Island News Bulletin No.16: July 1, 1995

Island News Bulletin No.16

Villanova d'Asti - Italy - July 1, 1995
Editors Piero Pirrone, IK1TZO, Franco Pirrone IW1DGL


On this issue: New information, and SPIA award rules.

---------------------------[[ New information ]]------------------------

SA-054 13-16 July
The Caracas DX Group, will be active from La Orchila Island with callsign YW5LO. QSL manager TBA.

EU-006 27-July 1-Aug
The WestNet DX Group write us that they will be active in the IOTA Contest 1995, from Inis Meain Island. Outside the IOTA contest, the group will be concentrate their activity on 160m and the WARC bands. They hopes also to be operational on RTTY, AMTOR, PACTOR. Operators of WestNet DX Group include: EI6FR, EI2GX, EI3HA, EI9IF, EI7DSB, GW4VEQ, GW0ONY, GW4OFQ, GW3JXN, GI0KOW GI0NWG. The WestNet DX Group hopes to obtain a special callsign in time for the contest (announced later). Otherwise the EJ3HA callsign will be used. Tnx to Declan, EI6FR.

NA-092 29-30 July
Dave WQ5Y, Mike KG5CM and Frosty K5LBU, will be active from Mustang Island, as Multi-Single station during the IOTA Contest. Possible other operators are: Bob K1TU (CW) and Rick KF5NU.

EU-034 29-June 4-July
Group of Estonian Amateurs of Viljandi Radio Club and ES6DO will be active from Saaremaa Island. Callsign will be ES6Z/0. They will operate on HF bands (3.5 to 24 MHz) in CW and SSB around the IOTA frequencies. QSL via ES6DO.

OC-003 24-October
N4CBR and TI2JJP, will be active from Cocos Island for approximately 15 days. They plan to operate on HF bands including 80m and 160m.

NA-129 10-13 July
VE3VRO will be active from Banks Island.

NA-193 14-17 July
VE3VRO will operate also from Hershel Island, only between 0000z-0300z.

EU-077 29-30 July
ED1MC of Batea IOTA Team will be active from Salvora Island, during the IOTA Contest. They will be active on CW and SSB. QSL Via EA1MC (buro or direct). Please send a SASE for direct QSL.

-----------------------[[ Island Award rules ]]-----------------------------

In this issue we have included the SPIA award rules. If you have any question about this award, please contact us, we ask to Massimo IK1GPG (Italian SPIA check point).


  1. This award issued by SP-IOTA-C is avaiable for all amateurs and SWL.
  2. Contacs are valid on any band, mode or date. Contacts via repeaters do not count.
  3. Confirmed QSOs are required with amateur stations located on Polish islands. for EU stations - 10 islands, for DX stations - 5 islands Endorsements are given for each additional 5 new islands.
  4. The fee for Award is 5 US$ or 10 IRCs. Stickers - SAE (SAL) and 1 US$ or 2 IRCs.
  5. Send your applications with QSL, fee and list of QSO ordered by islands reference numbers to AWARD MANAGER: SP9VFQ, Adam Domagala,P.O.Box 53, PL-32020 WIELICZKA, POLAND
  6. Award Manager's decisions are final!

Best 73s de IK1GPG Massimo (Italian S.P.I.A. CheckPoint)