GJ and KB1BEE for their letter, VE8NC for Internet message

---------------------------[[ New information ]]------------------------

NA-137 28-30 July
WW1V Bob, KA1GJ Jeff and KB1BEE Brian write us a letter. They will activate Cousins Island, WEST MAINE GROUP, NA-137 during 28-30 July 1995. Setup and initial operation will commence on 28 July and continue 29-30 July during the IOTA contest. They will operate on 80m to 10m, propagation conditions permetting. They will have 2 stations operating, one in SSB and 1 in CW. One station will operate with about 700 Watt, the other barefoot. Antennas will be Cushcraft Verticals (R-5 & R-7) and a dipole for 80 meters. They will have the assistance of the Yarmouth Maine Arc. QSL via home calls.

C.Is.A. 17-18 June
On June 17/18 VE8NC, will be going out to Richard's Island to try, and activate it for the C.Is.A. list of Islands. The island is in the Mackenzie Delta North of Inuvik, and West of Tuktoyaktuk. The amateur station will be set up at a old DEW line station (radar base), wich has long since been removed. The name of the radar site was called BAR-C, and that name is still used by the local people. Location is at 69 00N and 134 43W, and operation will be in SSB and RTTY around IOTA frequencies. (Tnx to David VE8NC/VE8SR)

-----------------------[[ Internet Rumours ]]-----------------------------

A message sent by Patrick, WA7VNI: He's going on a DX-pedition to Guemes Island, NA-065 for the IOTA contest on July 29-30 1995. He'll be on 10m to 80 meters SSB only. QSL via callbook address (94 and on) or via the buro.

------------------------------[[ News ]]----------------------------------

WB0YJT has wrote us a message: He's ready to became a state side QSL manager. He has helped TZ6VV Larry in the past. He can be contacted via packet: or via Internet: WALLIS@KUPHSX.PHSX.UKANS.EDU