Island News Bulletin No.22: November 11, 1995

Date: Sun, 12 Nov 95 12:42:13 +0100
Island News Bulletin No.22
Villanova d'Asti - Italy - November 11, 1995
Editors Piero Pirrone, IK1TZO, Franco Pirrone IW1DGL
Thanks to PS7AB, F6AJA, OPDX, VE8NC

New information

Mel Is. SA-047 (DIB-24)

PQ5L in CW and PT5M in SSB, will be active from 01 to 30 December 1995 from Mel Is, on all bands. QSL via PP5LL, Jaime Lira do Vale, Box 8, 88010-970, Florianopolis/SC Brasil. Tnx to PS7AB.

Maskali Island AF-053

A group of J2 operators will be active from Maskali island (IOTA AF53) with the call sign J20RAD from Dec. 9 to 14. They will be on 10 to 80m on CW, SSB and RTTY. QSL via A.R.A.D. Po Box 1076, Djibouti ATTENTION: F6AJA is the QSL manager for the J20RAD expedition from Maskali island in 1989. NOT for this one! Tnx to F6AJA.

Seychelles AF-024

Gerard F2JD in on the fly to Seychelles. He hopes to be active soon as possible. He will stay there until the end of November. Early of December he will be in Kenya for around 10 days and he hopes to re-use his previous call sign as 5Z4JD. The trip for 5R is now planed for january 96. Tnx to F6AJA.

Marshall Islands

Tada, JA1WPX, will be active on November 25-28th as V73WP. QSL via JA1WPX or Bureau. His activity will be on the satellites and has suggested the following times and skeds:

           Sat     Date     Time       Country
           ----    -----    ----      --------- 
    AO-13  11/25 5:00z-13:00z  JA,NA,VK,AF    
           11/26 4:00z-12:00z  NA,JA,VK  
           11/27 3:00z-13:00z  NA,SA
    AO-10  11/27 12:00z-15:00z EU
Tnx to Tedd KB8NW.

Banks Island, NA-129 (C.IS.A. NW007)

Last week VE8NC was on Banks Island (November 6,7,8), on 14260 and 7085 in SSB, on 14085 in RTTY. Info via Thanks to Sylvia


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