Island News Bulletin No.25

Villanova d'Asti - Italy - January 7, 1995
Editors Piero Pirrone, IK1TZO, Franco Pirrone IW1DGL

Thanks to: ZS1CM, PS7AB, F6AJA, PT2BW

New information

Robben Island AF-064

ZS1CM Franck wrote: The SARL Cape Town Branch members of the Robben Island Team are pleased to announce that they will activate ROBBEN Island, (IOTA AF-064) situated in TABLE Bay, on the Atlantic Coast of Cape Town, at the southern end of the African Continent..

This expedition was the brainchild of OM Barry, ZS1FJ, also known as ZL8/G4MFW (Kermadec Isl) and VR6AB (Pitcairn Isl). A team of competent operators has been assembled around him.

The event will take place from UT afternoon Jan 26th to early morning UT on 29th. Operation will be on all bands from 80 to 10 meter, including WARC bands, a local 2 meter net will also be in operation... Modes of operation will be at least Voice and CW.. needless to say that the various stations will be operating from the time they get operational after landing on Friday afternoon.. ETA abt 13:00 UT.


Planning info:

Call sign: ZS64RI
IOTA nr: AF-064
Time zone: UT +2
Loc. Lat: 33 48.9 S
Loc. Long: 18 22.5 E
Loc name: Minto Hill, Robben Isl.
QSL Mngr: Phyllis KA1JC

Watch this spot for more detailed information next week... In the meantime , the team welcomes suggestions for operating times and modes, in area's where interest is substantial...

Sao Luiz Island IOTA SA-016, DIB-07

From 31 Dec to 17 January, PS8YL/PR8 Teresinha, will be active in SSB, from Sao Luiz Island, Look 14.260 after 18:00 UTC, and Brazil DX Net (monday to friday, 14.240, 09:00 UTC, and sat/sunday, 21.225, 12:00 UTC.) The operations will be from 20 to 40 meters, QSL via: Teresinha V. Nobre, Rua C 2103, Jardim Aeroporto, 64200-000, Parnaiba/PI, Brazil. (enclosed 02 IR). Tnx to PS7AB

Reunion Island AF-016

Albert F6EDF exFR7AK, will be on Reunion Island from January 1st to 19. He will try to re-use FR5AK call sign or FR/F6EDF. Due to the antenna restriction he will be active on 20 only. Look for him on 14.190 (split up 5). Tnx to F6AJA

Coroa Vermelha Island IOTA SA-062, DIB-32

Stuckert PT2GTI, Paul PT2NP and Lunkes PT2HF will operate as ZW6C (on SSB) and ZX6C (on CW), from January 08 to 12, concentrating on IOTA frequencies, 80 to 10 meter bands (including WARC). QSL to Roberto Stuckert, PT2GTI, P.O. Box 09647, 70001-970 Brasilia, DF, Brazil. Tnx to PT2BW


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