Island News Bulletin No.17: July 23, 1995

Villanova d'Asti - Italy - July 23, 1995
Editors Piero Pirrone, IK1TZO, Franco Pirrone IW1DGL

Thanks to W3KH, JH6RTO, F6AJA, DL6FCY, W3KH

On this issue: New information

---------------------------[[ New information ]]------------------------

NA-139 15 July
N2OO and XYL KF2BQ will operate from Asseteague Island, on Saturday 15 July for one day. (Tnx to Buck W3KH)

OC-012 7-8 July
Toshi JA6VZB and Seiji JH6RTO were active from Yap Island with callsigns V63BM and V63GY, respectively. QSL manager is JA6BSM for V63BM and JH6RTO for V63GY. (Tnx to Seiji JH6RTO)

AS-079 29-July 1-Aug
Seiji JH6RTO will be active from Miyako Island with a callsign of 7L3TDU/6. QSL via JARL buro. (Tnx to Seiji, JH6RTO)

NA-199 August
Lionel FS5PL will try to be active from Tintamarre Island somewhere in August. (Tnx to Jean, F6AJA)

AS-089 middle of July
UA9LI will try to active from an island around middle of July.

OC-066 and OC-131 6-20 October
F5JWW will be active from French Polynesia on 20m in CW and SSB.

EU-088 IOTA Contest
Michael DL6FCY will be active as OZ/DL6FCY/P during the IOTA contest.

EU-025 IOTA Contest
IK1TZO Piero and IT9AUP will be active from the Sicily Island during the IOTA contest, callsign will be IT9AUP. QSL card via buro or direct to IT9AUP. We will operate on CW and SSB, on all bands.
EU-125 23-July 25-July
Michael DL6FCY will be active from EU-125.

EU-065 24.Aug 27.Aug

F5RUQ will be TM8AT from Molene Island.

AS-089 now
RA9LI/9 Vasil, is active from Sharapovy Koshki for 20-25 days.
EU-054 24.Aug 27.Aug
IK1TZO (me), IT9AUP Giacomo, IW1DGL Franco, IT9JPK and others operators will be active from Marettimo Island, in the EGADI Group. We will active on all bands in CW and SSB. The callsign will be IF9/IT9AUP. A station will operate on CW mainly for North America on 15m, 20m and 40m. QSL card via IK1TZO buro, or via direct to: IK1TZO Piero Pirrone, Via S.Paolo 83, 14019 Villanova d'Asti, AT, ITALY
EU-049 now
Gabriele, IK3GES is active on HF as SV8/IK3GES from Thasos Island, the next week he will activate EU-052 IONIAN Group. QSL card via home call, direct or bureau.

Buck, W3KH, write us about his friend Pedro HK3JJH that will go on Aguja Island in the first part of August. The operation depends on the transportation.

QSL info
Walter IN3XUG, has wrote about his trip on Ponza Island, from 9 July to 16 July 1995 on EU-045. His call was IB0/IN3XUG. QSL card via home call.
Due to the IOTA contest and the IOTA DX-pedition, the Island News Bulletin for the month of August will not be distributed. Infact I will go on Sicily Island for the IOTA contest and on Marettimo Island for the DX-pedition on 24-27 of August. Hope to hear You on our pile-up! and good luck on Contest 73 Piero IK1TZO