Island News Bulletin No.24: December 24, 1995

Island News Bulletin No.24: December 24, 1995

Villanova d'Asti - Italy - December 24, 1995
Editors Piero Pirrone, IK1TZO, Franco Pirrone IW1DGL

This is the last number for the 1995, our Best Season's Greetings to all the world-wide Ham community. Thanks to: PT2BW, I5JHW, PS7KM, F6AJA, PS7AB

New information

Coroa Vermelha Island (IOTA SA-062, DIB-32)

Stuckert PT2GTI, Paul PT2NP and Lunkes PT2HF will operate as ZW6C (on SSB) and ZX6C (on CW), from January 08 to 12, concentrating on IOTA frequencies, 80 to 10 meter bands (including WARC). QSL to Roberto Stuckert, PT2GTI, P.O. Box 09647, 70001-970 Brasilia, DF, Brazil.

Zanzibar Island, (IOTA AF-032)

Giovanni, I5JHW, will be on Zanzibar (5H1HW) from January 1 to 9 He will be on all bands and use CW, SSB and RTTY. QSL via I5JHW.

From Jean Michel, F6AJA

Gerard F2JD/S79JD is coming back in France. He has put 2200 QSO in his log. His trip to Malagasy is still on. He will leave from France on January 11th and he will stay there for 6 months, at least. He will try to be active on all bands (WARC included).


ZY0PT, St Peter & Paul Rocks, dec/1995 was a pirate, Tnx to Rony,PS7AB

Heard Island Web site

Robert KK6EK wrote:

The Scoping Document for the 1997 Expedition to Heard Island is posted on a Web site:

The pages were designed for Netscape 2.0b3. The graphics may not display correctly for you at the moment; I'm working on it. The scoping document will be updated as appropriate.

We invite you to look this over and provide feedback. If you are interested in contributing, as a participant, donor, supporter, or any other capacity, we would welcome your help. This project is going to be a very big effort. We want to especially emphasize that we will give safety the highest priority in all operations. We have agreed that we will do this expedition right, or we won't do it.

Later Don Greenbaum WB2DND will post the HI Expedition Web pages, which will provide additional information about the Project, and will be updated often during the actual expedition.

Supported by Ralph K0IR, Peter ON6TT, Bob N6EK, and Carlos NP4IW

QSL Info

PS7KM is the QSL manager for Brazilian stations, listed below:

For Fernando de Noronha Island, PY0F: For Trindade Island, PY0T: For Saint Peter & Saint Paul Rocks, PY0S: For Rocas Atoll, PY0R: Special calls:

Karl wrote:

In January 1997, all logs and qsls cards of the past DXpedition will be destroyed. So, if you would like to get confirmation of your contact please, mail your QSL with sufficient green stamps (to cover postal rates in Brazil) to below address. Please, don't write any call in envelope. FYI, US$ 1,00 don't cover one letter to outside of Brazil.

The address is:

Karl M Leite
Rua Estacio de Sa 1838
59054-580 NATAL, RN - Brasil
South America
Phone/Fax +55-84-213-2933


Due to the great number of subscribers, the distribution of this bulletin has became at each issue more hard, because we must manage the mailing list manually. If anyone can help us, we are very happy to obtain a LISTSERV site!. Many thanks.