Island News Bulletin No.15: June 10, 1995

Island News Bulletin No.15

Villanova d'Asti - Italy - June 10, 1995
Editors Piero Pirrone, IK1TZO, Franco Pirrone IW1DGL

Thanks to ON6QR, GI0SSA, AA1AC

On this issue: New information, and DIFM award rules.

---------------------------[[ New information ]]------------------------

EU-018 29-30 July
ON6QR fax us about DX-pedition on Faroe Island. A Belgian amateur radio team will go to the Faroe Islands during the IOTA contest. The DXpedition will start from Brussels with all the required equipment to set up a radio station on the Faroe Islands. The Team will be on site the last week of July and the first week of August 1995. During the IOTA contest, starting the 29 July 1200z to 30 July 1200z, they will use the special callsign OY6A. The operation will be carried out with the help of the Faroe Amateur Club. They will operate in the multi op. class, during the 24 hours of the contest and in both CW and Phone mode. Before and after the contest they will transmit from a portable station installed on several islands of the Faroes archipelago. You should mainly look near the IOTA frequencies. The operators will be N4XYA, ON4LZ, ON6QR and ON7PC.

EU-122 17-18 June
AA1AC has been active portable NA-031 on Aquidneck Island in the Rhode Island Group in early June. He will also be active during the IOTA contest in July. QSL to AA1AC, 15 Coral Lane, Tiverton, Rhode Island, 02878, USA.

EU-122 17-18 June
GI0SSA Keith, has sent this message: "We will arrive on Mew Island on the 17th of June (weather permitted) and we will operate till the 18th overnight. Callsigns in use will be GI0SSA/p and GI0VGV/p. Neither of us have benn licensed long enough to get into the international call book, but my home address is:

Keith Stevenson, 1, Newtownards Road, Donaghadee, Co. Down, BT21 0DY, Northern Ireland.

GI0FFF is also the QSL submanager for GI0 and will not mind cards direct to him. We will be on all bands 80-10m and will pay special attention to IOTA and WAB frequencies. WAB area is j68 (only piece of land in it).

From a previous message, he said us that they plan to use wire antennas for HF. They would use the 35m lighthouse to use the G5RV inverted vee.

-----------------------[[ Internet Rumours ]]-----------------------------

A message sent by Waldemar, DK3VN: He ask all IOTA chasers, for a future DXpedition on the followin islands: EU-029, EU-042, EU-047, EU-057, EU-127, EU-128, EU-129 He can be reached via Internet e-mail at:

----------------------------[[ Award rules ]]-----------------------------

DIPLOME DES ILES DE LA FRANCE METROPOLITAINE - DIFM -----------------------------------------------------
Issued by the REF ( THE RESEAU DES EMETTEURS FRANCAIS ) french radio-amateur society . The DIFM is available to liceensed amateurs and SWL's . Contacts since 1 JANUARY 1986 are valid . The DIFM is issued for confirmed with stations located in 10 DIFFERENT ISLANDS . All station contacts must be with LAND STATIONS ,contact with SHIP, anchored or otherwise,and AIRCRAFT made via repeaters ARE NOT VALID . APPLICATION: A list showing full details of the contacts should be certified by the awards manager of an IARU member society . ENDORSEMENTS : are possible with any additional group of 5 ISLANDS or GROUPS

FEE : 16 IRCs or 12 US$ for 1994 .
ENDORSEMENT ( each ) 7 IRCs or 4 US$ .
MANAGER : F6CFT JEAN JACQUES COSTE, 900 Av.du Lattre de Tassigny F-71000 MACON, FRANCE

Many thanks to IK1GPG & IK1QFM for this information.